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The Big Bang Theory Season 10

Big Bang Theory: Why You Will Never See Howard and Bernadette's Baby

The following story contains spoilers about this week’s episode of The Big Bang Theory. Proceed at your own peril.

Halley is the new Mrs. Wolowitz.

Thursday’s The Big Bang Theory marked the arrival of Howard and Bernadette’s daughter, and, before we could even lay eyes on her, the little tyke was whisked off screen. And that’s where she will remain.

Showrunner Steve Molaro tells TVLine that the series’ newest addition will serve as an homage to Howard’s late, never-seen mother (and her portrayer Carol Ann Susi), right down to the ear-piercing shrieking (which viewers got a preview of at the end of the episode).

“She is a loving tribute to her grandmother — this is a nice way for us to keep [Mrs. Wolowitz] alive,” Molaro explains. “It also means we don’t have to have a baby on the set, so it solved lots of problems.”

Regarding the decision to name her Halley, Molaro says other monikers were explored, but, ultimately, he and his fellow EPs liked the connection to Halley’s Comet. “They’re all scientists and we decided to stay in the science and space arena,” he explains. “And since Howard was an astronaut and had been to space, we all just really liked [Halley].”

And as Molaro notes, “The thought of calling a little girl Hal seemed adorable to me.”

Did Big Bang‘s baby-themed episode deliver? Thoughts on little Halley being heard but never seen? Hit the comments!

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  1. neetztalks says:

    Lol clever! I like it

  2. TV Gord says:

    The cry is ludicrous but ultimately funny. I just hope they don’t overuse it.

  3. Daya says:

    I don’t mind, because I was thinking that I basically stopped paying attention to HIMYM around the time Marvin was born. (Not intentionally–it just happened.)

  4. Chris says:

    I don’t think I’ve been more annoyed with Raj than I did than in this episode. Yeah, he’s always been whiny with the “everybody’s in a relationship but me” schtick. But him spilling the gender, and storming off in a huff because everyone’s evolved over the years except him. I can see him doing both of these but the fact that he did both in the same episode felt like overkill, just bugged me.

  5. D says:

    Am I the only one sick enough that when I saw this heading on the main page I thought OMG they killed the baby!!!!!!!

    • Eurydice says:

      LOL, it crossed my mind. It seems every fall finale has had some “SHOCKING!!!” death – to the point that it would be more shocking if nobody died.

      • D says:

        I certainly would be surprised if a network drama ended without a MAJOR death. I never used to associate that with comedies, but HIMYM ruined me

        • D,
          You had to go and remind me of the cluster- that was the series finale of HIMYM.

          Raj and Stuart were both so intrusive in Bernadette’s pregnancy I was cringing not laughing.

          And the 50-something year old woman with a smoker’s cry put me off. If they’re going to keep using it, I’ll be sitting with my remote control within arms reach to mute it as soon as it begins. (Thank goodness for closed captioning).

    • Mark says:

      I wasn’t thinking dead, but I was thinking very sick. So when I actually got to watch the episode (West Coast), I got it and laughed so hard when the baby cried. But boy did the title (which is all I’d read) mislead me.

    • Mary says:

      I thought maybe it was going to be like Who Shot Bobby? on Dallas: Just a dream/nightmare that Bernadette had.

      • E. D. Boddy says:

        Bobby WAS shot. It was getting run over by a car that was the dream.

        • CountryQueen says:

          JR was shot, not Bobby. It was a big “Who Killed JR?” Summer.

          • andrew hass says:

            Bobby was shot too in the season finale before the one where he “died”.As for the Big Bang Theory, i think it’s a good idea to keep the baby off-screen at least for now because we can still see Howard and Bernadette struggling with parenthood without the baby been seen.Plus at Howard and Bernadette’s place there could be a picture of the baby in the background.

  6. ChicagoDan says:

    Great choice. That’s what I was hoping when they revealed this week they were skipping the cliche birthing scene. I’m betting MR voices Halley considering her dead-on Mrs. W impression.

    • Allee says:

      According to the credits, she was voiced by Pamela Adlon, who plays Bobby on King of the Hill and has been in countless other cartoons (and also, her own show, Better Things on FX). I’m going to guess that means they’ll keep her. She’s a funny lady, so it should be fun when Halley learns to talk.

  7. Eden says:

    Glad I’m not the only one who thinks Raj interjects himself way too much into Bernadette and Howard’s relationship. He really needs to get a life.

