Glenn Beck Warns Samantha Bee: 'Don't Make the Mistakes That I Made' in Age of Donald Trump — Watch Video

Samantha Bee made an unexpected new friend on Monday. 

During a sit-down with former Fox News personality Glenn Beck — who in recent months has stressed that he isn’t proud of the extremist, anti-Obama ideologies he spewed on national television — the Full Frontal host was advised not to dismiss those whose views are more conservative than her own.

“I believe — I watch you — I believe you actually don’t want to do damage,” Beck said. “I don’t want to do any more damage. I know what I did. I helped divide. I’m willing to take that. My message to you is to please don’t make the mistakes that I made, and I think all of us are doing it. We’re doing it on Facebook, we’re doing it on Twitter. We tear each other apart, and we don’t see the human on the other side.”

Bee, who was in agreement that left- and right-learning voices need to make sure that they aren’t completely tuning out the other side, stressed that speaking out against President-elect Trump was a nonpartisan issue that will require both Republicans and Democrats to work together. Beck concurred.

“I think that our future is going to require a broad coalition of nonpartisan decency,” Bee argued. “It’s not just individual people against Donald Trump; it’s all of us against ‘Trumpism,’ and so I actually think it’s important to reach into places where we wouldn’t normally reach.”

Do you agree with Bee’s argument that rallying against Trump is a matter of impartial decency? Do you think Beck has a point regarding Bee’s demeanor on Full Frontal? Watch the interview above, then drop a comment below.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. DL says:

    That of all people, Glenn Beck should express remorse for his role in deepening the divide, gives me a glimmer of hope. Perhaps this post-factual world we’re suddenly living in is just a house of cards waiting for a stiff breeze of conscience to sending it all tumbling down. The disinformation and name-calling on both sides has to stop.
    The truth is objective; it doesn’t split down party lines. And our first duty as citizens is not to our respective political ideology, but to our nation as a whole. As a liberal, I look forward to going out and having many amicable, productive conversations with conservatives, based around ideas and policy. And I hope conservatives will take comfort that there’s at least one liberal out here who looks forward to engaging them intellectually, while leaving the personal out of it.

  2. Wayne says:

    I agree. Look. The biggest mistake happening right now is nobody wants to listen to each other. I’m guilty of this myself. Everyone is so FOR something right now (Trump, Hillary, Bernie, etc…) and those something’s are all so fundamentally different right now that it’s very hard for either side to grasp HOW the other side can think this way. It breaks my heart that it’s come to this. I don’t care how bleeding heart it makes me sound at this point.

    I pray and hope and plead with the gods that Trump comes through for this country. My god I want him to do good and prove any one who doubts him wrong. I’ll be the first to say I was wrong and dumb for being scared of an incoming president.

    As for the partisan/bi-partisan issue. It does need to be a bi-partisan issue. And when I say this I mean specifically Russian interference and the treatment of the media. This is some of the stuff that really freaks me out. And I heard that he still has private security forces escorting protestors out of his rallies? It’s like come on. This is your job now and this just goes back to listening. We all need to listen to each other. Especially him. This country is so divided now and I haven’t seen him say or do much to try to mend this country or bring us together after the awful awful election season. We need to come together now more than ever and I just don’t see it happening. (Not cos I don’t want it to of course) If he has tried to bring us together or something to that effect, please link it here. Not because I won’t believe you. I just need to see it. I need hope and that would give me hope.

    Sorry for the therapy session I just let out here. I’ve been feeling some kind of way for sometime now and haven’t been able to express it. Sorry to the conservatives who think it’s just a whiny snowflake diabtribe. I really hope you can at least try to see some of my points. And I really hope Liberals are wrong about him.

    • Alexander smith says:

      Trump isn’t president yet and you’re upset he hasn’t tried to bring the country together yet? I recall this man in 2008 clamoring for change, being the face of diversity, the final bridge between our races of this nation. And yet all he has brought is more divide and hatred. I did not vote for Obama but I hoped for the best. He did not deliever. I did not vote for Trump but I am hoping he will. Could you imagine what would have been said had Hilary won and Gary johnson took the election to state Supreme courts? Or the protesting and rioting that has happened because trump won…what if that were reversed?

