Arrow Felicity Billy Killed

Arrow Tragedy Will Push Felicity to a Darker, 'Morally Questionable' Place

Before Arrow let fly with Season 5, showrunner Marc Guggenheim teased “big things” for Emily Bett Rickards’ Felicity in the back half of the season. Now, in the wake of the fall finale’s tragic twist, we can shed more light on her “dark” destination.

Before the superhero series entered its seven-week hiatus, Oliver (played by Stephen Amell) gave chase to and put several arrows into a costumed someone he was led to believe was new nemesis Prometheus. But once the target’s mask was removed, Oliver discovered he had been duped into slaying ex-fiancee Felicity’s new beau, SCPD Detective Billy Malone (guest star Tyler Ritter).

As the hour came to close, Oliver recounted for Susan Williams (Carly Pope) how someone from his past had suggested that he ruins the lives of everyone he comes in contact with, while a montage of sorrowful images included a sobbing Felicity, a news report on Billy’s death at her side.

Moving forward, when the series returns on Jan. 25, “One thing Felicity is not going to do, I can tell you for sure, is blame Oliver. She recognizes the manipulations that have led to this situation,” showrunner Wendy Mericle, who co-wrote the midseason finale, told TVLine as part of our in-depth 2017 Preview Q&A. “Her heart is broken in that last moment for Oliver and for Malone and for herself.”

Rather, when it comes to directing her anger, “Felicity has set her sights on Prometheus,” Mericle makes clear. “This season we have said we’re going to take her to a darker place, and you’re seeing the genesis of the reason why, right here.”

To that highly, dangerously ambitious end, Felicity “is going to meet some people who are both a bit tied to her past but also very much tied to this new future she’s contemplating,” Mericle teases, “and that’s going to draw her away from the team and lead her to do some things that are pretty morally questionable.”

Surveying this long-planned shift for Team Arrow’s heretofore reliably sunny, quippy Overwatch, Mericle says, “It’s a color for Felicity that we’ve always known she had the potential for, but we never had the right story to play. We’re excited about it.”

What sort of “morally questionable” enterprises do you think Felicity will delve into, to avenge Billy’s death and those it profoundly affected?

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  1. Smurffette says:

    Soooooo can we get Laurel scoop now?!

  2. Kate says:

    While I am a fan of what is them as a couple although not how they decided to end it a part of me as always thought that diehard Olicity fans should always be conscious of the fact that while she isn’t her nor did the show ever intend this and probably just meant it as an Easter Egg but Felicity Smoak does exist in the comics and she is a bad guy. And the introduction of her father should have been an alert. Not that she will end up being a bad guy or anything but making sure the worse she becomes is, well, whatever Batgirl name they will use here.

    • AMB says:

      The Calculator’s daughter in comics is named Wendy, and she wasn’t actually bad. Felicity Smoak is Ronnie Raymond’s stepmother and she wasn’t evil either.

      • Trish says:

        Exactly. Which is essentially moot since it’s already been established Arrow’s Felicity Smoak, much like Diggle, is an Arrow original character.

      • barbara says:

        I feel like he is not Felicitys father and I dont believe she is really Felicity Smoak I feel like her real name is Stephanie Brown the SPOILER and later to become BATGIRL#4 just a thought.

        • barbara says:

          I stand corrected on Felicitys backstory Stephanie Brown I believe is her real mother and Donna Smoak is her adopted mother and Noah Kutller is not her father Felicitys father at this time is unknown so that will make Felicity the Spoiler and are Batgirl#5 she is to young to be Stephanie Brown read the story about Stephanie on google under dc comics Stephanie Brown

      • Lex says:

        Frankly I found the Calculator boring. The minute the guy was cast everyone knew he was going to be Felicity’s father, and it was extremely uninteresting to watch his “reunion” with Felicity. Even though it would have been a somewhat predictable cliche, I would have rather had Damien Darhk turn out to be her father, because it would have been far more interesting and have implications for the overarching storyline of the season. Instead we got “disarming nukes with Daddy” and very little long-term implications for Felicity’s character.

    • barbara says:

      It only said she married Firestorms father but her and Firestorm did not get along but later on did, She wasnt a bad guy. But in the comics the versions of characters can be different In season4 IM not sure I think 22 Donna Smoak told Felicity that her father didnt leave them she left him because of his ways .I think that is a clue to what is going to happen to her now My theroy is calculator is not her father I actually think Cluemaster is Therefore her real name is Stephanie Brown Bare with me on this I believe when Donna told Felicity that she was talking about Cluemaster he was a villian and Donna left him changed Stephanies name to Felicity and gave her the last name Smoak .Clumaster trys to find Stephanie to only find out that she is dead All this time she only knows herself as Felicity Smoak Donna lived with Noah and left him when Felicity was 7 Donna left Cluemaster when she was a baby only to keep her safe from her real father because he is very bad Felicity has always had this dislike for crimnals so I think these people she is suppose to meet from her past will be associated with Cluemaster an will find out she is Stephanie Brown and will lead her to be Spoiler and later BATGIRL#5 are maybe straight to BATGIRL#5 I hope it maynot be whats going to happen but in the Comic Felicity is the spitten image of Stephanie Brown she would be perfect for that chacter

      • barbara says:

        Very much wrong about this version Felicity is actually Stephanie Browns daughter she had her at 16 and gave her up for adoption

        • The original FS was Firestorm’s stepmother. I don’t know if you’re trolling, or if this is current comic continuity, but that was her original appearance in any comic book, back before either of us were born.

