Supernatural Spoilers

Supernatural Stars Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles on Men of Letters Battle – Plus: EP Debunks Arrest Theory

When Supernatural returns with new episodes on Jan. 26 (The CW, 8/7c), Dean and Sam will have been behind bars for six weeks — but don’t blame the British Men of Letters for their imprisonment.

Shutting down fan speculation that the group was secretly responsible for the Winchesters’ arrest, executive producer Andrew Dabb reveals that “it was really the government that grabbed them. It was really the Secret Service.”

Supernatural SpoilersHowever, “the Men of Letters, like Mary [and] Castiel, are going to have a very specific reaction” to the hunters’ predicament as they take a more active interest in them — for better or worse.

“We’re going to see that storyline get fleshed out in the second half of the season,” star Jensen Ackles previewed during TVLine’s visit to the show’s Vancouver set. “There are going to be some recruitment attempts, some disagreements about methods of hunting, and that will certainly boil to a point.”

Although the Brits’ way of doing things, not to mention their handy weapons, have proven to be successful recently, “I think we’ll find out in the future that maybe their methods aren’t the best way,” Ackles adds.

For co-star Jared Padalecki, the storyline is “reminiscent of Season 6 when Sam was soulless and kind of behaved much the same way the British Men of Letters are behaving now, at least in their hunting tactics,” the actor says. “It’s fun to revisit that: Would you kill two people to save three? Would you kill 10 to save 12? You’re still killing 10 people. Would you try to find the middle ground?”

That dilemma will play “a big part” in the upcoming episodes as the brothers “see both the good and the bad” side of the British Men of Letters, Dabb previews. “Because the truth is, even if you disagree with their methods – and Sam and Dean certainly will in some cases – they get results. So that becomes the bigger punch [in the second half of the season]: Do the ends justify the means? And if so, what means are our guys willing to tolerate?”

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  1. Helen says:

    There’s some ‘splashing to do (I hope) in the next episode:
    – LOTUS ordered a freakin’ assassination. Not cool and just not done.
    – POTUS is okay, why is he letting them rot?

    Finally, did the boys really celebrate Christmas alone in cold, empty, cells? Harsh, man.

    • rob horine says:

      Maybe the host of an Angel doesn’t remember that much about being possessed. If I had Luci riding around in my meat suit, I’d like to forget.

      • Dave says:

        Castiel erased the POTUS’ memories of being possessed before the Winchesters told him to take off with Kelly at the end of the episode. Why he did that is beyond me, however. It seems like it would have benefited them greatly to have him in their debt.

        • shinnstoneer says:

          As far as Sam and Dean know the US Government and its agencies have never been helpful in their hunting monsters. They have, in fact, been a thorn in the side although it has been years. At the time there was no reason to think they were about to be arrested and in need of the help from POTUS.

  2. Dave says:

    What I’d like to know is if this prison is warded against angels and demons. Because if not, what the heck have Castiel, Crowley, Rowena, et. al been doing for all this time the Winchesters have been locked up? I can’t be the only person who is wondering about this.

    • Ricky says:

      Because if they could just pop in, that would remove all the tension and drama. Sometimes you just have to go with what the writes do and not point blame at fictional characters, lmao.

    • Lisa says:

      I’m thinking they still have the angel warding on their rib cages. And Crowley never could “sense” their whereabouts.

      • Dave says:

        I would agree with that assessment if he hadn’t been able to find them on several occasions since that plot point was introduced with no problems at all. This show has an annoying habit of both remembering and forgetting its own canon depending on whatever flavor of Castiel they feel like using from one episode to the next.

  3. ninamags says:

    Cant wait to see how the boys get out of this.

    I’m sure if the government doesn’t want you found, you won’t be found. But why are they being held? Whats the charge? The prez is okay.

  4. Paula Stiles says:

    I am not looking forward to seeing a whole season of the LoL. They’re pretty pathetic. You can throw as many pretty deus ex machina toys at the screen as you like, show. It’s not going to explain why they were totally useless during multiple apocalypses.

    And the idea that the government has the Brothers in lock-up is just a rehash of seasons two and three, and we all know how well that went for law enforcement.