    Also want to say, I find it totally unbelievable that Amy and Sheldon are having sex. They should have kept him asexual or made him gay, and kept his relationship with Amy as just friends. They have zero chemistry.

    • Kim says:

      Lol, yeah no. You either have zero imagination if you find this unbelievable or no understanding of human sexuality that doesn’t fit into nice little boxes. Their sex life is totally believable for the characters they are and how they developed them. And why the F should they make Sheldon gay?

      • Tai says:

        Maybe because the actor is gay in real life and it would be nice if for once a major network show would break that “taboo”. Cuz in 2016, it really shouldn’t be a taboo at all.

        • Amy says:

          Nice if a major network show broke the taboo of a major character being gay? That ship sailed a long time ago. Most network shows have a main character who is gay. What shows are you watching?

        • Sword says:

          I’ve never wanted to stab someone like I do now.

        • Allee says:

          Um, Modern Family, The Real O’Neals, How to Get Away With Murder, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Last Man on Earth, Superstore, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. That’s just current network shows I currently watch. Historically, the first gay major character I remember was Jody (played by Billy Crystal) on Soap (1977). That was an ensemble cast, although Jody was an important character who appeared on every episode or almost every episode, not just a guest shot. If you’re talking lead characters, Ellen was a big deal when she came out in 1997, both her character on the show and her. Will and Grace followed in 1998.

          • Rex the Wonder Dog says:

            Also Alex Danvers on Supergirl just had a major coming out story that is receiving a lot of praise from the LGBT community. One person named Mary even related how Supergirl
            saved a girl’s life, that the girl no longer wanted to kill herself after seeing how Alex handled coming out.

        • BH says:

          For once… are you kidding me

        • E. D. Boddy says:

          Then Will on “Will and Grace” should have been straight … because the actor is straight, right?

        • SB says:

          What would really “break that taboo” is if we had an asexual character. It’s easy to name shows that have a gay character but when was the last time a major show has had an asexual character? I honestly can’t think of a single one.

        • Jesse Carlson says:


        • kingstonmike says:

          Coughcough Soap coughcough the 70s coughcough.

      • suzi says:

        “…human sexuality that doesn’t fit into nice little boxes.” Sheldon being asexual would have fit that scenario just fine. While I think the show has mostly succeeded in showing the Evolution of Sheldon (although it’s still a stretch sometimes as to why Amy puts up with him) I’m not sure it was necessary–retaining his uniqueness could have been a nice, original move for the show.

        • Allee says:

          I find it a little icky when he and Amy are physical. I don’t know if this is because it is so awkward or because it’s just awkward that they’re showing character sex on a sit-com at all (They never show Leonard and Penny or Howard and Bernadette getting physical, and I can think of few other sit-coms where they really do). But I guess Sheldon’s relationship with Amy had to either progress or end for it to be realistic.

          • CountryQueen says:

            We’ve seen Leonard and Penny fooling around many, many times. We’ve also seen Howard & Bernadette fooling around. Fooling around meaning in bed either before or after. So, yeah, we see them “having sex.”

          • Cassie says:

            So what I’m understanding is, the people that don’t believe in the Shamy have never gone outside of their comfort zone for the the progression of a relationship. You try new things. You move in together. You have children. People change as they age and mature.

          • Gern Blanston says:

            I find their physical relationship off putting as well. it just seems so forced to me. Growing as a character is one thing, but the writers went so far in one direction with Sheldon that this seems like too much the other way. Also, the writers only seem to address his sexual development once or twice a season and in between those episodes he reverts back to his old self which makes it even more jarring. He had no interest, like zero interest, not even in a purely scientific way, in women for so long that any interest that he shows now comes across as pure fan service and not organic to the character.

          • Collette says:

            Not to men6ion that Amy looks like she smells like a musty closet. She embodies the prison handful of pardons cliche’.

          • Allee says:

            CountryQueen, we have seen them in bed but not making out. Don’t get me wrong — I think it is done on purpose (Sheldon and Amy) to show just how awkward they are together.

    • dancmh says:

      They missed a huge opportunity to make Raj and Stewart a gay couple years ago. Now they’re just boring messes that keep the other characters looking somewhat normal.

      • suzi says:

        That’s just what it would have been, Making them gay. Neither character ever showed the slightest sexual interest in men—one has his picture next to the definition of metrosexual and both are so needy and insecure that all relationships are doomed. The show needs to stop screwing with these two and remember if Sheldon found a girl, anyone can, and introduce an actual gay character.

