Supernatural Spoilers

Supernatural Boss Previews Three 'Really Strong' Castiel-Heavy Episodes

If the first half of Supernatural Season 12 didn’t contain enough angelic action for you, then you’ll want to tune in when the CW series returns with fresh installments on Jan. 26 (in its new 8 pm timeslot).

“We have at least three really strong Castiel episodes” coming up, executive producer Andrew Dabb tells TVLine. The first, airing Feb. 2, “presents a lost chapter of Castiel’s history.”

Viewers have long known that Cas “was part of the battalion that was watching Earth,” the EP notes. “He was the guy that harrowed Hell to rescue Dean Winchester. We established that, and now we’re taking a little twist on it and telling a lost story from his past that involves [guest star] Alicia Witt” as Lily Sunder, an old enemy of the angel.

The following hour is also “extremely Cas-heavy in a different way,” Dabb adds. “Then we have another episode coming up later in the season, Episode 19, that’s extremely Cas-heavy in an even different way.”

Dabb acknowledges that giving Castiel and some of the other series regulars their due while establishing Lucifer’s new vessel, the Men of Letters’ British players and Mary Winchester’s return proved to be a delicate balancing act.

“I think we did a fairly good job of keeping Crowley alive [and] keeping Castiel alive, but the new characters certainly ate up a little space,” Dabb admits.

“We had to cram a lot into those [eight episodes],” he continues. Going into the season, “part of our concern was… that certain people, specifically Castiel and Crowley, are going to get a little bit of a short shrift as we establish these new characters and put them on the board.”

But that’s all poised to change in the back half of the season. “We have a lot more room to play,” Dabb says. “Those characters are going to come to the fore a lot more.”

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  1. Lin says:

    ‪I am SO looking forward to these episodes. Cas is definitely one of my all-time favorites. 💜‬

  2. Lisa says:

    There’s so much we don’t know about Castiel, although we’ve been given some interesting hints in previous seasons. And Supernatural has done some really interesting things with character backstories — “Mother’s Little Helper” is a favorite of mine in that vein. I’m looking forward to getting more of Castiel’s story!

  3. Fred says:

    Do we really need 3 Cass heavy episodes? Nope.

    • Lisa says:

      Speak for yourself. I do indeed need three Cas-heavy episodes. You’re welcome to watch something else. :)

    • Lin says:

      I certainly do. Cas is one of the most interesting characters we’ve had in the show and is family to the boys at this point – if you don’t have anything nice to say, you could always just say nothing and let the rest of us be excited. 👍🏻

    • Ricky says:

      Yep, I do. He’s one of the central characters and vital to the guys. Dean said it best: “you’re the best friend we’ve ever had. You’re our brother, I want you to know that.” Ep 11.23, if you conveniently forgot.

    • ninergrl6 says:

      I’m with you, Fred. I don’t think Cas adds much to the overall narrative any more (frankly I was over the angels/Heaven/God stuff at least 5 years ago) and I didn’t really miss him in the first half of this season. I’m much more interested in the evolution of Mary and the boys as well as the BMOL.

      • Mark Wood says:

        I dont hate Castiel or the actor, but I have felt that his presence only felt organic to the story in seasons 4,5 and 6. That’s not to say that their aren’t episodes after where I loved the character, or specific character beats, because there are. But story wise I personally feel like the writers are constantly juggling events and situations to keep Castiel as part of the show, it just doesn’t make all together that much sense. But the character is popular enough stay on board, he also helps take screen time away from the original cast, which for a long running series is often vital to free up time for the actors to keep them resigning and prevent burnout.

        • Ines says:

          Mark Wood and ninegrl6 I too feel the same way you do. It’s nothing against the actor or the character but sometimes his presence feels forced because it’s just for filler. Fans (specially those who only started watching the show in recent seasons) tend to forget he’s not a lead character because he’s so popular on social networks. But other fan-favorite characters have died and came back (or stayed dead) so there’s no need to keep dragging a character.
          If the problem is giving J2 some time off, why not make the show with 13 or 16 episodes instead of 23? They’re already on season 12 so the fans will continue to watch it, it would avoid filler episodes and if aired continuously, won’t lose momentum. Multiple successful shows are doing it, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it.

