Bones Spoilers

Bones: Sully's Return Will 'Have Reverberations' for Booth and Brennan

Will Bones be breaking some hearts in its final season?

The previously announced reappearance of Eddie McClintock as Brennan’s ex Tim “Sully” Sullivan will occur during a tense period for Booth and Brennan, and it sounds like the returning G-man may exploit that vulnerability.

“He comes back at a time in Brennan’s life when she is emotionally unbalanced,” teases exec producer Michael Peterson. “She and Booth are going through a very difficult time, so it’s a strange time for this love from the past to show up. And it’s going to have some slight reverberations. I’ll be curious to see what the fans think.”

McClintock’s Sully previously appeared in four Season 2 episodes. During that time, his FBI agent character started dating Brennan, with whom he was partnered while Booth was sidelined to see a shrink. Endeavoring to live life to the fullest after having lost his FBI partner, Sully got too serious too quickly with Bones, as she declined his offer to sail to the Caribbean in a boat he named after her. The character was barely mentioned after that.

Bones‘ 12-episode farewell season will premiere on Jan. 3. McClintock’s episode is slated to air sometime in late February.

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  1. RedReddington says:

    I’m confident they won’t break B&B up, so I’m all for seeing jealous Booth. Just as long as Bones doesn’t actually cheat on him. Can’t wait for the first episode!

  2. July Lark says:

    Barf, Dully isn’t interesting, he walked away from her, another one who abandoned, now 12 yrs later, he comes back. This final season looks a disaster. How many times have they been on the outs now? Not interested, just no. I will never forgive the showrunners if they ruin BnB, bring back Hart Hansen.

    • NDBit says:

      I’m with you
      Its like they’re doing everything they can to make fans hate the show
      And we keep watching
      Like suckers
      We said
      Bring Zack back
      and suddenly theyre listening
      here’s your favourite boy wonder but oops he’s a serial killer and now we’re probably gonna kill him. Why can’t they just kill Sweets again
      This sucks

  3. anon says:


    Its the last season ever on Bones

    And they can’t even have Booth & Brennan happy, seriously

    Now they have this ridiclous tease of Sully

    You truly suck Peterson & Collier. Truly

    • Stacey says:

      I am not worried. I am sure it’s tense because Brennnan wants to believe Zack is innocent and Booth is still against him. And it affects their marriage a tad. Do you really think they will break them up in the final season. I am sure it’s tension, but they will be very much together… He’s been gone a long time and meantime Brennan has married and has three kids (if you include Parker). I am confident the marriage is solid. If the final season had 22 episodes, maybe it could pose a problem but not in 12 episodes.

  4. heather says:

    I will tell you what I think now, I think it is ludicrous to even tease something like this

    I think its ludicrous to bring back a character that no one has seen or heard of in 10 years

    I think its ludicrous in Bones last season Peterson thinks its OK to waste an ep on this

    I think it ludicrous that Booth & Brennan can’t even have happiness in the finale season of Bones with out this kind of crap

    This is season 12, not S2, Booth & Brennan are married with kids you hacks

    • Kia says:

      Hey maybe, just MAYBE this is yet another thing that will prove how strong Booth and Brennan are as a couple… You know like literally everything they’ve been through.

      • heather says:

        I already know B&B are a strong couple have seen it a million times.

        Why do we need to see th TESTED again ?

        You want to defend this type of salacious spoiler from the show runner go for it, but it is in poor taste, they are basically implying that B&B marriage is in bad place and Brennan is emotionally vulnerable when her ex returns, to do what exactly?!

        Don’t expect fans not to have a reaction to a manipulative spoiler that Peterson give, that’s on him

        • NDBit says:

          Well said
          That being said
          I’m so glad Zack is back
          They’re making him a serial killer
          on the other hand
          They’re going to kill him
          OK maybe
          I take it back

    • kmw says:

      I agree with all you are saying and I agree with Anon that Peterson is terrible at giving out spoilers for Bones, but the quote did say ” slight reverbations” whicjh means 40 minutes of that show and then Booth and Brennan will make up at the end. I will give it a chance but I will say this doesn’t sound promising that Booth and Brennan are tense for most of the season. Hope for the best

  5. skrable2a says:

    It can’t be any worse than when he showed up as Beckett’s “husband” … can it?

  6. madbengalsfan85 says:

    If they pull a HIMYM, I’m never watching television again

  7. Marci says:

    In all of the years Bones has been on I’ve never missed an episode–until now. This scenario is stupid and unnecessary, and I’m not wasting my time on it. Wake me up for the series finale.

    • Stacey says:

      If you haven’t missed a episode. Then you know they made it through all the other obstacles. And taking someone literally when they are trying to hype the return is stupid. I am sure there will be tension over Zack’s return and whether Brennan and Booth feel the same way over it. Likely not. But that Sully’s return would be legitimate issue, I doubt it. Maybe Booth will feel jealous because Sully did date Brennan and is her past. But it’s like if Hannah came back. Or his first on screen girlfriend Tess from Season One. I doubt there is much issue with Sully’s return. They are closing down the show, and they are closing some loose ends. Sully was only supposed to be gone a year, it’s years and years later. I am curious what he’s doing now. Maybe he’s married himself with kids down in the Carribbean…

      The show returns in two weeks. They are just trying to hype the return given it’s been such a big hiatus.

