Vampire Diaries Steroline Spoilers

Matt's Inside Line: Vampire Diaries Scoop, Plus Scorpion, Once, Homeland, Arrow, Lucifer, Bones, Zoo and More

Will a Vampire Diaries duo share one last dance? Who will ride to a Team Scorpion member’s rescue? What do we know about Bones‘ big finish? Who’s new on Zoo? Read on for answers to those questions plus teases from other shows.

Fans of The Vampire Diaries have always loved dances. Will we see Stefan and Caroline dancing this season again?—Steroline TVD
Let’s start with the good news here: Executive producer Julie Plec knows full well how much the fans value a good dance. Now for the bad: “I think I can finally admit defeat that we weren’t able to fit in a final decade dance before the series ends, which I’m very sad about,” Plec says. “But we do have Miss Mystic Falls coming up, and of course, our most famous dancing has been done there.”

I read that Ralph gets kidnapped on Scorpion. How does Team Scorpion deal with that? —Stephanie
First of all, you should keep in mind: poor Ralph is also a genius member of Team Scorpion. Secondly, that Christmas episode (airing Dec. 19) also has an A-plus homage to Home Alone, as only Walter & Co. can pull off.

After months of straight up denial, I am now willing to accept the fact that we’re onto our last 12 episodes ever… Throw me a Bone(s) here!! #seewhatididthere. —Bethania
I can’t tell you what will happen in the series finale, but I can tell you what won’t happen. Booth and Brennan will not be walking away from their respective jobs to start a new, less-dangerous life. “We did that in the Season 10 finale,” notes co-showrunner Michael Peterson. “And since we don’t like repeating ourselves, it [forced] us to brainstorm a different [conclusion].” And here’s another exclusive nugget about the Fox drama’s swan song: The series-finale episode is titled, “The End in the End.”

The vodka arrow-vodkathat Arrow‘s Oliver drank at Susan’s place was Russian. They even paused on the bottle for a second, so there is no way that’s a coincidence. Could he be hallucinating [Laurel]? Maybe Susan is in league with Prometheus? —Brandarsh
That conspicuous “vodka shot” was one of the first things I asked co-showrunner Wendy Mericle about during our recent chat, and after a hearty laugh, she said: “Were we too obvious with that?” But rather than offering a clue to any agenda Susan might have, it was more a nod to her ongoing investigation of Mayor Queen’s past. “I would call that foreshadowing more than anything else,” Mericle said. “Susan is certainly on that [Oliver-in-Russia] train, for sure.”

What can we expect from Klaus and Hayley’s relationship this  spring on The Originals? —Erin
“Hayley and Klaus ended Season 3 in a pretty good place,” exec producer Michael Narducci reminds us. “He was able to do what he had to in order to save his siblings, and he was able to trust his child in the hands of this woman he has come to respect and trust more than he does a lot of other people.” And it sounds like things are only going to improve when the former lovers eventually reunite: “They trust and each other and will do whatever it takes to protect their kid, and I think you’ll start to see a lot more of that. They’re not lovers, but they’re parents of this girl, and they have to be in concert if they’re going to do everything they need to do to raise her and protect her.”

Anything lucifer-chloe-miracle-babyyou can tease about Chloe on Lucifer? We know she’s the blessed child, but does that mean she’s more than just human? —Jenny
Pressed for what exactly to “call” Chloe coming off that fall finale bombshell, showrunner Ildy Modrovich said, “If we wanted to put a nice little label on her, I think she is, definitely, a miracle, because she wasn’t supposed to be born, and then Amenadiel came down and blessed Penelope’s womb — and that’s the only time he’s ever done that.” Meaning, “God is the one that basically put her in Lucifer’s path, and made her the only human immune to his charms.”

Any scoop on the new NBC series Emerald City? —Gina
I’m a couple hours in, and I’m digging it so far. First and foremost, it’s gorgeous. The set designs are wonderfully innovative (and sometimes super-creepy). Adria Arjona — who after some head-scratching I eventually realized played Person of Interest‘s Dani Silva — is magnetic as Dorothy, while Romanian actress Ana Ularu appears to be having a helluva time as (the Wicked Witch of the) West. My only quibble so far: amid the intricate world building, the storytelling is just a tiny bit glacial.

