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The Voice Season 11 Performance Finale Recap: The Sundance Also Rises

Is it prudent/advisable/sane to rhyme “Don’t Cry for Me Argentina” with “Don’t Cry for Adam Levine-uh?”

No, nope and definitely nyet, but I sure hope you’ll allow — or at least not condemn — my co-opting of an Andrew Lloyd Webber lyric as I recap The Voice‘s Season 11 performance finale.

Because while it’s my best guess that the Maroon 5 front-man’s remaining team members will bring up the rear of Tuesday’s season finale (8/7c on NBC), it’s not like third- and fourth-place finishes are anything to be ashamed about. Fellow coach Miley Cyrus didn’t even advance to the finale — and she had R&B wonder woman Ali Caldwell* on her team! (* #NeverForget)

Also bear in mind that when it comes to The Voice, my internal predictive machinery proves incorrect as often as it does right. I mean, maybe America is really throwing its weight behind Billy Gilman, a technically gorgeous, emotionally murky male vocalist who apparently wants to bring Celine Dion-sized balladeering to the pop charts?

I think not. I hope not. But this is one of those Voice seasons where the process has zoomed by so quickly and my personal faves have been steamrolled so promptly that I entered the Monday-night episode without a real favorite.

To my ears, Sundance Head grabbed that ball of ambivalence from my arms tonight and sprinted directly for the end zone — that’s how sports works, right? — and I’ll be flabbergasted (intellectually) and bummed out (emotionally) if he doesn’t claim the top prize.

On that note, check out my reviews for the Season 11 performance finale, then hit the comments and tell us who you think deserves to take home the whole enchilada.

The Voice - Season 11Cover Song
Billy Gilman (Team Adam), “My Way” — Grade: B | Credit where it’s due, I’m not sure Billy hit a single bum note in the night’s opening performance. But to my eyes and ears, the entire affair was so cloyingly choreographed — from the nod of the head on the a capella opening verse to the dewy-eyed voice break on the closing line — that it left me colder than a Vermont mountaintop in the middle of January. Look, if Billy’s your bottle of distilled artisinal springwater, by all means, drink up! I just think a win by him would be a triumph of training, technique and carefully constructed artifice over the real and the raw.

Original Single
Josh Gallagher (Team Adam), “Pick Any Small Town” — Grade: C | Josh’s original — which he penned with fellow contestant Nolan Neal and a second Nashville-based writer — was catchy enough, even if 90 percent of its lyrics sounded like they came directly from The Encyclopedia of Country Music Clichés. Despite the fact that he’d crafted this ditty to fit his own limited range, though, He Who Had His Black Baseball Cap Surgically Attached to His Noggin went flat on a number of extended notes, saw his pitch get shaky on the bridge and never really found a spot to soar. The fact that Blake’s critique didn’t mention Josh’s actual vocal was verrrry interesting.

Duet With Coach
Wé McDonald (Team Alicia), “Ave Maria” — Grade: C | I’m not sure if I’m grading Wé fairly here, because in her defense, it had to be really challenging to get her vocal bearings in a duet where her coach was hitting maybe one out of every four notes. (Sorry, Alicia, “Fallin,” “You Don’t Know My Name” and “Empire State of Mind” are modern classics, but just be thankful you’re not getting graded on this one!) There were a few moments where Wé’s opera training kicked in and she was able to shine, but the closing harmonies were more cacophonous than a yellow school bus packed with four-year-olds who’ve just consumed all the sugar.

Original Single
Sundance Head (Team Blake), “Darlin’ Don’t Go” — Grade: A | OK, if this is the kind of self-penned ditty Sundance plans to bring to radio, then he might just turn out to be The Voice‘s No. 1 post-show export (even if he did cut his teeth back on American Idol in Season 6). As he pleaded with his woman that he’d never do her wrong again, Sundance’s voice showcased palpable desperation as well as the Gospel fervor of a preacher testifying the way, the truth and the light (if that makes any sense). Better still, the bearded Texan pivoted from monster belted notes to spoken-word interludes and back again without the slightest difficulty. Dude’s got a list of skills almost as long as his trademark beard!

Duet With Coach
Billy Gilman (Team Adam), “Bye Bye Love” — Grade: B | This was a perfectly fine little duet, but an odd choice for a finale — given that the Everly Brothers chestnut is not only super repetitive, but pretty far outside the type of pop music Billy’s been saying he wants to produce in the future.

Original Single
Wé McDonald (Team Alicia), “Wishes” — Grade: B | All season long, Wé’s secret weapon has been her glorious, rumbling lower register, but somehow, her original single didn’t fully take advantage of that space. And while she did a nice job of connecting with the lyrics about a young girl fighting for her dreams, her pitch got a little rocky on the bridge — meaning the teenager was lucky this wasn’t her closing number.

The Voice - Season 11Duet With Coach
Josh Gallagher (Team Adam), “Smooth” — Grade: C+ | If you had any doubt Adam was putting all his eggs in the Billy Gilman basket, look no further than this duet choice, which — stylistically and range-wise — fit Josh about as naturally as a floral easter bonnet on Blake Shelton’s head.

Duet With Coach
Sundance Head (Team Blake), “Treat Her Right” — Grade: B+ | The night’s most strategically brilliant and surprisingly emotional song choice found Sundance covering his father Roy’s rollicking 1965 hit — with black and white footage of daddy dearest in the background, a kicky line of period-costumed dancers on display and the coach and contestant blending better and having more fun than any other duo on the evening. Roy’s tearful response from the stands was the proverbial cherry on top.

