Flip or Flop Tarek Christina El Moussa Separated

Flip or Flop Stars Split — What Does It Mean for Their HGTV Show?

Tarek and Christina El Moussa, the married couple at the heart of HGTV’s Flip or Flop, have separated, TMZ reports.

But HGTV says that El Moussas’ popular real estate show, in which they buy fixer-upper properties, remodel them and then sell them (hopefully at a profit), will continue as scheduled.

“We admire and appreciate Tarek and Christina’s great work on Flip or Flop,” the network said in a statement obtained by TVLine. “When it comes to matters related to their own family, we respect their privacy and honor any decision that works best for them and their children. HGTV is currently airing episodes of Flip or Flop, and the series will continue production as scheduled.”

The change in the El Moussas’ marital status follows what they have called an “unfortunate misunderstanding” in May — when police were called to their California home to deal with an armed and possibly suicidal male. There, they found Christina upset and Tarek carrying a gun on a hiking trail near the house.

Tarek said the weapon he carried was to protect himself from wildlife on the trail. Law enforcement eventually took five guns from the premises.

The El Moussas tell TMC that they “will continue to work through this process civilly and cooperatively, and plan to continue our professional life together.”

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  1. Big Mike says:

    This doesn’t surprise me. There was always something about Tarek….like he had a darkness in him.

    • Kenbud says:

      WTH?!? …

    • Preacher Book says:

      I have worked in the mental health field for over 23 years. What you are doing here is stigmatizing. You can “see” it now, but believe me you can be living with a person and not see the depths of the problems. I watch the show sporadically, but have always liked them as a couple. I always thought there was a real love between them. However, depression or suicidal motivations can overwhelm the deepest of loves. Be supportive and don’t judge people with these types of problems. Many, many people have them and may be among the least you would expect to.

      • Freddie says:

        co-signing everything Preacher Book just said.

      • Annie Sisk says:

        Yep. All that. Thank you for saying it so well, Preacher Book.

      • Joey sexton says:

        Yea tarek treats her like crap. She was too hot for him anyway. I worked on flip or flop sets and saw it first hand

      • GregJ. says:

        I 100% agree with you. I also work in the mental health field and I saw no signs what so ever. I saw a loving couple and great parents. It’s shame. I hope they get the help they need because mental illness affects the family as well not just the individual. I’m praying for them and most of all their children.

      • Minah says:

        Your message is heart felt, but save your good professional advice for a couple that’s needs it. Tarek and Christina are acting foolish. He isn’t suicidal, or depressed. They have admitted to seeing other people, which makes them both look really bad. This episode came out of some craziness, because third parties are involved. He just wants control. I had a lot of respect for them as a young couple building a business. They keep acting foolish , that respect is decreasing. They need to take a step back, and get their priorities together. This situation is a mess.

      • Exactly, we only see what we have been shown and we cannot make sound judgement or opinions based off of that.Flip or Flop is my number one HGTV show but thats exactly what it is….a show and their business. What goes on behind the scenes is none of our business and we have no right to judge. I support both tarek and christina in their career and personal life because we are only human after all…

    • No Big Mike, you are wrong. Its Christina who has cheated on Tarak. He was always the sweet innocent one and her with her fake eyelashes I always suspected she was using him. She has a lovely little girl and a baby boy and is destroying the family. She is a hussie . I am sad now with the show going she will wipe him out, get the kids and go on to her next sucker. I hope HGTV gives him another show, maybe with his friend; and he gets the children. He is the one who loves them the most, you can tell. She can go on and have more and they would be tossed aside. Its not like the family on Fixer Upper who do everything together and truly love each other as they have deep faith . I bet Christina has not even been in a church.

      • ok so your reasoning is that christina cheated because she has fake eyelashes and you “suspected” she was using him? How would you even know what they have and have not done? Don’t rely soley on social media, hole in the ground stories……or even their show because they both roll their eyes at each other…..How do you even know anything about chip and joanna except what you see on their show? We are none the wiser until we see it on social media and even then it’s the whole truth!

  2. BillyBobJohnson says:

    They sure look all fun and cozy in their Christmas commercials. Is the show going to resemble the old Jon & Kate Plus 8 disaster now?

  3. I guess he flipped out and caused the marriage to flop. Actually, this is sad–I think about the little girl and her infant brother, and how this might affect them emotionally. Hopefully, he can get the kind of therapy he needs, and they can try to reconcile via marriage counseling.

  4. Ninamags says:

    That’s too bad. I enjoy their dynamic on the show. I wonder when the currently airing shows were done?

    Hopefully they can work it out for the sake of the kids.

    At least the twins are still together (as far as we know).

    • What twins is Nina talking about?????? And it is obviously Christina has moved on with a contractor of which that shows how stupid she is. Now everything falls. I hope Tarak gets the children as he so adores them. He had cancer, back surgery and yet he trimuphed. She is the one who has destroyed this marriage.

  5. SJ says:

    She better watch out. His kind doesn’t react nicely when they perceive they have been slighted.

