Project Runway Finale

Project Runway Finale Recap: Did the Right Designer Win Season 15?

Another season of blood, sweat and shears reached a dramatic conclusion Thursday as Project Runway crowned its 15th champion.

Four designers remained at the top of the two-hour affair: Erin Robertson, 29, from Cambridge, Mass.; Laurence Basse, 41, from Los Angeles, Calif.; Rik Villa, 31, also from Los Angeles; and Roberi Parra, 32, from Miami, Fla.

Tensions ran particularly high in the first hour, as the final four scrambled to finish their collections in time for New York Fashion Week. Of course, the contestants weren’t the only ones getting emotional — boss-man Tim Gunn made it (water)work during a pre-Fashion Week chat with the finalists, praising them not only for being good designers, but for being good people. (D’aww!)

And they were right to sweat. Shortly after arriving at the big show, Roberi was told that one of his models had to be swapped out, while Laurence discovered one of her models was sporting a torn skirt. (So hectic.) Still, all four designers managed to get themselves — and, more importantly, their collections — together in time to rock the runway.

Then came the judgment, handed down by Heidi Klum, Zac Posen, Nina Garcia and Zendaya: Rik took some heat for not doing enough with his denim, Roberi was criticized for ending his collection with a somber “old lady dress,” Erin would have made it through unscathed were it not for her “genie in a bottle” look, and Laurence was told that her collection lacked runway-level pizzaz.

After the judges’ deliberation, Rik was the first to be eliminated, followed quickly by Laurence and Roberi… leaving Erin as the winner of Project Runway Season 15!

Are you pleased with the outcome of Thursday’s finale? Vote for your designer of choice below, then drop a comment with your reasoning.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. AngelWasHere says:

    I hated Erin’s clothes and Roberi’s. Especially Erin’s. Both look childish tho. I could see myself buying Rik’s leather jackets.

    • Ashley says:

      Erin didn’t make a single outfit I liked the entire season. I can’t believe she won.

      • eithanvoc says:

        Just because you have no sense of style/fashion doesn’t mean everyone else does. We all know the average American is a pretty terrible determiner of taste. So, oh well.

        • Rita Metsch says:

          I like to think I have some sense of style. I would never wear an outfit with bananas all over it. Rediculous.

          • Deb T says:

            it was obvious from the beginning that the judges had hand picked Erin to win. Even when week after week she turned out awful designs and was in the bottom (throwing in a winning look here and there) she stayed on. The old saying of Project Runway did not apply to Erin.

            This is the last straw for me. I have enjoyed this show but this is almost as bad as the year that Monda was NOT picked. I only started watching again after he won “all stars”.

            Most of us can design looks that are too big for the models and throw on some shiny clusters here and there. No sense of style needed, color blind, no problem, the judges think that is “brave”!

            I like Rik best but he was underrated always. Roberi should have won with the two remaining. Erin makes me ill.

            Good bye Project Runway, I enjoyed watching but this is now a “reality show” with a script and no real fairness.

          • Did you see that 1 banana placed right at the crotch?!? that was waaaaay too suggestive and tacky

          • Sharee says:

            Exactly lol, who are they shopping for. Heidi wouldn’t even wear that ishhh she will get roasted

          • Jennifer S Rothnie says:

            I might wear something with a banana print, but not something with a hand holding a banana print – especially with a certain one in a certain area. On top of the silvery fabric, it just seemed a bit cheap and low class.

        • JudyVee says:

          OK, first no need to get nasty. We can agree to disagree. I felt that Erin’s looks were very costume-y, some even clown-like. And I can’t see them being worn much off the runway. She was innovative, yes, but in a very craft-y way. Glue guns and plastic chips – really? People are going to pay a lot of money for this? Emperor’s new clothes if you ask me.

        • Kathleen says:

          Because some people don’t prefer kitschy clothing that shouts “Look at me, I’m so quirky.”, doesn’t imply they have bad taste.

        • Jennifer S Rothnie says:

          I wasn’t a fan of Rik, Roberi, or Erin’s style. However, Roberi managed to make a cohesive and interesting collection – they weren’t things I would wear, but I could appreciate the work, aesthetic, and beauty. Rik also made things I wouldn’t wear, but his collection looked fun and I appreciated his avoidance of cliches. Laurence’ style was closest to what I would wear, but I was underwhelmed by her collection as it was not as nice as much she had designed in-season, and her interpretation of light at the end of the tunnel seemed a bit too literal.