      • Wayne says:

        Well Alex. We will never know because that’s not what happened.

      • Chris says:

        How did Obama not deliver ? Repealed don’t ask don’t tell, unemployment is the lowest it has ever been, bin laden is dead, the deficits the he Inherited from the moron who was president is drastically reduced, marriage equality and no scandals or anything involving his family like others in the past, and many more things, I don’t understand how people can say Obama failed when you look at what has actually been accomplished it’s I drive that he is one the better presidents ever.

        • Alexander smith says:

          Osama being dead is his accomplishment? How do people attribute that to him? If Bush was in office (which he was when they found him) I wouldn’t be screaming that he killed him. Don’t ask don’t tell repealed was one of the finer things. Obama care flunked. Deficits reduced you say? Last time I checked he added another 8 trillion to the debt. Marriage equality was done exclusively through the courts (which I agree with gay marriage but I still feel it falls under states rights). No scandals? Birth certificate, college gpa, bengazi, etc. They don’t get as much attention as Republican scandals do (which I’m also not a fan of. I could care less about Obama said birth or his college grades). Race relations are worse than they were in the early 90s. Global terrorism is extremely prominent and has flourished. Not to mention his skirting Congress with his executive orders. He wasn’t the worst president but don’t go actinget like he was good. Our economy had no where to go but up but our foreign policies and global status have faltered.

          • Mary says:

            The birth certificate wasn’t a scandal no matter how hard Trump and many on the right try to make it. I don’t consider Bengazi a scandal either, because if you really look at the whole picture how many died on other watches when the embassies were attacked, again thank you GOP for making how many hearings and how much wasted money that could of went to the vets or the 911 first Responders. Also just to inform you look up who actually had the most executive orders, it wasn’t Obama. Considering the GOP refused to pass anything he presented I am actually shocked it was more. Was Obama perfect of course not, no President is but considering what he had to work with yes he has done a great job.

          • mary says:

            Race relations isn’t worse then its ever been, the difference is now vs the 90s is that people are demanding the equality that in the 90s people pretended existed and there is enough social media and interaction for people to point out the issues and how imbalanced it is.

            So its not that relations are bad or worse then ever it is that you are now having to hear about what is happening and people are making their voices heard and not allowing themselves to be silenced.

          • Angela says:

            (which I agree with gay marriage but I still feel it falls under states rights)
            No. Civil rights should not be a state-by-state issue.
            I could care less about Obama said birth or his college grades
            If you don’t care, then why even bring them up? Especially since those scandals weren’t Obama’s creation, but the creation of people who were pathologically against him and making up whatever nonsense they could to try and undermine him, and who couldn’t keep their barely veiled racism in check (and yes, the birth certificate BS was rooted in racist attitudes). Don’t blame Obama for that crap, that was all on other people.

        • Raven says:

          we have not begun to see what failure is but we will start on Jan 20, 2017. God help us ALL!! Maybe if they get what they thought they wanted and get it .. they will actually learn something.. not holding a lot of hope on that one but stranger things as happened, right President Trump… uggg yuck..sorry can’t even write the name without not wanting to throw up.

          • Bill says:

            No scandals? Obama released terrorists in custody for that traitor Bowe Bergdahl. How’s that not a scandal?

        • Mark Burks says:

          You’re clearly insane. More on welfare than in history, millions who aren’t counted in phony employment statistics due to “giving up” on finding work, increased racial divisions to levels not seen in decades, which in turn has led to increased police killings all over the country, more than doubled the deficit, imposed the disaster that is Obamacare (although that will soon be gone), allowed unchecked Muslim immigration that is a ticking time bomb, tried to circumvent federal law with illegal immigrants (before having that shut down) blew up the “Arab Spring” that led to the creation of ISIS and the current disaster in Syria, all the whole ignoring a rebellion in Iran that was ultimately squashed by the ayatollahs so he could make a completely one-sided deal that gave the terrorists in Iran billions, totally mishandled Iraq, ignored the Russian threat that he is just now admitting exists (just since Hillary lost….remember his words to Romney; “The 1980’s are calling, they want their foreign policy back” from the 2012 debates?). Worse of all, he has made America irrelevant in the eyes of the world and our enemies. Not to mention the imperial presidency he created with record numbers of executive orders. Coupled with historic Democrat losses in the House, Senate, state legislatures and governorship’s, he’s been a disaster for his own party. Not to mention the choice of Hillary as Secretary of State (can you say Benghazi?) and her famous email server. So how’d that work out for you guys?