  3. Justine Grey says:

    This sounds really good. I’ve always wanted to see a dark Felicity. She’s been through so much (paralysis, losing her one true love, fired from her company, and both Cooper and Bill dying). It would be great to see Oliver bring her back to the light, like she has done for him so many times.

    • Justine Grey says:

      But that drawing her away from the team line, I am not a fan. So hopefully she doesn’t draw away too much and Oliver & Diggle are there for her.

    • Betty Taylor says:

      That’s what I’m hoping. Oliver will bring her back to the light.

    • Jennifer says:

      Yeah Justine Grey I would love to see Oliver bring Felicity back to the light like she has done for him so many times. Plus Felicity will understand Oliver lot more about what push him but I don’t like that she going to pull away for team arrow.

    • meatystakes says:

      I’m so sick of Oliver needing Felicity to “bring him back to the light”, sure as hell I don’t want the inverse. Why do her alleged fans keep trying to link her development to her relationship with Oliver? It drives me nuts.

      Give us a cool worthwhile Felicity story, not just another freaking set up for Olicity. Why do some people keep making everything about Olicity, over Felicity herself as a character that deserves agency and respect?

      She can have her own personal journey without Oliver, she is a person on her own.

      • Rana Kercmar says:

        Why do Laurel fans get up in arms when it comes to Felicity and Oliver. And how that will tie in into Felicity’s character. She will get development and it will make her better understand Oliver.
        Laurel fans get their fav back. Why the need for all the anger.

        • datdudemurphy says:

          Because it is almost degrading to the character of Felicity…..she cannot have an actual story of her own.
          Her character and her character arc exist solely to feed the male character.

          • Ray says:

            What show are you watching? Felicity is wrapped up in to much of the show. They brought her mother in, her father in, the hacker backstory with the ex boyfriend, hooked her up with not 1 but 3 future justice league members, put her in a wheelchair, made her a CEO of a company, and that’s just off the top of my head. Us Laurel fans, as you put it, don’t want our favorite character pushed to the side and killed off so the head writer can find a way to make Olicity a permanent thing. The show is called Arrow not Felicity. Like I said it’s hard to tell since a so called secondary character has already dated Green Arrow, The Flash, and The Atom.

          • barbara says:

            This comment is for Ray Felicity is apart of the OTA the thread to Green Arrow she didnt date GA just one dinner date that got blown up The Flash they did not date Felicity aka EBR was used to introduce The Flash to the Arrowverse Ray Palmer. all I saw was a dinner date and also Felicity aka EBR was used to introduce The Atom to The Arrowverse for Legends Of Tomorrow yes she is wrapped up in the show because the writers put her in positions that only lead her to bringing in new characters same thing in season5 shes never doing a story that invovles her story just the characters that needs introducing to the DC Comics I am glad they finaly are giving her a chance to show what she can really do and I think its ashame how EBR has been treated by people who watch Arrow The scripts that Arrow writers has given her the last 5yrs is why she is misunderstood its time to make a change for her I love it the only thing is it comes a little to late The thing with Laurel its great shes back and I hope they do get together but I believe its an endgame to Arrow .Also if you know anything about EBR you should know her and KC are best friends they vacation together you hardly see them apart

      • Lex says:

        Hi there. Olicity fan here who’s been waiting for Felicity to have her own, full-fledged arc outside of her relationship with Oliver for a long, long time. Felicity means more to me than her relationship to Oliver–sorry to burst that bubble for you.

        • barbara says:

          IM not an Olicity fan only EBR and Felicity the day she leaves Arrow is when I dont watch anymore I really think Emily Bett is glad there is no more Olicity I only wish people could only see how wonderfull she is KC has she is best friends with EBR and her and KC workout together all the time those girls are great

  4. kath says:

    It’s about damn time this show gave Felicity something to do other than be a spear carrier for the male characters or a Lucy Ricardo comic relief impersonation. I’ve had it with all the new characters (shortly to be joined by yet another new mask in the bunker).
    This is the first spoiler I’ve heard that makes me want to tune in after the hiatus.

  5. Liz says:

    The trouble is, I find it hard to believe that Malone’s death would send her to a darker place. He was a plot point, not a character. She didn’t even know if what they had was real, could only say she liked him and couldn’t even muster the strength to call him her boyfriend. They’re pinning this big storyline of Felicity’s on a nonsense, pointless relationship that had no weight. Bizarre story choice.
    Also I don’t want Felicity away from the team. And I don’t want her to go dark. Just seems like they’re gonna give her other things for people to blame her for.