      • Frankie707 says:

        Especially since within the article he says “slight reverberations” Definitely doesn’t sound like it’ll be anything to really worry about to me. Could be one of those things that just reaffirms that in the end they’ll always stand together.

      • anon says:

        Then why hype a character & ep that doesn’t air until February?

        Why not actually discuss Booth & Brennan’s narrative in ep 1, 2, 3, or 4….not ep 7

        This is a dumbass way to entice fans back, it has actually just pissed me off.

        And I am pretty sure I have figured out that B&B are in difficult situation because Max has died, and not because their marriage is in jeopardy… The ep is called “The Grief and the Girl”

        But the way Peterson framed it sucks, he sucks at giving teasers, just be quiet.

        • Stacey says:

          Because it’s part of hyping the return of the show in less than 2 weeks. For the final block of episodes. If you had noticed recent articles on this site, they are talking about all kinds of episodes of different shows coming up…especially since it’s the holiday weekend. And shows are on hiatus, short or long-term. I haven’t been keeping up with spoilers, I didn’t know there were many. But even if Brennan is grieving a death of someone, I doubt Sully’s return is much other than revisiting a chapter of before they were even together. It might stir Booth’s jealousy because he’s a ex, and they are an “old married” couple who hasn’t always seen eye to eye and Zack’s back causing some issues…so nothing is as rosey as it could be. I am not pissed off… I know well enough given the nature of the show and the length of the show to take it as comes. And to know Brennan and Booth won’t break up. And the new creation team has shown enough faith in the show so far, I am not going to let them get me down yet until we see it on the screen. We all know showrunners hype shows. And what comes on screen is very different than you hear them talking about it…

          • kmw says:

            Thanks for your comments. I agree that this is part of hyping the show( just FYI there to me hasn’t been much hyping of Bones hardly anywhere except one other site). I seriously doubt this episode is going to any thing other than strengthen them in the end. however I get what other people are saying because Bones could have them in a strained place without Sully who hasn’t been seen in a decade or more. I seriously doubt Bones, especially if Booth and Brennan are pretty strained for most of six episodes, are going to have Brennan damage her marriage beyond repair with only five more to go. They were only separated on screen the last time for two episodes so I think this difficulty will be at the end of this episode. The only issue I have here is the use of Sully they didn’t need to use him for this. it could have been done without him. But you are right what they usually say is far different then what shows up on screen It wont be nearly as bad as we think

          • anon says:

            You can defend Peterson all you want but this is a crap way to promote the last season of Bones

            Sully hasn’t been mentioned once in TEN YEARS, and now Peterson is implying that B&B are in a bad place, Brennan is emotionally weak, Sully returns wink wink…what an asshole

            But as along as Booth is jealous, right? Fangirls will be happy. Yeah let’s make Booth needy & insecure over a one month fling Brennan had 10yrs ago, whilst he is married to her with two kids…great storytelling,
            let’s keep it real juvenile

            God forbid we actually see B&B deal with a returning ex in a mature fashion with no stupid plot devices

  8. missmarple says:

    Apparently Nathan, Peterson, and Collier don’t know how to create drama without threatening the B&B relationship. In S10 it was Booth gambling and Brennan kicking him out of the house. Now it’s Sully posing a threat to the marriage. Why didn’t they bring Hannah back as well so they could both have emotional flings? Ridiculous. Some “gift to fans” S12 is shaping up to be….thanks Peterson for the Christmas present.

    • anon says:

      “Emotional flings” exactly

      If Max dies, that’s what I expect Brennan to do, cos she won’t be able to deal, prolly push Booth away, give him the cold shoulder robot she does, turn to Sully and he will make her see that she should let Booth help her through her grief, cos God forbid Brennan actually figure out her own emotional needs without her one month fling of 10yrs ago input.

      • Stacey says:

        Except if Max dies. He`s left and abandoned her before so I don`t think she would push him away. Yes death is final. But she`s spent years coming to terms with him. She has more issues with the fact she never really got to say good-bye to her mother (despite her post shooting dream about her). Max, they will always have issues given what he did to her as a teenager but I doubt she would be in such a bad place that she would go to that length. Sully is a simply coming back not to be fling but to close a chapter. Maybe it`s about a case. And it stirs Booth`s jealousy without any reason to, and because we haven`t seen the episode. I think people are taking one interview too literal when we know showrunners like to talk about a show and a final result never turns completely out as any kind of a threat…

  9. kmw says:

    Well lets actually see how this plays out. We all know Brennan is in a bad place but that doesn’t mean she will cheat. Back when they teased this season they did say that Booth and Brennan will be tested and this is obviously the test. Whatever we think of how Bones and FOX are promoting this do you really think they will break them up? No they wont. However on the off chance that Brennan kisses or does something else I will be pissed because Brennan said she would never do that to him. I hope Peterson remembers that. however I do agree that Peterson and company thinking we want to see Booth and Brennan in a bad place for most of the season is just wrong wrong and wrong. Once again I will give it a chance but they better be careful or no one will watch just to see them separated the whole time. Nightmares are one thing for Brennan cheating on Booth is another entirely