Cover Song
Josh Gallagher (Team Adam), “Jack and Diane” — Grade: C | Adam served up a pretty perfect song choice for Josh — everybody knows/likes “Jack and Diane,” but if my memory serves, it’s never been done on a reality singing competition in the U.S. — but despite its limited range, Josh veered severely out of tune in the latter stages. That botched glory note to close things out just reminded me what might’ve been had Ali Caldwell or even Brendan Fletcher snagged last week’s fourth finale berth.

Cover Song
Sundance Head (Team Blake), “At Last” — Grade: B | Sundance sounded just a wee bit shaky on the upper register of this Etta James hit — and, strangely, went from fourth and last in the performance order to second. (Conspiracy theorists, discuss!) But while this was perhaps my least favorite of the Team Blake standout’s trio of finale performances, I respected the fact that he once again eschewed pure karaoke and instead boldly put a doo-woppy spin on it. And there was certainly no lack of I’m-gonna-sing-the-hide-off-this gusto in the dude’s delivery, either. If he doesn’t win the season, he might still wind up winning over the country audience.

Cover Song
Billy Gilman (Team Adam), “Because of Me” — Grade: B | Adam handed Billy a song that was originally intended for Maroon 5, and I understood not only why he thought it might fit his protége, but also why he didn’t keep it for himself. On the plus side, the modern midtempo vibe and obsessively passionate lyrics painted Billy as a vocalist who might have some radio relevance with the right material. But on the downside, Billy went unexpectedly sharp on the verse, and the peculiar backdrop — did I see a wolf’s eyes pop up in the foreground, or was it a Mucinex-induced fever dream? — was ultimately more memorable than the melody.

The Voice - Season 11Cover Song
Wé McDonald (Team Alicia), “Don’t Rain on My Parade” — Grade: A- | It’s no secret exec producer Mark Burnett likes a feel-good Voice story arc that begins with a four-chair turn in the Blind Auditions, features an undeniable coach-contestant connection and ends with a triumphant closing number in the performance finale that results in a shower of sparks and confetti the next evening. Which is why I won’t be shocked by Wé winning over Sundance — even though he’s been arguably more consistent and had more “moments” than his younger rival. “Don’t Rain on My Parade” showcased Wé’s wicked range, her girlish effervescence, and a beyond-her-years confidence that probably has Ryan Murphy daydreaming about a Glee continuation starring the Team Alicia standout. As Wé climbed higher and higher from the bridge and into the chorus like Tara Lipinski landing multiple jumps in a row to seal the Olympic gold, it wasn’t hard to imagine her at the top of the podium come Tuesday — even if I still contend it’s Sundance who belongs there.

How did you feel about The Voice‘s Season 11 performance finale? Who was best? And who’s going home? Sound off below!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Florence+TheMachineRulez!!! #TeamMariah says:

    Sundance and Wé were my faves!!! Sundance is the deserving winner, he’s been so consistent, and he’s taken risks EVERYTIME. And man wés last performance was MY FAVE of the season!!! OMG!!! So powerful!!! Win or lose, she needs to get signed!!!

    • Scamp says:

      Sundance is number 1, 3, and 7 on iTunes right now.

      • Scamp says:

        It’s actually 12:45 AM here in NJ.

        • GT says:

          Sundance winning, meaning Blake’s FIFTH victory, could be the definite reason I need to stop watching this show. Rushed as hell, bloodbath after bloodbath, and all for NBC’s own glory. The winners fade into obscurity. So if NBC does not care about their contestants after the show, why should we?
          It’s a shame we only have this show to watch now.

      • JudyVee says:

        And he should be! Wow, three great performances. Would have given him an A on At Last, too. Like the way he changed it up – and the Etta James version was our wedding song so I’m usually DON’T MESS WITH THAT! But not this time – fantastic.

        • Shana (Denney) Anderson says:

          I Agree…Sundance has That Voice and can sing anything He wants…He’s the complete package As A Super 🌟

    • Tony The Tank says:

      We was horrible!!!!

      • Orion says:

        Thank you.

      • The Joker says:

        We’ was given a bad song choice, then another bad song choice and the duet with Alicia was not good at all, even thou We’ sounded better than Alicia. I haven’t downloaded anything from any of them tonight. Rather listen to the top 40 pop or Country or Blues, than anything I heard tonight.

      • Mimi Beautee says:

        song choices were not good.

      • Lizzie says:

        We’ likely did the best she could with Alicia doing a beyond terrible job in the duet, and although I love Ave Maria, this was bordering on a trainwreck with none of the good parts of the song left alive. We did some fun with the Barbra Streisand number, but still no one is Barbra, just like no one else is Whitney, and no one else is Adele. We’ got stuck with a really bad original song, and it seemed like a major struggle for her to perform. Enough with the bullying talk, own that talent, grow a few years older, and find a place on the stage where you truly belong. People will someday be saying “Alicia who” about the coach who ever worked with We’. Both Alicia and Adam seem like has-been singers on the show, and Miley is so overly full of herself and her limited experience, including her focus on reinventing herself, that the only coach left to like as a performer is Blake.

