Marco Polo Season 2 Premiere Date

Marco Polo Cancelled by Netflix

Marco Polo‘s voyages have ended: Netflix has cancelled the globe-spanning drama after two seasons.

The Hollywood Reporter first reported the cancellation, which makes Polo the first Netflix original series not to reach a third season. Lorenzo Richelmy starred as the legendary merchant who travelled from Italy to China and eventually served in the court of the Mongol ruler Kublai Khan (Benedict Wong).

Marco Polo debuted in 2014, and had a reported budget of $90 million for its first season, rivaling HBO’s Game of Thrones. But reviews were mixed, and a second season debuted this past summer to little fanfare. The combined budget for both seasons topped $200 million, according to THR, and the ultimate decision to axe the show was a mutual one between Netflix and producers The Weinstein Company.

“We want to thank and are grateful to our partners on Marco Polo,” Netflix original content VP Cindy Holland said in a statement, “from the actors, whose performances were enthralling and top-notch; to the committed producers, including John Fusco, Dan Minahan, Patrick Macmanus, and their crew, who poured their hearts into the series; and of course Harvey, David and our friends at TWC, who were great collaborators from start to finish.”

Marco Polo fans, let us know what you’ll miss most in the comments.

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  1. Kyle says:

    I watched it. I’m good with that.

  2. Suso says:

    Any closure or all cliffhangers?

  3. Eric says:

    Are the first two seasons worth a watch at this point? Or should I just use my time on something else?

  4. Monica says:

    Oh good that show was boring

  5. BlittleU says:

    I watched the first half of season 1, but found it so boring I just could not bring myself to finish it. This was one of the few Netflix original series I did not like.

  6. Elizabeth Seidel says:

    I just finished season 2 and am really bummed!!! I loved it and would love to see more. PLEASE RECONSIDER!

    • Did it have a good ending at least? I’d like to watch some time but I hate wasting my time on series with no real finale…

      • AB says:

        Watch The Crown, Black Mirror, Orange is the New Black, House of Cards, Daredevil, Luke Cage or Jessica Jones instead. All of those are better (and that doesn’t include other great shows that aren’t Netflix originals)

        • The Crown, Black Mirror & House of Cards is what I still need to watch from your list. I’ll post probably start The Crown tonight. (BTW, you forgot to mention Stranger Things! 😁)

          • Talon Gier says:

            i have to disagree with you on Jessica jones. I watched all of it for the sake of watching it but I didn’t think it was very good. really boring and slow.

        • scHumi says:

          except HoC and BM all you`ve listed are tv shows for mindless teenagers. you cant even compare those to MP.

        • Michael Krokowski says:

          I have watched all of them, doesnt change the fact of how fascinating a glimpse not only into renaissance era Italy, but also the lesson on the northern Chinese nomadic mongols grasp on all China except the last stronghold xiangyang in south and, which overtaking was a dream of genghis grandfather kublai and the role marco polo played in court of the of the great khan. Also how trade would have never expanded without the traversing of the 8000miles of silk road. The acting, actors picked for their roles, directing, attention to detail, beautiful cinematography, fmartial arts, were all close to flawless. I can see how this could be boring for some, but atthe same time absolutely amazing for others. PLEASE BRING IT BACK!!

          • Lee says:

            This is shocking, it was by far the best historical tv drama series I had seen since Rome.

          • Michael Krokowski says:

            Yes, Rome was amazing, i watched alot of the behind the scenes footage and man they went through so much to make it historically accurate and period correct.

          • I binge watched all 2 seasons and found it enthralling. Besides attention to history, there were wonderful sub plots and great characters developed. Costumes, acting, all were superb and most enjoyable. If you can find anyway to continue this series, I’ll be watching for it now. Too bad you didn’t have much advertisement of the series earlier. I’m always looking for good historical based series.

          • Deborah Ross says:

            This was my favorite Netflix show and was looking forward to season 3. Superb acting and storyline. I’m so disappointed with the cancellation of this show. There is so much garbage on tv these days and getting worse PLEASE BRING MARCO POLO BACK!

          • Jennifer says:

            Well said!

        • Jennifer says:

          They are good, but in my opinion… Marco Polo was better

  7. Kara says:

    Best show ever. Extremely disappointed!!!!