    • pnr says:

      The key words here are: “Her heart is broken in that last moment for Oliver and for Malone and for herself.” – She isn’t only doing this for Malone, she’s doing it for Oliver as well as herself.

      I think it’s quite smart actually

    • annahleah says:

      Liz, I agree with you about Malone’s death not taking Felicity to a darker place; but, I do think she is suffering with guilt over his death because she knows she wasn’t being “true” to herself by being with him. When Curtis told her in the bunker that “Paul just doesn’t see it; I have to be true to myself about who I am, she looked to the red pen on the desk and remembered the flashback and knew that she, too, wasn’t being true to herself by being with Billy. (She knows she WANTS to be with Oliver) Being with Billy was what got him killed. I think that is what will take her to the darker place. Her guilt.
      I also don’t want her to be away from the team, but I think Oliver will have a hard time being around her because of the guilt he feels over what he has done to cause her so much pain. Hopefully, they will talk truthfully with each other at some point about what they are feeling and know they belong together.

      • Liz says:

        I could accept her feeling guilty. I just don’t think she was all that into the guy otherwise. Guilt would definitely work though.

        • kath says:

          Guilt can be even more powerful a motivator than love.
          Felicity couldn’t even use ‘love’ when she said “I want my friends to love you as much as I l… you”. Maybe the guilt that she didn’t love him and that he got killed working on a case that was about the Green Arrow motivates her to go past what she ordinarily would do.

          • Liz says:

            I know she didn’t love Malone. She never said it. She struggled to even decide if what she had with him was real. I think she was just killing time with him and trying to move on from Oliver, which would definitely make her feel more guilty and it should, even though she didn’t do anything wrong. I just hope they show that her journey to darker places is about guilt and not about love. I want this to have been the last thing in a long line of terrible things that happened to her that pushed her over the edge. I think a lot of people forget what Felicity went through just last year alone. I’m surprised she hasn’t broken sooner.

          • Lex says:

            They really can’t present Felicity and Billy as some great, epic love that Felicity tragically lost, which is my worry. The writers are so hesitant to even mention Olicity outside of snide, passive-aggressive tweets that they may just build this up as some big, Rose-and-Jack-on-the-Titanic love story just to distance themselves from the love story they were actually telling for four seasons.

    • barbara says:

      I agree on some of what your saying but its really not about just Malone its all the hurt she has had over the course of 4 seasons Havenrock her farther the hurt from Oliver not trusting her and now Malone shes really just fed up .I think Emily Bett Rickards deserves to play out a script that doesnt include love interest and Olivers patsy EBR is the best that Arrow has and I am her fan lets be happy for her as an actress I do agree with you about everyone blameing her for everything that goes wrong its not wright.

      • Liz says:

        I agree with you but this show has never been good at following through on storylines or plots. So while I agree that her being pushed to a darker place should be about an accumulation of her being shot and paralysed and what happened with Havenrock, I just wonder if the writers are even going to explain that. I don’t want her storyline to be about a man she half-heartedly dated for a while. I want it to be because she’s reached her absolute limit of bad things happening to her and she takes action because of it.

  6. Wordsmith says:

    Sounds like they’re gearing up for the return of hacktivist/cyber-criminal Felicity. I wonder if this means the goth look will be making a reappearance…

  7. Jennifer says:

    It would be different for Felicity going down a darker path but as we all know Oliver still love Felicity so what is he going to do when he see her going on this new path will he understand her more of why she on this darker path or will it make them closer together because he knows what it like to be on the darker side. But I hope that her going on this new darker path that we don’t lose the happy Felicity we all know and love at the same time.

    • Liz says:

      He won’t care. Oliver is all about himself and his man pain these days. Plus the show has pretty much forgotten that Oliver was madly in love with Felicity and wanted to marry her. He’ll probably be falling for the new Black Canary being introduced. Or maybe he’ll still be with Susan. I don’t know.

      • AMB says:

        I think Susan is a stall for him and Tina. If they want that to last they won’t do a lunge.

        And yeah, he was supposed to have pulled her back from Havenrock, and/or the alien hallucination was supposed to make him fight for her. None of those theories ever work out bc the writers really think people forgot S4. It’s bizarre.

        • Liz says:

          Why would Susan be a stall for a character we haven’t even met yet? Or a relationship that hasn’t even started/been introduced? Susan is shady and I think she’s there more as a link to Bratva and Talia al Ghul. She knows more than Oliver realises.

      • meatystakes says:

        Oliver was in love with Laurel for 5+ years, and that ended too.

        Relationships end, it’s not that hard to understand. And to believe he wouldn’t support Felicity as a friend it’s very disrespectful to his character.