          Erin has made a few things I would wear, and her collection had a few nice looks, but overall it looked cheap and tacky. It wasn’t just that I would not wear them – but her silhouettes weren’t inspiring and were mostly unflattering, a lot of her organza material looked cheap (unlike Roberi’s interesting treatment that managed to make organza look sheik, amazingly enough), and most of her bedazzlements were boring- just sticking on laser-cut circles. Many outfits looked like cheap gypsy or clown costumes. I’d seen better from her during the season as well, so I was underwhelmed.

      • Alicia says:

        I completely agree!!! Her clothes were a joke. There were so many times she should have gone home. Gluing on flowers and sequins and all that crap – ridiculous!! I am embarrassed that she is the winner.

      • i agree. I couldn’t stand to look at her…her personal style, that awful haircut and dye job. She was such a hot mess

      • Christie Yang says:

        Agree! It is disappointing!

    • Vivian says:

      I agree!!!

  2. Sue Ellen Monaghan says:

    I have been a fan of this show for a long time but now feel that the judges definitely got it wrong. Roberi is a designer, Erin”s had flawed looks and just because she is happy and sunny shouldn’t give her the win. I respect her, she is talented but her show was not up to level that Robei’s was. I personally thought hers was last. But thats just me. I never complain on these things but this is just wrong. Probably won’t continue watching because this has happened before but never this bad.

    • Bis says:

      Agree. Roberi colecttion was the best!!!
      Injustice again from judges

    • sunsembrace says:

      omg!! seriously though! Roberi is a DESIGNER!! His process is so nice. You know he’s an artist by the way he approaches and solves each challenge. For NYFW I believe he had the superior line. When they asked the designers why each believed they should win, I was disappointed they went with Erin as she seemed so unsure and Roberi would have definitely used the prize to further get back on his feet. They all worked hard but I personally think the judges missed this last one. That win was robbed!

    • Paige says:

      For the first time since Project Runway started, I disagreed not only on the season winner-but most of the individual challenge winners too. I agree with you Sue Ellen.

      Erin’s looks seem like they belong in a tween department.

    • Samantha says:

      I’m pretty sure everyone who was a Roberi fan is over 40.

      • Lily says:

        I’m 18 years old and thought Roberi was by far the best! He is a truly gifted designer with an interesting and unique aesthetic that I believe the fashion world would benefit greatly from. He definitely should have won (and Erin definitely should not have).

      • Patricia Powell says:

        OMG STFU

      • Deb T says:

        How can you know that?

      • Drew says:

        Pretty sure anyone who makes a comment like yours is a nitwit.

      • Else Chakken says:

        What’s wrong with being over 40? Fashion is for everyone! Roberi’s collection was amazing. Laurence was my fave by far … until the Finale.

      • Jennifer S Rothnie says:

        I’m 33. Roberi’s style is hardly my personal style – but he did manage to impress me with his collections. His textile work (crafting new textiles by quilting) was a lot more interesting and innovated than Erin’s bedazzlement with laser-cut circles. He managed to make organza (a fabric which I despise in fashion) look polished and even expensive. His collection was thoughtful, like going on a journey, and feminine. The only look I would probably wear from it was the last one (the one the judges disliked) – but not sharing the same personal aesthetic doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate his.

        He also seemed to be a designer on a trajectory upward – his designs got progressively better during the season, and he still had room to grow.

        Erin’s looks are all over the place – some interesting and innovative, some horrendously clown-like or costumey, but overall her fashion seemed to be based more on gimmicks and trends of the moment than ‘fashion-forward.’

    • Rita Metsch says:

      I agree. The judges really got this wrong.

    • Carol_R says:

      Plastic skirts aren’t fashion. I don’t have a problem with them picking Erin since none of the finalists put out good collections this year.

      Except for 1 piece, Laurence’s stuff has all been seen before many times and been sold commercially for years. I’ve bought patterns for most of the clothing she sent down the runway in the past. I liked most of her stuff but it wasn’t original at all and it wasn’t a runway collection but ready-to-wear.

      Roberi had a few interesting pieces but plastic skirts aren’t fashion. And that plastic skirt that also had feathers was hideous.

      Rik’s collection wasn’t strong enough.

      Erin’s was not my personal taste but I believe appeals to the younger crowd and was original. Originality is key, which she had.

      Overall I wasn’t really impressed with any of the contestants this season. None of the finalists as far as I’m concerned deserved to win.