  10. kmw says:

    @Anon I am not defending Peterson . He is terrible at giving out spoilers and I agree with you that they should be talking about their FIRST episode and not their seventh. And I definitely agree that Booth and Brennan shouldn’t be mad at each other the whole season, but the fact is that all of these episodes wont be as horrible as you may think they will be. Brennan even in distress wont do anything to harm her marriage beyond repair. Maybe she comes close to kissing Sully and that makes her take a step back and get control back. While Sully is not necessary to tell this story, the powers that be feel different ( and that includes Emily Deschanel who at Comic Con wanted him back) and it is what it is. Also the fact that this site is talking about this specific episode and not the others also says that maybe just maybe there might be something good in this episode that we will get to if we watch the whole episode and not just rant about Sully being there and assuming Brennan is going to cheat on Booth. We haven’t seen the episode yet so we don’t know. I find it hard to believe with only five episodes after this one that Brennan will hurt Booth that way. Five episodes is too quick to handle that type of story. Not too long ago some of us( including me) were complaining that either Booth and Brennan weren’t getting a story or they weren’t together enough. It may not be the story we really want but at least its a story. Bones is a drama after all, not a comedy. They have to have something to drive their story home. Booth and Brennan aren’t splitting up and not all of these episodes will be as heavy as they seem. Give it a chance it might be better than you think

    • missmarple says:

      I was angry about this storyline at first but now I’ve had a change of heart. Now I think that Brennen should cheat on Booth with Sully, divorce Booth and marry Sully. Bones ends with Booth being a part time dad and “just-partner” to Brennan. Full circle. Peterson ends it by taking a wrecking ball to B&B.

      • Paniz says:

        U know its not a soap right? Or r u actually crazy?

        • missmarple says:

          Merely observing what Bones has become. Seasons 1-9 were wonderful. Since then we get things like Brennan kicking Booth out of the house and B&B difficulties just when Brennan’s old flame returns…blah, blah, blah. If the shoe fits…

    • anon says:

      We already know B&B are strong. Why so we need to see an ex that hasn’t been in the show for a decade to prove it?

      We have seen B&B be tested sooo many times, how much proof do fans need?

      I thought better of Bones than go down the unoriginal narrative of the married couple going through a rough patch just when the ex turns up out the blue….B&B deserves better than that.
      …Bones deserves a better show runner than Michael Peterson who seems to have no problem throwing out spoilers like this to upset fans and to imply Brennan may cheat.

      Like you said earlier, Bones better be careful how they handle this or it is going to ruin B&B and their lovestory , taint it forever

      I appreciate you are trying to calm down this ep spoiler :-)

    • SABRINA says:

      I agree. We keep thinking that Sully as the bad guy when in actual fact he maybe the one to reaffirm to bones that whatever she’s going through she and booth need each other to get through it together. Cause with all the drama Booth and Bremen have been through it would a slap in the face to fans if bones and sully were to cheat on booth. The episode hasn’t air yet and so all kinds of crap is going through our heads trying to figure out what’s going to happen. Let’s just wait and see what actually happens.

  11. Acidhedz says:

    This sort of soap opera crap is precisely why I stopped watching the show. It went from being about the team solving crimes, to the powers that be seeing just how much they could screw with the characters. The stupidity of them magically vanishing all of Hodges fortune and the rest of that endless super villain hacker plot had me on the edge, when I read that they killed off sweets, I said that’s it. I’m done.

  12. heather says:

    Hours later and I am still annoyed

    For me its more about how Michael Peterson thinks it’s OK to promote Bones return like this, to throw out spoilers like this in such a cheap & nasty way at the expense of B&B integrity

    He has deliberately painted a bleak picture of B&B marriage, them snidely insinuates that Brennan will be a emotional wreck so who knows what she will do – it’s all completely unnecessary

    Its Bones last season EVER, excuse me for wanting to enjoy it without this kind of nonsense

  13. kmw says:

    I think most of us are in agreement that Sully coming back isn’t necessary. Booth and Brennan could have conflict without him no doubt and yes most of us would like these last 12 episodes to be more lighthearted than they appear and no doubt there are some funny ones coming( 2 Brennan is throwing herself a party and giving others a surprise the next one is about senior citizens, one of whom is going to pinch Booth and of course Booth and Brennan have an undercover one too). But the reality is Brennan is going thru a difficult time and they need to deal with that and not gloss over what has happened and what may happen in first episode back. I also don’t believe for a minute that Booth is going to run around like some jealous fool. Brennan wont be in a rational place to see that Sully wants something from her. just my opinion of course, and therein lies her conflict with Booth because he will see that Sully wants something. Again just my feeling on it. I find it hard to believe that Brennan will take any action that would ruin her marriage. She will realize by end of this episode she needs help, which isn’t a sign of weakness but rather a sign of strength in herself and marriage to Booth. And just FYI if I have done my counting right and barring interruptions in Bones airing( I thought they were running straight thru but I could be wrong) this episode will air on Valentines Day. Does anyone believe Bones would break up their couple on that day? No not me. Now on the off chance Peterson and company have Brennan do something worse than being kissed by Sully, then I don’t know what to say because everyone their should know we DONT want to see that. I still seriously believe they are not going that road at all. And of course once again we seem to be all in agreement that Peterson is lousy with spoilers but things to me are never as bad as they are promoted so lets see what comes. I am just glad Bones is coming back soon