        • barbara says:

          I am sorry but I dont believe that Oliver was in love with Laurel that long if he was why did he leave with Sara he cheated on her with her sister he maybe was when he came back but as soon as sara came in in season 2 he was with her again Oliver saw Felicity at Queen Consolidated I feel like he went looking for in s1 e14 he vowed to protect her and s1 e15 when she left team Arrow he went after her I think he always had something for her maybe not love but something. in the comic books I was reading this the other day Laurel married a man that was in the military and thats who she learned her fighting skills from there is so many different versions of black canary. And I do agree with you he never supports her no one was with her at her apartment to help her through her grief instead all he thought about was his self.Look how many times Felicity told him things wasnt his fault and supported him .Ran to his side when Thea was dying .When his mother died saved his life so many times. The list just goes on and on . What really has Laurel done for Oliver are Sara really . Felicity has stood by Green Arrow through everything and he couldnt even go to her he goes to Susan Williams when she needed him. Those Arrow Writers never think about the women. Em Bett needs to get independent. I like it.

          • Max says:

            Thank you Barbara. What they’re doing to Oliver this season is atrocious. Plus, I will never be over that final shot where everyone surrounds and comforts Oliver because he felt guilty while Felicity – who just learned her boyfriend was killed 10 seconds ago by her ex fiancee – is ignored. Of course Oliver would feel horrible but them stressing his feelings instead of hers at that particular moment tells you how their write their scripts. I’d love for Felicity to get her well-deserved storyline but 1) we got to see Oliver’s reaction to Felicity’s paralysis but not felicity 2) her recovery was used to dramatize her break up with Oliver and they never mentioned her paralysis again 3) havenrock was ultimately used to introduce Rory in the team and give him a backstory. Screen time for that storyline? Under 8 minutes 4) Everything about Ray Palmer in season 3. And I’m missing things I’m sure.

        • AMB says:

          He HASN’T supported Felicity as a friend. He’s been a TERRIBLE friend to her this season. Didn’t even ask anyone to check on her after killing her frigging boyfriend if he didn’t have the guts to do it himself. Brought in a guy from Havenrock without a moment of consideration for or conversation with her.

          I’m not entirely sure he remembers her name at this point.

          • barbara says:

            You are so wright the Havenrock thing when she told Rory that she changed the path of the missile he basicaly got mad at her for telling him another time that Felicity took the wrap Arrow writers are pushing Emily out of Arrow and if they do I dont know about everyone else but Arrow wont be on my TV Really Oliver has treated her bad since S1 hollaring at her going with all those different women in front of her and s2 he was with Sara up untill e20 are 21 he decides he loves her in a 3 week span All these Olicity haters they need to stop and think how long was she with Oliver lets see S3 E23 broke up in S4 E15 That was a very short time His not trusting her and believeing in her normal people would have told thier mate about a child And dont get me started on how he didnt even go to her but maybe twice when she was shot on the brink of death now not even supporting her when he killed her boyfriend this sucks I hope she becomes this badass female that dont put up with the crap anymore I cant believe Oliver didnt even go to her and help her through her grief instead he goes and shacks up with Susan Williams who has not even invested anything in the GA Felicity has given up4 and a half yrs of her life to him and Diggle she deserves at least some support.

      • barbara says:

        HA HA you are so wright I dont believe anyone cares about Felicity no one comforted her when Oliver told her about Billy just Thea and that was a patt on the back. Some people are saying that Oliver shouldnt go to her and comfort her maybe not but what about Diggle her friend Curtis for gods sake somebody. She was all alone while Oliver was shacking up with the reporter. So at this point and the way season5 has gone I dont think anyone cares.

        • annahleah says:

          Do you remember when Diggle told Felicity, “You’re not crying for Moira, you’re crying for Oliver” at Moira’s funeral? Well, I think it’s sort of the same thing going on here. Yeah, she has the tablet with Billy’s story about his death next to her, and she’s crying. But she doesn’t have it clutched to her and sobbing her heart out. I think she’s feeling everything she has gone through and finally just letting it out. And, I think, her friends aren’t there because, they too, are going through similar tragedies. Paul walked out on Curtis, so he’s going through his own turmoil. Diggle is being arrested and can’t be there for her. And Oliver….well, I just think he can’t face her right now. The only reason the writers sent Oliver to Susan’s place, I think, is to show us that bottle of Russian vodka. Just my thoughts on this episode.

  8. and Felicity and Friends is back on the air. terrific

    • pnr says:

      Yes because one spoiler about Felicity’s journey = it’s back to being Felicity and Friends. smh

    • AMB says:

      It’s really, really not. You’re going to get all the BC/GA stuff you can handle. It won’t be LL, but it’ll be a hot chick fighting in tight black leather.

    • Liz says:

      What’s that? I’ve never even heard of it but I’d watch the crap out of that!