      • Patricia Powell says:

        um it wasn’t plastic is was tissue chiffon.

        • Deb T says:

          um, it doesn’t matter if it looks like plastic

          • Jennifer S Rothnie says:

            I dislike organza and chiffon in fashion for the most part since it usually screams ‘bridesmaid’ – yet Roberi managed to do interesting things to weird textiles to elevate them to a higher level. His quilting of various fabrics together to create new textiles, and his flattering feminine silhouettes, was quite compelling to watch.

            Erin’s collection wasn’t that innovative – her oversized pink shirt was quite similar to the pink jumpsuit that got Sandhya sent home in season 13. She had a lot of similarities to Sandhya, actually – weird bedazzlement and textile treatments that didn’t always work, ‘funny’ prints (Sandhya had a hand with the middle finger on a shirt, Erin had the hand with the banana in a provocative spot), and unflattering silhouettes that both excused for the sake of their textile treatments. Mostly, Erin’s work seemed very gimmicky.

            Roberi also improved on critiques and self-editing, Erin was still all-over-the-place by the end. Roberi cared about the base of the look – how it fit, how the fabric worked together, etc. – Erin seemed to care more about what she could bedazzle it with or how it could shock people than whether or not the underlying shape of the garment or the fit was flattering.

  3. Y Dalton says:

    Bad bad move to pick Erin. Seemed like a gimmick just like her clothes. Rik really picked it up and made his looks cohesive.

  4. Imo says:

    I think the judges were very biased this season, and I could tell from the beginning that Erin was going to win! No matter what bs she sent out on the runway they found a way to love it… my opinion Laurence was by far the winner.,..

  5. Randee Ryan says:

    Roberi Should of won
    His designes were beautiful , inventive and wearable.
    Erin designs are costume and not wearable at all unless you are under 20, 6 feet and weight under 100 pounds.
    Project Runway 15 you jumped the shark !!!!!

    • Lisa says:

      Agree. I was torn btwn Roberi and Laurence bca I think hers were beautifully tailored, but I had to give the edge to Roberi. Each piece was like an individual work of art. He is gifted and poetic. (Love Laurence too. Have to say that here.)

      • Kj says:

        I agree totally with you. Was pulling for Laurence because I loved her clothes over the season, but thought Roberi’s collection was the best and he should have won.

    • Bis says:

      Love Roberi clothes.Real designer clothes

  6. Gloria S Yatsko says:

    I’m SHOCKED that Erin Robertson won. I would never even consider wearing her clothing and it seems to me that she designs for the young set alone… really young, to be truthful. Even Rick outshone her collection. So very sad.

  7. Robin says:

    Hated Erin’s looks. Should of known she was winning the judged were all Gaga over her looks from the beginning. Cute if you are a 10 year old

    • Sadie says:

      My ten year old daughter was actually upset Erin won! She said who would were those clothes mom. I was so disappointed with tonight’s finale. Any many bananas does it take to ruin an outfit. Ask Erin?😁

  8. Pamela Manning says:

    I can’t comprehend the judges logic. (It feels like the Trump win.) Robert delighted me throughout the season and in the finale, as Mr. Pozen stated, he had it all. VERY disappointed this year.

  9. Gloria Yatsko says:

    Soooo DISAPPOINTED! i cannot believe that Erin was chosen as the winner of this season! I would never consider wearing any of her clothing and she designs for basically one age group…although I have no idea who would wear her designs. Roberi is a true designer, and so is Rik.So SAD!

  10. Amy says:

    This is madness. Usually I’m on board with the judges but I’m really disappointed. Erin is talented but by far wasn’t the best tonight

  11. Annie says:

    I hated ‘Erin’s look and as others have said, you could tell the judges liked her from the beginning. It reminded me of the Runway where Monda should have won and a blond, Gretchen? Won . Erins collection was almost as bad as Gretchens.

    For some reason, I tend to agree with the All Star judges more than the original shows judges.

    Oh and for the love of everything, next season either move Heidi or change the lighting. I’m tired of Heidi holding up her cards to see the runway each week.

    • Bis says:

      You said it all. I think exactly the same. When injustice was done to Mondo years ago I stoped watching the show. Now again they lost me as a fan with not awarded the real designer ..fantastic,artsy clothes delivered by Roberti.