        • E. D. Boddy says:

          Exactly. I’m getting tired of characters who have exclusively shown interest in the opposite sex, and never in the same sex, being re-created as “surprise! they’re gay now! Psych! Now pat us on the back for being such a progressive show!”

      • Ben says:

        +1. That ship sailed a long time ago. The relationship with Howard was really “special” at the begining of the show and Raj give all the signals… so the progression of that would had felt normal (a bisexual Raj now still would be normal IMO xD)

    • Ellen says:

      Oh gosh no! There’s a sweetness and almost innocent quality to their sexual relationship as they learn about their sexually. It’s not like they make a major production about it every episode. In fact is only between twice – once last season, once this season. Like all the characters (well except Raj) they are letting Sheldon grow.

  8. Edna Rosenberger says:

    Missed many chances of good comedy tonight during Bernadette labor. Howard and Raz way to calm. Just wasn’t funny. But like the name not seeing baby not so much.

    • Sheila says:

      What could they do with a labor scene that hasn’t been done in every other TV show or movie?

      • Allee says:

        I agree. I think it is an annoying sit-com trope (another one is the obligatory “We’re writing our own vows, but he can’t think of anything” episode), where everyone gathers around, and they hold up the 2-month old baby that’s supposed to be a newborn. This was better.

  9. Georgia Lutton says:

    I think it makes a lot of sense. Bringing a baby on screen with the other characters would change the dynamic too much.

  10. Alex says:

    This is a brilliant and incredibly smart decision! I had gotten bored of the show last season and was utterly dreading the pregnancy storyline and a baby addition, yet I stand corrected. This season has been very fun and fresh with the new living arrangements and the decision to *not* incorporate a baby into the cast and instead use it as the new off-screen character is the best twist they could have ever come up with. Keep it up!

  11. Pat says:

    I was so disappointed that they had the character of Raj blurt out what the baby’s gender was. I love this show, but this one I was not to happy with.

  12. Jodi Johnson says:

    Not nice. I believe the viewers deserve to see the baby we waited a long time for her to be born

    • Anonymous says:

      Exactly. I watch The Big Bang pretty much every day, even if they are old episodes. All of the viewers waited for ages and it makes you wonder why Bernadette was pregnant in the first place. It was sort of funny how the baby sounded like Mrs. Wolowitz but not having the baby seen at all is a bit of a stretch. The idea is sweet but, really? They shouldn’t put the baby in every episode, but maybe every 3 or 4 episodes.

    • Anonymous says:

      I was really annoyed when Raj blurted out the gender the baby. That ruined the whole episode

  13. Patricia says:

    No no no adding a baby puts all new stories into play it’s terrible to never see her!!!

  14. TvLover says:

    I’m glad the show’s writers are able to have Howard and Bernadette’s baby be a part of the show without actually having to be on the show. But, hopefully they won’t overdo the super annoying baby crying even though it’s supposed to sound like Howard’s mom, I can see it getting really old really fast.
    And it’s about time Howard and Bernadette kicked Stuart and Raj out. I’m glad I’m not alone in thinking how intrusive those two characters were being through out that storyline especially toward the end. Again I say, give the character Raj a real storyline soon, And make him less winey, or just write him and Stuart off the show once and for all.

  15. Kathy says:

    My husband and I thought it was very cute and funny at the same time that Halley sounded like her Grandma. We thought it was a lovely tribute to her memory. I don’t however like the idea that we will never see her. I think that is carrying it a bit to far. We love her name though. Please let us see her especially with Sheldon.

  16. missy says:

    I was about to be all “Why even make Bernie pregnant?” and then I read the article.

    That’s unbelievably sweet, and the name is clever too :D

    I’m so excited to see this episode when it airs here(probably early next year)!

  17. Collette says:

    How do Howard and Raj tie their shoes? In astro-knots.

  18. Holly says:

    I’d like to see the new baby just a few times, but I do understand why you want it kept secret.

  19. Patricia Torres says:

    Don’t like the idea of baby never seen. People like to see babies. Bad move.

  20. Kira says:

    I swear all of the writers and producers made a bet to to see how little they could change on this show around season 7. Bernadette was pregnant for 11 months; Now we’ll never see the baby; Penny and Leonard got married but didn’t live together for entire seasons; Raj is still an afterthought and saddled with cliched/racist arcs. I used to really like this show but it’s painfully awful now.