  8. Kara says:

    Best show ever!!!!! Extremely disappointed.

  9. Anne says:

    It was sooo boring. And its female characters were little more than useless scenery.

  10. Ally Oop says:

    I really wanted to like it but after two episodes I abandoned ship. Its not that it was bad . Its just that there wasn’t enough to keep me watching.

  11. Eliseo says:

    Just finished watching season 2, loved it! Hoping Netflix reconsiders, i would watch it!

  12. I have been wondering what happened with the show because I really enjoyed it for 2seasons hate to see it end. I can think of several others that should have been cancelled long ago but Netflix has really went down hill

  13. Ray says:

    Heard it was quite dull. They should have had Marco Polo visit India.

  14. Lili says:

    The photography was beautiful, the acting was superb, the story was intriguing but the truth is that there was not enough sex or nudity so people didn’t watch it.

  15. TVg says:

    the 2nd season was awful ,very slow ,too much talking and nothing really happening

  16. Vince says:

    CW could’ve produced a lot of shows with that budget wow.

  17. Lauren says:

    I am extremely disappointed about the canceling of Marco Polo. It is a phenomenal show, one with extraordinary characters that fit the era in which the show is set, and actors that make said characters come alive. The second season left viewers with a huge cliffhanger, however; those two seasons are well worth watching regardless. I hope that one day, Netflix will decide to continue this show.

  18. Tony Gullo says:

    Very disappointed on cancellation
    Enjoyed the characters and story line. As a Game of Thrones and VIkIng fan I found this series as entertaining

  19. Deana says:

    I watched both seasons. It was wonderful. I’m very upset that there will not be a season 3. I’m hoping Netflix will reconsider their decision.

  20. scHumi says:

    its sad that great TV shows like this get cancelled while terrible shows end up having 5-7 seasons…guess they invested too much, or they havent advertised the show enough

  21. Michael Krokowski says:

    This SUXX. Marco Polo was an amazing show. Wish there was a way to boycott some of these cancellations. So many amazing shows with such huge and loyal followings just become no more. I dont like when shows run for 15 seasons but at least put a small mini series to conclude the series rather than just canceling with no notice. LET US GET SOME CLOSURE!! instead we wait around for over a year for the new season then we find out its done. Another sad day in the world of television!

  22. Cory says:

    Love the show! I am extremely disappointed at the cancellation of it. I don’t understand why more people didn’t watch and appreciate it.

  23. Upset says:

    Great show. Bummer it’s over so soon. Won’t bother watching 2nd season

  24. Robert Pardo says:

    It’s a shame and disappointing that they cancelled Marco Polo. I found the story compelling and fun. It led me to read several books on the explorer. I hope Netflix reconsiders since it leaves the fans hanging without a satisfactory conclusion.

  25. Sue white says:

    What a shame. One of the best shows ever. I thought it was way better then game of thrones. The acting, sets and costumes were incredible. Netflix should have given it another season for people to catch on.

  26. Steph Barnes says:

    It took me a couple of episodes to get in to Marco Polo. After that, I couldn’t get enough! I even looked up a little history along the way and was, very much, looking forward to season 3! I would ask for that third season, if for no other reason, than to put this awesome story to bed! I will miss everything about this show most especially the periodic and welcome humor! The actors were excellent (Lorenzo and especially Benedict were phenominal), the scenes were exceptional and the storyline kept me coming back and even interested in the history! Thanks for the experience!

  27. Abijah Queen says:

    I’m saddened by the cancellation of this show. I have been anxiously awaiting the next season. Again, sadly I see so many comments about all the great television out there. Sometimes it is so hard to understand why some terribly made shows succeed, and why some well made shows don’t. Well done to all the makers of Marco Polo. You’ll be missed.

  28. haydn says:

    people actually prefer to watch unicorn bulls..t than really good historical dramas… now it makes sense that the same people vote for trumps..

  29. Jessie says:

    This is one of those shows you love or hate. I cant imagine hating it, there are so many generic shows that just feel generic in every way and this show was so well done. I find it hard to imagine anyone not liking this show or picking daredevil as something better(maybe they are kids?) I know allot of people compared this to game of thrones “oh they are juts copying it, forget this show”. I hadn’t watched game of thrones at the time and I loved this show… then I watched game of thrones because of all the complains of copying. The shows really have nothing in common and both are great. If you like good quality shows, this is one of them.