    • Deb T says:

      I felt the same after Mondo lost! Didnt watch again until he won the “all stars”. But this is it for me – the worst since Mondo. Why bother watching every week when you they preseleced a winner, and a gimmick winner at that. I would have sent Erin home 10 weeks ago

  12. Josephine says:

    I did not hate Erin’s look and enjoyed her work throughout the season. I do think that she presented a fun collection that infused its own energy — lived up to her potential. She is truly creative and inventive. But she did not deserve the win. Roberi should have won. I was worried when he first showed his three pieces last week, but after seeing the whole thing, my admiration for his artistry grew. It was hands down one of the best runways of all of the seasons.

  13. Emeraldglenn says:

    I cannot believe they picked Erin. Who in the world would were a dress with a Banana on it. Heidi even said she would not wear it. I would but Rik’s clothes (as they mentioned they liked) and gets kicked off first, she should have gone off first. They way the judges were acting and liking the things she designed, (whatever they were) I knew she was going to win. Last time I watch this show.

  14. orangeade says:

    Everything Erin did was tent-shaped glitz. The exact same silhouette the entire season. And, THE most annoying Valley girl baby speak.

    • Max says:

      Anyone who drank a shot every time she said the work “LIKE” died of like .. alcohol like … poisoning. I .. like .. thought .. like … a good designer .. like … is supposed to make a women’s body .. like … look good … not like .. a tent at a flea market.

    • DT says:

      Amen, does anyone really by that fake “look how cool and sweet” i can facade? Well, we know at least 4 people did, the judges. I also agree that most 10 yo’s would not wear her stuff either! Would the judges, no.

  15. judy l jarvis says:

    how can you pick dresses so ugly who paid you to vote for her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Eli says:

    I think anyone would have been better than Erin, Erin’s stuff was childish and made Kmart look like Neiman Marcus…How can anyone think her clothes deserved to be called a designer creation. She should have competed in the Junior Runway to learn how to design. I guess gimmicky stuff is what I think the judges want people to buy. I do not see Heidi or Nina wearing anything like Erin’s fashion. I think that swapping out one of Rik models is what they have done in the past with challenging designers. I will not watch this program again . Last year they did the same, it makes me think the judges believe that we, the public are morons that want garbage. Too bad

  17. Felix Jaramillo says:

    Project Runway is suppose to be about design. Season 15 celebrated grade school crafts. Erin’s dresses looked like cut out dresses with lazy crafts thrown at them to see if they would stick. Roberi’s dresses were original, unique & etheral.

  18. Mimi says:

    Roberi’s collection was leaps and bounds ahead of the other contestants, especially Erin’s. She did not deserve to win.

  19. PJG says:

    This season has been a huge disappointment culminating with Erin’s win. What a joke, her clothes are hideous. Laurence should have won. Her clothes are impeccable.

  20. SSP says:

    Pure disappointment….just lost another viewer. Roberi and Laurence were strong throughout with Roberi nailing it in the finale. How can these judges choose Erin….doesn’t make sense. Her clothing is childish, unfinished looking, loud and annoying as she is. Sorry but she lacks the talent, creativity and sophistication Roberi and Laurence own.

  21. Joyce Moore says:

    Maybe the judges just imagine being young, or YOUNG AT HEART. I don’t know which. This has happened before. I said I was going to stop watching, but this time for sure. Goodbye project runway

  22. Jane says:

    This is my last season of watching Project Runway. I often disagree with the judges but can understand why they did what they did but Erin’s designs were tacky craft projects. I honestly think they are bored with the show at this point and are just treating it like a joke and are picking the worse designer just to entertain themselves.

  23. Patty says:

    Wow! My friends n I were stunned with Erin’s win. She is a very talented arts and crafts director for the very young. But a designer with a fashion forward style??!! To win Project Runway???!!! We think not.

  24. Michele says:

    Erins designs week after week we’re original, fashion forward, adding an elegance and adding a fresh look to style.

    • Patricia Powell says:

      I think it was fixed….how can anyone be in the bottom 5 times and still survive?

    • Gilded Lady says:

      No, they weren’t. They were 100% Delpozo rip offs.

      • Margaret says:

        Oh My Word!! Just googled Delpozo. You are so right! How could the judges not have seen this?? The bright yellow, the fabric that looks like thin neoprene, the oversizing, cut out shoulders with sleeves starting half way down the arm. Did she just glue junk on them to be able to say they weren’t exact copies?

        • Gilded Lady says:

          They didn’t want to, obviously! Or more likely they figured the audience wouldn’t know, so who cares? I tuned back in for the first time in a few seasons, but I’m back to being done.