Any early word on Season 3 of Zoo? — Meesha
Casting is currently underway for several roles, including Jackson’s “future” girlfriend; a deadly bi-racial operative with a surprising tie to one of the heroes; and a young woman who looks an awful lot like [Spoiler]!

Why doesOnce Upon a Time Once Upon a Time‘s Gideon wants to kill Emma? Is it because she’s the Savior, or does he have his own reasons? —Rebecca
“‘Why does he need to kill her?’ is the real question,” says co-creator Eddy Kitsis — but we will have to wait (many weeks) for the answer. Until then, Adam Horowitz previews, “We pick up with that [pawn shop] scene, and Gold and Belle will articulate some of the questions that our viewers have” — including: “What happened to Gideon? Why is he seemingly after Emma? And in her vision, what is motivating him?” — “and most of that stuff gets answered pretty quickly.” (For more on Once, I teased Episode 12 in this week’s Ask Ausiello Live.)

Got any scoop on Grimm? —Jen
Episode 3 of the new season (premiering Friday, Jan. 6) has a pretty cool fight between two-ish characters you might not expect.

Eagerly awaiting the return of both 24 and Prison Break, so if you have any scoop on either, spill it…. —Michelle
I haven’t laid eyes on Prison Break yet, but 24: Legacy is sufficiently reminiscent of Jack Bauer’s earlier bad days. In the style of SNL‘s Stefon, it’s got everything: A hero with almost no one he can trust. A sought-after McGuffin. Nosy CTU computer wonks. Ambitious politicians. Important people getting sneaked up on and tasered. I would certainly give it a look.

I’m dyingHOMELAND for a Homeland scoop. I’ll take anything! —Jess
With Season 6 nearly a month away, we can probably talk about the elephant in the hospital room — meaning, the fact that [well-known Spoiler] is alive. “We really thought that Carrie was going to kill him at the end of the season,” showrunner Alex Gansa says of Quinn’s stroke and the lead-up to Carrie pondering pulling the plug. “And then when we got there, we just couldn’t do it. There was the whole business about her faith and this newfound Catholicism, and we were like, ‘I just don’t think she is going to kill him at the end.'” The even better news for Carrie/Quinn fans is this: “The Quinn you’re going to see this season is not the Quinn you’ve seen before,” Gansa shares, “and that’s going to actually open up possibilities between him and Carrie.”

Now that Ghost Rider is gone, will Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.‘s Daisy go back to her Inhumans storyline? —Lee Lee
Coming off her most unexpected “rejoining” of S.H.I.E.L.D. in the fall finale, Daisy aka Quake “has been thrust into a new role,” says showrunner Jed Whedon. “For one, she’s now famous, which changes your dynamic. So she’s going to have to just be a soldier for a little while”— and thus set aside any lingering emotional issues (though as Whedon teases, “They will probably rear their ugly head in ways that she’s not ready for”). As for returning to her powered roots, “We’re not focusing on Inhuman lore right now,” the EP says, “because we were knee-deep in it for a while.”

Real questions, real answers! If you need the Inside Line on a favorite show, email!  (With reporting by Andy Swift, Vlada Gelman and Scott Huver)

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  1. kia says:

    It’s not much but at least finally something on the final season of Bones. Thanks!

  2. Joey P says:

    Thanks for TVD Nd The Originals scoop… Klaus looooves Miss Mystic Falls

    • Sterocest says:

      BARF. At least no Delena for now

    • Sara says:

      This is TVD LAST SEASON can we PLEASE get spoilers OTHER than steroline??? PLEASE?!?!

      • Stacey says:

        Lol, but that doesn’t mean JoMo won’t be crossing over for the final episode. And of course CK wouldn’t divulge that info, she’s done the same thing in the past, a la the 100th episode, about there being no Klaus, lol. Plus, CMD already let it slip and has been hence confirmed that there are going to be multiple crossovers on TO and he’s a KC shipper! So plenty of time to see a KC endgame!!

      • Stacey says:

        Amen Sara! Would love some info regarding the plot!

    • Ray says:

      Oh no. Crazy pants is back. Stop with the Steroline weirdness. A new hobby is a good thing. Or a new tv show to obsess about. Please just stop panting for the awful Caroline and Stefan pairing. Thanks. Peace.