      • Kate says:

        Oh yes, it would be fantastic if the boys evolved instead of being stuck in the same rinse-repeat co-dependency cycle. :-)

    • Meg says:

      Yep. Sure do.

    • shar07 says:

      Yes! Yes we do! And we’re getting it because the majority rules, not bibros!!!!

    • Cheryl wiehr says:

      No we need this show to get back to being tne story of Sam and Dean as Dabb has pretty much sidelined the boys relationship leaving the show with no heart. love Mary and Samantha Smith s onscreen presence but what do you do with her now? The continued Angel storyline season after season and keeping Castiel in the show had brought the boys journey to a halt until Carver came on board and put the boys and Castiel in seperate storylines getting their journey moving again and doing a lot of fixing and repairs he got this show and our boys back to their true selves Sam and Dean against the world. Season 11 one of the best But now that all seems to be undone with this seasons lack of heart aka the brotherly love. The lack of decent storytelling with only one writer knowing how to write the boys (Bevens?)With some episodes just cringe worthy like the mid season finale. And now this up coming fan pandering with 3 Castiel heavy episide this show sadly has gone even more off track and become a shell of what it had finally got back to in Season 11 Castiel and the angel mythology wore out its welcome seasons ago but if Castiel is to stay in the series he should only be used when he adds or fits into the story of Sam and Dean it’s supposed to be their journey being told why showrunners can’t keep this show grounded in the boys is beyond me. It fails miserably when its not as it loses its heart like this season has.

      • Lisa says:

        I’m not sure what journey you think Sam and Dean aren’t on anymore, but I know they’re both very different people now than they were back in season 4. They’ve both had a harrowing journey–sometimes together, and sometimes apart, like people do–and I don’t see that changing anytime soon.

    • Karin says:

      If there are 3 Cass heavy episodes, I wish there would be at least 3 Dean heavy episodes.

    • Jana says:

      If you can’t say something nice, please keep it to yourself. Millions of us enjoy Cas. Don’t ruin the happiness of others please.

    • We need Crowley heavy episodes

    • Bayley Somerville says:

      No, we really don’t. Sam and Dean are the heart of the show and Cas is a side and where is the Crowely centric episodes????????????

  4. Greta says:

    It’s Cass, not Cas.

  5. Arthur says:

    I frankly can’t wait for some Cas-centric episodes. He’s a great character and Misha plays him wonderfully; I’m looking forward to learning more about his backstory. Thank you, Dabb!

  6. Ricky says:

    “Those characters are going to come to the floor a lot more.” YESSS. Thank you, Andrew – Cas & Crowley are two of my favorite characters, love those two just as much as I love Sam and Dean. bring on 2017!

    • Stacy says:

      I absolutely love Supernatural! Cas and Crowley are always a fav in my household! We also love the return of Mary. I’ve watched this show from the beginning and have never been disappointed.
      Some ppl think im silly ( because im 47) for being such a fan but I don’t care:) Actually some of my employees that were teasing me are now avid watchers of the show as well! Thankyou for doing such amazing work! To all of you!

  7. Gwen says:

    Shucks, TV Line.. you just made my night!<3 These eps are gonna be so good.

  8. Amber says:

    I knew the first eight were burdened by the set up. I have faith in Dabb’s vision. Also, I’m always happy to see Cas. I can’t wait for Feb 2nd!

  9. Good to know so I can skip them, thanks for the information. I’m so tired of Castiel, hopefully these new characters get rid of him.

    • Ricky says:

      Oh, shut it. Cas isn’t going anywhere – the showrunners said that the show has four male leads, he’s a widely beloved character by the majority of viewers, and he’s family to the boys. Let the hate go, it’s pointless and isn’t going to change anything. Cas is awesome.

      • Mark Wood says:

        Actually there is literally zero data showing what percentages of fans like or dislike any of the characters. None. Castlel appears in several blogs to be popular but posters but only reflects a small number of actual viewers. Heck you would assume that females are the vast majority of viewers of Supernatural based upon responders to blogs and forums,or even people going to conventions,yet the most accurate data we have on SPN audience reflects a fairly balanced audience between male and female viewers, even the gender breakdown on DVR results (which we don’t see often) show a fairly balanced breakdown.