    • dlraetz says:

      Sundance has 10 songs in the Top 100 including the “1 and 2 spots. He deserves the win

    • Voice Fan says:

      Sundance Head was channeling Conway Twitty and Roy Orbison when he sang his original Darlin’ Don’t Go and turned Etta James blues classic At Last into a country song. Both are number one and two I-Tune hits on both the overall chart and country chart and the blues chart. Like with Laith, the blues singer from last season who came in fourth, millions of Voice viewers are now buying Sundance’s album and songs he recorded himself without a record label. Alisan Porter, Sawyer Fredericks and Craig Wayne Boyd had all self recorded albums before winning the Voice

  2. Collin says:

    Sundance Head…
    Clear. Cut. Winner

    • Voice Fan says:

      I hope Sundance wins. Sundance’s original song was so packed with passion and power that I think he is in the same category as Chris Stapleton, whose 2015 album is still number one on ITunes. Like Stapleton, Sundance proved himself as a songwriter also. Sundance is on top of the I-Tunes overall chart and country chart and Josh is right behind him. Again, I think Adam Levine tanked Billy Gilman by giving him a Marine 5 Song as his original rather than Billy writing his own song. We is not doing well on I-Tunes so Josh might even rank higher than her.

  3. Plastic Elephant says:

    If it ain’t Sundance, it’s rigged. He was great!

    We was We off on Ave Maria and her original song.

    Billy was channeling that 16 year old guy who got booted mid-season.

    Josh? Pleasant fellow…

    • Gailer says:

      I too was thinking Billy was singing what Josh would have sang, Sinatra. The song choices were not good tonight.

      • Meme says:

        And he sang it so much better! The song choices were unpredictable and really good I thought.

      • GregK says:

        Songs choices and arrangements were mostly poor. Ave Maria had too many voices/instruments going at same time. “Bye Bye Love”? C’mon Adam, a 50’s Everly Bros. song was not a winner here. My Way was strong though.

    • scott says:

      Oh its rigged, at least coaxed. After tonite, I can definitely tell the execs want We’ to win

      • Tony The Tank says:

        Gave her the pimp spot with that performance. Typical NBC.

      • Juke says:

        In terms of performance order, Sundance was the chosen child. Add ’em up. He went 4th, 8th and 10th, putting him last in two out of three segments and near the end in the third. Even if you think the new song is the most important and weight it that way, Sundance comes out ahead. All season, he’s been getting that kind of support, whereas poor Billy has been first two of the last three weeks. I think the powers that be are pushing Sundance hard.

      • Lizzie says:

        Hopefully it is Sundance who wins, not We’.

    • Kim says:

      Billy has already been there back for seconds I don’t think so We is incredible but never moving Sundance is the Real Thing!!! Played in countless one room country nowhere bars for nothing in the process realized what his wife meant! Wrote songs about there love and now singing on the worlds stage still professing his love in a way nobody but Sundance can! Show over! Sundance hands down!

  4. analythinker says:

    Despite your feelings toward Adam, Michael, I still think he did a great job with Billy by constantly pushing him to showcase emotion and not just impressive singing, however the outcome was. But… I think Sundance wins the night. He arguably has the best of all three categories. It turns out that I don’t really like it when We sings high notes, I hear breaks here and there. I also still struggle with Billy’s emotion but I loved his “My Way”. Josh… well, he can make it big in the country world if he works really hard, but there’s already plenty of country singers like him.

    • JMark (formerly JM) says:

      I’m not a fan of Adam, but you’re right that he did coach Billy to show more emotion. He also gave Billy the best original song of the evening.

    • Meme says:

      Tonight Billy showed emotion in “My Way”. It’s the best I’ve ever heard that song. Billy is still my choice to win, but I can see why Sundance has become so popular. He is unique and he’s country soul!

  5. Oscarpig says:

    Notice how all the contestants outsing their coaches. A bit embarrassing don’t u think

  6. JMark (formerly JM) says:

    Maybe I’ve been watching this show too long, but the finale was just boring and not very good, IMO. On the poll of who should win, there should be an ‘I don’t care’ option, because that’s the one I’d pick.

    • Gailer says:

      Ita I thought it was the worst finale ever on this show. I’m not even voting.

    • dj says:

      I agree. And I don’t get all the Sundance love. To me he was shouty on all but the duet. I actually got a headache from his original song, which I didn’t think was very good. There was no softness anywhere in At Last. No tenderness or subtlety in his performance. He turned it into a power ballad and blasted his way through it. I don’t usually disagree with Michael too much, but this is one time I’m way on the opposite end of the spectrum. I don’t really care who wins at this point, but I was disappointed with the performances tonight.

      • Juke says:

        I completely agree that At Last was awful. The way he sang it didn’t fit the song at all. I’ve heard that song so often on these kinds of singing shows and I think Sundance’s was probably the worst I’ve ever heard.

        • Norma Dey says:

          I loved At Last. It was my favorite song of the night. He did it better than the original.

          • Juke says:

            The original of At Last was an instrumental in an ice skating movie in 1941. Not much competition there. Etta James’ 1960 version is the standard and for good reason. It’s so good that mere mortals can’t compete. Sundance countrified it and deep-fried it and for me, that is so wrong for that song. No yearning, no passion, no soaring vocal.

      • AniBee says:

        Listen to Sundance’s version of his song, Darlin Don’t Go, on his album Soul Country. As usual, the Voice has to ramp everything up and put the songs on steroids. I don’t think they get the concept of “softness.” Sundance definitely deserves the win.

        • Lee says:

          I didn’t care for Darlin Don’t Go either. It really didn’t have a catchy melody or anything. I actually liked Josh’s original song better.

      • Terri says:

        I had to change the channel Sundance screeching was s little to much for my head tonight . The first voting show showed me how classless he is. No love for the losing contestants shown. I think I’m done with the voice

      • Annie says:

        I must be the only one who was not impressed with Sundance tonight. I felt his best performance was the duet with Blake. I did not like his original song at all and the cover of “At Last” was downright boring. I got up and loaded my dishwasher.

