Midseason TV Ratings

Midseason Ratings Report: What Are Each Network's Best & Worst Shows?

The broadcast networks have completed their run of fresh episodes for the fall — so let’s see how the ratings are stacking up thus far for the 2016-17 TV season.

Listed below, network by network, is the average Live+Same Day RATING for each series on ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC and The CW, plus the big football franchises. Also listed is the percent CHANGE versus each program’s previous full-season average (or its time slot predecessor’s performance last fall, if noted to the right).

The NOTES section also reminds of any time slot changes to keep in mind when eyeballing the up or down movements. Each program’s RANK refers to perhaps the most critical measure — how it is faring compared to other shows on the same network, since come springtime heads must be chosen to roll, to make room for shiny-and-newish pilots.

Which ranking or percent change most surprises you?


Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Cas says:

    Dang all those negatives for FOX.

  2. c-mo says:

    LOL at NBC’s TNF vs last year’s lineup! And that’s a huge ratings difference between CBS and NBC’s versions of TNF but it doesn’t surprise me, I’m not a fan of CBS’ play-by-play or color dude, they’re boring; NBC has a much better team.

    • ninergrl6 says:

      NBC has had better TNF games too, better match ups and more meaningful games later in the season.

    • dan says:

      The schedule favored NBC’s games that were played later in the season. They were lucky because if the teams all had bad records at/near the end of the season then the ratings would’ve been much lower.

  3. LADY_in_MD says:

    Wow I know a lot of people didn’t like Quantico this season but I didn’t think it went down that much

  4. melaniedhi says:

    Seeing how most shows % are diminishing I think it’s fair to say we need new measures to determine the popularity of a show

    • Boiler says:

      Agree. Popularity of a show based on number of viewers but no one seems to care anymore about that.

    • geegee says:

      Everybody agrees on that, except the advertising industry, and for now, their opinion is the only thing that matters… sadly.

      • Olivia says:

        Which is stupid because they have now, more than ever, the opportunity to reach people worldwide with social media and people watching via internet live streaming. If they put official live streaming channels for the world to watch, the commercials would reach millions of non US watchers at the same time… and besides some US specific brands and services, we see international brands a lot so… yeah. They could regroup them and focus on a new way to advertise (or even tailor some streaming special, why not). Do they really think hashtags and shows talks are US only? The discrepancy between buzz/fan reaction and numbers we see sometimes should tell them something.

  5. Chris says:

    So basically almost every show on network tv is doing worse than last year. Networks better figure something out or they won’t be around much longer…

  6. Haz says:

    I know they won’t but ABC should consider wrapping Modern Family up. The last couple of years the quality has went down, this season especially. I can barely sit through episodes this season and I honestly feel some of these characters have shown no growth. Cam is especially getting bad, no offense to Stonestreet, but the selfishness of his character is getting old.

  7. Kesey says:

    Yikes! What’s gonna happen with The Blacklist?

  8. Michael says:

    I feel so bad for the legendary Scream Queens.

  9. laurelnev says:

    OUAT really HAS slipped. But then again, it became “Best chance to return to its former glory by setting an end date” show a couple of seasons back, when it decided to focus on stuntcasting vs. character building…

    And The Good Place has deserved a better time slot since Day 1. CBS owns Thursday at 8 since moving Big Bang there, and anything put up against that is basically throwing it away. It would have fit in much better in an ABC Tues or Wed line-up. It’s too cute a show for the treatment it’s getting. I was the only one I knew who watched WKRP first run, but it became a classic. The Good Place could do similarly if NBC just gave it a chance!

  10. jovana says:

    I need Pitch to get renewed.

  11. People: NCIS won’t survive without Dinozzo and Criminal Minds won’t survive without Hotch!!!!

    Reality: Literally the networks highest rated one hour dramas, drop consistent with other shows, especially aging shows, and great L+8.

  12. A says:

    What about cable shows? USA, TNT, Disney, Freeform, etc?

  13. Congrats to “This is Us”, second highest scripted drama in its Freshman year.
    Congrats to “Supernatural”, holding its own after 12 years and up against Thursday Night Football.

    • notpercysowner says:

      Yes, Supenatural really proves its worth. It just keeps on trucking. I do wonder how switching to 8:00 will affect it. It’s never been on any other time slot than 9:00, so it could be hurt.

    • geegee says:

      SPN is as stubborn in holding on to life as S&D are. Luckily for us :D

  14. GraceM says:

    Glad to see Supergirl up a lot and that Blue Bloods has not gone down.

  15. cuius says:

    Conclusion – when does Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday night football come to the networks?