    • barbara says:

      What is this Felicity and friends I hear this a lot if you have watched this show you will see Felicity only has one friend and thats Curtis if its her fans thats not it Im a fan of EM BETT and Im 66 and shes the only one Icare about on Arrow

    • Lex says:

      I’m excited! I love Felicity and friends, where female characters actually get real, full emotional arcs and storylines! It shows women can be strong and be competent and show that there are different ways to be a hero! Yay women! I’m all for change and growth for female characters, especially if they inevitably piss off the comic book fanboys!

  9. AMB says:

    How interesting that Felicity is being drawn away from the team right as Tina/NuBC is being drawn towards the team. What convenient timing.

    • Liz says:

      lol this. Very convenient. They’re being so obvious about it.

      • Max says:

        2 women in the lair with 5 other guys. That’s the new quota. Amazing………

        • AMB says:

          Thea’s barely in the lair now, either. So I think the quota is about 1.25 women.

        • barbara says:

          I say let them get them some of this Tina gal if they really want to screw up I just hope they dont make Felicity Black Canary I want her to have her own idenity not someone else .If they push out Felicity and bring this other woman in All I got to say is what a big big mistake and I dont believe they should even give the Black Canary name to anyone else.Laurel Lance owns that name If she comes back as Black Siren thats in the Comics LL was BS and then metahuman BC on e2.

        • barbara says:

          They are just bringing more women on for Oliver to shack up with I dont get it They dont want him and Felicity together but thier putting him with all these different women I think this show is turning into Stephen Amell in the Hunk. Its crazy but if you look at GA hes kinda getting old to be playing Hunk hes 10 yrs older than Felicity.

    • kath says:

      I think the smart thing to do would be to wait and see which character Tina has the most chemistry with. She doesn’t have to have a love interest this season.

      But if they are determined to put her with Oliver, I’d rather have Felicity far away from that stuff. Been there, done that, with Sara and Oliver’s PDA in the lair in s2; really really don’t want to see it again especially in front of Felicity after all she went through the past two seasons.

    • barbara says:

      Has anyone thought that Felicity maybe is the new BC they are really makeing it sound that way I hope not I want her to have her own idenity not someone elses

  10. Madeleine says:

    Umm, Matt, Arrow comes back Wednesday February 1.

  11. Erik says:

    Yes, just give us more Felicity. Not as a love interest (though I don’t mind that), or the funny quirky girl, or the brains. Let her show more emotion and feelings and depth. Emily did great carrying more heavy storylines in season 3 and 4 and this season it’s all been so shallow. I can’t stand the “omg a woman lost some she’s loved and she’s crying AGAIN” complaints. Women are for more than looking pretty and making you laugh. Bring it on Arrow!

    • pnr says:

      I am giving you a standing ovation Erik. You just can’t see it :)

    • Liz says:

      Bravo! I couldn’t agree more. Felicity hasn’t had anything to do this season but stand there, look pretty and say a few funny lines. I do want more substance for her.

    • meatystakes says:

      Sorry I can’t take you seriously when we all know Felicity’s season 4 storylines were the worst.

      I mean, I agree with your first sentence sentiment; I want Felicity to develop as a character in a way that ties in to the main arc, and her revenge against Prometheus seems perfect for it, and I want it.

      But while Felicity season 3 had ups and downs, season 4B Felicity had the worst storylines this show has done that did nothing to move the plot along nor develop her on a meaningful way.

      • barbara says:

        I agree on some things your saying you know the writers write these scripts and I feel EM BETT has always got the shaft I felt like some of her scenes were awesome her getting shot and playing that out the only thing they rushed it to much and the scenes when they were in Central City the baby mama drama there was a lot of good she did but thats because she is without a doubt the best and she can make a bad thing look good shes just misunderstood

  12. soonerborn says:

    Didn’t she pull away from the team last season? So once again they are repeating another story line. Would someone at Berlanti productions please fire these idiotic show runners and get someone that actually knows how to run a show.

    • kath says:

      Oliver pulled away last season. Felicity kept working with the team even though Oliver had quit.
      Felicity quit for half an episode in season 3 when she thought Oliver had died, but she was right back there at the start of the next one.

      • Liz says:

        Felicity actually left the team for one or two episodes in season 4 after she broke up with Oliver (but really it was because they had to have a reason to introduce Curtis to the team). But she came back after Laurel died because she wanted to catch Damien Darhk.

        • kath says:

          You’re right, I’d forgotten that. I think because she quit because Oliver manipulated her around the fake wedding and vows, not because it had anything to do with Team Arrow

    • Lusa says:

      Still nowhere near as bad as the repeatvieness of The Flash.

      I can’t wait until next season, when we get our 4th speedster who will be introduced by dragging Barry around town. And then we find out that he is someone future Barry has pissed off. And then he kills a loved one right in front of Barry. And he will probably be revealed to be a newly introduced character in Barry’s live.

  13. Hodan says:

    I can’t wait. I always wanted to see Goth Felicity return.