      • The Beach says:

        Trying to turn “At Last” into a 50s doo wop fingersnapping number was just weird and so wrong. Who the heck came up with that arrangement?

    • scott says:

      You’re absolutely right. It was one of the worst finales, especially in the area of song choice. Nothing heartfelt or memorable. Almost like a Glee singoff.

    • Smokey says:

      Regardless of who wins by the votes, all 4 have a big resume of their songs on the show capsules, youTube, Itunes – etc. ………………………………..

      So even the non-winners have more exposure than most striving singers will ever hope, in their wildest dreams, to get ……………..and most powers-that-be in the music industry are watching.

      So if they are the real-deal with lots of appeal, a label will sign them. But if they quickly fade from the charts, it’s back to putting-in your bid to play the County Fair. ……

      • analythinker says:

        Unfortunately, nowadays, there’s not much value in being signed by a label, because physical CD sales continue to drop and bootleg copies continue to exist, not to mention free/paid streaming sites. An artist needs publisher more, IMO.

        • Smokey says:

          Except a label with a promo team, Radio Station connections, touring promotion organization that handles logistics, venues,, etc.,can generally be an advantage……………………….
          A publisher I did some work with for a local artist, told me that if they had some success from the songs (through Sony’s interest in use) that it would be best for the singer/songwriter to sign with a recommended Label, (if possible) where they have a budget to promote and handle a lot of the work needed to get the girl working on a bigger stage…….. When a Music Publisher agrees to cut a deal on a song, they own the rights to it’s use., collect money for it’s use .. But not all Publishers are going to do much to fund the songwriter/ artist to tour or advance beyond the coffee shop.

          • analythinker says:

            I thought labels with such advantages are a thing in the past? Because promotion costs big, and they have to be able to justify it with selling points. Digital sales alone can’t be counted on. Tour marketability also plays a big role. As far as I know, currently there are publishers that are a part of a label, such as Warner/Chapelle, but there’s also independent ones, and they work by share of dividend.

    • Dev says:

      Exactly how I feel. Terrible song choices, out of tune singing, a total snoozefest. Bummer.

  7. Kimme Moores says:

    Wé’s finally performance only got an A-?
    That was a whole damned A+ jeez that was easily the performance of the season.
    Wé gave us looks.
    Wé gave us hair.
    Wé gave us fashion.
    Wé gave us VOCALS

    She rained on someones parade and I hope it’s Sundance and Billy’s somehow.

    • Oscarpig says:

      Agree on point number 1. Parade was terrific
      But hair fashion looks. Who cares. It’s the voice.
      We is a tremendous raw talent who I think was poorly coached. Too many bad songs that didn’t showcase her voice. Over the top opera jazz combos. Silly speaking interludes during a song in previous performance. Etc. but I think she has a great career ahead of her She has many years to perfect her great gift

      • Tony The Tank says:

        Going nowhere!!!

      • Kimme Moores says:

        Sigh, the show no longer becomes strictly about the voice once chairs turn. Performances encompass numerous things and I was applauding those things. So evidently I care and you’d be surprised to know many do too as well.
        I’m not talking about her time on the show and those performances you say you dislike are up for debate as plenty others loved those so just stop lol.

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      I very much enjoyed her Streisand song. She had a few treacherous moments but she pulled off a tricky song with aplomb. That wasn’t easy what she did there.

    • Tony The Tank says:


      • Kimme Moores says:

        She outclassed Billy with one song alone.
        Sundance was a step ahead with 3 ringer songs.
        Fall back hater.

        • Tony The Tank says:

          We is not in either of their leagues. Way too young and she begins a sonng like she is talking. Very annoying.

          • Kimme Moores says:

            She began one song with talking.
            One song.
            Stop trying to make a case against her Tony, your points are horrific.

  8. Trent says:

    Sundance definitely deserves to win. I do think Billy still might come in 2nd place though.

  9. analythinker says:

    iTunes chart:
    2 Sundance – Darlin’ Don’t Go
    3 Billy – My Way
    4 Sundance – At Last
    5 Josh – Pick Any Small Town
    6 Billy – Because of Me
    10 Sundance & Blake – Treat Her Right
    18 We – Wishes
    23 Josh – Jack & Diane
    25 We & Alicia – Ave Maria
    33 We – Don’t Rain on My Parade
    39 Billy & Adam – Bye Bye Love
    51 Josh & Adam – Smooth

    • Kaba says:

      Time for an update friend
      1. Sundance (original)
      3. Sundance (solo cover)
      4. Billy (solo cover)
      5. Josh (original)
      6. Billy (original)
      8. Sundance (duet)
      14. Wé (original)
      18. Josh (solo cover)
      23. Wé (duet)
      24. Wé (solo cover)
      29. Billy (duet)
      44. Josh (duet)

  10. Angie_Overrated says:

    Looks like Sundance will definitely win. I’m ok with that even though I prefer We. Also ok with Billy but I think he has no chance after tonight.
    I will not be ok with Josh. That would be not ok.

    • Homey says:

      I see Sundance as more of a “Novelty” Country singer, not a rising mega-star , but could win this season and get the record contract.. Josh is one of hundreds of adequate Bar/local event singers, area band front-man…Got a nice break by defaulting to the top 4 and getting all the national exposure. But doubt we will hear much about him a year from now.

