Blunt Talk Cancelled No Season 3 Starz

Blunt Talk Cancelled at Starz

Walter Blunt has signed off for the last time: Starz has cancelled Blunt Talk after two seasons,TVLine has confirmed.

The Patrick Stewart-led comedy, from Jonathan Ames (Bored to Death) and Seth MacFarlane (Family Guy), received a straight-to-series, two-season order in 2015. Its Dec. 11 Season 2 finale will now be its series finale.

In a statement obtained by TVLine, Starz president of programming Carmi Zlotnik thanked Stewart and Ames for the two-season run. “While Walter may not be returning to the airwaves, we are incredibly proud of the work that was done these past two seasons by our wonderful partners and collaborators on Blunt Talk, from Seth MacFarlane and our studio MRC, to our actors, writers and crew. It was a very special show with a heartfelt message. It was an honor serving you, Major.” first reported on the series’ end.

Are you sorry to hear that Blunt Talk is done? Hit the comments with your thoughts!

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  1. peterwdawson says:

    Aw, I loved Stewart’s comedic bent. Still the show was a bit inconsistent.

  2. Brian says:

    Starz moving their shows from barren Saturdays to ultra competitive Sundays was overall a bad idea.

    • ekolint48 says:

      I know right. Now I go to wait an extra day for Black Sails and the like.

      • gort says:

        And thanks to that the shows hit record ratings, like Power nearly 3 million, from the also very goon 1 million. (Blunt Talk during the 1st season on Saturdays was still a flop.)

    • tjchurch2001 says:

      The night was not the problem near as much as the quality (or lack thereof). Note how the statement mentions “Walter” the character, but not the cast… Stewart was not big enough to carry on his own, which it was proven they knew in adding his real son, Jason Schwartzman, & Mary Steenburgen.

  3. This was the definition of an okay show. Some moments really made me laugh. Some episodes I could go 10 minutes and ask, “Why am I still watching this?”

    Mary Holland )(Shelly Tinkle) is definitely the breakout star of the show. I hope she gets a role on a good sitcom soon.

  4. rockyoumonkeys says:

    Anyone really surprised? Starz cancels EVERYTHING.

  5. cuius says:

    Surprised it got a second season

  6. Nichole says:

    Shame, really like this show, reminded me a lot of some of the odd-ball type British comedy I grew up watching in the 70’s and 80’s, weirdly so given it was from two American’s lol

  7. Tami Dollarhide says:

    Blunt Talk is he best series on tv right now! PLEASE reconsider bringing it back for season 3. It is witty, dark, funny, edgy, dysfunctional and heart warming! The cast has the most charismatic energy ~ and the relationship between Walter ” Major” and Harry is endearing and hilarious and unlike any other I have ever watched! So many fun ” back stories”! The only flaw in Blunt Talk is lack of advertising ~ I only started watching a month ago ( binge watched both episodes) and NO ONE I have talked to has ever heard of this amazing ~ now sadly ~ cancelled, series. #bringblunttalkback

  8. C.Norris says:

    Sincerely sorry to hear Blunt Talk has been cancelled. The comedy relief was a welcome respite from what is often a constrained, repetitious and ultimately boring cable line up.

  9. Helene Paul says:

    I love this show please do not cancel

  10. Wayne says:

    This is BS another great show canceled. I’m gonna stop watching. Any more series from any. Channel,

    • Tim Church says:

      Nobody but you will care. Don’t you get it?! The less shows you watch, the less you are able to rightfully decide which shows possess any positive quality!

  11. Haydn says:

    I love the show. Sorry to see it go.

  12. S wright says:

    Booooo! Loved this show.

  13. LisaLisa says:

    I loved this show! I hope it gets picked up my another outlet, so that I can continue to enjoy these fantastic characters. Starzs made a big mistake!!

  14. No One in Particular says:

    What a shame that Blunt Talk got cancelled! It was a great show.
    Will miss the dry, dark humor, &
    plot twists. One less reason to watch anything on Starz, now.

  15. D Cochran says:

    Best show ever – please reconsider having a season 3. This makes me so sad. Great cast – just an awesome show.

  16. Don S. says:

    Best show ever on cable – please reconsider having a season 3. Great cast – just an awesome show. Starz just did a lousy job promoting it, wife and I found it by complete accident. Everyone we watch the show with loves it. Maybe Showtime or HBO will pick it up, would go great with Silicone Valley.

  17. Paul says:

    Thought idiots the show was genius.i am not into almost everything on tv but did watch every one of these .

  18. James says:

    Here’s another vote for “Starz you messed up by not advertising your show correctly” because I didn’t really take notice of it until just this last week and now I’ve binge-watched 1.5 seasons this week alone. You are “frakkin” up, Starz. Reconsider.

  19. Lauren says:

    Blunt talk is hilarious and gave me something to look forward to watching. Please bring it back!!!!!

  20. Mary Ann says:

    I discovered Blunt Talk in season 2 and went back to record all of season 1 and 2 to watch them in order. I loved it!!!! My husband would remark, “we find some great shows’. We loved it’s off beat wierdness. We enjoyed all of the characters and story lines and in amongst all of the off beat wierdness there was a tenderness and level of compassion and caring among the characters that was welcoming. PLEASE bring it back.

  21. Andrew W says:

    I can’t help but think this is partly because Blunt Talk wasn’t promoted very well. I didn’t even hear about the show until the second season was about to begin and even then it was only because I happened to take a look at Patrick Stewart’s Facebook page. After this I ended up subscribing to Starz through Amazon and binge watched the entire first season and whatever was posted from season 2 at the time.

  22. Casey says:

    Wow, I think you guys are harsh! Maybe it’s my oddball sense of humor, but I thought this was a GREAT show! Especially since I am a real ST TNG fan, I was afraid I wouldn’t like seeing ‘Picard’ in this role – but he made me completely forget about Star Trek, and love his role in this one. He completely carried the show, in my opinion. The others were just supporters of his great role/acting center, and I think that was the intention. But the others were very good, too. I can’t believe this show is gone; now it has been replaced with crap just trying to be funny (sorry) like “Detour” – being crude/horrid just to be crude/horrid, and “You’re the Worst” – Kind of the same, but not nearly as crude/horrid as the former.

    Please bring it back! PLEASE! One of the best on TV, I must say.

    • tjchurch2001 says:

      Possibly could not disagree more.

      1] Have never seen any of Picard or Kirk, but having seen more than my share of “X-Men” & both “Wolverine” films (not “Logan” yet), happy to see Stewart do comedyu, & just as well.

      2] That written, watching legend Carl Reiner on TV last night only made it more obvious that while he, Brooks, Stewart, & others are to be remembered for their classic work in prior decades, now they are basically like to their co-stars as the actually canes they use to walk, holding-up folks from “Blunt Talk” & other pieces (who I found myself looking-up online weeks in a row), helping them stand straight/with confidence so they can deliver the lines with the talent they possessed on their own & are now hopefully able to do on their own on new shows for years as those legends became.

      3] As for what shows it is “replaced” by, I doubt that is on that exact channel, & bet it is more like the choice is up to you. On a night I have become a regular watcher of comedies (where, for instance, Kaitlin Olson is leaving “Philadelphia” for the often-cleaner, very-funny “The Mick”), I think the TV future is very bright so long as it is not overtaken by Netflix, Amazon, & Hulu.

  23. Rob says:

    I am devastated therevwill be no series three. I thought it was brilliant and original