  3. W says:

    It is good that Glen Beck can see the harm that he has done, but I’m not seeing Samantha Bee learning from this. She just seems to think that she is right and lives in an eco chamber telling her that she is. Even in reaching out to uber conservative Beck, it was all about how he did wrong. Maybe she should look beyond liberal talking points and talk to middle America. If we can understand their anger we can come together to fix the problems this nation faces.

    • Darsan54 says:

      If you’re saying we should accept systematic racism, injustice and anti-democratic behavior, well, sorry to insult middle America. This patronizing attitude of “both sides do it” is historically wrong. One side has worked tirelessly to shrink our democracy, financial and educational opportunities. Bee’s exposition is based in objective reality while Beck’s fantastical speculation with no factual basis.

      • Gabby says:

        Liberals are incapable of honest self-assessment. Their never wrong and nothing is ever their fault, donchaknow? Heh. That’s one of the many reasons the Democrats are quickly becoming a fringe party. Oh, and don’t even bother bringing up Shillary’s popular vote total, which is an artifact of massive voter fraud in at least three states.

        • Gabby says:



        • Mary says:

          I think both sides have been guilty of your honest self-assessment. Just to let you in on a fact here Democrats are not becoming a fringe party. If you really look at history here even if Mother Theresa was running her chances of winning were slim to none period. History has been proven that after a 8 year stint the other party usually gets voted in. This cycle many did not like either Candidate but Trump rhetoric during the campaign incited every back alley red person who normally didn’t vote come out in drove. Please stop spewing BS regarding massive voter fraud when there is absolutely no proof. Just because Trump tweet it doesn’t make it true. This Country is divided and I don’t see it changing especially with some of Trump’s picks period, it got wider. He is responsible for this and it is his responsibility to try and fix it. Actions speak louder than words and quite honestly I don’t see any proof yet that he is capable of unifying the Country. A President should exhibit restraint and diplomacy and not act like a 5 year old on twitter throwing a tantrum. I do find it ironic after all the insults and BS spewed at Obama and yet people on the other side think deal with it.

          • Gabby says:

            The winner is supposed to kowtow to the losers? Yeah, not in this universe.

          • Mary says:

            @Gabby wow you really got that out of my statement? Unbelievable. Your hatred is showing.

          • Gabby says:

            Believe it. We have no interest in unifying. We want the progressive movement stopped dead in its tracks, because we’ve seen the damage it can do. We will not allow globalism and cultural Marxism to destroy America like they are destroying Europe. Get on board the Trump train, or get run over.

          • Mary says:

            Ignorance at its best, there is no hope for some of you. The only ones who are going to get run over are the sheep who are being led to slaughter. Enjoy it while it last.

        • DL says:

          I’m a liberal and I agree with you, so please stop making massive generalizations about us. I think the Democratic party is a “complete and utter disaster” right now (to borrow a phrase from our President-Elect). The way Democrats cling to identity politics has, in my opinion, revealed itself to be the most self-destructive element of liberal discourse. Whether it’s the racial politics highlighted by Obama and Hillary Clinton, or the class politics put forth by Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, it’s all based around “other”-izing conservatives.
          But this election has shown that the liberal conception of Republican voters as religious and nationalist hard-liners is absolute myth. As others have pointed out, there were countless voters who went for Obama twice, and also voted for Trump. They are clearly not racists. Some who voted for Obama may hold opinions about law enforcement or criminal justice in this country that is opposite of what a movement like Black Lives Matter believes. That doesn’t make them racist, either (nor does it make BLM racist — their name is a response to feelings in their communities that black lives DON”T matter). And coal miners can be worried about their jobs and their livelihoods, while not being climate change deniers — just regular folks who are struggling and can’t see how putting the big picture first helps when their lives are collapsing right now. And Democrats didn’t even try to figure out how to help those people, aside from buzzwords like “re-training.” Instead they just kept sending the message, “You’re bad and we don’t like you, because you work in coal and you want your job back.”
          We need to get back to debates around policy, without attaching personal slurs or attacks. I believe there is implicit bias in this country’s institutions, and therefore my duty is to hone my argument into something irrefutable, not attack anyone who disagrees with me as a bigot. And we also need to have a commitment to legitimate facts, and must stand up against disinformation and propaganda. As such, Gabby, your statement on voter fraud is completely false — and it was false when President-Elect Trump made the same claim. If you’d like liberals to make an honest self-assessment, then I call upon you to do the same. Donald Trump lost the popular vote. But he will still be president, and I will accept him.

