Walking Dead Season 7 Return Date

The Walking Dead Season 7 Return Date Set — When Will Rick & Co. 'Rise Up'?

Walking Deadheads will get to see Rick & Co. (hopefully!) “Rise Up” against Negan and his goons when the AMC hit resumes Season 7 on Sunday, Feb. 12.

The Season 7B premiere date — as well as the key art below — was revealed on Monday afternoon, the day after the first half of the brutal, somewhat polarizing season came to a close.

After premiering in October to 17 million total viewers and an 8.4 demo rating, TWD thus far this season is averaging 12.1 mil and a 5.8 (versus Season 6’s 13.2 mil/6.5), and famously slipped to four-year lows with its Nov. 27 outing.


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  1. Whatevah says:

    Their ratings are still better than most shows on TV right now.

    • Jenna says:

      It will end some day though. My only fear is that it will be the viewers who will end up pulling the plug rather than Kirkman. And I do want him to have some structure for it to go out with a bang like GOT.

      • Michael Moore says:

        How can a show such as The Walking Dead even have an ending? In Game of Thrones, you can see a somewhat obvious ending. Number 1 being the frozen kings get killed once and for all, and there is peace in the kingdom. With walking dead, short of fast forwarding 100-200 years in the future, there will always be more undead, more crazy criminals trying to take things over, always a problem around the next corner. I don’t even see how an ending for Walking Dead is possible. Its doomed to end without closure.

        • Ray says:

          Well that’s potential for spin-offs, but TWD will end when this group’s story ends. Personally, I think everyone in Rick’s group is going to die but we’ll see.

    • thomas pesek says:

      Their portrayal of the white man is unrealistic, it’s politically correct propaganda…

      everyone but the white guy is a hero and every other person is gay..

  2. Brian says:

    Great poster. It really sends the message that this group is coming back to being bad-ass.

  3. Matt C. says:

    I’m much more excited about 7B now that the gang is (mostly) back together and that the communities are finally uniting to take down Negan. 7A was probably my least favorite half-season of the series to date. Bring on February!

  4. wrstlgirl says:

    I’ll be there with bells on!!!!

  5. Sandy Duncan's Eye on Rocky Mount says:

    The show runners made a huge miscalculation with Negan…they took a larger than life actor and made a one-dimensional comic book villain out of him and one that is very difficult to watch…it’s not fun and the show is drowning in a sense of hopelessness. The entire Negan concept is inconsistent…a few times we have heard his followers proclaim that WE ARE NEGAN without any explanation or reasoning why. There are so many Saviors that I don’t care that he gets his pick of the women and gets to brutalize them and others with no repercussions. The biggest mistake has been the separation of the core cast which seemed designed more to save money than build tension or drive the plodding plot. The Negan arc needs to wrap up sooner than later.

    • Gina says:

      What does saving money have to do with the separation of the cast/stories? The actors get paid regards of screen time.

      • Sandy Duncan's Eye on Rocky Mount says:

        The production doesn’t pay an actor for all episodes. amc stretches the show into an average of 18 episodes per season while contracting with the regulars for only 12-16 episodes.

        • KLS says:

          Um, the episode count per season has been: 6,13, 16, 16, 16, 16, 16, (8 so far this year). Don’t know if main cast gets paid for all 16 or not. But most shows do.

    • Jenna says:

      It won’t unfortunately.

    • Bolda Tiggs says:

      You’re crying because its not going your way?? The Neagan affect is pure entertainment to me. Fact of the matter is, ppl like yourself will ruin it for everyone else who enjoying the show and not as sensitive as you are. Keep your opinions to yourself and dont watch the show till season 8.

    • Michael Moore says:

      I think Negan is awesome. He is crazy but smart. The episode that was all about him was probably my favorite episode this season.

    • pam scholefield says:

      The WE ARE NEGAN the saviors say is not because of respect its through fear and repercussions, they have been brainwashed and broke with no hope left to survive without the other saviors! When they disobey they are punished extremely some with their lives, they dont know who to trust so they dont because the brainwashing is so extreme! Religious, I.S and Nazi Cults Spring to mind. Ricks group are there because of respect,trust, love and wanting to survive as a family and a community. Looking forward to the rest of AMC TWD and i hope Daryl tortures and breaks Negan. Tooth for a Tooth, Eye for an Eye and Skull for a Skull!!!

  6. Joey Padron says:

    Great poster for next half of season 7. Excited to watch new episodes in February!

  7. AnnieM says:

    The poster looks great. They’ll need some positivity in their advertising for 7B if they hope to regain at least some of the viewers they lost.

  8. Couch Mom says:

    I like the episodes where the group is split. Gives each cast member a chance to shine and to learn a little bit more about their character. In the Negan arc, each person dealt with the situation differently and they needed the time away from each other to process what had/is happening so they could come together as a group and figure a way out of the situation.
    I think the person spying on them at the end of the episode is from the Whisperers, so that may be the big bad for S8. In the comics, it’s about two years after All Out War before the Whisperers find them, so it will be interesting to see how the show runners handle that.

  9. Gift says:

    Finally the Rick I remember. I really want Negan Dead.

  10. Spence says:

    I made a vow to finish Season 7, and even though the first half was rough and some of the worst writing of the series, I am going to power through the remainder of this season and then be done. I’m feeling that the remainder of this season will improve slightly, given that the group is all finally together and willing to fight. Still sad that the show has declined so severely and I’m hoping they wrap it up in Season 8 to avoid any further embarrassment

  11. fatalsin says:

    I find season 7 way better than season 6. I was so bored with season 6 I actually finished it not even by watching it but by reading the episode in depth synopsis just so I wouldnt be lost in the story. However the mid season finale of this season for me was meh.. no real character kills that matter in the big picture..