  6. Linda Pearl says:

    It’s just a matter of time before before this show gets cancelled..honestly I can’t imagine their audience buying into the false togetherness now…..me included

    • Kathy says:

      The shows that are airing now were filmed about a year ago (if not earlier — Christina was in the early stages of pregnancy in the one that aired last week). So who’s to say that the togetherness was at all false back then?

    • Real Talk…It’s really hard to look at it now…There is to much fake mess on TV as it is….I’v always looked at HGTV for is realness and wholesomeness…WOW…So sad for this couple…#Iwhichthembothwell…

  7. dlraetz says:

    While most of me hopes they have a nice civil separation/divorce on and off screen, part of me is waitin for Tarik and Christina to argue over tiles, colors and money spent on their flips

  8. Cas says:

    I love them! Would never have guessed this. Didn’t they just have a baby too? Also love their show. :(

  9. Collette says:

    There’s been a lot of stress on them between the show, his battle with cancer, the new baby drama and the lawsuits over their how to be a flipper courses etc. I love them and wish them well together or apart. Truth to tell I would have been less surprised if Chip and Joanna Gaines imploded. There’s a too much too soon thing going on there and Chip [let’s face it] is just ballast, kind of like Loretta Lynne’s husband.

    • Cheryl parrish says:

      Are you kidding me?! Chip Gaines adds the humour , the fantastic example of a real dad and husband and their show oozes real Christian love! I know many people that have worked for them and they are a dynamic duo❤️

  10. If you rewatch and pay attention, you can clearly see Christina being a condescending and manipulating female dog a lot. Pretty much every design choice Tarek puts on the table is ridiculed and shaded. Every time he says they can’t afford it, she does it anyway.

    No wonder he snapped if she’s anything like that off the show.

    • Carrie says:

      That’s not true. He always wants to go with the cheaper option, she convinces him to go with something nicer and he caves. She compliments his work all the time. I just saw an episode the other day in which she told him that she trusted him with the house while she was taking care of the baby and then told him how great it looked.

    • Judy Potts says:

      I just hope Tarek and Christina and their kids are ok. I just love their show and their family. Good luck and best wishes to them.
      I saw it too. But some couples are often like that and they still are together. I’m old fashioned, if you love someone, you don’t embarass them or make them feel like they are less than you. Especially in front of the kids or in public. I had a husband who did that and it finally led to a split.

    • Kathy says:

      How about cutting back on the misogynistic comments? A “a condescending and manipulating female dog”? That’s no more necessary then the racist cracks about Tarek’s heritage.

    • Leemarie says:

      First of all Tarek wouldn’t sell a house without Christina. She’s the one who keeps up with the trends and styles! The flips wouldn’t sell if she didn’t fight with him, she knows what she’s talking about when it comes to designing homes to resell. You would know that if u watched the show and look at how amazing they look and also she taught him everything he knows about design!!!

  11. Kayla says:

    This explains a lot. I like them but Tarek never seemed happy and Christina seemed too chipper as if she were compensating. Between depression and guns in the home its safer for the children for them to separate. Hopefully, Tarek can get the help he needs so they can be a united family again.

  12. Eileen says:

    Overview them as a loving family and couple, I hope they can resolve their differences and become the loving couple I love to watch on tv

  13. Pete says:

    No surprise here. Two of the most superficial people I have ever seen on TV other than that fixer upper crazy Christian couple. Neither one of them will ever be in a long term relationship.

    • Leemarie says:

      Didn’t your parents teach you, that if u have nothing nice to say. Then don’t say anything at all… I am praying for them to work this whole mess out and make it easier for their children, because they are the ones who are going to suffer! That’s what stinks about being in the public eye. People sit there and talk crap about you, when they have no real idea of what is really going on! There is 3 sides to every story, yours, mine’s and the TRUTH!!

  14. Linda Wheeler says:

    I can’t believe they separated and that is sad for the family. He recently had cancer and then they had a new baby. I hope they can work it out. I love their show.

  15. Joey sexton says:

    Tarek treated her unfair. Fowl language and childish also on set of flip or flop. She was too hot for him anyway. I worked on flip or flop and saw his temper tantrums

  16. Eileen says:

    I agree with Carrie Tarek is good at what he does and Cristina is good at what she does that’s what makes them an excellent team

  17. Judson says:

    I call the show “Barbie and the Prick”. She has great designs and until this season when the directors toned him down, he was just an a$$.

  18. Jake says:

    Knowing that all these “fix it up ” shows are staged with their phony problems popping up on cue mid show, etc., I usually watch the ones with likable hosts. Weird Tarek and his plastic Valley Girl wife aren’t likable, but I still watch because I love to see him get exasperated when the phony problem comes up. The guy is such a douche it’s hilarious.