          • Heather says:


          • Steve says:

            I believe (or want to believe) that there are more people in this country who are capable of this type of thoughtful analysis than there are who appear to be a majority (under applicable labels) through mass and social media messaging. Regardless of the labels applied (or self-applied), individuals are capable of critical thought and independent action. Every “liberal” is not exactly the same. Nor is every “conservative.” Most certainly not every Trump or Clinton voter had the exact same motivations as all others.

          • Alexander smith says:

            No one was arguing with you lol. Your point was perfect. I am a libertarian so I don’t agree with you fully but I do think you made a perfect point.

          • mary says:

            STOP IT!!! I can’t any more the democrats don’t trade in “identity politics” that is so offensive. What they do is want to be inclusive and have people of all races, religions and ages and backgrounds. This is a wonderful thing AND SHOULD CONTINUE!!! Anyone who says otherwise is wrong and just trying to play to the myth of the poor white man.

            Now with that said the democrats could be better speaking their message better, because read some polls on issues ask a lot of trump voter if they want certain policies and guess what they wanted democrats’ policies by and large (except the wall) what they want to do is popular how they are expressing it is not going well.

            Lets also be honest the issue this election was Hillary- she is not popular and had a lot of issues with voters. But to say that trying to include all people in this country isn’t wrong it is the right thing to do, what HILLARY AND BERNIE did wrong was to act like each person deserved a special message instead of what Obama did was express what they viewed as their American dream was. Obama reached out and spoke to non white people but he gave them the same message he gave the white people of Iowa and it worked.

          • Cat says:

            If you don’t think the the religious right wingers make up a majority of the republicans then you might want to look at the MSN story about Ted Cruz and another senator who are proposing to reintroduce a bill to discriminate against LBGTQ and then read the comments section as well, this is what America voted in and I’m glad I don’t live there because once you start discriminating against people for one thing,it will be real easy to legally discriminate for others and then you get Germany in the 1930s.

        • mary says:

          The vast majority of the country fall into the democratic party in terms of population not land mass but population. If you look at national polling on issues and how people want the country to go they like Obama’s and democratic policies.

          Now as someone in the so called coastal bubble I do think we could do a better job listening to people in the center of the country about their issues because more then likely we share the same issues or they could have some ideas we haven’t thought of. But the center needs to open up and listen too, because they aren’t all that willing to listen either.

        • Raven says:

          Boy you actually buy the BS.. 3 million voter fraud… learn to read and research. If we were going to rig an election it would have been Hillary who won. nit wit

      • Alexander smith says:

        Yes of course everyone in middle America is a white angry racist. What the left fails to grasp still is HOW trump won. You can believe the utterly biased news and think that everyone is racist and angry. Or you can look at it objectively and realize that trump turned a lot of blue states red. The same states and counties that voted for Obama twice, Kerry, and Edwards…..voted trump. The Democratic party did not send a candidate that could rally her troops., as about 7 millions dems stayed home. As for your comment about both sides do it being patronizing, you are a fool. Before 1970 dems were the actual racist party. This false narrative that conservatives are rich racist people is one of the reasons we got trump. I did not vote for the man, but painting an entire party with your brush isn’t effective, it’s counterproductive.

        • mary says:

          No you are right, the issue with the democrats this year, wasn’t their message or who they spoke to the fact the democratic party actively tries to include and welcome all people of this country and not just one ethnic group is fabulous.

          The issue and the only issue this year is the messenger. The democrats mistake and I say this as Hillary voter was not opening up more I mean I know officially it was open but lets be real everyone in the party thought it was Hillary, thus hurting the excitement.