    • I for one am EXTREMELY EXCITED to see Castiel in AT LEAST THREE whole episodes where he is featured heavily! Now, as long as we get full Team Free Will interaction, I’ll be a happy camper!
      Definitely tuning to every one of these episodes.
      (Now, as long as they don’t do anything too terrible to him, or make him do any terrible, we’re good)

    • SJI says:

      I’m so tired of people hating on Cas, so I’m glad the people like you won’t be watching. More for the rest of us to enjoy without hateful people such as yourself.

      • This show is the story of two brothers. Castiel and Crowley are supporting characters to telling their story. even if they are listed as regulars. Sam and Dean are the heart of this show wanting a new showrunner to remember that doesnt make us automatically haters of Castiel

        • Victoria says:

          Exactly, Cas is a supporting character in Sam and Dean’s story. I really don’t see why he needs 3 full episodes other than J2 needs some free time. If anything it’s should have 1 cas , and at least 1 Mary and 1 Mary and Jody.

  10. SaraPo says:

    This honestly just made my day! Cass is without a doubt my favorite character and there has not been enough of him this season, so happy to read this. I love the scenes/episodes with him, Crowley and Rowena, I could use more of all 3 of them, and less British Men of Letters. Can’t wait for the rest of the season!!!

  11. I’d really like to see where Cas’ head is at. He was traumatized by Rowena last year, felt like shit and took on Lucifer, and now thinks it’s primarily on him to hunt down Lucifer.

    But is Lucifer gone? Half went down the vent, half went into the egg (or so it seems). I’m gonna need a little clarity there.

    Regardless, I think S8-11 did a good job of showing growth for Sam and Dean. Crowley had a lot of meaty stories. But I think Cas’ point of view needs exploration. Like Metatron said to him in S10… what is his purpose (in Cas’ mind)? I completely AGREE he’s overdue for a mid-life crisis. The show has left us to surmise that he’s still adrift. He can’t go to Heaven, he’s chasing issues on earth but he’s gotten trapped into the Winchester’s drama only (get the Mark of Cain off Dean, defeat Amara, and now get Lucifer back in the cage). 3 years of being a bit adrift is okay for a being who first set foot on earth several billion years ago. But I want him to articulate his purpose. If it’s going to be to help Sam and Dean (and that’s it), that’s just fine. But a little like Mary – it’s hard to explain where he is when he’s not on-screen. IDK. Maybe a permanent room in the bunker when he’s not on the road. That would help to at least give him a “home”.

  12. tvgeek says:

    We have to expect these episode when Jensen and Jared want time off. It’s either this or less episodes a season or canceling the show.

    • Mitch says:

      Dude, that’s not the only reason he’s on. He and Crowley are fantastic characters, and you need more than two central characters to keep a show fresh. J2 love M2 and realize that they’re an important part of the show, as do most of us.

  13. Yasmin says:

    Castiel is by far the most interesting part of supernatural and the character with the most potential to explore. So glad the bosses are finally getting their act together and showing off his character! Cas is definitely the only reason I’m still watching the show. Needless to say, I’m very excited about this!

    • shar07 says:

      100% truth Yasmin, thank you!!

    • Victoria says:

      If cas is the only reason then you should stop watching the show. You already lost the meaning of the show and just another one of those types of fans. Disgusting really

      • ‘Those types’ of fans? You mean the one that’s excruciatingly bored of 250 episodes of repeated story lines and character regression and can recognise that the show has a wealth of potential just standing by in one of its most loved characters that it’s finally willing to explore? Welp, I guess so! Also ‘disgusting’ is a pretty strong word to apply to this completely meaningless situation lmao yikes


      That is YOUR opinion, not a fact. Many people find Sam or Dean, or more often, the brother’s relationship, as the most interesting part of SPN. And that does NOT make us haters of the character or Misha as a person.