  16. Kris says:

    Sadly, both Quantico and Scream Queens have majorly dropped in quality and ratings. If you asked me a year ago, I would be devastated if they were cancelled, but now I’m totally fine with either disappearing from my DVR schedule. I already quit watching Quantico and I (somehow) hung around for the entirety of Scream Queens S2. Would only check out SQ again if they revamped that old summer camp idea.Too bad…

  17. Kris says:

    Glad to see This Is Us doing so well! I’m more emotionally invested in it than any other show before, and it is so well produced that it doesn’t even feel like a network show… BRAVO!!!

  18. Bigdede says:

    Quantico still considered a hit?

  19. Boiler says:

    Much of this shows how stupid networks can be in cancelling shows with slightly worse demo and bringing in new ones who stink even worse. CBS really needs to help Elementary. Perhaps Friday night? I think it is generally one of the better DVR’d shows. And I also agree with an earlier poster that the drop in “live” programming shows two things, the demo is not at all an accurate way to rate these anymore and networks need to figure out other ways to make money on these shows, maybe product placement.

    • mooshki says:

      Elementary has been seriously handicapped by the fact that it airs after sportsball and the start time is so often bumped.

  20. herman1959 says:

    Great, now I’m not so worried about Pitch, and Designated Survivor is really hitting it out of the ballpark. HA! See what I did there? HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

  21. dan says:

    Hey Quantico cast: can you say cancelled?

  22. yankeesrj12 says:

    “Rakes hitting crotches a bit less funny.”

    Lol thanks for the laughs this morning!

  23. Dannie C says:

    I’m intreasted to see how HTGAWM does when the TGIT line up is back in full swing especially after the ending of 3A also glad to see NCIS:LA doing well on a Sunday

  24. sally poorman says:

    i only 3 network shows Criminal minds, hawaii 50 and my favorite Blue Bloods, yes Im old

  25. Pedro says:

    So, basically, CBS lost a lot of viewers letting Supergirl go, while The CW enjoyed a 200% ratings bump for picking it up.

    • Rex the Wonder Dog says:

      I love Supergirl, but I don’t think it would have fared any better than the sitcoms if CBS had kept it in Mondays. Probably be doing worse if anything.

  26. Tom says:

    Its funny, the CW seems it never go up, but everyone else is going down. Now their .8s and 1.1s no longer seem so sad.

  27. T.W.S.S. says:

    I’m surprised that Quantico is ABC’s lowest rated drama. Then again, it hasn’t really been making headlines since it’s first season.

    Wow, there’s no way Scream Queens is getting renewed. Another show killed by its sophomore slump.

  28. Collette says:

    If the 55 shows listed, I watch 4 and they’re all on CBS.

  29. Hmm missing the 100 in the cw list. how is that compered to last season.

  30. Ashley says:

    NBC should have left Blindspot alone. I’ll admit that I didn’t like the show as much as last season, but it got better towards the end of the first half. I hope it can rebound.

  31. shannonmctx says:

    Shocked by large drops in Lucifer and New Girl since I think they are both having great seasons

  32. Jerry says:

    Thanks Matt! Awesome list!

  33. Alan Michaels says:

    I understand the ratings are somewhat slipping for NCIS…although still ranks number 1. The addition of the new 3 characters bring nothing to the show. There is no chemistry. I feel it…got to believe others do also. I have found watching NCIS LA the best of all the NCIS shows. I used to never miss NCIS, now it doesn’t matter if I watch it or not…don’t even care if I DVR it to watch it later.
    Eliminate the new characters…too bad Denoso couldn’t return…but he has his own hit show.

  34. Valerie Anderson-webb says:

    is code black being canceled on cbs

  35. Jon doe says:

    I use Netflicks and Youtube trying to get away from the 50% or greater Commercials if I watch TV at all. Watching TV has become a very painful experience, how can anyone watch the same commercial (My Pillow) 5 times within one TV show. I mute every commercial.

  36. Kenny says:

    Been watching “Big Brother Show since started & this year is Really really bad and should be called “Big Bully” Its not right & sad too have good game show turned bad & hope no children watch and see the bullying ! We talk & talk about bullying that children kill their self because bullying & adults as well ! I’ve got 20 yr daughter had too take out school because bullying & home school and still having problems because over it ! CBS has let this get out hand & has hadn’t done anything and like encorged it ! “Not Right ” end up someone going get hurt & law suit ! Know this is Show & rating game but this is peoples life & feelings Anyway was big brother fan but now hate too say I’m done with Big “bully Brother 2017 and know I’m not anyone but going give my opinion & too others! Guess will hear from others too It’s Time Big Brother & Julie & your writers and help your show is over and have too get your husband find you another show or let NBC or ABC or Fox network take better shows