  30. silvi says:

    Please please please, save it, I really loved it!! Plus there was no finale in the end! At least you could have ended it properly…one last episode?

  31. MR.Rage says:

    Ah come on! I really love this serie, everytime they don’t get enough money, the show gets cancelled.
    I really hope they reconsider so Season 3 will come.

  32. Rodolfo Jarvis says:

    This series was absolutely Amazing!!!! Soooo disappointed that they didn’t pick season theee up!! Sooo many questions regarding the Crusade, Kublai and His family, Marco Polo and his Pops, etc. This show was beautifully written and the actors were awesome. Plus I LOVE how they kept Kung fu in its proper art form.

  33. Polaris says:

    This is a great show if you can get past the first two episodes! I’m somehow enthralled with the Oriental culture, it nice to watch something other than Western history/ fiction! Every aspect of filmmaking is par excellence in this show, I hate to see it go!!

  34. Renae says:

    i was hoping there would be an another season so his journey would end. :(

  35. ML says:

    Please make season 3!!

  36. Torben Spaak says:

    I liked Marco Polo a lot. I think it was a mistake to cancel it.

  37. Dee Quinlan says:

    The writing was elegant and unrivaled! I loved every minute of this show. Every line was full of depth and feeling. The show was a masterpiece. I am choked.\

  38. William Wingo Jr says:

    Likely one of the best TV made series… right in there with Tudors… Rome… Spatcaus… Game of thrones

  39. Martin says:

    Hey, I just want to say I enjoyed it big time!

    If there would be a 3rd season I would have started right aftwr ending the last episode.

  40. Nuno Martins says:

    This is extremely sad news, this was an incredible show! I was really looking forward to season 3 and just found out it’s not going to happen… NOOOOOOOOOOO

  41. Jim Nguyen says:

    I loved season 1 and so expected a s2, but still have yet to get past the first ep. in s2, so no surprise that it got cancelled.

  42. Aryaa akshay says:

    This show is exceptional with beautifully drawn characters.
    N why compare it with a game of thrones??
    It is mindblowing in its own stride! Catchy storyline inspite of it being adapted by history.
    SEAson 3 must be renewed n a lil promotion tactics can get the viewing high..
    See just one episode n ul be hooked on!!!

    So cheering for S3 n hoping better promotions so as to make
    It work

  43. Tina says:

    I really love this show. Boring on first few episodes but grows inside you as it continues. This is the best tv show I’ve ever seen. Tue show is very creative, scene was well portrayed, sex scenes are artistically made, sound effects and music are captivating. Very disappointed that it will come to an end without giving us any closure. It’s heartbreaking :(. Nevertheless, season 1&2 are still worth watching.

  44. Don mcsheehy says:

    Loved the show!
    So sorry to see it ending 😞

  45. Porus says:


  46. Jason says:

    I am very disappointed. I thought it was well done and liked the story line and most of the acting. I would vote to bring it back. I just finished the second season and was anticipating a third. I would appreciate the rest of the story line even to read to find out the outcomes.

    • amaya26 says:

      I just finished it yesterday. I’m so bummed. I need more of Hundred Eyes! At least give him a spinoff so we can get their part of the story. Ugh.

  47. amaya26 says:

    Bring it back!!! I love GoT, but it’s coming to an end. I need to know what happened to Mei Ling and her daughter and Hundred Eyes and Lotus, Koblai and Marco. I love the fight/battle scenes. The only thing that irked me about season 2 was the boring bits with the Pope. I suppose that’s part of Marco’s story though. Just please one more season to wrap it up and satisfy us with our favorite characters!

  48. john difool says:

    Amazing show, best historical tv show since Rome. its sad to end like that. We need a 2 hour closing show, just to tie some loose ends. Like Farscape did.

  49. educatedthinker1 says:

    Anyone willing to bet that the key to this shows downfall was all the disgusting historical liberties they took, like killing off beautiful Kokachin when history states she LIVED?

    • sithlordmalice says:

      Kublai and his court are historical fact, yes. Everyone does realize that Marco Polo is a fictional character though, right?