  14. Charley says:

    This is going to be a great arc! I can’t wait to watch. :)

  15. Kat D says:

    I’m so over Cass and his contrived storylines. He’s just a useless, flat, colorless, doornail nowadays, and they simply use the actor as a tool to give Jared and Jensen time off. Hint: a character is extremely superfluous when you can say you’ve done a good job of keeping them alive. The showrunner drives the story! There should be a NEED to keep the character alive if they are truly relevant to the meat of the show, but it just goes to show, Cass and Crowley are not. So you basically mean you’ve done a good job of finding use for them this year, which is sad. Also, another hint Dabb: You wouldn’t have to find that “fine balance” if you wouldn’t keep so many unnecessary characters around every season. But I guess my argument is futile because at the end of the day Jared and Jensen need time off. This article and Dabbs words do a great job of making Cass and Crowley seem like nothing more than set dressing and tools. I feel bad.

      • Maddie D says:

        Actually J, as Greta mentioned earlier and as Kat D correctly wrote, Castiel’s nickname is spelled Cass. Confirmed by the show several times over. Too bad they don’t tell the writers of the articles to spell their characters’ names correctly during an interview. For years I thought it was Cas as well.

    • ah well thankfully you are one of the very vast minority who think this way :) the rest of us will be stoked about learning more about one of supernatural’s centric characters! supernatural would have burnt out and been incredibly stale and trite if it was simply brother-centric SEASONS ago :)

      • Far from minority. Castiel hasn’t fit in the series for a long time but if they want to keep him in use him sparingly and when he adds to the story of Sam and Dean . It’s their story and journey being told.

        • WENDY WESSELHOFT says:

          And there’s nothing wrong with Cass being a regular on SPN, but he, like Crowley, are there to help facilitate the main arc, which is THE WINCHESTERS. Always was. It doesn’t matter if someone only watches for the supporting player,( I’ve done this myself with certain shows) he is STILL the supporting player. And again, saying/feeling that way does NOT make someone a hater. So tired of that stupid accusation.

  16. Sharon says:

    If it wasn’t for Cas/Misha, I would never have become a fan of this show, so this is the best news as a Cas fan!!!

  17. This is possibly the best news I’ve heard all day.
    I’m not even gonna let wank get to me about this, because I’m SO thrilled that they’re finally utilizing and exploring more of Cas’ character.
    Just give me MORE Team Free Will, More Cas interaction, oh, and LESS BuckLeming.
    Give us that, and the fandom will reward CW with happiness and ratings.

  18. V says:

    I’m SO glad we’re getting more Cas!!! He is my FAVOURITE part of the show and the only reason I got into Supernatural. I’m so glad the showrunners have realised how much they owe the shows long run to Misha too!!! Andrew Dabb is an absolute GENIUS.

    Thanks for this lovely article. Made my year!!!

  19. Sophie says:

    Castiel/misha collins is the only thing keeping me attached to this show. Honestly, without him, I have to pinch myself to stay awake. I love it when it’s all 3 of the boys, they have such great chemistry together! More Team Free Will! I would love to see Castiel become human again, this time permanently and see how he adjusts to everyday things like eating, sleeping, hell, i wanna hear about him masturbating and peeing and burping and simple things like that that the boys can help explain. That will add a fun layer to this show.

  20. Karle says:

    Good, Cas really deserves more centric episodes, I am so happy for this news.

  21. Dawn says:

    I’m really happy about this! I dearly love all the characters & cast on this awesome show. I don’t understand why some people claim to be great fans but then turn around and criticize one of the characters & complain about him. If you don’t like him, don’t watch! It’s really easy. Try less hatefulness & more positivity and see how your life changes. I love Castiel & cant wait for these episodes! This show, and the cast and fandom, have changed my life with all the love and sense of family they show each other. Anyone who says they’re a fan but also claims to “hate” a character or actor on it is missing the whole point! Thank you, Andrew Dabb, and all the cast and crew for your hard work and for sharing your talent with us. Supernatural forever!

    • viv says:

      This is a really weird and unreflected statement. People are different and respond in a different way to things. You are in no way obliged to like everything about a show to be a fan. And if I as a fan of a show about two brothers hunting monsters am bored by episodes about their sidekicks I’m still a fan of the show. You can voice your happyness about storylines and other people can voice their dislike, I really don’t get the problem. It’s entertainment, everybody has an opinion on it, happens with every show.