  11. Barry says:

    This grades seem correct for the most part. I’ll be honest and say that I found this finale pretty boring, especially after last season, the only performance I really loved was Sundance original, but hated At Last; didn’t really love Don’t Rain On My Parade that much, I was expecting more from Wé I suppose, but maybe it was to big of a song for her, and her original. meh…; Nothing to remark about either of Billy’s performances, didn’t like either of them and I’m pretending that Josh wasn’t even in the finals, in fact, an hour later and I’ve already forgotten everything about him tonight. My favorite never wins, that’s a fact (Hannah Huston, Jeffery Austin, Kimberly Nichole, Koryn Hawthorne, Chris Jamison, etc.), but I really feel that Sundance should easily win, and I think he will, I loved Wé all season long also (still do), but I feel that with this and last week she droped the ball, but as long as the win goes to either Sundance or Wé, I’ll be a happy camper.

    • Kaba says:

      Too big of a song for her?
      The general agreement I’ve seen so far is that Streisand herself couldn’t outdo what the girl did on that stage tonight.
      She was great as all hell.

      • Barry says:

        I’ve watched her performance back 3 times now and I definitely didn’t give her enough credit, she really did a great job with it. Sadly for her, I don’t think this song will do her any favors (at least speaking about Itunes), which is a shame. If she doesn’t win, she at least deserves de Runner-Up spot over Billy and Josh, but I think it will go to Billy (ugh).

      • Sunny says:

        So suddenly The Voice is supposed to be about the ability to sing show tunes? Someone should have given the memo to Billy because he woukd have killed it.

      • Juke says:

        Maybe Streisand now, but have you heard Streisand’s version then? Get real. Whatsername on Glee tore the song up because she wanted to be in a Funny Girl revival (she didn’t get it) — stomping on Don’t Rain on my Parade gets you nowhere.

      • Lizzie says:

        Uh – kidding, right? Barbra Streisand, as the original singer of that song both on Broadway and in the movie, is the queen of that song, although We’ did a respectable talent-show or reprise version of it, especially for a 17-year old girl in high school.

    • Homey says:

      We’ had a good chance to win this, with 2 Country singers stealing votes from each other – but those song choices were not good., good singer, turned-off by the song choices.

  12. danin says:

    I think Sundance singing Treat Her Good and he did sing most of it was the best of the night. A solid A+. Billy did get to me w/My Way. Sundance’s original is a hot song & yes for me it was a little shouty here & there and sounded a bit like he was trying to find it. Liked some of the lyrics in Billy’s original song&the tune itself. We’d original was a bit repetitive but good. Kid has a future.

  13. Alli says:

    I would totally watch the sport you described, Michael. BTW, I love your writing. Thanks for making me smile.

  14. Orion says:

    They gave We the money shot with the last song of the night. If she wins the fix was in and I’ll never watch the show again. She didn’t even belong in the finale.
    Alisha disembled in one of the ITA’s when she talked about the first time she met We, ie on the show. But We’s background video clearly showed that Alisha met We a while back in NYC. She clearly brought We to the show when she came on board. Itnis all very fishy and I don’t like it.

    • kevstar69 says:

      How can you say We didn’t belong in the finale? Who would you prefer, Aaron or Darby? And it’s spelled A-L-I-C-I-A.
      The end.

    • MC says:

      Interesting. A former contestant spilled secrets about the show in a recent internet article. For example, the only coaching from Blake, Adam, etc is what you see in the taped segments. The remainder of the coaching (about 98% of it) is done by vocal coaches and staff members behind the scenes.

      • The Joker says:

        Yes and then Carson asks them how they benefited from their coaches. The show is designed, scripted to highlight the coaches most of all,

        • Oscarpig says:

          And this is surprising because ….. they r lucky they don’t get coached by fámous names who can’t really sing themselves. ( exception was Christina and she was too nasty and demanding to remain on the show )
          Do u really think that Adam or Blake could coach anyone’s voice. They know the music business and how to succeed with mediocre talent. Which is a talent itself

  15. Lynn says:

    If Sundance does not win …it would be a travesty! The man is brilliant!

  16. comsatteur says:

    A bit too late to rant but I’m so mad Ali didn’t make it through the finale. She’s way better than Josh! (well to be fair, everyone in top 12 is better than Josh)

  17. disgusted says:

    Why is it I always feel that Adam Levine is trying harder to beat Blake at country music than
    he is to win it for the members of his team? On every show we can expect a comment on
    winning The Voice with a country singer. He is obcessed with it. Time to take a break, Adam, and come back with the right attitude that will actually help the people on his team. My picks for a winner are We or Sundance.

    • analythinker says:

      It’s probably for show, but what do I know. The Voice producers seem to think the banter/fights between Blake and Adam works for the show, which is probably why it’s tougher for the new coach(es) to win. I found myself getting really jaded with them, but we’ll see if they will ever sit a season out.

      • Jc Daffodils says:

        Don’t think so, just saw something on Blake that because of his work on the Voice, country music has become more popular with other people besides die hard country fans. Also rumors that Blake got Xtina fired because she wanted to come back so Gwen had to go for Xtina to come back, funny that it just so happened that Allison won, don’t get me wrong Allison was fantastic, but I think someone else beat her on iTunes a few times, and thought that person was going to win, sorry but can’t remember who.