  21. Rhonda Powell says:

    I think hiding the baby from the show, or hiding the new addition to the group, is wrong. It seems to of been done out of laziness and inconvenience. How is that keeping Howards.mother alive? Thats just an excuse not to do xtra work. You can shut out Charlies Angel s boss, or Tool Times neighbors face, but their baby? Seriously? Not a good choice and people arent going to watch it. I take it that the series is being cancelled. Why else would you, or could you,delete their child growing up? What excuse.or reason are you going to keep giving viewers about their meals without a baby? You put the baby in the closet at dinner time? This is short term, because you can only pull this off for so long. Did you writers ever think that maybe the baby in the picture might add to more story lines and become more interesting? Shirley Temple and Drew Barrymore did pretty good. Your making a terrible decision and taking this series off the air before it gets cancelled. People were excited to see their baby, then later child, added to this corney, but funny group!

    • E. D. Boddy says:

      They said we’re not going to SEE the baby, like with Mrs. Wolowitz. It doesn’t mean it won’t be heard or referred to.

    • CountryQueen says:

      I can’t wait to keep watching. Good thing the writers have an imagination.

    • Michelle Brovitz says:

      we don’t need to see the baby to know it’s there, just like in the birth episode…

    • Allee says:

      They’re having a baby because that is what happens in real life with people this age, some people marry and have children, and it would be weird for them all to be these late 30-somethings where none of them did (like Seinfeld, where it was pretty much acknowledged that the reason none of them married was that they were all too toxic for anyone to want). But they are keeping the baby off the show because it would change the dynamic of the show in a bad way to have it suddenly be a show about a baby. It’s different on a show like Life in Pieces or Modern Family, where it’s supposed to be about a family dynamic, and that’s what people signed up for. They have long established that Bernadette isn’t a kid-lover, had to be talked into having kids, and makes enough money to hire a nanny (or Stuart), so it makes sense.

    • Allee says:

      Rhonda, Big Bang is not getting canceled or in danger of getting canceled. It is the most popular comedy on television by a lot, fifth most popular overall show (Third most popular scripted show behind Walking Dead and Empire last year — two of the other “shows” over it were football). If you love babies, though, you should try Life in Pieces. That’s a fun show about a family dynamic.

  22. Hazel says:

    I liked the episode, it was fun. I was a bit disappointed to hear we won’t see the baby, but I will watch and see how they do it. I have a feeling they will do a great job with it. It seems like a sweet idea.

  23. Nathalie says:

    BBQ hasn’t been good in many many episodes. This one wasn’t better. When.did the writers stop caring? Why go to the trouble of printing out an fMRI slice when then neither the location of the activation is named correctly, nor the cause of the activation fits the location. I as a scientists am beryl disappointed how careless the authors have become in this once famed collaboration of true geeky jokes amid silly sitcom. Plus – the actor of Sheldon has become too old for anyone to find him endearing anymore. He is just annoying.

  24. kmw says:

    I understand why the producers don’t want to have the baby on screen. But it doesn’t make it right. Also you don’t need the baby on screen ever moment or even every episode( was Rachel on Friends with her child all the time? No) I don’t care what their reason is why have that couple have a baby if you aren’t going to show it AT ALL. Just silly.

  25. TvLover says:

    After thinking about it, I feel it would have been funny for Sheldon to at least interact with the baby, a few times.
    Actually, he was having a better relationship with Bernadette because of it, which was nice.
    And they could use the baby sporadically throughout episodes, or not in every episode like so many other shows have done. But I guess, kids and animals are notoriously difficult to work with so I guess the show runners didn’t want the hassle.
    To me it seems like it was a big buildup and then the audience won’t get to see her.
    Oh well.

  26. Rex the Wonder Dog says:

    I actually like this idea. Much better than when Mindy gave birth to 6 month old twins on Mork & Mindy.

  27. Kim R says:

    I like the idea of no on-screen baby time but if my baby cried like she had been smoking 2 packs a day, I would be very concerned. I understand the funny of it but continuing it sort of takes out of the story and puts us in a skit.