      • rita says:

        why don’t you find a new hobby rather than attacking people? i think you can’t because you are generally disgusting and bitter! you are welcome :)

  3. andrew hass says:

    As for Bones, even though Brennan and Booth won’t be walking away from their careers in the series finale i do wonder if their careers play a part in what happens.Maybe one or both of them get new career opportunities.

    • EL says:

      Maybe Booth could go back into the army and Brennan could go on an anthropological field trip say to somewhere like the Flores Islands and Maluku.

      • kmw says:

        They already did that and if they hadn’t that wouldn’t happen now anyway. Brennan isn’t going to be traipsing off with her kids and not have a stable life for them. My feeling is they both will have different jobs in their buildings with Brennan most likely going part time and maybe Booth getting a promotion ( he deserves a better office than Aubry). It will be interesting to see how it ends

  4. kmw says:

    Thanks for the Bones scoop. Very interesting that they aren’t leaving their jobs, but really I am glad they aren’t having them do that again since they just did that. Wow I am intrigued now by how Booth and Brennan and everyone else move on or maybe just go on which would be fine. Thanks again for the scoop

  5. Hannah says:

    Let’s hope this will be the last bit of fanservice for Stefan and Caroline fans. I can barely watch this current season without rolling my eyes at the june wedding comments. It’s so unrealistic for a couple of vamps who live FOREVER to want to get married after 1 year of actual dating. He showed more love and passion with Elena, and I just don’t buy it. I wish Caroline was single, she was so much more headstrong and independent back in seasons 2-5

    • Meina says:

      I agree wholeheartedly. I’m so disappointed in this last season

    • Stacey says:

      This!! Though I prefer Klaroline, I would be fine with Caroline single too! Stefan killed kids, don’t know how that is okay with Caroline. It’s like her character regressed back to its S1 self!

    • Vicky McNeill says:

      I agree, the show needs to end.Stefan and Caroline were better just being frends.There is no passion. I think Caroline was better with Mat or Rick.

      • risa says:

        imagine thinking Caroline was better with Rick! lol

        • Sara says:

          They have way more romantic chemistry than sterocest. I would’ve taken Tyler over this forced no chemistry mess. I would rather see Stefan and Seline, the few scenes we got of them showed more chemistry than sc.

          • Stacey says:

            Caroline and a Solo cup have more chemistry than Sterocest! Great friendship that was ruined to make a bland ship!

        • risa says:

          yeah Klaus has the best chemistry with o coffin.. this is where he belongs.. Stefan and Seline and Caroline and Alaric.. lol you guys stop embarrassing yourself.. great frienship that turned into a beautiful relationship ..and Steroline have no chemistry yet you guys take all te sc related scenes to make your creepy manips..desperate much??

          • Stacey says:

            First, yes it was a wonderful friendship, but just since you’re great friends doesn’t mean that chemistry will be transferred over to a romantic relationship. And I haven’t seen any ugly manips using SC scenes. And Klaus in a coffin, really. Well he’s getting out by episode 3 at the latest, so that will be over soon enough.

          • risa says:

            he will go back there in the end of TO soon again because him ultimate endgame is death :) go back making your maniups now.. SC dance coming soon :)

          • risa says:

            go search KC maniups in google..and your eyes will be brunt :)

          • Stacey says:

            He’s not dying. So you want a little girl to grow up without her dad, never knowing how much he loved her? Klaus will live since he needs to protect his daughter and the rest of his family. No thanks to the msnips and Julie just threw shade about the dance, lol.

          • risa says:

            lol! yeah because random people dancing in the episode would be an answer to that question,, yeah it’s clearly a shade..

  6. Peaxe says:

    Klaroline at Miss Mystic Falls :)

  7. mishty says:

    wish we are having a Steroline dance!!

  8. Michele says:

    Quinn deserves happiness this season :'(

  9. Katryn says:

    I smell a Delena flashback :) Delena and Klaroline please!

  10. mona says:

    so we are having a Steroline dance? SO EXCITED!!

  11. liya says:

    so ready for Steroline dance! i am very happy that steroline having so much epic scenes this season!!