        • Voice Fan says:

          Adam Wakefield, Blake’s country singer, had the number one hit on I-Tunes when Alisan Porter won. Blake Shelton does not have the power to fire a coach. Christina Aguilar was the highest paid coach on the Voice when it started in 2011. Her contract was for every other season for four seasons. She left when her contract was over. Christina was always all about promoting herself and not contestants. She was bitter and angry the last two seasons because she had not won. To give Christina, the Queen, what she wanted, NBC promoted Christina’s singer, Alisan Porter, sob back story as a child star who got into drugs but changed her ways and was now a wife and mother and just wanted to prove women can have it all. NBC also gave Alisan all the prime singing spots. Adam Wakefield did not have all that publicity or advantage or he would have won.

  18. Meme says:

    Billy’s “My Way” and Sundance’s original songs were the absolute best 2 of the night! All 4 of the finalists should have a record deal.

  19. Melaniem says:

    I thought Sundance blew the other three contestants out of the water tonight. He had by far the best original song (which he actually wrote) and was the only one of the four who nailed it with all three of his performances

  20. chris says:

    who chooses the songs? Ave Maria? REALLYll

  21. Scamp says:

    Sundance is number 1, 3, and 7 on iTunes. :D

  22. Carfield says:

    I personally am not a fan of Sundance Heads, but after taking a look at the chart, he is definitely the favorite to win. With a number one single, it is almost sure win but Josh in the final four may spilt up some of the actual votes. I still prefer Billy and We to Sundance, and Billy’s single is definitely the best original tonight. However the other two songs are not that great, especially the duet with Adam. BTW, what is wrong with the cover tonight? Do we need to go that far back? None of them really modernize the songs too much too. However, each singer has something against them, and if Josh is not in the final four, I am more willing to say that Sundance Heads is 100% sure win, but with Josh potentially spitting the vote, it may benefit Billy or actually We (let remember all three finalists have some country fan base this week). I will also keep on eye on We and let remember that she made it to the finale without a top ten song last week. If one of her songs can make it to top ten by the end of voting, she has a chance too. Josh also has a top ten song too, so this season may not be as predictable as before. I am a bit hesitate to rely on iTunes too much.

    • analythinker says:

      For performance week where they have to cut only one contestant, iTunes chart is a consistently solid prediction. When there’s double or quadruple elimination, not so much. But this time it’s clear. Sundance will win. Historically speaking, even Team Blake who didn’t get to top 10 could force out other contestant(s) who did.

    • Susan says:

      I have never been a fan of his all season. The way he dresses, the hat, and his size people don’t expect him to sound good, but he does. Billy, who everyone expects to sound good (and has sounded great) doesn’t get the same respect. The haters saying: “he should’ve never been on the show, he’s had his chance). I think it’s hurt his votes a lot. I really couldn’t see myself or most poeople I know at a Sundance concert watching him just STANDING singing, he’s been pretty boring to watch.

  23. Carol Press says:

    What a great season! So much talent! I wish for a three-way tie with Sundance, Billy and We! I can’t pick just one. All top ten were also very talented. This is the BEST show!!!!!!

  24. Barbara says:

    I think josh should have sang some Garth brooks songs something like the last dance

  25. I didn’t like Sundance’s take on At last at all. The words were right but he ruined a perfectly good song. My favorite was Billy’s original song, very radio-friendly.

  26. Tony The Tank says:

    Clearly Michael you don’t know singing if you gave We an A-. We know she is your favorite but come already she sings like an amateur against two clear pro like voices in Sundance and Billy. Hopefully you are not throwing your liberal agenda in your judging. We was out sung by Ali and it wasn’t even close but she got the vote.

    • kevstar69 says:

      If Michael was pushing a liberal agenda, he would have chosen Billy.
      Is someone pushing a conservative agenda by liking Sundance?

    • Katie Killjoy says:

      I am so tired.
      Tony I am entirely certain you’re some right-wing nimrod who’s only capable of repetitiously spewing some nonsense against We’ probably no, strictly, because she’s a black girl with a stellar voice.
      Sit down and shut up for two minutes or 2 decades goodness. Lol
      We’ was a masterclass singer who regularly outclassed Ali in vocals and iTunes, get over it and quit crying. You’re like a broken record that everyone wants to drop into a vat of lava.

  27. Karen Anderson says:

    All season, I thought Sundance could do no wrong until he went too far afield on the melody of At Last. But he is still the most authentic singer in the competition and the one to beat. I appreciate Billy. I think he’s a real pro. We’ killed it on Don’t Rain on My Parade (with the exception of a couple of missed notes) but the body of her work from the entire season doesn’t warrant a win. Josh is okay, but there’s are dozens of Joshes singing in bars in Nashville.

  28. Jc Daffodils says:

    I think the voice after the 1st and 2nd season started with some sneaky things. When tessann won, I found out she is big in Jamaica. Now more and more contestants have some somewhat success in the field, including Billy, even if it was when he was 10. Also did anyone notice quite a few religious songs this year,after jordan’s win last season. Also I think to many older songs and Broadway songs this year. I think that is why Ali didn’t make it, Miley just gave her to many old ones and considering where she always landed on iTunes yet still made several cuts, fans did think she had a good voice. Think Ali would be at #1 if given some better songs. Like someone commented on already, who really picks these songs? I’ve noticed that sometimes they say the contestants pick them and then comments in their coaching session something is said where it has made me think hmm, we early picked these songs. I wish they would go back to the old way it was in seasons 2 where we get to hear all the contestants that were picked during blind as well as in all the different rounds.
    I also am starting to think the show is more rigged then we are lead to believe, and starting to loose interest in the show.

  29. kevstar69 says:

    I think Adam ruins his chances with his song choices. Bye Bye Love? Are you kidding me? While Jack and Diane is a great song for drunk karaoke, it’s not a good song for a singing competition.
    Yes, Sundance looks like the winner.

