Shameless Recap

Shameless Season 7 Finale Recap: Burying the Past

Showtime’s Shameless wrapped up Season 7 on Sunday night with an episode that felt like a series finale in many ways — except it wasn’t.
But considering the show’s fate was in limbo — its Season 8 renewal would not be announced until 14 hours later — it’s not crazy to think that maybe the producers took into account the Gallaghers’ uncertain future.

The season ender doesn’t feature any huge plot twists, but instead finds Frank, Fiona, Lip & Co. in a reflective state of mind as they mourn Monica in their own special Gallagher way. Fi has no sympathy for her mom, even after her death. She asks the mortuary director for the cheapest burial option and later unleashes her pent-up anger at her absentee mother, punching her body as it lies in the casket. When she turns around, a few funeral home workers are staring at her in horror and shock.

The outburst is not unjustified. As Fiona reminds Frank, she looked after him and her siblings after Monica left. She was the one who was there when Debbie got her period, and she was the one who changed Carl’s diapers, not Monica.

Shameless Recap“She didn’t give a s–t about anyone, but herself,” Fiona declares. “I’m glad she’s dead. At least now she can’t f—k us over anymore.”

When it comes time to eulogize Monica, Frank tells the story of how he met his great love. (Isn’t it strange to imagine him as ever being young and in college?) He caps his tale with a beautifully moving moment that reminds you why William H. Macy keeps getting award nominations.

“Every time I look into one of you kids’ faces, I see her face looking back at me, smiling, laughing,” he says, tearfully. “She was strong, and you’re strong. She was brave, and you’re brave…. Hate her if you want, but she’s in you, and that’s a good thing.”

Shameless RecapSeeing the depth of Frank’s feelings for Monica, Fiona has an epiphany of sorts. “I guess the motherf—ker really did love the crazy bitch,” she remarks to Ian as the family partakes in a post-funeral dance party to the tune of “Spill the Wine.”

That would have been a perfectly Shameless image/sentiment to end the episode on. But then we get the icing on the cake with a lovely montage of the Gallaghers continuing on with their lives: Fiona becomes the owner of an apartment building; Lip goes to a meeting; Debbie starts welding classes (and finds a new crush in her hot teacher); Ian is back on the job; and Frank watches in approval as Carl spray-paints Monica’s name on a building. There isn’t a ton of romantic closure (more on that below), but the sense of “life goes on” and cautious optimism is very series finale-ish, yes?

Other highlights (and some burning questions) from the finale:

* Monica left an “inheritance” for the kids: bags of meth, worth $10,000 each. Fiona is the only family member who is against selling them. She buries two baggies in Monica’s casket — but the other shares are still in play?

* Lip wants to go back to college, but he worries that he’s screwed up his life beyond repair. Sierra reminds him that a lot of people still inexplicably care about him. As she caresses his face, Lip smiles to himself and replies, “S–t.” He doesn’t really offer an explanation. (I took it as Lip realizing his feelings for Sierra are deeper than he thought, but hit the comments with your own interpretation.)

* Ian and Trevor’s future is uncertain after the former confesses that he was with Mickey. Trevor does attend the funeral, so perhaps there’s hope for the couple?

* Carl comes back from military school a changed young man, with a sense of discipline and cooking skills.

* Anyone else hoping to see more of Barry Sloane’s character next season?

Shameless fans, what did you think of the season ender? Grade it via the poll below, then hit the comments to back up your pick!

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  1. Rosie says:

    I think Lip said that in response to hearing Frank put that song on.

  2. Dee says:

    I wanted to see Kev & V get their revenge

  3. tina says:

    if only mickey was there it would have been perfect … if they do renew I really hope they try to convince noel to come back for more than 2 episodes that was more painful to watch than happy

  4. datdudemurphy says:

    Such a great cast.
    Love this show.

  5. ajg34 says:

    This would have been a perfect ending to the show. They are going to have to be real creative next season and come up with another ending. They should have just ended it now. They all ended on a happy note.