  14. pnr says:

    This is honestly the most perfect opportunity for Felicity to go undercover. DON”T FAIL ME SHOW!

  15. Betty Boop says:

    This sounds like it could have a lot of potential! Felicity has been through so much these past few years and I’m excited for her to have some story focus and work through it. Also, she’s been very constrained to the lair this season to date, so I’m excited to see her out and about, doing her own thing!

    I think it’ll be great for EBR to get into a meaty, nuanced story and I’m sure she’ll be amazing at this slightly different version of Felicity. This season has lacked a little heart for me, until episodes 8 and 9 which felt more like Arrow. Really hoping this Felicity storyline continues that trend. This could be a great.

  16. Trish says:

    Just give a good Felicity Smoak story. Give her the same consideration and space given in abundance to others. She’s earned it.

  17. Calli says:

    Really excited to see how this plays out. I really feel everything since last spring has been building towards this and I know EBR will nail playing Felicity going a bit dark. Can’t wait!

  18. Rana Kercmar says:

    So excited for Felicity to shine in 5B. First part was a bit rough. Bu without a doubt Felicity is gonna showcase how badass she can be. Darkh Felicity vs Prometheus is gonna be amazing. And Emily will be perfect in this role.

    • The show is called Arrow not Felicity

      If they dare go with that nonsense, the backlash last season will look like walk in the park.

      • kath says:

        The show is called Arrow, not Diggle or Malcolm Merlyn and yet Diggle got the ‘killing Andy/ Chechyna/jail storyline that’s gone on for 13 episodes now and Malcolm Merlyn tortured us with his storylines for 3 seasons.

        • Lusa says:

          Are you honestly saying you think Diggle got more to do last year than Felicity???? Because that is insanely not true at all.

          • kath says:

            I’m saying that Diggle can have his own storyline as can Thea or Laurel or Quentin. Why not Felicity? Especially since it’s so completely tied to Oliver’s Big Bad of the season.

          • Max says:

            Do you not remember how season 2 had many Diggle centric episodes? Give me more Felicity, give me more Diggle, give me more Thea. Anything but these new recruits and another season of Oliver questioning his morals when the only reason they regressed him to that point again is because they are out of ideas for his emotional journey. He’s dropping bodies from buildings but it’s okay because now he’s morally gray? No that’s not gray. That’s season 1.

      • barbara says:

        Well any way you look at it Emily Bett Rickards is a part of Arrow there hasnt ever really been anything about Felicity since s3 and that didnt tell us much you cant have actors on a show and not use them what do you want her to do just sit behind a computer and not say anthing it doesnt change the show its just and edition Im glad thier doing this its something I have waited on for 5 seasons I always thought there could be more for Felicity then being her beautiful self its going to open a lot of doors for Emilys career Emily has been in training for 4yrs and its time to show us what she can do I love it.

      • Rana Kercmar says:

        Really with the way you guys were trotting its Felicity and Friends show that i am finally getting that promised show. Where were you when they removed Oliver from the show so they could start the piss poor excuse of an arc that was BC, i didnt hear you complain. But when Felicity gets a little bit of focus you guys go berserk. If Arrow is only about Oliver stop embarrassing yourself with No Laurel No Arrow crap that called for cancellation of the show.

      • barbara says:

        My question is why do people get on a conversation about Felicity if you dont like her? You should have seen the front page that big photo and what the conversation was about. This dont make any since to me I have seen enough of Olivers whinning bring on these badass women Im all for it.

  19. meatystakes says:

    It has taken us 5 years, but it finally seems that Felicity is gonna have a worthwhile story of her own, and I am excited. I’m ready for her crucible, and how it would contrast with the other character’s more physical journeys. I really want a deep (for Arrow) story about morality, specially for Felicity that has always been a character on the lighter side of the spectrum.

    The writing in this season make me truly believe they will make her justice and that was a long time coming.

    I mean, if she has a good enough storyline, I really wouldn’t mind if it was followed by an Olicity reunion, (but the characters have to have their own journeys before that)

  20. Rachel says:

    So is she gonna go to “morally questionable places” she’s constantly harping on Oliver about? Not sure how excited I am about this so we’ll see….

  21. Jason says:

    Felicity’s reaction to all this won’t feel earned. We barely saw any of this new boyfriend and I never felt any chemistry there. I’m not saying she shouldn’t feel sad, but if she’s going over to the dark side it’s for a flimsy reason. Was sure that her new boyfriend was gonna turn out to be evil, honestly.

  22. Death says:

    I hope this arc will be well executed and Felicity won’t be sidelined from the team.

  23. Anh says:

    That lady’s crying is so so lame!

  24. Max says:

    Conflicting feelings. Love me some Felicity Smoak and this storyline should give her the attention she deserves besides the quirky one-liners they’ve regressed her to this season. The mid-season finale showcased what Emily can do if they just let her. Love me some EBR, she’s going to absolutely nail this. But I have zero faith in the writers or the producers, not when it comes to servicing a character other than Oliver.