    • heather says:

      I don’t think for one minute that Booth & Brennan split up, nope, that’s not my problem, my problem is that Peterson has decided the best way to promote the return of this charcter is with some underhand “threat” to B&B marriage and Brennan being in a vulnerable state of mind.

      Seriously it is beyond off putting, who wants to watch that? He does realise that This is Us is on the same time as Bones now? Not a great way to bring back fans by pissing many off us.

      I wanted to enjoy Bones last season not dreading the return of character who hasn’t been mentioned once in ten years. And being annoyed by Peterson’s pathetic attempt of creating some kind of “triangle” between B&B …UGH

      • kmw says:

        I agree and while I am still trying to be calm about this season ( because no doubt they have some good ones in there) Peterson is just consistently making things worse. Right now it sounds like they are trashing Brennan in episodes 4 and 7 and for what? Brennan judging Booth for something he did a long time ago isn’t remotely right, no matter if you dislike Brennan or not. And again WHY do they need Sully? Oh they don’t but they feel the need for temptation to go to Brennan and he fills that EVEN THOUGH WE HAVENT SEEN HIM IN TEN YEARS!!!! Seriously these two episodes are going to taint the rest of the season and what a shame. I thought Bones would go out on a good note and now I am not so sure. Thanks Hart Hanson for allowing Bones to turn into a soap opera which you said would never happen. Right now very disappointed in how this season is shaping up to be. I really hope I am wrong

    • Rose says:

      Agree, Spoilers are never as bad as what they imply. That being said I think it’s the way that he talked about Sully’s return and Brennan vulnerability that’s the problem it gives off the wrong impression. And taints mindset to pre-hate this episode, Sully’s reappearance and Brennan in a negative way. Hell, I got into a discussion with a friend of mines who up until she read this was feeling positive about this episode but isn’t anymore. She still plans on watching the episode but not in the positive wait and see approach she usually has when it comes to spoilers for shows.

      • kmw says:

        That’s why I along with Anon and several others hate how Peterson is doing this. Indeed if we are all taking Peterson at face value this season sounds like a bummer but again it probably isn’t. Now granted I am also beyond irritated that Collier earlier this season said that Booth and Brennan wouldn’t be having any issues and now it seems like the majority of the season they will have issues but here is a question for anyone; What did Booth and Brennan do last year? Well to me they didn’t do anything, with Angela and Hodgins getting the story and even Cam had more to do, all Booth and Brennan did was bicker while working. While I appreciated Petersons efforts to give them more scenes , Booth and Brennan not having a story wasn’t the best so I will take this story and see if David and especially Emily can knock it out of the park And once again just because it sounds bad doesn’t mean this episode WILL be. I cannot tell you how many I thought were going to be awful but turned out great. And for those of us who want them to be more romantic with each other I just don’t think they want to do it either because the writers cannot write it or the actors just don’t want to do it. I love what David and Emily do but the romance or what little we got ended when they got married which was one of the reasons I didn’t want them married till the end but what can we do. And of course this whole article is made worse by the tweaking TV LINE did. TV LINE said ” reverberations” and Peterson said ” slight reverberation” and there is a huge difference. Slight doesn’t give me the impression that Brennan will cheat on Booth. Huge reverberations would be that. I still say relax until we see the episode and give it a chance. I also still believe there is something more to this specific episode than just what they are reporting otherwise they wouldn’t have reported this so soon and in front of SIX other episodes. We shall see

  14. Sarah says:

    Just the fact that Peterson says that b&b are in a difficult time is beyond annoying. They already did a whole season of them spending most of their time bickering while barely having any sweet moment to balance it out and now we get tension for a least half of the season!

    • dave says:

      Is this really a surprise to anyone?Showrunners lie all the time,at ComicCon Peterson said that B&B would be good in the last season and now it seems they’ll be at odds for most of the season and who wants to watch that?Gordon Gordon doesn’t even show up till episode 9.Even if she just kisses Sully that is a huge betrayal.The show is cancelled and ratings don’t mean anything and this will be a slap in the face to fans.

  15. James R. says:

    I feel like people are skipping over the part where it says “SLIGHT reverberations.” Relax people. It’s a drama show of course they’re going to test the relationship that the show was built on.

  16. arial2 says:

    Please, no Sully drama! Just pointless and stupid. Love the actor but the character has had his 15 minutes. Just let it go. *shakes head*

    • dave says:

      Exactly,a one month fling 10 years ago means nothing.If Sully is still pining for her then he is pathetic.It does say he will try to exploit their tension and that makes him a creep.