  6. Joe says:

    It almost felt like Barry Sloanes character was duping Fiona…using his own lawyer, doing the “inspection” himself.

    • Yeah, I kept on saying, “Don’t do it Fiona!”

    • Donna says:

      I agree. There is something shady there. Kev & V’s revenge…maybe next season. I loved Mickey & Ian’s story, but it was time to end. He’s a Milkovich after all and Ian has moved on.

    • Bliz says:

      Seems pretty obvious…i hope her selfish slutty ways and dumb choices actually result in something bad for fiona…she lucked out completely with a laundry mat she dupes an old lady for then puts a bunch of money of the family’s house without any family vote or two vote. She is just banging guys mibdlessly while being a manager of a resturant and a laundry mat yet show her doing barely any deeper tasks other than walking into a place and telling ppl what to do. How she inherits a management of resturant cause her ex boyfriend owner is on drugs is beyond me. Thats not how things work for ppl. Than she gets handed a bunch of cash then bangs some con man that she is going to waste her money on. She keeps acting all big shot and capable strong woman but she lucks out and had stuff handed to her–the resturant from gus (*a guy she banged), the laundry mat, by easily swindling old senial etta, the money from house shr never bought nor solely owned, the banging a guy to get some tip that will likely back fire. Everything she thinks shes a big shot and smart cookie was gotten from being a slut, stealing, cheating, and luck. Thats it. Meanwhile her actually smart gifted brother gets nothing. Nice. Debbie is another mess up but now im supposed to root her child abuse on and fat selfish annoying bs and praise her new welding training…screw that. This show is a gigantic feminazi turd.

  7. lostgirl78 says:

    Why were there 7 bags when there are only 6
    Children? Each bag was a lb. can someone answer that please its driving me insane (a little
    Ocd). And yes, i wonder what happened to the other five…..

  8. Jim says:

    Lip needs a better ending than this, so I’m glad it’s not the end. And I want to see the outcome of Kev + V + Svet.

  9. Jim says:

    Also, everyone saying Macy doesn’t bring much to the show and doesn’t deserve his pay. Still think that?

  10. johnrcashfan says:

    One of the better season finales in a long while. Glad to see this one end without anything bad hanging over their heads. It had a very sweet feel to it and of course some great humor, especially from the character Kev, who continues to surprise after all these years. I could be wrong but I think Showtime has already renewed for next season, so I am hoping to see more good things happen for the family. Just a very good show that I have loved since day one.

  11. Bark Star says:

    It was an excellent episode and would have been a great ending for the entire series. Very few storylines left open or ended in an unsatisfying way. I nonteheless hope the show will continue next year. After all, we still need to see Fiona buy the Alibi so that Kev and V can run it again.

  12. Michael Bailey says:

    More Barry Sloane is always good, especially if they can get him nude scene or two

  13. Mike says:

    What about Kevin and V and the Alibi?

  14. damicotest says:

    The last episode was created to feel like the end no doubt the music and the feeling created showing each of the family members moving forward felt that way and this would work if the series was not being renewed for an eighth season. It is something a number of series do not get a chance to do. But we wanted to see more of Kev and V’s happy ending included as well as they are family to the big family and we tune in for their storyline along with Fionas. Glad to see Lip’s future as well and hope he takes care of himself first before letting others Big S make their way to him once again hope he’s smarter than that this time round. Debbie and her new crush he’s a beauty and that made us laugh so much she has a bit of Monica inside there. They need to think about this one further thinking Ian needs safe passage and drama free and more but these two crack me up Trevor was a surprise and ironic, Loved the clip after the last scene it was funny….about the return. Looking forward to the next season.

  15. readenreply says:

    If the death of Monica and the kids getting on with their lives felt like a series finale… then the true series finale should focus on the death of Frank… because then the kids can truly get on with their lives.

  16. Kevin says:

    Such a great episode. We haven’t heard alot about Franks past, I was surprised when he talked where he at in life before he met Monica. Also thought it was a great scene when Fiona was detailing how rough her childhood was.