  4. Darsan54 says:

    Beck is trying to minimize his sins. He “apologizes” for dividing but he did it with lies, unhinged speculation and hostile editorializing. Beck is only going on this “apology” tour because his own audience is shrinking. While it’s good that he is talking about bringing people together, dodging responsibility by “both sides do it” is missing the point.

    Bee’s efforts and rants are based in reality. She is railing against real injustice, actions that actually hurt people, collapse our democracy. One of the reasons people voted for Trump is they resented always being called “racist” for their actions. I will grant them, they probably aren’t racist, but their actions are. Their perception of people as lazy, living off the system and unwilling to work, but ignoring the systematic racism built into the system deserve certain labels.

    I hope we can heal our nation, but it won’t be done by ignoring the efforts of one side to divide and impoverish us all.

  5. That was really well done. I liked the message and the approach.

  6. Kay says:

    This was a really lovely, hope-filled piece. I hope we get to see more like this in the coming days.

  7. Whatevah says:

    Samantha Bee is funny..Glenn Beck is/was not. Big difference.

  8. RachelC says:

    When he owned that people will always give him a side-eye, but also said he doesn’t think it’s OK, I turned into a fan. He’s been saying a lot of sincere, rational, and heartfelt things recently, but that was deeply honest and legitimate. He gets it. It will always feel weird to listen to him, but I probably will from here on out.

  9. HAP says:

    You all need to read Nate Silver’s assessment that I believe was posted either yesterday or the day before. The so-called disparity between the liberals and conservatives in not about wealth, but about education. He posted a number of charts that show the more educated you are, the more likely you will vote for a Democrat, and the less educated you are, you will vote Republican. I’m just being the messenger here. But, I found it to be fascinating.

    • Alexander smith says:

      That fact has been circulating for years. The truth is that higher educated people tend to vote democrat. While high school graduates tend to vote republican. Which has always fascinated me, because of how liberals (broad brush here) scream about the wealthy and rich being right wing. How did all of these uneducated people become the top 5 percent? They didnt. The fact is that a lot of the people who reciever higher education are teachers and doctors. Who almost exclusively vote democrat. Meanwhile the majority of business owners/graduates vote republican. The fact that “educated people vote democrat” is a way to manipulate numbers….which nate silvers job. Seeing as how nate silver had Clinton winning by 900 electoral votes….hes able to manipulate numbers very well.

    • Mary says:

      I will have to look it up but I do believe that is accurate. I have found in the area where I live that Parents who have instilled the benefits of education to their children do tend to be Democrats, where as many of the Republicans don’t understand the benefits of it. Many think that having a job in the factories, which there is nothing wrong with, is the way of life. I can see their frustrations because many of them have closed but they blame others instead of trying to re-educate themselves in a different field. Now I am not saying all Republicans before anyone goes off on me.

  10. Charissa29 says:

    Samantha Bee is a national treasure! Huzzah.

  11. Raven says:

    Trump’s stupidity and being such an egotist being a puppet of Russia and the Far Far Right GOP may give us a united front to decency and what this country is suppose to stand for… if your enemy is my enemy then you are my FRIEND. United in keeping corporate america and foreign powers out of our business and putting people over profit may help.

    We have a lot to lose and this game just started…sad but true!

  12. Raven says:

    BTW.. Join the walk out and Protests on Jan 20th..NMP!! Black out the event and show we don’t care or want to see this sick disservice to America!

  13. Mark Burks says:

    Beck is a blithering fool, and a complete sell out to conservatives. Bee is nothing more than the lightweight liberal tool de jour talking-head; mindlessly repeating liberal talking points and preaching to the choir. Maybe if either or both pulled their heads out and tried to make things work with Trump instead of continually disparaging him, things might actually get done. Conservatives didn’t direct this kind of vitriol toward Obama, who many thought was unqualified and incompetent, and not because of his skin color, but his policies and experience…and have been proved right over the past 8 years. Obama made the mistake of thinking he did no wrong. His arrogance cost him dearly when Republicans who tried to be a part of the process and have their voice heard were shut-out and told to shut up…”I won” became symbolic of the president’s narcissism. Like it or not, Like HIM or not, Trump IS the president. Just as much as Barrack Obama has been the past 8 years. Get used to it. If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem. I haven’t’ heard many ‘solutions’ coming from liberals lately.