  17. T.W.S.S. says:

    I understand wanting to include past characters in the final season, but spending any significant time on a marital rift that involves Sully seems like a waste of the little time that’s left.

  18. Xoxo says:

    Here is what I feel. I hated him the first time around the walking clown of lameness called Sully. And guess what I still will. I FF overy every scene of his when I rewatch or bitch about him through them if my mom insists on watching the episodes. Oh and guess what I am gonna skip him again in this episode. I can take drama as BB will hopefully prevail in the end but Sully was the personal manifestion of the icecream clown Booth shot in the same episode he showed up the first time and I have no use for the clown showing up.

    • dave says:

      Bravo,I feel the same way.Here’s 3 points I take from this article…
      Sully exploits the situation between Booth and Brennan
      There will be reverberations for what happens
      Peterson is curious about fan reaction.

      It sounds as though something happens between Sully and Brennan and Peterson must be stupid if he thinks fans will be okay with it.A 12 episode final season and they can’t think of anything better then this crap.It’s disappointing to say the least especially when both Peterson and Collier have said B&B would be in a good place this season.I have all but given up on any romance between Booth and Brennan.I hope the only sparks this season won’t be between Brennan and Sully.

  19. anon says:

    Yeah, I wonder where the kids are whilst their mommy is out mixing it up with her ex?

    Brennan is not only a wife but a mother too, this type of spoiler tease gleefully given by Peterson just makes Brennan look like a crap wife and a even worse mother

    I actually can’t believe Peterson went there and spoke like this, how the hell did he ever get to be show runner?

    They won’t break up B&B, but maybe after watching this ep, a pathetic attempt to create artificial drama between B&B I might be advocating for Booth to cut his losses and find someone else

    I have shipped B&B since day one, but there is only so much I will take – and this pathetic plot tease as spoken by Peterson has broken any faith I have in them actually giving fans a satisfying series wrap

  20. anon says:

    And for anyone wondering why so many fans are pissed after Michael Peterson opened up his big mouth, we got promised this just this summer

    Jonathan Collier, source eonline ”

    “I think we’ve done a lot of challenging their relationship and their marriage, and that’s not what this season’s about. Their love, their marriage is strong”

    Nobody likes to be lied to, or played

    • dave says:

      FOX said they wanted Bones fans to have a satisfying and fulfilling ending but I think this season is going to be sad and depressing.Brennan wasn’t being much of a wife or mother while she was having her meltdown in Nightmare.The only drama they haven’t had on Bones is infidelity,I think Brennan will cheat and I hope this time Booth boots her out of the house.They will be split up til episode 9 when Gordon Gordon comes and helps Brennan and of course Booth will forgive her and they will be back together for the two part finale.Sometimes I think some of the fanfic authors could write better episodes then the so called “professional” writers.I think it’s ridiculous for some people to say that it doesn’t matter what happens between Booth and Brennan as long as they’re together in the end,some things can’t be forgiven.

      • kmw says:

        Wow you and a lot of people think Brennan will cheat? Even I don’t think they would be that stupid. Go back up to a part of the article where Peterson ( who by the way some of us all know should not be opening his mouth where Bones spoilers are concerned) and look at it ” I am curious to see how fans react” Um even I don’t believe he wouldn’t know that isn’t what fans want. Peterson has been with the show long enough to know that wont wash so maybe just maybe SOMETHING ELSE in the episode is what he is talking about. Spoilers are never just what they are saying. It is one thing to hurry a gambling story along which Bones did, it is entirely another to do cheating story within five episodes and expect one episode with Gordon Gordon to make everything better. No slight reverberations which is what Peterson actually said and was taken out of context by TV LINE, doesn’t sound like cheating, because cheating is HUGE and not something Brennan would do. I do agree Sully is unnecessary but I also believe this episode is about Brennan in another context that this particular spoiler is twisting to get hits on this particular site( Right now TV LINE hasn’t given us an actual preview of their first episode) I also like the fact that in one episode you have made Brennan out to be a bad mother. Um when she realized that she was in danger she went straight home to her kids and when she left she made sure people who she trusted( her dad and Booth) were there. And as was stated elsewhere in these comments the ones who say they wont be watching most certainly will be no matter what

    • dave says:

      The showrunners have lied from day one.First they said that the first time B&B have sex it wouldn’t be a dream or fantasy which it was.Collier and Peterson are just carrying on the tradition.And it seems the only drama that can be created is to separate B&B every season.It’s a surprise that Christine isn’t in therapy but then some episodes are written like B&B don’t even have kids.The last good season from beginning to end was 9.Castle and Beckett were a better couple then Booth and Brennan.I had high hopes for this last season but now I’m not going to hold my breath.