    • Lex says:

      Yes. I’m all for Felicity going on her own emotional journey outside of the male characters, but I’m not getting my hopes up. Considering the writers track record with female characters, I really question if they’ll be able to pull this off right. I’m also worried the fanboy menace will rear it’s ugly head and we’ll get a repeat of the misogyny we had to suffer through last season.

      • Max says:

        I hope she’ll get to punch someone so that we can pretend it’s one of *those* fanboys. What a treat.

      • 01Tiger says:

        misogyny, really? okay, SJW, I challenge you to explain your bs. or even better, get off the internet.

        • Maisy says:

          Lets be honest, you dont really want her to explain, you only have to read the rest of the comments to see why the term ‘mysogyny’ is being used- your’ve already dissmissed it as ‘bs’. Nice touch telling her to ‘get off the internet’, I mean if you dont like what you hear you should attempt to muzzle her right? Like Felicity should be ‘put back in her box’ (a phrase traditionally used on dogs btw) that was a catch phrase of the comic crew over the hiatus.

          Are you really so unselfaware that you have missed that calling someone out, whilst labeling their opinion as bs and telling them to get off the internet, just proves their point?

        • kath says:

          Q.E.D. (quod erat demonstratum) about the misogyny.

  25. Liz says:

    Well this will be a interesting turn of events. I am looking forward to a darker Felicity. And if Laurel is back then this will shift the team into a new direction. Here is hoping!

  26. 性别 says:

    Right away I am going to do my breakfast, afterward having my breakfast coming over again to read more news.

  27. peterwdawson says:

    Well at least she’s not blaming Oliver. I mean, she would be justified to a degree, but she’s also known him a long time and understands at this point that villains tend to be, well, villains, tricking was involved and hey, no secrets being kept for no adequately explained reason! As annoying as it will probably be trying to deflate the comic relief character again (mopey season 3 Felicity comes to mind) they’ll hopefully get a better handle on it.

    • Rana Kercmar says:

      the only one who always blamed Oliver was Laurel. What exactly did people expect from Felicity in s3? I mean her friend Sara died (and lets be honest they showed more caring and friendship between Felicity and Sara then they ever did in s2 between Laurel and Sara), the dead bf came back to the living and kidnapped her and her mother, then Oliver died. When he came back he just announced he was teaming up with Merlyn (who mind raped his own daughter), who she knew was responsible for Oliver sacrificing everything to save his sister. Should she have continued making jokes and be happy all the time?

  28. These writers suck. They’ve ruined Oliver’s character growth (thereby throwing away their entire story), sidelined Felicity as a lame love interest to an even lamer character and now they are taking away the core of Felicity’s character–her optimism and morality in the face of all the awful crap they deal with. And they are totally glossing over the fact that Oliver was so quick to kill that he killed the wrong person that should be on HIM. He should rethink his hastily written character regression. Lazy terrible writers.

    Fix Felicity. Fix Oliver. Fix team Arrow.

  29. Rex the Wonder Dog says:

    Felicity should be the one that slays Prometheus.

  30. Steve says:

    I just want Mr. Terrific to do something. Right now he’s just a guy who happens to be gay. OK, I got that. But how about something worthy of Mr. Terrific?

  31. Agent 86 says:

    Yeah … no thank you. It’s bad enough that Cisco has been dour on The Flash this season. Why does CW want to take their “ray of light” characters and make them dark and gritty? Cisco and Felicity should always remain the bright spots of their respective shows.
    Of course, it’s pretty clear to me that “morally questionable” activities probably includes taking on the mantle of the “Black Canary” so that she can dish out some vigilante justice of her own, thanks to a quick training montage with Oliver / Lady Shiva / someone else.

  32. Rob says:

    Im curious how laurel is back and if she have now real power not cisco gadgets please please let she be badass like in JLU😊😎

  33. Luffy says:

    On the Laurel side of things, it could be related to Stein’s time aberration (butterfly effect or ripple effect) or the obvious Flashpoint. But this a totally crazy theory with no evidence. But where has Merlyn been for the last 9 episodes of the season and finally just show up at LoT episode 8. It smells like Merlyn. That’s all.

    • barbara says:

      Black Siren turns into Black Canary on another Earth I dont think GA married BC for one thing she was a Meta Human that must have been on another earth she also couldnt have children There is so many different versions IM glad they write thier own its confusing to me

  34. Lex says:

    I love Olicity. I love OTA. However, I’m all for Felicity getting her own emotional arc where she goes on her own hero’s journey. I just hope her friends will support her as much as she’s supported everyone else when they’ve had their “dark nights of the soul.” Maybe Diggle talking her off a ledge when she’s about to be Dark Willow? He can be the Xander…

  35. DS9 is King says:

    The Laurel Lance at the End of the Mid season finale is Most likely Earth 2 Laurel Lance pretending to be Earth 1 Laurel.