  22. Mikayla says:

    I am so happy with the direction Andrew Dabb is taking Supernatural. It really seems like he knows how important found family is and shifting the focus from just Sam and Dean to everyone. I’m really looking forward to seeing the in depth looks into how Sam and Dean’s relationships are important to Cas, and just the Cas centric episodes in general. You can never get enough of him. He’s got so much potential, i’m so glad SPN is finally taking advantage of that. I love this family of Sam, Dean and Cas. The show is so much better with all three of them.

    • Mikayla says:

      Also can I just say how much I think Dabb understands what the (majority) of SPN fans want? It’s awesome. More Team Free Will, healthy bro bonding (so far) and hilarious Dean/Cas scenes (which i assume will get super emotional in the 2nd half. I’m half looking forward to it, half preparing to cry my eyes out). Kudos to you Dabb!

      • Jasker says:

        This is what your brain looks like on Tumblrland. In what world has Dabb demonstrated that he is all rah rah team free will. Last season he wrote on “red meat” you can’t get more bibro than that! Oh I know tumblrland told you he is moving past all that. Let me know when that actually happens on screen instead of in your heads.

        • Mikayla says:

          You forget that Red meat was the lowest rated episode of S11. You should be even more scared that the current showrunner wrote that and saw how it failed firsthand. You also need to realize that he is very pro-cas, his assistant is an avid destiel shipper (not that it matters, but it’s worth pointing out) and that SPN is on S12, not s1. The themes have changed, for the better. It’s gonna be a good season, filled with all the Cas i could dream of.

          • Jasker says:

            His assistant is a avid shipper. Yikes seriously – so much idiocy so little time. But no worries the season is finally going to go your way right? I’m looking forward to it.

      • Victoria says:

        Cas fans are the loudest not the majority. The majority of the fans watch the should because of the brothers and their journey. If anything Cas should have ended seasons ago. The only use for him is to give J2 time off when they want. Cas storyline has literally nothing to do with the overall narrative of the show. Of anything they should have made a Mary episode and a Mary and Jody episode. That would have been better then this trash cas eps. Rating are going to go down these next 3 ep

        • Mikayla says:

          Nope, not true. Cas fans (more specifically just people who like all 3 mains) are in the large majority. Cas fans: Won Misha a PCA as a write in nominee. Won Misha and Jensen a TCA, Continue to have Misha in the top 10 most talked about actors on tumblr (along with jensen. Unfortunately jared didn’t make the list this year, i think he was 11. That needs to be higher). S7’s ratings dropped drastically once Cas died for good and only got better when he came back. On average Team Free Will episodes do better than MOTW/Bro only episodes. Plus we have a large handful of worldwide trends that we started for reasons outside of a new episode. Trust me, the non-inclusive hateful fans, such as ones who don’t like cas or want misha gone, are in the FAR minority.

  23. Molly says:

    Cas focused episode> dudebro duo motw episode anytime

  24. mia says:


  25. rob horine says:

    How about a spin-off? Cas and Crowley:LAPD!

  26. Wyona Shannon says:

    As long as you don’t kill off any of these 4 Cas, Crowley, Dean,or Sammy we’re good .

  27. Wow, haters gonna hate o_o Quite frankly Cass is one of the main reasons this show keeps me invested. I just started watching recently and am making my way through the seasons. He and Bobby make my day whenever there is an episode with focus on them in it. Still not quite sure what to think of Crowley yet since he’s still rather new for me but Cass and Bobby are great. Ever since S4? and Cass being the new guy in town and earlier seasons it was Bobby and John giving me something else to be interested in. Of course Sam and Dean are the main duo and great and all but thank goodness for more cast also. Haha, I miss Chuck too, hopefully will be seeing more of him ;D

  28. steph says:

    the episodes I’m most excited this season!! :D can’t wait for it!!!

  29. Michele says:

    More Cas? Sign me up! Hoping it means more of Team Free Will also cuz that’s my jam.

  30. Kristy says:

    Cas has been my favorite since S4, so this news makes me really happy! Can’t wait to see all of them!

  31. viv says:

    Well they could shoot themselves in the foot with this one…they have new writers…doesn’t have to be positive even for cas fans…could be epic wank inducing retconning.. gonna be funny if that happens….