      • kmw says:

        Do you want to know why it seems like they don’t have kids. One. having kids on the set, especially babies , is hard. And two maybe the actors( and some fans who just watch the show for the cases) want to deal with just themselves. there were some fans who thought there was way too much of Christine in season 10 so they have to find a balance And your assertion that Castle and Beckett were better. not even close. They may have had better banter as an actual couple but Booth and Brennan’s relationship is deeper because they actually talk like adults. And this goes to this particular spoiler where everyone is going off half cocked on an episode they haven seen yet. Remember this episode is titled ‘ The Grief of The Girl’ so obviously Brennan has lost someone important to her, but that doesn’t mean she will cheat. Sully will make her see that she has been behaving irrationally and again that doesn’t mean Brennan is cheating. I just don’t see that if this episode is such a bad one, why it is getting promoted over everything else. it doesn’t make sense to promote an episode that is seemingly going to irritate fans, so maybe think something else is happening in the episode instead of focusing on Sully

        • dave says:

          I have a few counterpoints.Collier and Peterson both said that Booth and Brennan wouldn’t be messed with this season so they have obviously changed their minds,I guess they can’t do any drama without screwing with Booth and Brennan.The show is over,the ratings don’t matter and I don’t think they even care if they piss off the fans.I’m not saying Brennan WILL cheat but I THINK she will.Is it really that big of a stretch to think that Brennan would cheat,she was promiscuous the first few seasons.The article says that Sully will try to exploit the tension between B&B and when someone tries to exploit something they’re doing it for their own benefit.I have never liked the character or the actor and will certainly not be watching this episode.Heck,I have never watched one episode that had Hannah in it.

        • anon says:

          How sweet that somebody that Brennan hasn’t seen in 10yrs is going to set her straight, is going to “fix” her

          How sweet for Booth to know another man fixed his wife to behave like a better person

          So lovely. I am tearing up.

          Why does Brennan need Booth for any way, baby sitting? Making dinner? Sure as hell not as emotional support cos Sully will FIX her!

          So hallmark.

          So garbage.

          • anon says:

            FYI, some people have a problem with Brennan emotionally cheating on Booth just as much as physically

            And that is what you suggesting: turn to your ex fling, not your husband

            FYI, frame this article with Hannah’s name and I don’t think you or any other defender would be so chill

            Double stanard, alive and well

    • dave says:

      Sully coming back is ridiculous because he has no bearing on the story and it’s a lame attempt at drama.I personally don’t like the character so I won’t be watching this episode.If enough people don’t watch at least the showrunners will know they wasted an episode.

  21. NatesMama says:

    You all know they exaggerate this stuff for effect. Anyone getting upset over this needs to take a step back and think. Come on, guys. You know they have said B&B are solid. They’re not breaking them up. I am willing to bet that all this “unbalance” amounts to one scene.

    Calm down and take a grain of salt. Twelve episodes to go, let’s not ruin them with pointless, baseless speculation and nastiness. Be a better fan than that! Bones fans are the best fans for a reason, y’all. :)

    • Anon says:

      “Twelve episodes to go, let’s not ruin them with pointless, baseless speculation and nastiness. Be a better fan than that!” Really? How about this…twelve episodes to go, let’s not ruin them with pointless, baseless spoilers and nastiness. Be a better and kinder show runner than that!!! Sigh. For some of you “Bones” folks any nastiness that occurs is all on the fans, never the fault of the crappy interviews given by the writers and show runners. Unbelievable.

      I think most fans just want to enjoy the final twelve episodes with this incredible couple we have all fallen in love with, and see them be HAPPY in their life with their three beautiful children. Deliberately upsetting spoilers being released just before Christmas is unnecessary, imo.

      • NatesMama says:

        I’m sorry you don’t understand how the promotion of television shows works. Ease up, buttercup. It will all work out…as it always does. Bye!

        • Anon says:

          Oh snowflake, you’re the one with your panties in a bunch about “pointless, baseless speculation and nastiness.” Chill out…it will all be ok.

  22. SuzyQ says:

    Stop watching the show and read the fanfic. Less b.s. and way more satisfying than anything these ‘professional’ writers vomit out.

  23. rynogeny says:

    “Fandom short term memory disorder.” – that’s the best explanation for how this scenario gets repeated every. single. season. (And sometimes multiple times within a season): 1. Spoilers are released. Spoilers are worded to generate the most response, which is the actual point of spoilers. 2. Some fans interpret the spoilers in the most negative way possible, including things the show would obviously never do, or have already said they won’t do. 3. Same fans then flail about in hysteria, attacking the writers and fans who are not having the same reaction. 4. Episode airs, and it’s either not nearly as bad as the fans twisted it into, and/or winds up either being an ep fans like, or at least having moments they enjoy a great deal. 5. More spoilers are released, fans forget what happened last time, freak out ensues. Wash, rinse, repeat.

    • anon says:

      Yes and Michael Peterson is a special snowflake who didn’t incite this reaction by his careful choice of words.

      It’s the fans fault for actually being invested in the show, for caring for B&B, for wanting to enjoy the last season of Bones without this nasty & spiteful type of spoiler

    • Anon says:

      “Showrunner short term memory disorder.” –

      1. Spoilers are released. Show runners run off at the mouth and say stupid things.

      2. Fans are upset. Article garners negative online responses. Twitter and Tumblr erupt.

      3. Showrunners try to do damage control

      4. Episode airs, but gets lower ratings than it otherwise would have because fans upset by spoilers don’t watch

      5. More spoilers are released. Wash, rinse, repeat.

    • Hubert says:

      So Brennan is going to cheat on Booth in the in the final season? Wow. He should have married Hanna, apparently.

