Once Upon a Time August Returns

Once Upon a Time First Look: August Returns... in Which Realm(s)?

Knock on wood, Once Upon a Time‘s Emma will get a helping hand in the Wish Realm from a familiar face when the ABC series resumes Season 6.

Having missed their ride home at the close of the midseason finale (after Regina got distracted by the sight of an alive-and-well Robin Hood), Princess Emma now finds herself “partnered up with the person who killed the king and queen, so everyone — including their own son — is looking or them,” series cocreator Eddy Kitsis previews.

Perhaps Eion Bailey’s August Booth aka Pinocchio, seen in the exclusive photo above, is in a position to offer the stranded Storybrookers some assistance?

“We love Eion Bailey, we love August and we love Pinocchio,” cocreator Adam Horowitz says of the upcoming encore. “We will get to see him in multiple worlds and realms.”

Bailey made his Once debut midway through Season 1, his character first known simply as The Stranger. He last appeared at the end of Season 4, when August provided insight on Author mythology.

“Part of the fun of being in Season 6 is we’ve met so many characters in the 120-plus episodes we’ve done,” Kitsis observes. “It’s always fun to bring them back.”

Once Upon a Time Season 6 resumes sometime in March.

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  1. SCREAMING. I love August and miss him so much. Plus, he’s a much better match for Emma than *any* of her other love interests.

    • GambitGrey says:

      Even Hook?

    • Val says:

      LOL. I dont think so. Since he is one of the ppl along with Bagel who left her in prison and then ran off with the money to enjoy himself in thailand. And also they were NEVER a match or a love interest lol.

      • Emily says:

        Bagel? HUH?

      • Yaco says:

        Really? “Bagel”? I don’t think August is a good match for Emma since he abandoned her, both as a child and as an adult. But Hook is no better at all. if I were made to choose, I’d say at least August hasn’t killed anyone and isn’t 100 years older than Emma. So yeah, I kinda choose him.

        • Jojo says:

          Thanks for pointing this… At least both Emma and August have roughly the same age… I mean, Hook kinda banged on Henry’s grandmother…remember that? I just think it’s gross… I was an early Emma and August shipper but I’d rather have her with Neal than Hook… and they had to kill Neal off to get her with the pirate… That is just sloppy writing
          Anyway I’m glad they’re using his character a bit…I’m grateful for any scree time he gets at this point of the show…I hope the writers will give some justice to his character… Btw since both him and Archie are recurring I wish we could see them in a scene together….probably won’t happen though :(

      • Neither August or Neal took a penny of the money. Neal left it in the car for Emma. Watch Tallahassee again.

  2. Butch says:

    Wouldn’t Emma be the new Queen in the fantasy realm? Did anyone see her help Regina other than Rumple? Glad August is back for an episode. I wonder if the Evil Queen who was banished in the fantasy realm will come back. Not to be confused with the Evil Queen who is now a snake in Storybrooke.

  3. TV Fanatic says:

    Love that character and would love to see him back on a regular basis!

  4. dan the critic says:

    Sounds good. Wonder if they will bring back the by Ruby/Dorothy love story?

  5. missy says:

    August has been a favourite character of mine since he first appeared back in S1.
    I wish he was on the show more. Like, as a recurring character, there’s SOO much story there, ya know? :D

  6. Steven says:

    Whatever happened to him at the end of season 4?

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Best I recall, which ain’t saying much: After being turned partially back to wood and getting tortured by Cruella and Rumple (remember his nose dangled over fireplace?), he recovered at the convent.

  7. JenE says:

    Not the real August. He is the August from the super crappy worst idea ever wish realm which I hope ends with this episode. Hated the last episode with a passion which was a slap in the face to the character of Emma all to prop up Regina and justify her choices. I have very little hope this episode will be better. I have my fingers crossed that the Hook Emma meeting again will be cute but not holding my breath.

    • Jaissa says:

      I’m pretty sure you would have perfectly okay if it would have been okay if hook was parading around as his villainous self. But just cuz it was Regina that did those things it not okay. Some of you fans are so double standard. Hook and and regina have the same character development. So it’s kind of funny you all can hate one but hate the other. They both were villains. Both had bad past and had bad things happen to them to turn them evil. Then both decided to change for the better for their love ones. Both have and haven’t apologize for things they have done wrong. The show isn’t just about cs. CS got a whole season dedicated to them. This season is way more balanced then last season was as far as character storylines.

      • JenE says:

        Well if I could post pics I would show you just how unbalanced this season is. Regina has over an hour screen time over all the other characters. She also dominated the time in 6b while 6a was Cs heavy the characters were nowhere near as sidelined as they are this season. If the finale had the same story but substituted Hook for Regina I would still be bitching because of what they did to Emma. I am capable of criticizing my favorite character unlike some people. I don’t agree with everything he has or still does. While I agree H and R have similar developments the difference is Hook has apologized while Regina still has never apologized for ruining Emma’s life.