  25. Georgia says:

    I love project runway. I have watched every season, including project Jr’s. However I’m always disappointed because no matter how good they are, the black finalist never wins. I’m not bias the facts speaks for themselves.

  26. TipTop says:

    Thou I loved Laurence the entire competition, Roberi should have one won this one! Rik stepped it up but every piece Erin sent out was just a “what?” “huh?” “wtf?” “ugh!” “No”…bad call on the winner, Project Runway…once again. *smh*

  27. RWashington says:

    This will be my last season of Project Runway! I have no more respect for the judges decisions. They talk a good game but in the end they sell out to Heidi and her need to manipulate and play mind games with the loyal fans of the show. I can no longer tolerate my intelligence being insulted. I refuse to allow myself to be brainwashed into believing that I have no clue or I must be out of touch with what real women would or would not wear. But after tonight, thanks to the judges decision to crown Erin the winner, I am throwing up my hands and calling it quits. This is so unjust and downright cruel that I can not look at the show with the same wide eyed enthusiasm and belief that some one will be rewarded for their hard work and creative genius. My rose colored glasses have been cracked beyond repair! Good bye Project Runway. ……I’m sad to say that I can no longer “make it work “!

    • Bis says:

      Me too. I stoped watching after they did same to Mondo years ago. Now again..the best who was Roberto didn’t win. Bye bye PR!

    • Ginalin says:

      You have captured my thoughts exactly. I hate to see the show’s degeneration because I so enjoyed it in the beginning !

    • Jenks says:

      I agree with everything you said, except that I’m not sure it’s Heidi who’s always calling the shots. I have seen Nina Garcia beat down Heidi on decisions. I think Heidi’s critiques are usually about whether she would wear the outfit or not and if it flatters the body. Nina drones on about “editorial” and “innovative” and other things that most people who wear clothes don’t care about.

  28. Georgia says:

    I’m a fan of project runway. However this is probably my last season. It doesn’t matter how well the black finalist is, they never win. Erin’s clothing were so cartoonist And i can’t believe she won. She should have been eliminated after the mother’s round.

    • Mr. Bear says:

      Way to inject race into everything. By the way, black and Asian people have won PR in the past. Get your facts straight before you jump on the SJW train.

    • TC says:

      Are you kidding me?? What does this have to do with race? Unbelievable. It had nothing to do with that at all. It was all about how they wanted the show to be perceived this year – not who was the best designer.

  29. Arty says:

    Laurence was by far the most talented, gracious, kind, focused, elegant,and cool. Cool doesn’t get a lot of points, but boy can she tailor and sew her beautiful designs. She has a fabulous career ahead and I will be cheering for her.
    Much luck to Laurence. Darn, she is so cool.
    Also, Roberi…he is an artist, brilliant & each piece a master work. Roberi has a fantadtic career ahead of him also.
    Erin, well, neoprine & glitter….too costumey. Nothing I haven’t seen in jr. high spring play. I knew she would win after the 1st couple of designs, the judges loved her…even when she had some “mean girl” attitude. No one is wearing neoprine over the age of 10, except in a backpack.

  30. B says:

    I hated Erin’s crafty looks. They were a childish and silly. I would have been okay with anyone but her. Total disappointment, just like last year.

  31. B says:

    I hated Erin’s crafty looks. They were all childish and silly. I would have been okay with anyone but her. Total disappointment, just like last year.

  32. Ryan says:

    This is the second year in a row that I think the judges picked the wrong person…last year they picked Ashley over Kelly (who had more of an Erin-like line) and now they pick Erin who had barely any wearable pieces in that collection…though I would rock that banana jacket with some jeans. Poor choice judges…should’ve been anyone else really.

  33. ann says:

    The judges are always critical if they think the clothing looks “costume-y.” That was exactly what I thought when I saw Erin’s clothes — that they all looked like costumes. Who would wear that stuff?

  34. Gwendolyn Stanley says:

    Erin’s collection was horrible who wears that no one in their right mind would walk down the streets of New York internet you missed it this time Project Runway judges

  35. Jess D says:

    Roberi should have won. Hands down! Erin’s clothes looks like arts and craft maternity wear. Im sorry judges but I would not wear a banana outift. They picked the wrong designer.