  30. Music In My Bones says:

    I’m for Sundance, Sundance, Sundance! He sang from his heart, to his wife, and I can’t resist a genuine song of devotion, especially when it’s sung SO well and SO passionately. Blake and Sundance together kickin’ it were incredibly good, and ‘At Last’ showed Sundance’s range and polish. That solid, down-home family man has *charisma*! (You’ve either got it or you don’t!)

    As for Billy, I thought he sang well tonight, but someone should point out to Adam that HUGE screens full of obvious symbolism will detract from your singer’s message. Or maybe that IS the message.

    Re. Josh: I know how Rob Thomas sang ‘Smooth.’ Only Bruno Mars would be able to do justice to that song:-)

    We’ is just too young for the material she was handed. She has great pipes, but it’s too early.

  31. Susan says:

    Sundance pretty much has sounded like every other country wanna be out there. I can’t imagine him doing a full concert without having a heart attack!

    • Collin says:

      I got $10 on Sundance beating you in a foot race! What? Like every country wanna be? You obviously have no idea what you’re talking about so I won’t bother going any further with this.

  32. eithanvoc says:

    Only dumb people support Sundance. And, really, The Voice population is pretty frakking dumb and has the worst record of any competition show at picking successful winners.

  33. Janet says:

    I know this is “The Voice,” so stage presence isn’t supposed to be a deal-breaker, but who buys music from somebody they’ve never seen, even on a video? Josh is okay. He lacks charisma. His voice is good, but nothing distinguishes him from a hundred other country singers. We’ has grown by leaps and bounds when it comes to performance, and her voice is amazing 90% of the time. She has the makings of a star, but she’s young. Sundance is an acquired taste, I guess. His song choices have been hit-or-miss for me, and I must abashedly admit that I can’t really look at the guy. That beard is a major turn-off, and he sings, but he doesn’t perform. I admit he has a ton of vocal talent, but I’d never attend a concert or buy his music. I was a bit of a Billy Gilman fan when he was a kid. As an adult, he has perfect pitch and an impressive range. He has star presence on the stage, he has a charming smile, and there’s a sparkle in his eyes. I’d pay to see a concert, and I’ve bought several of his songs on ITunes. Let’s see who, if any of the four, has a career in five years, but my vote goes to Billy.

  34. Lois Benton says:

    “Treat Her Right” was the best and most fun performance. Sundance and Blake sing well together. Sundance’s vocals were his personal best since his blind audition. But “At Last” was so changed up that it was unrecognizable and not good. The fifties background singers? Changing the melody? No. His original wasn’t all that good, either, mostly boring. We has the voice, energy, presence and all-around charisma to be a superstar if the stars align, but Alicia’s “We is so versatile” strategy may not be the best way to go. But all of We’s performances were excellent, although the ending harmonies on “Ave Maria” didn’t work, for whatever reason. Still, you were a grinch to give that duet a C. Billy’s “My Way” was impressive and his voice is astounding, but his original song’s melody was a drag. And his duet with Adam was cute, but silly fluff. Adam seemed like a lazy coach on the duets and even chose the wrong person to sing the two duets. Sometimes it is good to play against type, but not with those duets. “Smooth” is a good song. Adam was fine on it, he obviously, and probably selfishly, wanted to sing it with that arrangement, which wouldn’t work with Billy. But “Smooth” made Josh look bad, though he didn’t seem to realize it. During the duet, all I could think was that I wanted to hear We or Sundance sing “Smooth.” Billy too would have been excellent on “Smooth,” with a different arrangement and if he could be made to take it easy and sing it sultry. If Adam had chosen “Bye Bye, Love” for Josh, it would have been better for Josh. Josh was one of the least impressive singers weeks, if not months, ago, and he still is. Yet, the way things are going this year in contests of all sort, watch Josh win.

  35. Lois Benton says:

    “Treat Her Right” was the only really great performance tonight. Sundance’s original was mediocre, and “At Last,” with a sort-of fifties style and the melody bizarrely changed, was unrecognizable, except for the lyrics. It wasn’t very good. We has the voice, the performance ability, and charisma to be a star, but Alicia’s versatility strategy is too all-over-the-place to be effective. “Ave Maria” was impressive until the harmonies at the end that didn’t work. But surely this fine duo was better than a C. Billy is an astounding singer and “My Way” was excellent, but he appears to impose his will on a song rather than vice versa. Adam should have made him work on toning it down. If he had done “Smooth” with Adam, in a smooth jazz, sultry arrangement, he would have stunned. It was selfish of Adam to sing this fine song with Josh, just because he wanted to do it that way. He did neither of his singers a favor by using the duets to play each against type, but, while Billy was cute, Adam made Josh look pretty bad. We, Sundance and Billy are equally matched, though very different in style, so any one of them could win without any reasonable complaint. Wouldn’t you like to hear them team up on a good, well-thought-out and arranged song? Josh, on the other hand, has been the least impressive singer for weeks now. The way things are going this year in contests of all sorts, he could just win.

  36. SherryL. says:

    You have to look at the fact We is only seventeen look at her stage presence but I loved all the performances We was the bestI liked Sundance to!