    • Mary says:

      OMG you are not serious are you. Conservatives didn’t direct vitriol towards Obama?
      Where have you been for the last 8 years hiding under a rock. Funny when the tables are turn some feign ignorance. There are a few solution but when you have a President and his minions refuses to see what is in front of them it is a moot point. I guess some just have to learn the hard way before they see what has been staring them in the face.

  14. Dr. Death says:

    Lol, Ya, I didn’t think the “Bipartisan Love” would last for too long on here. It took about 14 comments down and the crapola was flying.

    I can BARELY stand many Republicans, I virtually can’t stand ANY Liberals anymore. I am a former Democrat, about 6 years ago. I voted for Obama and his Con job of Hope and Change the FIRST TIME. We got neither from him. After a couple of years of watching him and studying what he was saying and doing, that was enough of him for me I didn’t leave the Democrat Party, one day I woke up and noticed the Democrat Party left me. About that time you could notice that some Liberals were getting awfully pushy. They didn’t want to listen to ANY Viewpoints or Narratives that did not match up with theirs. This included other Democrats as well.

    For about the last year and a half, a majority of Democrat Liberals have pretty much run everyone else out of the Democrat Party. Most of the Moderate and Conservative leaning Democrats are no longer a member of the Party. At the Beginning of her Campaign, Hillary was what you would consider a Moderate to Conservative Democrat. She had to change that to be able to attempt to pickup of former Bernie Supporters, who are mostly the Liberal Democrats.

    Sadly, the Democrat Liberals have morphed into LIBERAL FASCISTS. I was always amused that they would compare Trump to Hitler and Nazi Germany when in fact, Obama, Bernie, eventually Hillary and all their supporters were more like Hitler and Nazi Germany than Trump ever will be. Oh yes, I know what you Liberal Fascists are going to say. You are going to say it is politically impossible for the “Left” to be a Fascist because if you look up Fascist on Google, it in fact mentions it is Right Wing related. Google is WRONG. Like usual. It is nothing but a biased definition created by a group of Liberal Fascists themselves, Google. If you look at the Merriam-Webster definition of Fascism they don’t mention ONE WORD about it being a Right or a Left Wing thing. Because….It’s NOT.

    Here is the definition of Fascism:
    1. often capitalized : a political philosophy, movement, or regime (as that of the Fascisti) that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition
    2. a tendency toward or actual exercise of strong autocratic or dictatorial control

    Obama, with many of his “personal Agenda” items, ruled much like a Dictator. He would often be at odds with members of his own party, especially those that would not back him on any sort of Restrictive Gun Laws. He rarely bothered to initiate any sort of dialogue with the Republicans as he had no desire to and like when dealing with members of his own party, didn’t care if other politicians backed him or not. He was supposed to be some sort of an “Expert” when it comes to the Constitution, but yet, he commonly worked around Congress with his EO’s that also overstepped his Power.

    But the biggest thing is the Liberal Fascist supporters. They decided they didn’t like Trump’s Message and that they, despite knowing they were/are in the wrong, set off at trying to stop him from Saying it and supporters from listening to it. They used Name calling, Insults, verbal threats, violence, Vandalism and Physical beatings. This fits in perfect with the part of the Fascism Definition where it says…….”severe economic and social Regimentation and FORCIBLE SUPPRESSION OF OPPOSITION.

    You never saw Trump or his supporters attempting to stop Bernie or Hillary from stating their messages and threatening their supporters. Regardless, I have NO INTEREST in holding out an Olive Branch to any Liberal Fascists. I like the fact they are still so butthurt they are Bat $hit Crazy or overly Dramatic about their feelings and the need to have their safe spaces, their crying, coloring books, counseling and such. We need to Crush the Liberal Agenda that Obama was pursuing. History will record Obama as one of, if not the worst President of all time. The worst thing he did was how he divided this nation so horribly by Color, Race, Religion and then many more subgroups after that. But the Race issue is the worst of it and it is the worst I have seen since the Civil Rights Era.

    Will Trump fix everything? I don’t know. I sure hope so. At any rate, he is a much better option than Hillary who was nothing more than Obama 2.0.