    • Val M. says:

      Because you won’t get the june wedding, it’s the way Julie works

      • liya says:

        at least i don’t have to see ANY KLAROLINE scenes :) i am okay with that then :)

        • Val M. says:

          Then you will be disappointed ;)

          • liya says:

            Candice confirmed there won’t be any cross over including Caroline both in TVD and TO ind the tvd Orlando con.. so guess I won’t be disappointed but a know a few who would be SO disappointed and will send death threats to Julie and Candice :)

          • Stacey says:

            Lol, but that doesn’t mean JoMo won’t be crossing over for the final episode. And of course CK wouldn’t divulge that info, she’s done the same thing in the past, a la the 100th episode, about there being no Klaus, lol. Plus, CMD already let it slip and has been hence confirmed that there are going to be multiple crossovers on TO and he’s a KC shipper! So plenty of time to see a KC endgame!!

        • moon says:

          Candice talked about her character not crossing over .. you know like 3X14 of TO or the one including Alaric or the one with Matt.. and Candice doesn’t give a fuck anymore.. look now how she DESTROYS every kc shippers heart on her interviews.. and she hates KC to the core so she was more than happy to inform it.. I don’t know about the SC endgame but we are so blessed to have all these epic scenes which you will guys need to manips while crying over every SC related article or spoiler and shouting that Klaus loves Caroline who was confused MULTIPLE times if he wants to kill her or not :)

      • rim says:

        keep crying over every SC related scoop and article about how ugly SC is while making manips of their scenes for your non existence ship.. keep saying how CMD and JoMo loves KC while ignoring how Candice hates KC to the core. so much she jumped for the opportunity like listen i don’t know about the cross overs but Caroline won’t be the part of it.. lol guys if you hate SC so much why are you so obsessed with your NOTP ? no one goes and post hate comments on KC related articles.. well there isn’t any KC related article for ages oh that’s why you guys are desperately seeking for attention!! GOOD

        • Stacey says:

          Lol, hates Klaroline? She just said a couple of days ago her ultimate ending would be on a ship traveling the world with Klaus. Plus, PW said the same thing he’s been saying for years. He wants to take off his ring and walk into the sun. Google it or check Twitter if you don’t believe me. She was definitely pro-KC at the convention over the weekend. And it’s a proven fact she lies when she gets these questions. That would give too much away. Anyways, why are you @ me with anti-KC stuff, seems like you’re the ones obsessed with your NOTP. This is expecially true on Twitter. And this is not a SC article, it’s a general spoiler article.

          • liya says:

            lol how dumb are you? do you understand sarcasm? she said it after PW said he thought shipping means two people traveling in a ship together.. she also said Klaroline wasn’t even suppose to happen.. and do i have to give you a list how she DIMINISHES and BASH you guys in her interviews.. PW isn’t part of KC .. he just said what he wants for his character.. lol.. check your first comment you were here talking about your OTP.. don’t deny the fact that you don’t spill hate in every SC related article.. i didn’t go and argue with you.. YOU STARTED IT.. you guys are hateful and bitter everywhere.. that’s your fandom’s special criteria :)

    • liya says:

      Stacy i am not saying there won’t be any cross over I am saying Caroline won’t be included in any of it.. Candice didn’t say there won’t be any cross over she said Caroline won’t be part of it.. you know just like 3×14 of TO.. CMD didn’t answered about KC he talked about the cross over and TVD has finished filming 8×13 and TO will be finished shooting before TVD.. let’s be honest if there were more cross overs we would have known by now.. and you guys still want your 5 seconds endgame scene and it seem like they won’t be in the same room.. lol… maybe it will happen over phone.. and you guys will fangirl about it.. lol.. you can have it.. I don’t want it.. even if SC are not endgame we have all these EPIC scenes which you guys need to make your manips :)

      • Stacey says:

        Lol, we can make our own manips without your ugly Steroline scenes, thanks. Believe what you like, but this is the same thing that happened in S5 and S7. They did bring on a few characters, that haven’t been revealed yet, on TO’s last two episodes. CH and NB were already confirmed so it’s not them. So who knows. And it’s still in the realm of possibility that JoMo crosses over onto the final TVD episode and they do a flash forward. She never dismissed that. I’m happy with a KC endgame or at least with Caroline single getting out of MF for good.