    • Stan N. says:

      We has more vocal control, range and style than either Sundance or Billy, although I felt that all three were impressive. Billy and Sundance tended to overpower most songs; lacked volume control. We’s selections were far more difficult to sing than her competition, particularly “Parade,” which was an A+. I adore Alicia as a fine person and great motivator, and obviously a superstar, however, she was out of her element in Ave Maria, forced the opening passage, and was woefully out-of-tune throughout. Given We’s age and lesser experience, I’m not upset with the results (here’s hoping they all do well with their careers), I think that We will be a star, perhaps in musical theatre or jazz, and is truly a rare talent

  37. Wendy B says:

    Ave Maria was horrible, I am sorry to say, because I love both We and Alicia. My favorite from Day One has been Billy and I thought his My Way was fantastic! Sundance was fine but I am not a fan of his voice, even though I am sure all the country fans love it.

  38. Sandy says:

    Hope your commentary which we all read don’t sway the voting results. In my opinion Billy has the most talent. Sundance is very good but if you listen to his songs on iTunes and compare them to Billy’s you will hear the true winner. Sundance is a character and that should not add extra votes.

  39. ProVoice says:

    Could not believe Adam nor Billy knew to mention Billy was singing Sinatra’s signature song on 12/12, Sinatra’s birthday. Lost musicology points for me. It’s not only about a -voice-!

  40. Linda says:

    Has anyone pointed out a potential irony? If Sundance wins, then in the same year we have a Voice winner who originally started on American Idol, and an AI winner (Trent) who started on The Voice. I don’t think Trent’s audition was ever shown on The Voice though.

    • ProVoice says:

      This is really sad. If you paid me I would never remember Trent won AI this year. You wrote his name and I was like.. Trent…? Had to look it up to remember who he was and what he looked like.

  41. Mommy Bee says:

    I’m going to go against the tide here and say my favorite performance of the night was Billy with “My Way.” It was flawless.

    My least favorite was Sundance screaming at us in “At Last.” I had to mute the sound it was so annoying. He sounds (and looks) like every other country artist out there, anyway.

    Actually, least favorite was Alicia on “Ava Maria” because she was off key the majority of the time. We didn’t do much better.

  42. Eric says:

    Pretty decent finale….

    Of the four, Sundance was by far the best. Not a real country fan (wife is, so I get it in the car sometimes), but I see him as more of a blues guy that does some ‘country’ stuff.

    Say what you want about Josh, but he also hit it tonight. He’s the worst singer left by a wide margin – huge, but you know what he did? Killed it on 2 of his 3 songs. He was so uncomfortable on Smooth I though he was going to have a panic attack. Jack and Diane was a good choice because we all know it and it’s fun. His original is straight cash money. It sounds like what’s on country radio today. I can’t believe no one else has commented on this. The song he wrote was perfect for his limited vocals, and sounds like most every bro country song out there. That song will sell.

    Billy was very good again, but has a likeability/connection problem – still. Adam has tried to help him in that regard, but it’s not quite there yet.

    We… should be 4th. Has talent, but it’s like using a fire hose to water your roses. All over the place and uncontrollable. She’s been bad more than she’s been good because she’s not got the experience of the other three. Easy last place finish. I still feel like she robbed a more ready singer of a spot in the finale – Ali or Christian were far more deserving.

    In the end, if Sundance, Josh or Billy win, I’m good. If the mostly terrible We’ wins… well, like others have said – the fix is in – think back to awful warble-boy Sawyer Fredericks… makes me shudder.

    • Standbyspotsandgo says:

      I pretty much agree with your assessment. We’ has been wildly inconsistent and downright bad at times. I won’t call her terrible because she was really very good at times but those times don’t outweigh the entire body of work. The one thing Josh has done is consistently improve and find himself along the way. We’ was even bad at times -last-night, in the finals. Being that continually inconsistent should’ve cost her a spot in the finals IMO.
      Sawyer Fredericks is the comparison I came back to as well.
      Billy needs to head to Broadway because if he has a career path that is probably it. He’s not going to be making hit records.
      Sundance has been consistent all season long. Packs emotion into the songs. And then last night was consistent yet again.

  43. Just Me says:

    Why does Sundance SCREAM every song? He obviously loves performing, and is fun to watch, but if I’m just going to listen, it’s Billy all the way. We will have a career as she matures. Josh? Kept getting better, but not memorable.

  44. Aimee Hodges says:

    Sundance most consistent

  45. Jacquelyn O. says:

    This has been one
    Of the best
    Seasons ever go Sundance.

  46. cej says:

    I have been a fan of We all season, but I wasn’t a huge fan of any of her 3 songs last night and can’t see them being big itunes hits. I’m not at all a Country music fan, but I enjoyed Sundance’s performances the most. Billy can sing, but all of his songs seemed like musical theater productions to me.

  47. Nedsdag says:

    I was completely entertained by Sundance last night. He may not go onto a successful recording career, but who cares? I would rather watch a whole concert with Sundance than listen to one song by Billy “give me a second chance after the country world rejected me” Gilman. After Alisan last season, I am sick of these child prodigies who couldn’t make it to the next level. As for Wé, I hope she can find someone out there who can both nourish and harness her talent because it didn’t translate well on The Voice.

  48. Celeste Silvey says:

    Your review was on point. I couldn’t have said it better myself. Really. I’m not nearly as creative as you and your colorful commentary made me smile. I thought We would win in the beginning and her talent is undeniable, but I think her song choices hurt her chances. Sundance will win. Maybe. Lol!

  49. Rhonda Horton says:

    I have watched the voice since day one of all of the series. This is the first time that I feel someone is truly dedicated to the music and his future for his family. I don’t think money(although it helps😁)is the most important thing to him. Who am I speaking of? None other than SUNDANCE HEAD.. He is the man!!!!!!

  50. Pat lazzari says:

    All were good but I agree Sundance knocked it out of the park.