    • AMB says:

      That is the most likely answer. We know she’s on E1. I’m pretty surprised how many people think it’s anything but that…Arrow is very rarely surprising nowadays.

  36. Finally a good story with Felicity about Felicity ! i’m all for it she’s too smart and has too much potential to be left in the background with the witty comeback of the week ! i always want more about Oliver, Diggle and Felicity !

  37. redjane12 says:

    I can see Felicity reaching out to her dad whose moral compass seemed murky at best when we met him… Beyond that, IF well written, Felicity going into a dark journey could add to the character in interesting ways…

  38. MB says:

    Boring! Over exposure to Felicity is what burnt a good portion of fans out on the character and Olicity. I thought they learned and course corrected following the pacing FUBAR with Smoak melodrama at the end of S4. Guess not.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Blindspot is supposed to be quite good.

    • Gale Peacock says:

      I’m guessing you have the hard data to back up this claim about over exposure? I’m guessing not unless you’re a network exec. My opinion, and it’s mine alone, it was a combination of a disappointing villain, uneven pacing, the addition of magic, breaking up a wonderful relationship with a ridiculous plot that made the hero into a liar and a coward and nukes that sent quite a number of fans scurrying away. I’d love to see more of Felicity Smoak and see where this story line goes. Arrow has a chance to be truly entertaining again.

    • BWR says:

      Hatred of Felicity for no reason by a few people who were never really fans – here, I fixed that for you. There was never any overexposure, it’s just in your stupid head.

    • barbara says:

      Why does everyone blame EBR about this Olicity crap Arrow writers has written Felicitys story badly its not the actors fault shes just doing her job I have always believed that EBR deserved so much more than playing out someones love interest shes better than that This story is not about Olicity are Laurel its about Felicitys journey and its well deserved Arrow writers has used EBR since she got there for thier backlash Oliver aka Stephen Amell is treating her so badly this year it bugs me how they can just turn away from her I would think EBR is really excited about this and Im excited for her I know she has worked really hard training for 4 yrs and she is still doing it you go EBR and I hpoe it includes a suit you deserve it

      • Jack W. says:

        who exactly is doing that? certainly no one in the commen your replied to. EBR is fantastic, only an idiot would disagree with that.
        but also, what has been so terrible about how Felicity has been written? yes, I could also completely do without the Olicity drama, but she is still the best character on Arrow. mostly thanks to EBR of course.

  39. brenna says:

    Felicity Smoak and EBR are a wonderful part of Arrow and I hope this is a great story for her. Not looking forward to her being away from the team but I hope they are there for her and I hope this storyline plays out well.

  40. Luis Roman says:

    I’m looking forward to seeing Felicity treading in the dark waters that have been Oliver’s exclusive domain for five years. Felicity has been mostly defined by her relationships with men (Oliver, Diggle, Ray, her hacker ex, her father.) I look forward to a story line where she exercises some agency over her own life.

  41. BWR says:

    Sounds good, but they should have already gone in that direction after she nuked that city. That’s a powerful story, no one cares abou the placeholder boyfriend.
    But I’m sure it will be great. Felicity is the best character on Arrow and Emily Bett Rickards a fantastic actress.

    • Max says:

      One of the writers confirmed on twitter that it’s a culmination of everything that’s happened. Meaning she was in denial during 5A and the boyfriend was maybe a way to stick a bandaid on a stab wound. I hope they even dig before the Havenrock events, with her paralysis, Oliver betraying her, Laurel dying, her dad leaving and coming back in her life to steal from her company, getting fired from her company when she was just figuring out how to help people leaving her last season with no job, no fiancé, no dad. Oh and all of her boyfriends dying on her one way or another.

      • Liz says:

        Really? That makes me feel a lot better about this storyline now. Thank you.

        • Max says:

          You’re so welcome. That was my biggest fear when they announced this storyline. Of course, my expectations are still low because you never know with Arrow. The writer’s name is Brian Ford Sullivan if you wanna check.

  42. GS35 says:

    EBR is the best. Loved her dark Felicity when she was on drugs, I’m sure she will nail this too.

  43. Tazia Radford says:

    Felicity might kill someone

    • Mickey says:

      I really hope the new Dark Felicity kills Evelyn Sharp. We have seen members of Team Arrow do some stupid (but innocent) things in the past, but Artemis is a backstabbing traitor who needs to be skinned alive.

      • annahleah says:

        I am not watching this show anymore, but I am just hoping this is the way they will take her (Artemis) off the show, permanently. Next, Wild Dog, then Mr. Terrific. Keep RagMan, he seems to be very well liked. It seems it’s the consensus of most that they want OTA back to be THE one and only Star City superheros fighting the big bad like in the early days. Hope it goes that way for all of you still watching.

  44. Fido says:

    morally questionable place ? – is she moving to Leicester, England. :)

  45. The trouble is, I find it hard to believe that Malone’s death would send her to a darker place. He was a plot point, not a character.