        • liya says:

          lol! i can give you thousand of examples of your creepy maniups that you guys made from SC scenes even back from season 2.. Candice said she won’t appear in ANY CROSSOVERS.. a flash forward? why would they give away Klaus’s storyline? lol.. this is stupid,, i wold be happy with a SC endgame or Caroline single because together or not Stefan Salvatore will always remain the love of Caroline Forbe’s life.. DEAL WITH IT :) it is hilarious that you think Candice would join TO.. again this is coming for a fandom who wants a five second endgame scene out of nowhere.. well you guys were the easiest to manipulate so…

          • Stacey says:

            And before that Tyler was her love. She’s a vampire, life has a different meaning now. And they gave away TO’s ending last year in the crossover episode, so not new territory. Also a new spoiler just came out that TVD’s last two episodes will perfectly tie in with TO this year. Basically a continuation.

          • liya says:

            oh God! KC isn’t happening coz Candice won’t join TO.. Candice said she wants a good ending for her character along with TVD. please stop being in delusion land you are embarrassing yourself

          • Stacey says:

            Trust me, I’m not the delusional one. You are if you think Steroline is endgame. Prepare to be Plec’d. And a good ending for Caroline would be for her to leave the Salvatores behind and travel around the world by herself or with Bonenzo. I prefer KC but I would be fine with that ending too!

          • liya says:

            i would be find with that ending too coz Stefan Salvatore will still remain the love of her life and while Klaus would be in the coffin! bye.. enjoy seeing your own version of TVD aand be prepare to make creepy manips and comment on every SC related article about your non exictance ship!!

          • Stacey says:

            Lol, they’re doing a time jump and Klaus will out of his imprisonment soon. Lol, remember Elena was Stefan’s epic love and before that Rebekah and before that Valerie. And for Care it as Matt and Tyler. Please SC is no where near the epic love area. Bye, I’ll enjoy watching Sterobore end!

        • liya says:

          do you even know what maniups mean? it means “photo-manipulation” .. well that what you guys need though coz you guys don’t have enough scnes anyway :)

          • Stacey says:

            Yes I do know what they mean. And the ones on look at onTwitter do not use Steroline scenes, jeez.

          • liya says:

            ha ha.. then they must have used CK scenes then.. the fact that the couple who don’t have 20 scenes together and in those 20 scenes are including abuse and murder and you guys dreaming that they are endgame.. lol… i have to tell you Stacy with all the embarrassing things your fandoms do the manips are number 1 because those are so creepy ,, lol

          • Stacey says:

            Lol, actually CK has used our own manips, and those were really creepy! And please your fandom is so pathetic on Twitter. You guys and CKers spend so much time on our pages it’s funny! And scene wise, I’ll take quality over quatity any day of the week.

          • liya says:

            you guys literally go and attack every sc ers after each episode airs now and we spend time on your pages! You know one of you actually told me to kill myself.. ok maybe i am generalizing .. I am sorry Stacy.. it’s just a tv show.. i mean today even here i was commenting on the article and you guys came after me well i kinda lost it.. sorry :0

          • Stacey says:

            I am sorry someone from my fandom told you to do that. That is disgusting, I hope you reported them. And on TVD nights I only participate in out pro-KC trends. I don’t go on SC tags and stay on KCers tags. We each love our ships and that’s fine. I think we can both agree that we hopefully will get a fitting ending for TVD.

          • liya says:

            yeah i just blocked them.. yes i wish we both find a fitting ending for tvd :)

      • Stacey says:

        With you posting what you just did, doesn’t make you any better. You’re the one whom is being hateful and bitter. And throwing insults too. Just like the majority of your fandom. And I have seen barbs traded on multiple threads. CK always pushes the current SL, during S1 she was pro-Daroline! Her softening as of late towards KC is somewhat telling is all I’m saying. Plus, JP always loves to mess with ships, SC is not going to last for much longer, enjoy it while you can.

        • liya says:

          Enjoy while you can.. yeah hearing it it for 3 years now.. we throw insults and you throw death threats,,You guys literally post hate comments in every SC related article thinking it might change the storyline .. i didn’t even reply to your comments… you guys came here as always wanted to pick a fight because you guys have nothing good to do..Candice never says anything good about KC .. see her any latest interview even with Tv line.. she diminishes the idea of KC every chance she gets… Candice always wanted what was best for character.. she hated the season 7 storyline too.. I m not saying that I am sure SC is endgame at least we have epic scenes together… you guys have nothing so stay bitter in your own lane :)

          • Stacey says:

            Death threats? I would never do something as vile as that, so mind yourself. And all fandoms have some bad shippers, not fandom is all good. We are much bigger fandom that why we have more. Percentage wise though, it’s basically the same. Bye, I will enjoy, as PW so poetically put it, the dismantling of Steroline.