      • rynogeny says:

        No, she’s not going to cheat on him. Former fans of the show get a buzz off twisting spoilers into their worst possible interpretation to stir up the fandom.

    • kmw says:

      So right about this particular spoiler. Really think about it! Would it really benefit Bones to promote supposedly a ” cheating” episode in its last season? No it wouldn’t and I have a feeling that Sully isn’t even that big of a deal in this episode any way. I actually think Bones fans should be more upset that Boreanaz is getting his way in the finale than over this Lets take one episode at a time starting with their first one shall we

      • anon says:

        Really? So let’s pick on David over something you haven’t seen yet?

        Isn’t that what you are chastising other fans on?

        FYI, Hart always said he knew the end of the series, how do you know that’s not what he had in mind too instead of trying to take the heat of your precious Brennan

        Emily has no say in anything right, she just nods and picks up her pay check as producer. She didn’t OK the finale either


      • dave says:

        That’s just the point,Bones is a dead show,12 more episodes and it’s gone forever.You really think they care about fan reaction?Season 9 was good from beginning to end but season 10 was horrible and 11 was hit and miss.Just the millions of viewers they have lost since season 9 proves that something went wrong.Bones only stayed on because FOX had nothing else.Season 12 of Bones will equal season 8 of Castle.

        • kmw says:

          What went wrong besides season 10 ( which we agree on by the way) was the consistent moving of this show and then the subsequent long layoffs the past two years. if FOX had bothered to care more about Bones the fan drop off wouldn’t have been so bad. and yes fans left for other reasons as well but the fact is FOX doesn’t promote the show other than to rile the fans up and that doesn’t help either especially for an older show like Bones. This last season could end up being like Castle that’s true but I bet there is lots of good stuff FOX isn’t promoting of the show because its easier to rile up fans instead of giving them what they want. By the way no other site is even talking about this episode yet and you know why? Because there are 6 episodes in front of it.. And that is what is bothering me the most. it would be nice if they talked about Emily’s episode and not about an episode that is a month and a half away

          • Anon says:

            What’s even more distressing is that all of the spoilers so far have been real downers…Brennan unbalanced, Booth and Brennan facing difficulties, “horrible reverberations” for Booth and Brennan, and an old love returning — something that will upset fans (according to Peterson). Frankly, not much to look forward to. Personally, I have no interest in watching Brennan cavort with Sully while Booth is jealous. I think the best play here is to watch something else and record Bones…if the buzz is fairly positive then watch it at a later date. That’s my plan at least.

      • rynogeny says:

        Nothing is gained for anyone connected to the show to wreck everything it’s been about now – not the writers, not David or Emily, not Fox. Former fans, on the other hand, get a lot of mileage out of stirring things up.

        Guessing wildly (and based on a spoiler from months ago that may have been changed), I think the challenge to B&B this season will be a reversal of the roles they usually play – she’ll be reacting more with her emotions, he’ll be more evidence-based – coming out of the situation with Zack, and I think Sully will help them move past that. In doing so, it might initially look like he’s a threat to the relationship, but in the end, they’ll be stronger for it. He knows both of them.

        Either way, I’m just going to wait and see, with an assumption going in that, based on eleven seasons’ history, I’ll be satisfied by the end of the season. I don’t always like everything they do, and it’s clear they’re not ending the story they way I’d personally hoped they would – but nearly always when I’ve said that, I’ve enjoyed what they actually did more than what I thought I wanted in the first place. *shrug*

  24. NatesMama says:

    The funniest part of all the baseless complaining here is that every single one of you (even the ones who claim you don’t watch anymore, yet ran right to the article to read it and then comment) will be sitting in front of your televisions every Tuesday for the last 12 episodes. And don’t even try to convince me you won’t. I don’t believe you.

    Enjoy the end, quit barking at ghosts of your own making. Why anyone would deliberately make themselves miserable is beyond me. Just relax.

      • anon says:

        I must of imagined the millions of viewers who dropped off since S10, cos if storyline and being pissed off …yeah sure they will be back!!

        I am sure others won’t be watching This Is Us after these crap-tastic spoilers for Bones new season either.

        Way to go Peterson!

  25. Anon says:

    What’s really sad is that because of this interview by Peterson and the lack of any follow-up or clarification from him, all the talk in the online Bones world is about episode 7 and Sully. There is very little discussion about the season premiere, which was directed by Emily Deschanel, or about any of the good things coming up in episodes 1-6. It would have been nice to be speculating about the premiere instead of about a character who hasn’t been around for 10 years.

