Lethal Weapon Season 1 Spoilers Riggs Miranda

Can Lethal Weapon's Grieving Riggs Move On? EP Matt Miller Weighs In

If Lethal Weapon‘s Christmas episode made it seem like Riggs had come to some sort of peace about his wife’s death, chalk that up to wishful holiday thinking, executive producer Matt Miller says.

Because when the Fox drama returns on Jan. 4 (8/7c), the grieving detective won’t have moved far past where we last saw him: obsessing about a punk criminal’s taunting insinuation that the car crash that killed Miranda Riggs (and the couple’s unborn child) was no accident. (As we now know, the drug dealer was lying.)

“That is a little bit of a question that we’re going to ask throughout the course of [the winter premiere]: the circumstances surrounding Miranda’s death, but more importantly, can Riggs let go?” Miller tells TVLine. “That seems to be the anchor around his neck, and it’s definitely a thing that drags him down.”

In the first episode back from the break, titled “Homebodies,” will approach the question by having both Riggs and Murtaugh meet and work with people who are a lot like them. The experience, while comic, will highlight the “ramifications” of the detectives’ partnership on Murtaugh, Miller says, adding that the older cop will ask himself “Can I live with this guy who doesn’t seem to be getting better, but seems to be getting worse and worse?”

The EP promises that there will be a light at the end of Riggs’ tunnel… but that it’ll seem like a mere glimmer for the near future. “We want to drag Riggs a little bit through the mud before he gets better,” Miller adds. “But then there are going to be moments within our back half of the season where he is better, and you feel like this guy has improved.”

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  1. Karen needs to come back! loved the chemestry

    • D says:

      This! Completely agree. Obviously not something immediately, but I think that she had a good vibe with the team, better than honestly both Bailey and Cruz, so new team member maybe?

  2. LethalWeaponFan says:

    I didn’t think I would like this show when it was first being advertised, even though I was a Lethal Weapon movie fan, but I have to admit that this show is my favorite one of this season (and I watch A LOT of tv). I think Clayne (Riggs) does a fantastic job of sucking you in to his emotions, making you feel everything he feels. I was worried about seeing Damon Wayans play Murtaugh because I’ve only seen his comedic roles and he does a good job of playing the more serious side of things and am I the only one who loves the captain and his constant frustration with the duo detectives. I die laughing every time he looks out his window or sees a news report about some catastrophe and immediately wants to know where Riggs and Murtaugh are.

    I agree that Trish looked like a great option as a love interest for Riggs perhaps down the road, but not quite yet. Riggs’ sorrow over his wife is what makes his character so compelling.

    • LethalWeaponFan says:

      Whoops didn’t mean Trish, meant DEA Agent Karen Palmer.

    • D says:

      I love the captain too! His interactions are always funny

    • S Cadle says:

      I agree completely that Riggs grief is such a strong pull for me. But disagree completely about Karen as a romantic possibility for Riggs. She is too bossy and controlling, plus there was no chemistry that I saw between that worked for me. I will let her be his transition woman but he deserves someone much richer and complex than the DEA agent. Now chemistry between Riggs and Murtaugh is off the charts hilarious. I normally prefer no personal “drama” in my cop shows, so it has to be spectacular chemistry to pass my test. Love this show, let him suffer a little long til the perfect female character comes along.

  3. Chris says:

    Am I the only one on here that wants Riggs paired with Dr. Maureen Cahill down the line?

  4. Mark says:

    I’m okay with this. He is grieving. I like how they are showing that. If the show were nothing but that, I’d be very annoyed, but it is realistic. We are still within the first year of him losing his wife and child. That’s hard. To treat it any less would be to cheapen it.

  5. xyz says:

    Can’t wait to see what they do with that ending. He told him the truth but the person he was on the phone with is who? The father in law DA? Is there a connection to her death?

  6. baz2a says:

    my fave new show of 2016!!

  7. shunda1177 says:

    Am I the only one still not convinced that Miranda’s “accident” wasn’t an accident? When Riggs asked him at the airport, the cartel guy said that he wasn’t that important. Okay, so he wasn’t that important to the cartel. BUT if it was truly an accident, why did the cartel guy say something about it to whomever he was talking to on the phone in the car? And, of course, there is the big question as to who was he talking to!

  8. Grief is not a linear process. There may be a period in which someone seems to be getting “better” only to have it upended by some type of memory or situation that triggers the grieving again. It’s basically a “two steps forward, one step backwards” process, especially for the first year after the loss of a significant other. I think Clayne Crawford captures this eloquently in both his Riggs and Teddy (Rectify) roles.

  9. Iris says:

    I want him to stay single and grieve for a couple of seasons, until he meets his “Lorna”. But I wouldn’t mind at all Karen being the show’s “Lorna”, I really liked the character for herself and as others noted, she had good chemistry with everyone.

  10. Will says:

    Grief is grief. I understand. But whenever something bad happens that reminds him of his wife and/or unborn child he ends up on the floor of his trailer and pulls out his gun waiting for his partner to open the door.

    Isn’t it about time for a change in how he handles his grief?

  11. tjchurch2001 says:

    Personally, I realize it would go against the base of the movies, but I feel like Riggs is not the one who needs to change (unless we’re referring to changing partners).

    Regardless of having his family there or not (like last night’s bender plan), & their relative experience in the occupation, Murtaugh is not allowing Riggs to get over the wife & child he lost, quite-oppositely verbally going on almost-constantly about his family.

  12. I love this show and the growing relationship ship between Martin and Roger. I also love the detail and reality in the telling of his loss. That it will take more time for him to simply want to live. Not too long ago he told Cahill he thinks of joining Miranda every day. That he came close to taking his life in the Christmas episode to love someone that much, to lose her and their child. Those flashbacks at Christmas between Martin and Miranda were heartwarming and hearbreaking. It showed us insight into way living hurts for Martin. Roger and Trish are starting to make that a little easier

  13. dragons3 says:

    I’m really liking this show. One of the best new shows in a couple of seasons, IMO. I think it’s very realistic in its portrayal of Riggs’ grief. You don’t just get over a devastating loss like that in a few months. It’ll be a long process with lots of highs and lows. Looking forward to seeing how it’s handled.

    • Tim Church says:

      Totally agree you don’t get over it immediately. However, especially when you have a job wherein your life & those of others are often potentially & literally on the line, you don’t think (let alone obsess) about it near this often… Which is why I disagree regarding the realism of the portrayal.

  14. Tracy Sheppard says:

    Just wanted to know why all the characters in the series have the same names as the films, but I don’t know why they changed Victoria-Lyns name to Miranda? It doesn’t make sense!

    • tjchurch2001 says:

      Same reason they gave Mel Gibson’s character a mustache & no anti-Semitism, shaved Murtaugh’s head, or let Damon play the lead in anything he didn’t also help create/pitch: Don’t know, don’t care!