The Good Fight Spoilers

Good Wife Spinoff Trailer: Get Your First Look at CBS All Access' The Good Fight

The Good Fight is shaping up to be a real nail-biter.

CBS has released the first trailer for its forthcoming digital-only Good Wife spinoff and we’re gettingmajor suspense-thriller vibes.

The dark, pulsating promo — which is scored like a horror movie — features fleeting glimpses of the three major players: Good Wife vets Christine Baranski (Diane) and Cush Jumbo (Lucca) as well as franchise rookie, Game of Thrones’ Rose Leslie (who’s playing Diane’s lesbian goddaughter Maia).

As previously reported, the offshoot — from Good Wife creators Robert and Michelle King — picks up one year after the events of last May’s finale and finds Diane forced to start over at one of Chicago’s pre-eminent law firms (where Lucca also works) after a huge financial scam has wiped out her entire savings (and destroyed the reputation of Maia). 

The ensemble also includes fellow Good Wife fave Sarah Steele (Marissa), as well as Delroy Lindo (Chicago Code), Paul Guilfoyle (CSI), Bernadette Peters (Smash), Justin Bartha (The New Normal) and Erica Tazel (Justified). Additionally, Gary Cole will reprise his role as Diane’s hubby Kurt McVeigh on a recurring basis and Zach Grenier (David) and Jerry Adler (Howard) will guest star in the premiere.

The Good Fight will make its broadcast debut on Sunday, Feb. 19 at 8/7c. The premiere will bow simultaneously on the network’s streaming service CBS All Access, which will exclusively host all of Season 1’s remaining episodes (on subsequent Sundays). And we repeat: Following premiere night, all new episodes will be available on subsequent Sundays only on CBS All Access.

Press PLAY below to check out the trailer, then scroll down further to get a gander at the official Good Fight key art. 

The Good Fight Poster

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  1. MuchoTB says:

    First! This looks like a good trailer. Will watch at least the first episode

  2. abz says:

    I’m so excited for this. I haven’t looked this forward to a show for quite some time now ever since The Good Wife ended. I hope it’s good and successful.

  3. Alec says:

    Yes! Love nasty women

  4. Steven says:

    Love that poster! The trailer doesn’t tell you much though. Hoping for a longer one.

  5. David says:

    I’m so excited for this show. Good Wife was one of the shows I looked forward to the most each week. However there is NO WAY I am paying CBS 7.99 a month because there is one show I want to watch when there is nothing else worthy on the service? It is worth paying for one month when the season ends to binge watch? Probably. Communications are so expensive now and it just seems greedy for networks to launch these type of services.

  6. How do these “Nasty Women” look so young? Christine Baranski looks like she’s 30. when it’s obvious she’s at least 31

  7. tp1943 says:

    Unfortunately one show per week does not justify monthly fees. Already pay for cable service.
    It won’t be the end of the world.

  8. Ricky23 says:

    Love Christine Baranski and the show looks good but I’m afraid my cable and streaming services are already high enough without adding to it. Should have just kept it on CBS.

  9. Manu says:

    Eh, it will end up on *ahem* certain sites, anyway.

  10. KLS says:

    How will we know if it’s a success?

  11. Monica says:

    CBS should cancel on those old as hell procedural that they have and put this show in its spot instead of All Access.

  12. Jimmy says:

    Love the “nasty” callback to the election. This looks good but I can’t see myself paying for yet another streaming service. Here’s a questions, why the need to airbrush Christine Baranski so much? She’s already an attractive woman, why the need to make her look fake?

  13. ryaneco says:

    So excited for this!! The Good Wife is up there amongst my all time favourite shows and Dianne was one of the best characters so I can’t wait to see where this show takes her!!

  14. Lili Ann Noln says:

    Can they bring back Kalinda now? I’m kidding. So, it’s basically The Good Wife minus the worst characters (Eli, Peter, the son and the daughter, the mother in law, Cary and Alicia) for adult viewers? Count me in. :) All hail the Kings! ;)

    • therealjonpalmer says:

      I don’t agree with your “worst characters” list at all. I thought Eli and Peter were great. I thought the daughter had grown into a beautiful girl, But, with Peter in prison and Alicia gone it wouldn’t make sense to have the kids on the new show. They could have found a new gig for Eli, and HIS daughter. She was cool. I could even see the 2 of them anchoring ANOTHER spin-off.
      But, my big question after reading this article is: ‘WHY isn’t Cary involved in the new series AT ALL?’ I thought Cary was a great character, with many layers. I’m bummed.

  15. RAH says:

    This looks good but I am not subscribing to CBS all access just to watch it.

  16. rockyoumonkeys says:

    This is the worst thing for television. We do not need more streaming services that each cost more money. Who’s going to sign up for five or six different streaming services just to watch all the shows they want to watch? j

    And it’s just going to get worse.

