Good Wife Spinoff: Rose Leslie's Lead Character Is a Lesbian

CBS’ forthcoming Good Wife spinoff is uttering the L-word.

Sources confirm to TVLine exclusively that when The Good Fight premieres on Sunday, Feb. 19 at 8/7c, it will be revealed that the character played by Game of Thrones actress Rose Leslie is a lesbian. What’s more, she will have a steady girlfriend. (CBS declined to comment.)

Leslie’s Maia figures into the series in a major way. She’s the goddaughter of Christine Baranski’s Diane and, as we’ll learn in the premiere, she gets caught up in a huge financial scam that also brings down Diane (and forces her to restart her career).

The premiere of The Good Fight will bow simultaneously on the network’s streaming service CBS All Access, which will exclusively host all of Season 1’s remaining episodes.

The ensemble also includes Good Wife vets Cush Jumbo (Lucca) and Sarah Steele (Marissa), as well as franchise newbies Delroy Lindo (Chicago Code), Paul Guilfoyle (CSI), Bernadette Peters (Smash), Justin Bartha (The New Normal) and Erica Tazel (Justified). Additionally, Gary Cole will reprise his role as Diane’s hubby Kurt McVeigh on a recurring basis and Zach Grenier (David) and Jerry Adler (Howard) will guest star in the premiere.

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  1. Shib Neddeff says:

    according to Hollywood a very small portion of people are actually the majority , not saying part of life but not as much as they want you to believe . Be careful on any replies on this if there are any assuming something by my thought

    • Wordsmith says:

      I’m not sure I quite understand what you are implying. If my math is correct, one lesbian character (or two, counting the girlfriend) is less than a majority of the cast of this show.

    • J says:

      The GLADD report on the number of gay characters on TV vs straight characters is actually LESS proportional to the real life average of gay vs. straight people so not sure what evidence you have to back up the claim that Hollywood is portraying gay characters at any level of prevalence that could be considered a “majority”.

      • David Graf says:

        The GLADD report for 2016 states: “Of the 895 series regular characters expected to appear on broadcast scripted primetime programming in the coming year, 43 (4.8%) were identified as gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and queer. This is the highest percentage of LGBTQ series regulars GLAAD has ever found. There were an additional 28 recurring LGBTQ characters.” Whether this is more or less proportional to the real life average of gay vs. straight people is not as clear. There is still a strong bias against gays and so it is not surprising that many may not identify themselves as gay in surveys or polls.

        What is clear is that hate is the wrong response.

    • Wordsmith says:

      It would be BRILLIANT if you were actually trolling us and actually meant that Hollywood is leading us to believe that there are more lawyers in America than there really are.

  2. mariana says:

    why is this a big deal?

  3. J says:

    Anyone else hoping her girlfriend is Marissa!?

  4. Wez Za says:

    Oh WOW lets have a party

  5. PJ says:

    Kind of makes me think of folks who start their statement with “I don’t mean to sound _____ (racist, sexist, whatever), but … ” – if you’re starting a statement like that, stop immediately because you probably are.

  6. Collette says:

    Well, she’s a long way from Downton Abbey, then.

  7. Bill Johnson says:

    Why on earth is every show on TV seemingly shoving homosexuals down our throats on every show. It is getting harder and harder to watch because of this agenda!

    • Susan Henderson says:

      Totally agree with you Bill :)

    • tybabb says:

      Calm down, the only gay agenda going on is to turn every person on this earth gay and raise our children as little homosexuals! As a gay man myself, this agenda is very important to me and putting one gay character on a show is the start. We’re doing well!

      • Kathy says:

        Oh Ty – that made me laugh! I’m always wondering what shows these folks are watching that “shove” things “down their throat” Seriously – if my life was ruled by what’s on TV it would be filled with bad laugh tracks, melodramatic friends and lots of smart, educated women who seem incapable of understanding birth control. Gay men and lesbians? I have far more of those in my real life than I ever see on TV!

    • Wordsmith says:


    • rehabber says:

      I agree and I am doing a LOT more reading and much less tv.

    • abz says:

      Aww. Did someone hold a gun to Bill’s head and force him to watch television at all? Or did someone hide his remote from him?
      Seriously, some people need to grow the hell up. You don’t really see gay people complaining about all the heterosexual characters being shoved down their throats since forever. You aren’t entitled to have all TV characters be heterosexual.

    • Simon Jester says:

      Is it “shoving it down your throat” because you’re too dumb to figure out how to change channels on your remote?

  8. Leanne says:

    Like Paul Guilfoyle on CSI. Love Christine Barinski as well as Cush We will have to see where it goes. To bad Marguilles ego got in way of Good Wife and I like her but facts are facts

    • abz says:

      What facts? There will never be “facts” about this because none of us were behind the scenes to know. It’s all speculation, rumors, and gossip and its fueled by tabloids and media. The speculation may be true or it may be not, but it’s really annoying seeing comments like these that state things as “facts”.

  9. Mike says:

    Well I imagine the odds of the “kill your gays” curse striking are…somewhat smaller here than say, TWD or the 100. (Barring a reprise of the whole Will Gardner thing), so yay (fingers crossed)!

  10. Butch says:

    Remember after the first episode this show will be a CBS All Access exclusive, not CBS free TV, so most people will not have the chance to see this show as they will be unwilling to pay the monthly fee.

  11. Luffy says:

    So I guess Jon Snow knew absolutely nothing.