    • kmw says:

      @Anon you are right about that. This site hasn’t given us ANYTHING on this first episode. How does talking about the possibility of Brennan having an affair going to help Bones ratings especially after This is Us comes back. While I still believe firmly Bones wont be so stupid to do this to Booth and Brennan the fact that Emily’s episode is being overlooked is just sad. This is Bones last season premiere and it would be nice if this site would give Bones fans something on this episode instead of talking about the seventh episode no matter how good it may be in the end

  26. Anon says:

    Now now, children. The hall monitors have anointed the showrunners as God and announced everything will be fine. Stop complaining or they’ll take away your bathroom pass.

  27. kmw says:

    Well one last thing on this subject. Peterson once again is opening his mouth and pretty much saying they are trashing Brennan this season. Now Brennan will come unglued because of Booth’s past as a sniper. Hello Bones producers, she knew about his past and WASNT affected by it then and wouldn’t be mad about it now. What are they doing to her? Wow I have been trying to be calm and think this season wont be as bad as it sounds but it sure isn’t coming off that way. Trashing you lead character and actress on the way out the door sounds ” fun” to me. Looks like they are taking a page from Castle with their leading lady. One more thing, you have Brennan cheat on Booth YOU WONT have any fans for the finale whether Rosenthal wrote that episode or not. ” Beautiful resolution” after putting fans thru a ” stressful” situation with a character ( Sully) NO ONE wanted back.Better be as beautiful as he makes it out to be because I am mad that this season sounds so depressing and not fun at all.

    • O'Dawg says:

      Brennan’s ungluing may not all about Booth. Without spoiling 1/9, I’m feeling this quote from the last season of The Closer – “Brenda Lee, I need to talk to you”

      • kmw says:

        No her coming undone will be because of someone from Booth’s past and while it will definitely hurt her it doesn’t justify Brennan turning to Sully for comfort even if all they do is hug. I am sure this episode will turn out to be better than I think( because if this season is a love letter to Bones fans they wouldn’t even be suggesting that Brennan would be close to another man) and hopefully Sully is barely on this episode. Still don’t get why anyone associated with Bones thought we fans wanted to see him( we don’t). Beautiful resolution better be coming because Bones justification for Brennan being mad at Booth is very thin, especially if the victim is Max and we know he is probably dying anyway. most of their other episodes sound good so I hope 4 and 7 are better than they are being described. Booth and Brennan should have had a story that was about them not some outsider they haven’t mentioned in 10 years. I really want to like this episode I hope it is as good as they claim it to be

  28. Ann says:

    Sully is like MOO, a cow’s opinion, NOBODY CARES ABOUT HIM.

    B&B ♥

    Salu2 de Arg.

  29. kmw says:

    Bones better be very careful with this. I mean judging from the descriptions of the two episodes prior to this seventh one it doesn’t sound like Booth and Brennan are either emotionally distraught. Please Bones don’t ruin this relationship( B +B) that you have cultivated so well and have started this season so far off on a good note. Once again Brennan wouldn’t turn to a guy she hasn’t seen in a decade she would immerse herself in work( I think this aspect of Brennan’s personality has escaped Michael Peterson in their over arching desire to look in the past). You cannot forgive infidelity in 5 episodes and is no ” love letter” to fans. Hopefully Bones will cut as much of Sully out of this episode as possible

  30. Hollowcreek says:

    I didn’t even know that Bones was still on the air.

  31. Christie Leigh says:

    It took Booth and Brennan so long to get together and you all want to go and mess it up? Please, for once can a married couple stay together or is it against Hollywood policy?

  32. kmw says:

    Calling it now. The Grief and The Girl will become the most overhyped show in Bones history. This episode is the only thing that TV LINE is really talking about with Bones since their are no more recaps or previews other than this one. And when I say overhyped its because Peterson’s spoilers want people to believe Brennan will cheat on Booth and in fact no such thing will occur. Not only that but Booth and Brennan’s ” marital strain” will occur with Booth in another country. You sure can have a marital strain when one spouse is elsewhere on a case. Also overhyped is the so called ” beautiful resolution” that will compare I say to another overhyped Bones episode from the end of season four ( I wonder what episode that was? Hmm the one where they lied about a love scene being real). From a marital strain occurring away from them being in the ACTUAL same city to a reconciliation( of sorts) that wont give fans what they want this episode will be their biggest disappointment ever. These first six episodes have delivered far more than the eighth one will

  33. Frances White says:

    Just watched Bones S12 E7, it broke my heart to know that Bones and Booth may separate.

    • kmw says:

      Only for a little while and not as big of a deal as they are making it out to be. Seriously TV LINE doesn’t cover any of their other episodes but THIS one gets the coverage. Between Booth and Brennan more than likely having barely any scenes together to a guy coming back who nobody wanted and Booth and Brennan’s ” resolution” being not even close to what fans want, I do not understand why this episode is getting the attention at all. While some of us continue to moan about this particular episode I will say I am very disappointed in this sites lack of covering of Bones final season( and actually not just your site, plenty of others are ignoring Bones) From no previews to no re caps just very disheartened that 12 episodes is apparently too much for this sites staff to handle( unlike TVD that gets covered practically every day) Bones at least deserves some respect that other shows that are ending are getting and it sad that wont be the case.

  34. Matt E Blanton says:

    Wtf please don’t let bones leave booth