    • Maggie Woo says:

      I’m with Paula. If the British Men of Letters were able to get rid of Lucifer as quickly as they did, they kind of negate the whole Apocalypse storyline, which makes the whole story of the angels and demons and Winchesters fall apart. Some stronger storytelling would be good, writers!

      • Linda says:

        I agree. That magic golden egg thingie sure seemed like a cop-out.

        • Ashley Forsman says:

          I actually dont think the egg was a copout. I think the egg didnt work or theres more to it. Like the banishing of lucifer was too easy and i believe something more is gonna happen with it, Maybe its a double cross by the British letters? I dont know what exactly but i think the egg didnt work or maybe theres a downside to it that the men of letters didnt tell the boys? Like maybe the egg just expelled luci.

          • Ryan says:

            You guys also have to remember the episode though. The British men of letters stated they didn’t even know the egg would work against angels as it was made for demons. Just something to think about.

          • Deborah says:

            I don’t think the egg worked either, there was something flowing down through a floor vent. That may have been Satan. Hurry up new episode!!!

      • Chris says:

        But gotta remember that every host Lucifer has had was weaker than him and Sam together. And rotted at a pretty quick rate. It could very well be the only reason the egg worked. Not to mention that there could’ve easily been 3 archangels on there ass if they try to use the egg during the apocalypse.

    • shinnstoneer says:

      We know how that turned out but there is a bigger plot detail that is questionable. The US government is totally in the dark to monsters? I don’t believe that is reasonable. I can believe a portion of government, a black ops type organization, has managed the monster issue by covering it up when needed and shielding hunters from exposure.

      Speculation can go many directions. The US MoL may be empty because surviving parts found a way to assume roles in the government that have allowed them to do the protecting speculated above. It could go to the President but it doesn’t have to be that far up the chain of command. Just far enough to alter reports.

      This group would be aware of the other MoL from around the world and now that they see Sam and Dean being pursued by them, they are stepping in to command the situation. Even if the agency involved, truly involved, isn’t descendant from the US MoL it is reasonable that the US Government knows more than it appears.

      This would build upon the issues that happened in seasons two and three and not be a rehash.

  5. Carrie says:

    Can’t wait to see what happens. January 26 seems very far away…

  6. Ricky says:

    Can’t wait to see the rest of the season – I’m really looking forward to Cas and Mary working together to help the boys. I’m also interested to see what the line is between the US and UK Men of Letters.. DO the ends justify the means? No matter what, I’m sure we’ll see that Team Free Will always comes out on top.

  7. VICKI says:

    Ii havent really been enthusiastic about this season at all. SN 11 took the Boys about as far theologically as they could go without losing all of their grip on “reality.” When Dabb and the others hinted at going back to the basics of Saving People, hunting things…the Family Business..I could hardly wat. But Im still wating…still watching…but still waiting…

  8. Ella says:

    I’m still rolling my eyes at the fact that Dean and Sam got nabbed by the Secret Service at all. Why didn’t they just leave with Cas? I love the show but that was sloppy writing.

  9. Cassie says:

    As if Sam and Dean have any moral high ground to stand on after sacrificing everyone and everything they claim to care about, and even starting more apocalypses than they stopped, to save each other. Supernatural will never be what it once was up through season 5…a show about Sam and Dean making hard choices, sacrificing everything, even if it means letting each other go, to save the world. I don’t see how the British MoL are worse than the Winchesters. Basically if you kill for a living, even for the right reasons, eventually your soul turns dark and twisted. That’s the new moral of the show since season 8 or so.

    • Paula Stiles says:

      The LoL are worse than the Winchesters for the simple reason that the Brothers and their entire family were victims of the demons and the angels all their lives, and the LoL just sat on their thumbs and didn’t do a thing about it. *Now* that the Brothers and their allies have managed to reduce the worst threats to a dull roar and more-or-less have a handle on things, the London chapter wants to ride in and claim all the credit? Screw them.

      We can argue until the cows come home how much moral high ground Sam and Dean still have these days. It still won’t give the LoL anything higher than a moral swamp. Maybe a moral tidal flat.