  19. Minah says:

    Wow! There is a lot more to this story, then they are saying. She just had a baby a little over a year ago. They said they were both dating other people, and they are not getting a divorce. This is just a mess. You all really believe that the gun thing is some misunderstanding. Really their martial problems are their business. If you going to put your business out there, don’t try to sugar coat the situation. The truth is Tarek probably got jealous when she started talking to some other man and for the sake of the show; when the police came they changed their stories. They both shouldn’t be seeing anyone right now, their not divorced. I like the show, and I will continue to watch it. My advice to them is keep your business to yourself, and cut out the third parties until you get your house in order. Otherwise you might lose everything that you two built over some non sense.

  20. Sharon Barlow says:

    No more Flip or Flop for me. I understand that couples divorce but since they have been separated for several months before it came out. I feel deceived and that’s something I won’t tolerate.

  21. Mary Glenn says:

    So sorry to hear of the split. I have watched them faithfully every week. I am so sad. Glad to hear they are able to work things out for the sake of their children.

  22. Mike Fiore says:

    Good Morning from New Hampshire !! In my opinion, Flip or Flop should be cancelled.

    I totally understand that some couples have marital issues, but in this case, the greed of both hosts by not bringing their break-up publicly and wanting to still carry on with their TV show just proves how greedy that the BOTH of them are.

    I used to watch the show with my wife whenever it aired, but, no more.

    I do feel sorry for their children.

    So, HGTV should remove this show from the network.

    Thank You.

  23. Carolyn Rowlett says:

    Live is to short family is important nothing is worth given up your family trust God and pray don’t give up on your family those sweet baby what is impossible with man is possible with God. Carolyn Rowlett Dallas tx

  24. Jeannine says:

    stop the commercials about it is all about familys

  25. Eileen says:

    I think they should be left alone, their private life is just that private, their children don’t need this plasted all over Facebook or anyplace else

  26. Inelda Newman says:

    Be good parents, continue with the show, it seems to me are good people. Live a good life, and show the kids that you both are good people and parents

  27. Karen Terry says:

    In this day and age, there are many divorces. For me, this one makes me REALLY SAD. They just had their 2nd child. And, we all know how much children are affected by divorce. I am so hoping they can “work out” whatever issues they have and stay together. Bottom Line: In this day and age, I think couples divorce too quick without putting in the work to resolve their issues and stay married.

  28. Eileen Souza says:

    It’s to bad the way their personnel life has turned. I love watching them together and when they would include Taylor and now Braydon I wish them luck .

  29. sammy0345 says:

    Clearly they weren’t that committed, sure didn’t take either long to move onto new relationships, not even divorced yet. Staged show, bad acting acting, no real loss.

  30. Patti bruha says:

    I love to watch Christina and Tarek on “Flip or Flop”. They certainly can continue after a professional relationship even after divorce. I would rather watch renovations than anything on CNN. This couple should be given awards for making homes safe and upgrading neighborhoods.

  31. doubtful says:

    Not surprised. Whatever he wants she wants the opposite. She is so fake with those children. He is better rid of her.. If he says they are on a budget she wants the most expensive things. I would not want any property they renovated as I would not trust the work.

  32. Jan Lewellyn says:

    HGTV aired Christmas Holiday greetings from this couple as though they were still together-presenting a big lie. The show I have heard is full of lies.
    Advice to this couple-Read “The Magnolia Story” about what is important in life.

  33. Paula Walker says:

    I doubt I will continue to watch Flip or Flop. I’m sorry they have split but the show will not be the same knowing the cute couple are not really a “couple”. It will seem to betray us…..

  34. Rich says:

    Get this show off the air! Can’t believe HGTV’s ads still show them as this sweet family unit, while their divorce unwinds in the regular press! Is HGTV clueless? Don’t they get why “Fixer Upper” is such a solid hit? Because of family values, DUH!!! Sure, Tarek/Christina have problems; just don’t promote them as a functioning family. Unfair to them as they separate and unfair to viewers, presenting this fake image.

  35. Merlyn says:

    Know dang way they are so blessed with 2 little babies everything going so good for them and if the devil doesn’t cap his mm in to distory. I’ll pray for them plz seek the lords help in this get away from the ppl causing this plz don’t let the devil win this see it for what it is jealous of you 2 he found a weak spot I’m praying for Christina over time

  36. Shawn says:

    I think with as much you guys of been through how you can’t work things out and the fact you’re still on TV being paid for it and then you have people here that are idols the wish they could be you really sucks because one thing is nobody should cheat on another and the second thing is you guys had to have more respect for each other on the trades position and I wish I could be living what you live now I can build a home from the ground up and do plumbing electrical and when I look at you he’s been given a gift and you guys have put into the ground you give nobody no Highhope

  37. Jay kay says:

    Love the show
    Your a great couple
    A million reasons to work it out
    U r too smart to be another statistic

  38. John J Vanderlay says:

    He was going to shoot the fire?

  39. Wayne says:

    Take the show off the air once again someone thought the grass was greener on the other side of the fence so they had to crawl over and test the product and they found out total disaster

  40. Mackenzie Davis says:

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