  32. Cheryl says:

    Yes!!! So excited for more focus on Castiel. He’s my favourite character on this show and there’s still so much more they could tell us about his past… Or even about what he does in those gaps where he’s off who-knows-where and not on screen. Anything! Give me it all!

  33. After reading his Political views on Twitter I lost all respect for him as a actor.

    • Laura says:

      Oh dear: you’re one of those fascist-leaning Trump supporters who doesn’t think people should be able to exercise their democratic right to choose who they support politically.

  34. This actor is such a tool. After reading his social media political rants I just lost respect for him. I hope he gets killed off this season.

  35. missy says:

    Well, I’m certainly interested in NEW Castiel stuff, as long as it’s GOOD.
    I’ve sort of enjoyed not having the show focus so much on Crowley and Castiel, we’ve had seasons upon seasons with them. Why not give new characters an hour to shine? Like, those twin witches from ‘Celebrating The Life Of Asa Fox’ :D

  36. Paloma Tavares says:

    WOOO!!! Very pumped for this :) I’ve always wanted to know more about Castiel’s past

  37. Me says:

    Uggg, not gonna lie. Not looking forward to this. I think everybody knows this show is about Sam and Dean and their relationship and journey. I get that they need some time off though, but I don’t know that this is the answer. I liked early on Cass, but he’s just boring now and seems forced. Love to see Bobby, Charlie, or Kevin come back. That would be interesting.

  38. Tricia Arthur says:

    VERY excited to see more of Castiel coming up! He was missed in the first eight episodes.

  39. I can’t WAIT to see more of Cas in season 12! He’s my favourite character and I am really looking forward to learning more about him! He was missed by many in the first eight episodes!

    • viv says:

      You do know who Cas is though do you? Because he was in more than half of the first eight episodes, which makes me wonder how he could be missed…he is the older looking dude in the rumply trenchcoat, you might wanna rewatch….

  40. Karin says:

    I would like to know about Dean and if he’ll have any kind of storyline this season. So far in S12, he was only really needed in 2 of the first 8 episodes. Jensen could have taken the other 6 off based on Dean’s lack of storyline and screen time. Dean even completely disappeared in the last 1/3 of a S12 episode with no explanation.

    Sam has had a few Sam-centric episodes in the first half of S12, we’re learning Castiel will have 3 Castiel-centric episodes and for Dean? We have allegedly 1 Dean-centric episode coming up.

    Season 12 has been very lackluster, there’s no direction and I think very poorly written, this last episode made no sense at all. There doesn’t seem to be any cohesiveness, it’s just a hodgepodge and a mess.

  41. Vivivello says:

    That’s great news, thank you ! Castiel is an amazing character and deserves to be with Sam and Dean in all episodes. We love those three together !!

  42. Susan Brosch says:

    Hope that we get to see Castiel in full warrior mode. He’s aways been a bad-ass at fighting. It doesn’t seem like any angel is his equal. He’s killed multiple angels at once several times.

  43. Yara says:

    I love this article, it made me very excited about the second half of the season! Cas is an integral part of the storyline and has been since season 4. It’s great that everyone involved with the show is aware of that :) Cas is one of the main reasons why I love SPN so much and episodes with him are always more interesting for me. So having “at least” (!) three Cas-heavy episodes in this season is amazing news for me. Of course four episodes would be even better ;) There are so many interesting stories to tell about him. Learning more about his past will be great! I also love it when Dean, Sam and Cas are all working together, so I hope that there will be many Team Free Will moments too. After all, Cas still needs to know that his home is in the bunker and that this is where he belongs. I hope that Cas will be involved in regular monster of the week episodes too :)

  44. Andi says:

    This doesn’t really excite me. I would prefer episodes that are balanced, not about just one character, it sounds like we’re not going to see much of the Winchesters in these episodes.

  45. Kate says:

    This is great news! I love Cas: he’s been my favorite since he walked into the barn. Great to see him and Misha getting the screentime they deserve!

  46. Moishe says:

    Stay pressed, haters. You’re the minority, and the cast and crew know it. :) I’m really excited about these episodes, because Cas is right up there with Dean and Sam as one of my favorite characters on SPN. Cannot wait!!!

  47. So looking forward to these episodes I love Cas he is my all time favourite and there is so much we don’t know about Castiel’s past