          • liya says:

            PW also said at this point there is no chance that SC June Wedding isn’t happening.. percentage wise or not at least none of from our fandom do that.. lol enjoy being on the delusion land!! bye :)

          • Stacey says:

            Lol, have you seen other TVD weddings? Lol, delusional land is SJW, bye!

          • liya says:

            have you seen Klaus and Caroline in the same room in three years.. yeah I am the delusional one where you are…lol.. i don’t have words to describe you :)

          • Stacey says:

            Well know this, I didn’t call you dumb or say you make death threats so I must have some level of decorum. Lol bye!

          • liya says:

            I ma sorry.. really.. i don’t mean any of that.. you know one of from your fandom told me to kill myself.. so now i just kind a lost it.. sorry.. it’s just a TV show.. i really am sorry :)

          • Stacey says:

            Same here! Please report and block those people! That is disgusting! I’m so sorry you had to deal with that!

  12. cristle says:

    Paul dancing again? FINALLY!!

  13. Val M. says:

    The Originals: Will Hayley be more Mary sue than ever? How I read it, it will be.
    Vampire Diaries: I hope this is the last thing we see of Steroline Fanservice-Fest.

  14. SGfan says:

    TVD finale cannot come soon enough!

  15. Lol. Homeland. Old Famous song about The PLUG which NEVER existed. So, Showrunner saying, Carrie would poison Quinn or smother him with a pillow, not thinking that she can go to prison for a murder and her daughter will lose her mother. And only faith stopped Carrie. This is so low key lie)

  16. Prime Optimus says:

    And this is why I’m hoping Oliver is playing that reporter, because if not, this decision to have a relationship with her is the most boneheaded decision since, well, Oliver has made way too many stupid decisions. The Arrow writers are making it really difficult to invest in the journey of this stupid hero.

    • Jennifer says:

      Yeah it would be nice if Oliver was playing the reporter because if he not he just walking right into her for what she has planned for him and it just so stupid to make her his girlfriend which a lot of people don’t care about his relationship with her. Plus I love watching Susan Williams and Oliver sister not like each other that the story we need to see.

      • Lex says:

        Sticking around to watch Thea shade Susan over and over again might lure me back, because Thea would be speaking for all of us. She is her mother’s daughter, after all. Hopefully Marc and Wendy will stop this childish anti-Olicity tantrum they seem to be having and get back to the story they’d been telling for four seasons. My expectations remain low.

  17. lina says:

    wish we are having a Steroline dance!!

  18. Daphne says:

    Oh wow I am LIVING for that Carrie/Quinn last bit! YES PLEASE!!

  19. zoya says:

    a Steroline dance please?? also a Delena flashback of them dancing?? it would be so perfect!!

  20. Dominique says:

    glad to hear we won’t be dealing with inhuman storylines for daisy for a while. although i am interested in the inhumans in general, i am not interested in another storyline that completely revolves around daisy. i already rolled my eyes when it was implied daisy should be the director of shield.

    • NoName says:

      I loathe Inhumans in general because they took over Agents of SHIELD and became what the show is about.
      But if Inhumans are only monster of the week every now and then or backup for the Agents without superpowers once in a while, I could give season 4 another chance. Maybe. Everything revolves only around Inhumans for 35+ episodes, therefore I don’t trust the EP’s.

  21. Kevin says:

    Thanks for the scoop on Homeland. Don’t know how far Peter Quinn will go in the upcoming season.

    • Ryan says:

      Don’t know but he is the only reason I watch, because he’s the only compelling character. That being said, not killing him is cheap. It makes no sense. They’re gonna really have to work at it to make my buy this.

      • N!loofar says:

        I’m OK with it, after all the “romance” they forced on the audience with Brody. Quinn is NOT the dead weight Brody clan.

  22. Pia says:

    TARSEM SINGH! Only reason I’m watching Emerald City.

  23. Jason says:

    Jackson’s new “girlfriend” on Zoo!? I’m still kind of pissed about losing the last one.

  24. Maria says:

    I love Carrie and Quinn.

    Oh and get Oliver Queen away from Susan.

  25. N!loofar says:

    Carrie better worship Quinn

  26. funnibone31 says:

    YES for Carrie and Quinn! Gansa make it happen, even if its for a short while.