    • tvloverSA says:

      You are crazy S6 was awesome minus the awful drama finale and the episode with the black guy learning not to kill .other than that everything was great s7 has been awful and I think the pilot set the bar to low….and with better engaging shows like westworld and GOT S6 the best of the lot…..guess s7 of TWD has been a bore fest..

  12. Temperance says:

    Ugh… when will this show be over, so Lincoln can move on to something more worthy?

    • wrstlgirl says:

      lmfao, this is hilarious. Pretty sure Lincoln is not only very happy working on TWD he loves the entire cast and is very proud of his work.

  13. Brigid says:

    Some of you people are insane! This show is excellent!! The group was spread out so that they could meet the other factions and get them together to kill Negan. That is called plot development and TWD does it perfectly. The complaints that there is too much violence and then there isn’t enough is just people who have no desire to watch an incredible character driven show doing what it does best, sucking you into these peoples lives and making you care about their well being. Whatever, I’m glad to lose the viewers who need instant gratification at every turn so I can get back to watching this amazing show and not have to listen to the naysayers who really have nothing constructive to say and complain just to hear themselves. Looking forward to the second half of this incredible season 7!!!!!

    • John says:

      No way, they have taken the p*ss out of this show and have ruined it, nowhere near as good as it used to be. And I just feel like the poster is a cop out, reminds me of one of those tween dystopian good guy kicks bad guys ass deal like you know it will happen. Mockingjay part 2 but TWD style. Ugh.

    • Christine says:

      totally agree!

    • Rosa says:

      Wow Brigid, you sound so snobby. TWD can do and has done so much better. Stick with your silly little teen drama Fear if that kind of storytelling is your thing. I mean that thing won’t be around much longer so if you want redemption for the show, you’re either with us or you’re not.

    • Joseph Lombardo says:

      Brigid, I agree. Man, this show is so much more fun than practically anything else on TV. Is it perfect? No, but nothing is in life so just sit back and enjoy the ride.

    • Wulph Zlayre says:

      Amen to that… ;p

  14. I agree…. Woodbury was pretty boring but this was awful and after Glenn was taken out I felt like I couldn’t watch anymore. I HAVE TO SEE what happens though- will they take out Negan, who will die in the process, etc. I am almost getting sick of Rick surviving EVERYTHING….I’d like to see Daryl as the leader but really I can’t imagine it any other way- I do love “Rick Grimes” :)
    Still the best show on TV (BrBa was my #1 series ever!)

  15. Robert Pedersen says:

    When Negan returns home he will find all of his men who chowed down on those infected pork ribs are now walkers!! Remember they fed the pigs walkers before giving them to the Saviors. Needless to say he will be really upset and will want immediate revenge!

  16. Bob Wright says:

    It is no wonder that the walking dead is losing it’s viewrs, after waiting almost a year to see what happened, and now several more months to see it again is getting to be to much and I am sure everybody thinks the same as well

  17. Renardo Lewis says:

    I dont have an opinion as to why the ratings fell but I’m anxiously awaiting the backstory on Negan. Where he came from & what he used to do before the apocalypse. I’m very interested in that, what made him such a freakin maniac?

    • thomas pesek says:

      TOO much diversity, sissy white men, wonder women and blacks, every other person is gay, it’s just too damn politically correct and unrealistic.

      I wanna see the division of white males come tearing through there laying waste to the walkers and the bad guys like it would happen in real life.

  18. Bolda Tiggs says:

    The show ratings dropped cause of sensitive, picky parents/adults whom has no business watching the show but wants to ruin it for everyone else. BE GONE HATERS!!! Keep the hard core gore rolling

  19. I used to love TWD, and I especially liked Daryl Dixon…now I wish he was dead…I’d like to see Negan kill him…slowly! He should have sat there and kept his mouth shut like everyone else. Now I watch FEAR TWD…TWD can end for all I care.

  20. Rick says:

    I think the ratings would sky rocket if they did not just have a few season’s then off for months, causes people to lose interest waiting so long to see it again

  21. Carrie James says:

    I love this show can’t move when it’s on I’m a number one fan never missed one

  22. Justin says:

    I just want to know when Keel is going to drop a new album.

  23. Julian says:

    It slipped a bit vcoz its no exciting anymore!😞 Nothing beats season 1-3!

  24. Dennis says:

    If they could count the amount of people in Eastern Europe (and other areas where it isn’t illegal) that download all series from torrents, they would have much higher ratings, series like this one are very popular but are watched on the following day because we can’t afford most of the entertainment such as games, movies etc. so we get it for free.
    And specifically about series, most of them come out when it’s 4am or something like that so yet another factor.
    So TWD actually has much more viewers than that, it’s just that they don’t earn anything from them.

  25. Maya says:

    Negan=Trump, Donald that is. Trump looks like an orangutan Negan like dictator.
    Both heartless hateful ignorant fools. At least Megan is fake trump is real and really hurts people and won’t “work well with others”.

  26. Joanne says:

    I love this show! Negan is a great add to the program. I can’t wait for fall to see what is going to happen. Haven’t missed an episode!

  27. Bernard says:

    I really miss the walking dead. Please u guys need to resume.

  28. Barbara . says:

    What I know is Negan needs to die and I hope Maggie get to do the deed.

  29. This show is very addicting i love it