  17. LM says:

    This series “jumped the shark” when it butchered Jimmy’s departure — only to bring him back (much to fan approval), only to unceremoniously get rid of him again a mere episode later. Good riddance, “Shameless.”

  18. Johnny Molina says:

    What happens with key and v and the Svetlana situation

  19. Kate Shoop says:

    Yeah Im totally not here for season 8. Why the hell are they going on when this was done as a series finale? Remember how effed up Buffy and Charmed were when they did that?

    • KCC says:

      Exactly how is Shameless like Buffy and Charmed? To me the real series finale will be when Frank dies. As long as he’s alive, the Gallagher kids future happiness is in question. Monica was in and out of the kids lives and the younger ones didn’t even know her. Frank has been continually bringing grief into their lives and has been a bad influence. Shameless, to me, has always been about the Gallagher’s overcoming life circumstances. Monica and especially Frank have been the major reason for those circumstances. Until Frank can no long bring chaos into their lives, their stories can continue to be interesting to me. I’m watching season 8.

  20. Chad says:

    The funeral scene where Frank eulogies Monica tells you all you need to know about why William H. Macy made more per episode than Emmy Rossum and why he deserves to. On her best day she’ll never have that kind of talent. What a performance.

  21. Such a perfect episode. I would have been fine with it being the series finale. Excellent choice of music with Laura Mvula”s “Show Me Love”. I’m so proud of Fiona and Carl, and also proud of Ian for ditching Mickey and focusing on the positive life he created for himself. Looking forward to season 8. Amazing cast, amazing writing, amazing season My favorite in a while! Thank you, Shameless.

  22. This was such a wonderful ending for Season 7 for me. Put everyone in a happy place. I keep playing parts of the show back. They sure did an awesome job. Can’t wait for Season 8.

  23. Jocelyn Cruz says:

    Great Ending But Bring Another Season Pleaseee

  24. De Mann says:

    This was the BEST episode ever of Shameless. The direction, acting, story blew me away. To be 7 seasons in, Shameless is as strong as ever. Kudos.

  25. Sheila says:

    Who did the other bag that Monica buried belong to ??? Hhhmm

  26. KAREN says:

    I love this show. I love the cast. Its over with monica but the family is barely out from under the rubble. The character development over the years has been incredible, I want to see lip graduate from college, I want to see Carl graduate military school. I want to see Theona really become successful and leave the chaos caused by living in an alcoholic drug using home…she deserves to have her viewers see her well on her way. Will frank have an epiphany
    and getsober now that Monica;s gone or will he just drink himself to death. There has to be closing with Frank on way or another. Best series ever. I am a cult follower!!!!!

  27. Bliz says:

    Debbie needs to die. Like either the actress or character. Im fine with both.

  28. Sue Eshelman says:

    I was disappointed because the blurb said “V and Kevin get their revenge”. Well, I must have missed it because there didn’t seem to be any revenge.

  29. Valeria says:

    I from Russia and me there was always a wish to be included in the American series and will get acquainted with actors. Also can be even to be tried for a role. Always wanted to be the actress since the childhood and I participate in scenes though to me only 13 much, I study English 6 years. The series are very cool, I am a fan

  30. Stephanie campbell says:

    I love Shameless and need it all year long!!!

  31. Aaron says:

    Cant wait for season 8!

  32. Luis says:

    I would love to see Ian amd Mickey get back together for good in season eight as they are perfect for each other but I want Mickey to be reformed. Ian is in a good place right now and deserves to be happy. I genuinely think Mickey will be good for him but on the right side of the law. How it’ll be worked out I don’t know but something has to happen.

  33. Armando Rivas says:

    Personally I hate Fiona I can’t stand her, her I’m perfect you do what I say and when I say it I say jump you say how high attitude. But the rest of the characters are great keep it up guys your awesome

  34. Nikki says:

    I watch it on Netflix so Im on the late freight but cool ending. Def want to see more and agree with some of the others, I never want this show to end!