  17. Gary Harms says:

    I’d love to see this show since The Good Wife was my favorite show before they canceled it and with this pedigree of cast members and creators and writers the show deserves all the viewers it can get. Unfortunately, I won’t see it because I won’t be subscribing to CBS All-Access just to see this one show. I hope it ends up on Netflix someday where I can watch a full season then or maybe CBS will even wake-up and put it on their regular programming schedule.

  18. DW says:

    They couldn’t pay me to watch this after what the Kings did to Season 7 of TGW. We never missed a single episode in all 7 years but S7 was a disgrace. Good luck to Christine Baranski though. She was/is terrific.

  19. I don;at want digital only anything. In fact I don’t want digital I want to sit in my recliner and watch my 60 inch TV.

  20. marie says:

    LOVED The Good Wife because of some the characters being brought into The Good Fight. But even if they added Archie Panjabi I still wouldn’t pay CBS for their content. That’s what advertising is for.

  21. MLD says:

    I would watch this in an instant if this was on regular CBS but am majorly pissed off by their greed to try to get us to subscribe to a paid Access channel. I hope it fails and they resort to putting this and the new Star Trek show back on CBS. As it is, CBS’ current line-up is so dull that the only show I watch is Madame Secretary.

  22. Tom says:

    All Access is a pay wall right… If its around a year from now Ill sub for a month to watch Star Trek and this. That they think they can be like HBO Now though is insane, HBO has movies, and their shows are insanely better.

  23. Marco Vieira says:

    I hope they use the liberties of streaming such as cursing and nudity. This is going to be awesome. 2017 will be the best year in Television so far.

  24. dman6015 says:

    What happens if the ratings really, really stink because people don’t sign up for the CBS-only All Access streaming service? Will they yank it off of there and put it back on the broadcast network? If so, will they reconsider the new Star Trek show only being on All Access?

    • rockyoumonkeys says:

      No, because CBS won’t allow for the possibility that the problem is the streaming service. They want people to sign up for it. If a show isn’t bringing in the subscriptions, they’ll cancel it and try another show.

      Moving the show back to network TV is an admission that the streaming service isn’t working.

      And unfortunately for this show, I desperately hope the streaming service fails, because it’s bad for viewers, and its success would just inspire the other networks to do the same thing until the day comes where we’re paying a separate subscription cost for each and every channel we want to watch.

      And not to get all chicken little, but this is what the networks want. TV advertising is becoming an obsolete thing. Network TV is on its way out. In our lifetime, all TV shows will be delivered via streaming services. And the impending death of net neutrality all but guarantees that we’ll be paying through the nose for them.

      • Imagecrafters says:

        Well said. I totally agree. I’m not paying for another service. I have the full cable package and 2 steaming services. Not paying for this. I didn’t get Direct TV when Damages moved, not about to now.

      • Andrea says:

        Yes, I don’t normally wish a series to fail, but this needs to fail in order to avoid setting a precedent that would be very expensive for consumers. My household also has Netflix and Amazon. That’s enough in terms of streaming. If CBS wanted to make money, an option could have been to air the standard 43ish minute episode on TV but put an extended version on the streaming service…like a digital version of a DVD. Showrunners are always talking about cutting scenes, so there’s always more material. People could be enticed by the fact that there’s something “extra” online and be willing to pay $3 to access an individual episode’s content. As it stands now, CBS (a broadcast network) is punishing viewers for watching its own network on its current platform. I love Christine, Cush, and Sarah in these roles, but I will not pay for original access. Access to extras? Possibly, but not original access.

    • KLS says:

      Do they have ratings for streaming services?

  25. KBUS says:

    This does look really good, but I echo everyone else, it’s not “pay $7.99 a month to watch it good”. Netflix and HBO are only options because of the sheer number of original programming, CBS better add way more if they expect folks to shell out for this.

  26. keniri says:

    Seriouslyu? The tagline for the series is “GET NASTY”? I had no idea that CBS was into producing soft core porn.

  27. Luce says:

    The Good Wife was my favorite show but since I’m in Canada this spinoff will not be available. Thanks a lot, CBS,

  28. Lorna Hill says:

    I was REALLY LOOKING FORWARD to watching until I found out it’s on CBS Access only and I’d have to PAY for it. Isn’t there enough “paid TV” already? This is unfair to those of us that can’t afford to pay for all the different options. Doesn’t CBS get enough AD money?

  29. WILLIE says:

    Sounds good but not paying for it . I rather watch reruns of the good wife for free. Is this is how cbs going to pay us back for being a die hard fan of the good wife ..We sould all protest and watch nothing on cbs.

  30. SusieQ says:

    The Good Wife ended on A Bad Note. Not sure this will be a hit, AND it appears CBS is not betting on that either! Too bad for CBS.

  31. Missy says:

    What a shame that you have to pay More money so you can watch this program.We pay for all the cable show also Netflix’s. This is a rip off….

  32. Oveta Fleenor says:

    The Good Fight is so much better than the good wife. It’s interesting