    • TC says:

      Amen to that! The judges all said they would NOT wear a bananna dress (except Zack, who raved). I was just wondering if I should quit my job. I’m thinking design outfits with apples, passion fruit, pineapple, zuccini. I don’t need to know how to sew b/c Erin never did, just cut really big ugly clothes. Don’t know how to fit clothes on a model? No problem at all – the more ill fitting the better!!! I just need to come up with a name for my company. Like, that do you, like, think, like?

  36. Karen says:

    It’s hard to believe that Erin won! Who would wear those tents with doo-dads stuck all over them? Maybe a 5 year-old would look cute in a few of them. This season was awful. Hardly any real clothes were made. Laurence s’ clothes were great. Rik’s were good. Roberi was sort of far our. The weekly themes were silly. Let’s have a season in which the themes are real wearable fashion. I have always loved PR; but, this season was nuts.

  37. Erin Robertson really deserved it. I already liked her since the very first episode. She’s very clever, innovative and creative throughout the whole season. I cannot blame the others who doesn’t like Erin’s work but admit it or not, she’s done a great job depicting the modern fashion. Congratulations to our girl!!!

    • H says:

      Awww. It’s Erin’s mom.

    • Feal addams says:

      I’m sorry no disrespect but no she didn’t she only incooperated the people that have the same aesthetic as Miley Cyrus which is few to none, it can’t even be considered Harajuku, today’s fashion is more hip grunge that can look dark Sexy and can show off your curves. Trust me because this sadly is my generation.

  38. I felt so in love with this season, all of the contestants were so rich in personality and principles that was hard every time one had to go home. But i was no surprised at all with the results, thing that makes me angry. At the end, always will win who they wanted to win. TV plays with feelings along people is entertained and expending time and money. I think Roberi Parra had cohesion, narrative and more material to win, so i think his success will be entirely linked to his talent. No worries… Congrats to the final four.

  39. Bis says:

    Roberi collection was the best. Real designer clothes. Innovative, fearless,artsy,emotional, inspirational.Erin was favorite to jury from the beginning. I was sure she will win,but big injustice was made to Roberti.Such a talent!!! But they did same with Mondo years ago,so not surprised with unfairness of judges. Not sure if I will watch next season

  40. jackie fleming says:

    Chic, wearable, sleek, soft/ hard. Love the leathers. Making that white leather scream!!!!

  41. Nakai says:

    Lawrence should have won. Very cohesive fully finished beautifully. Almost anyone would be comfortable in her designs. I felt Erin was from the beginning picked but her fashion is way over the top. Her design was the same thing over and over just different colors. Judges just got it wrong this time. Bad decision.

  42. jackie fleming says:

    Love what Laurence doing with the leather. White leather is rocking yall. Wearable, chic, soft/hrd. Love that leather jump suit off the chain.

  43. Would have been happy with either Laurence or Rik, I liked them both, but Erin??

  44. Sharon Hughes says:

    So now i think the judges pick bad designer’s as the winner just to keep up talking about the show. This is my last year watching PR, talent is not a factor anymore.

  45. L J says:

    Can’t believe Erin won!,,, she showed the same design over and over!!!!!!!! Think the judges are blind

  46. GD says:

    Can’t believe that Erin’s clown show fashion won! Laurence was the best with beautiful, impeccably tailored, wearable clothes. All I want to know is when can I buy some of Laurence’s designs?!

  47. Teri Tremper says:

    Erin’s clothing have been the same over and over and each as bad as the prior. it was obvious from the beginning however that the judges wanted her to win -she should have been gone long before fashion week – what a joke. In addition, there should be some points for consistency in which case, only Laurence could be the winner, with Roberi coming in second, but certainly never Erin, under any reasonable criteria. Doubt I can be bothered watching it next season.

  48. Barb says:

    “Like” ok that Erin won, but “like” teach her to “like” speak without “like” saying “like” in every sentence. Like very annoying

    • Katrinka says:

      I hoped I wasn’t the only one irritated by her doing that! I was having 80’s Valley Girl flashbacks.

    • Len Len says:

      OMG, I thought if I heard her say “like” one more time I was going to hurt someone. I didn’t care for her clothes but more than that, I could not stand to hear her talk. Oh well.

  49. Maria Diaz says:

    I can’t believe it the judges got it all wrong the winner should make clothes for kids not even my 9 year old like her fasion!!!!! What is going on project runway

  50. Barbara Davis Kroon says:

    Think this is my last season. I loathed Erin’s aesthetic and her clothes. The judges have lost touch with taste. What the winner presented were cartoons.