  28. Howard’s mother was seen on camera in atleast one episode.

    • scsandib says:

      I believe if you search this, you will find that the actor playing Mrs. Wolowicz was never seen on camera. Also, we still don’t know Penny’s maiden name

      • kmorrison2017 says:

        Mrs. Wolowitz was seen walking back and forth in the kitchen behind Raj sitting at the dining table. Raj was at her house. There was food and he ate some. Mrs. Wolowitz fixed more food and more food. Mrs. Wolowitz had on a floral dress, was short and wide. Not sure what # season it was or title/subject of episode. Her famous ‘brisket’ might even have been mentioned and prepared. Raj may have ended up staying overnight, falling sleep after eating so much. Could I be remembering red silk pajamas worn by Raj, Raj being there overnight, and then Raj attempting to exit out a window and Mrs. Wolowitz pulling him back inside??

  29. CountryQueen says:

    For those complaining about not seeing the baby, just google baby and look at random pix. It’s not like she’s really their baby.

  30. BillyBobJohnson says:

    “Open the pod bay doors, Hal”. 2001: A Space Odyssey jokes coming to a show near you.

  31. Jean vanasse says:

    Great show but do not over think it. Show the baby all parents show their baby! Make it funny as you always do but make it real. Please get Sheldon married get them all married or with someone and just have fun until the time comes to say good bye. Please stop all the old reruns.

  32. Jesse Carlson says:

    Not sure how I feel yet, was excited for the new addition, yet love the idea of keeping Mrs. Hollowitz “alive”.

  33. Lisa Echerd says:

    Halley is a nice name and I can do without seeing the baby. Please don’t call her Hal; that just ruins a great name.

  34. Courtney Larson says:

    I was hoping for something a little more in line with the show actually being funny. It’s lost the funny for me and I’m sure many others. I’ve found myself either cringing or shaking my head at the lack of funny this show has been exhibiting in the nearly 18 or so minutes per episode, for the last several seasons.

    The use of the shriek as part of the homage to Carol Ann and thus Howard’s mother is actually rather annoying. Babies DO NOT sound like that. The thinking behind the name is nice. As for Raj and even Stewart, they are both becoming almost parasitic as characters, with the way they’ve been written into the storylines we’ve seen, especially in Bernadette’s pregnancy.

    I have to wonder if things are going to change for the better all around the show, since after 10 seasons it’s now showing its age. Add to that, with contract re-negotiations ongoing as part of the show’s future, the overall cost of the series per episode is likely to go up, since the cast salaries are the most expensive part of the series & it will likely go up for the supporting cast.

  35. vinny says:

    I thought it was a nice touch not seeing the baby and it being the spirit of Howard’s mom. My wife is a stickler for any portrayal that’s not real (like have the baby already – you can’t be pregnant for a year). I’m more forgiving – this is TV after all.

  36. OAS says:

    Can her Merle name be Marie after scientist Marie Curie.?

  37. DM Allmen says:

    Not seeing Big Bang’s baby Halley is a huge let down!

  38. Mary says:

    A new life replacing an old one is beautiful, but a new life can also signal a new beginning. I personally think she should be seen, maybe more than heard!

  39. Rosemary Williams says:

    We should see her at least once

  40. Robin Catherine Hieronymus says:


  41. I don’t like it. It would be nice to see the group grow up, and I would love to watch Sheldon with the baby.

  42. Tina Chruszczyk says:

    I think it’s a real shame to never show Howard and Bernadette’ . All the build up and anticipated joy and havoc have been a huge let down. I hope the writers change their minds and soon! It’s also time for Raj to have a special moment in this series. I would love to see Sheldon and Amy have a surprise pregnancy. He would be so fuuny.

  43. Mel says:

    I think it’s stupid, and so isn’t he babies cry.

  44. Chester Borland says:

    I think it’s a very fitti g tribute to Carol Anne Susi!

  45. Shalitha E Thompson says:

    Big bang Theory is my most fav show. It was always a disappointment that we never got to see Howards mom. I couldn’t wait to see the beautiful addition to my show but bow i am extremely disappointed

  46. Jxjxjcj says:

    Not showing the baby is just weird, unless there’s a running gag of how ugly the baby is (Friends and Seinfeld) this is just a lazy decision for not having a baby on set

  47. James Peters says:

    I understand your thinking between Howard’s mother and Halley. But don’t agree. My wife and I actually looked forward to hilarious episodes including the new baby, baby seen not only heard. We have come to believe the writers of Big Bang are gifted, so, why not lend those skills to include visible Halley?

  48. Joan Pirone says:

    Ridiculous first hand..Show us the baby

  49. Pat says:

    Sick and tired of Big Bang reruns, enough is enough and why do the characters act so dumb if they are SUPPOSE to be SO smart!!!!!!!!