        • Jaissa says:

          Their are two of her so yeah technically she has more screen time but the overall storyline isn’t just focussed on her. Like it was focused on cs last season. There is the stuff going on with all the characters. The all in a way have their own little stories going on. The evil queen has just played a big part in a lot of. But the storyline of season isn’t just focussed on her like how it was all focused on cs last season. So yeah it actually is more balanced then it was last season.

        • Jaissa says:

          And i am sorry but there are things that hook hasn’t apologize for. Did he ever apologize 2 Regina helping Owen and Tamara trap and torture her. No he hasn’t. Regina has apologized for some of the things she has done. She apologized to belle to snow. But my point is they both have and haven’t apologized for the things they have done wrong. But one the things the did wrong is in their past and they both have became better people. And 2 the show runners aren’t gonna have them going around apologizing for everything they have done wrong.

          • Nicky Aiuto says:

            Yeah Regina sure sounded like she apologized to Snow and admitted to her that she was an awful stepmother. And when she revealed to her and David that she sent the Count to kill them, she apologized.

            You forgot to add that Hook did not apologize to Jiminy for what he did to him. And since it was hinted that most likely Hook murdered Charming’s father (Robert), there does not seem to be any redemption for what he most likely had done since the former shepherd has been living under a lie about his real father since he was a child.

          • Mia says:

            “And i am sorry but there are things that hook hasn’t apologize for. Did he ever apologize 2 Regina helping Owen and Tamara trap and torture her”

            This angers me, Regina was trapped and tortured because she was the bright one who decided to try kidnapping a kid back in 1983 and MURDERED said kid’s father, which is why Owen wanted revenge in the first place. And then she left Hook to die facing Maleficent, which is the whole reason she got trapped by Owen and Tamara to begin with, so no, Hook doesn’t have to apologize to Regina herself for a thing. S2g, what kind of reality-altering glasses do Regina fans even watch this show through??

  8. Val says:

    Not a fan of his, neither what he and Bagelfire did to Emma.
    Also i bet in this wish realm, he is the Pinnochhio, born liar etc

  9. Sam says:

    Yay! Love August’s pop-us; he always tends to stir up the plot and jump it along.

    On related OUAT note, I can’t remember if it was Matt’s Inside Line or Ask Ausiello, but I definitely read that the producers were asked and said that Hook and Emma were about to embark on an adventure that was full of passion, romance, and growth for their relationship. Could someone clarify how they’re to do that when they are – again – separated by realms?

    • Val says:

      Umm maybe in the Wish realm or maybe they go to Agrabah which i hope they do

    • Nicky Aiuto says:

      Don’t you guys think you are taking this adventure term too literally? It might not be the adventure you want. And that Agrabah thing might only be for a flashback like Robin Hood’s story when he is in New York. And if what the producers informed turns out to be a lie or a cover story, don’t blame me.

  10. Jackie says:

    Can’t stand August and wish they’d stop bringing him back. He and Neal were both horrible to and for Emma.

    • Yeah right says:

      No worse than Hook, who continually harassed her in S2.

      • Danny123 says:

        Exactly. Hook is the only reason I don’t like the show anymore. Hope they bring back a lot of the old characters and start killing off annoying characters like hook and the evil queen(not Regina).

        • Val says:

          @danny – lol kill Evil queen who is also Regina, how about making that sence, she isnt some DO entity or has some curse in her lol.
          And I like Hook, just like i like Charming, Emma, and Snow etc.

        • Rodna says:

          And Zelena. I love Bex but Zelena treats my nerves

      • Val says:

        Ummm lol, no he didnt harass her. What exactly were you watching lol.
        Lol if anyone harassing anyone in season 2 was Cora, seeing as she was out to get them all.

        @jackie – i agree

  11. Butch says:

    I think I would prefer if ABC ran Once Upon A Time from January or February to May mostly uninterrupted instead of having it on for 2 1/2 months then off 3 months and then back on.

  12. Mia says:

    Happy to see August again, would’ve loved to see him with say, Gepetto or even the Charmings in this creepy-ass wish realm to see how he’d interact with them, but since this storyline is all about destroying every single other character to proper Regina’s whiny ass and whitewash her mass-murder past, I guess hoping for any REAL development of August’s character is as much of a pipe dream as hoping to see any real insight on what Princess Emma would’ve been like was.

    Ugh, can this Regina arc end already? Worst character ever.

  13. Stephenie says:

    People are way too hard on this cute show about fairytales, y’all need to calm down…I love August, glad to see him back, and between this and ep 6.03 which was probably THE height of storytelling that OUAT has seen since, well, since Season 1, this season has been better than most. More characters, I hope we get Cinderella and Thomas back soon (they need to explain where he disappeared to back in the Enchanted Forest after he and Cinderella tricked Rumplestiltzkin, and how after disappearing did he end up in Storybrook). Dr. Whale/Frankenstein too, hope to see him back. Not to mention what’s going to happen with Aladdin and Jasmine. I get that people are feeling Regina overload and are tired of it, but in terms of screen time this season has been far more balanced than past seasons for almost every character.

  14. Shanna says:

    What happened to Henry Being the Author?