The Vampire Diaries Spoilers

Vampire Diaries Finale Gifts 'Holiday Romance' to Stefan and Caroline

Good news, “Steroline” Nation: Before dinner at the Salvatores’ falls to utter crap on Friday’s Vampire Diaries (The CW, 8/7c), there will be some sexy Christmas action.

“We’ll get a few nice moments between Stefan and Caroline,” Candice King tells TVLine of the hellish holiday episode. She also confirms that the couple is standing under mistletoe in those first-look photos from last week. (There was some debate over the nature of the shrubbery.) King adds, “It’s nice to have — within the chaos — that good old holiday romance, if you will, that you want for these characters.”

Speaking of “Steroline,” King says she had a funny reaction to the couple’s engagement at the top of Season 8:

“Part of me was like, ‘Already?’ But then I was like, ‘We’re eight years in. This is the last season. It’s all happening!’ Along the way, we heard so many things that would eventually happen, so it’s crazy to be on the other side of ‘eventually.’ These are the storylines now leading up to the end.”

As for how Elena (aka Sleeping Beauty) might react to the news of her best friend and ex-boyfriend’s engagement?

“I think she’d need a stiff drink — and then a tall coffee,” King says with a laugh. “It’s a lot of stuff. That would be a funny shot of her reading and reacting to all the journals everyone’s been writing for years.”

Your hopes for the final Vampire Diaries of 2016? Drop ’em in a comment below, then check back later tonight for our recap.

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  1. Gul says:

    Aww my cute steroline deserve allll the happiness. Can’t wait to see the ep, I know it’ll end on a sad note for them but they’re my endgame and hopefully the show’s too :)

  2. Val M says:

    My hopes for the final Vampire Diaries os Klaus and Caroline together after so many years apart… The need to have their own experiences before being together. A big time jump and them both together.

  3. Joey p says:

    My hopes for TVD are Caroline single or Klaroline endgame.

  4. Ayinlar Taiwo says:

    TVD Fans, how about this?
    Bring Back Jeremy
    Katherine from Hell
    Sheila Bennett
    Kelly Donovan
    Richard Lockwood
    The Originals on a crossover event
    Ripper Stefan
    … Yeah, those. At least for one last time. Before TVD crushes our hearts by saying goodbye.

  5. marydspain says:

    YES! Mistletoe and sexy time :) #SterolineJuneWedding

  6. marydspain says:

    Hopes? The Steroline June wedding of course!

  7. Kar says:

    they ruined her with stefan. she puts her kids last of her priorty

  8. Nur says:

    They are so endgame, they will get their happy ending im sure of it! STEROLINE JUNE WEDDING IS COMING

  9. Mally says:

    Leading to an end? Hopefully the end of this couple. I hate how Caroline had to sacrifice her kids because of all the darkness that Stefan/Damon bring into her life. She was fine for 3 years without him.

  10. Abbi Fortune says:

    We love Steroline so much! THEY WILL FIND A WAY! ❤💍#SterolineJuneWedding

  11. Lisa says:

    Klaroline please :)

  12. Angie says:

    My hopes for the Vampire Final are to see Klaus and Caroline or Caroline single :)

  13. Hannah says:

    Lets hope this backhalf is actually about Caroline for once. I have hope that she’ll finally have a storyline outside the guy she’s seeing. I’ve waited 8 years for one.

  14. S.Q says:

    Can’t wait for Steroline!! They deserve their happy ending

  15. Mery says:

    Hope for the Final?Klaroline Endgame ofc!

  16. tara says:

    i am so ready for a steroline endgame! i love them.. this is my wish :)

  17. mishty says:

    my steroline heart is ready for a Steroline mistle toe Christmas kiss!

  18. Bonnie Slayes says:

    Great geeat! Now what about Bonenzo? ??? I want to know are they planing how to bring Bonnie’s magic back, or their trip to Paris. Damn it, give us something about them!

  19. JJ says:

    Boring couple!!! Caroline needs to be single in the end. Btw where is Elena? Is Nina even coming back?

  20. Sharon says:

    I want Steroline to be over!

    I would love to see a bad ass Caroline off traveling the world and making some new friends. Being with Stefan has done nothing for her character.

  21. David says:

    Enzo makes Bonnie a vampire (since she’s never leaving him….and since she’s not a witch anymore anyway) then Elena can come back, Damon can drink the cure and they go off living a short happily ever after. I couldn’t care less how Stefan and Caroline end up, but I would like Caroline transitioning to The Originals with Alaric then Klaus and her getting a chance -since Cami is no more :(

    • Nero says:

      I like this comment from David best of all. Benzo, Delena, Klaroline. Perfect. Though I’m pretty sure the “Sterolizers” will get their cloying wishes and they’ll stick Care and Hero Hair together and frog march them down the aisle to some corny wedding. Bah humbug.

    • Justine Galarza says:

      I really like this version! I hope it ends this way!

  22. Liz says:

    So another painful Steroline scene to watch, go figure. I seriously debating watch tonight’s episode because of Caroline actions just from the preview. Now to see Steroline trying to live it up for the Christmas holiday, kind of makes me not want to watch at all. We will see…

  23. Honey Jackson says:

    The season ending should be,”It was all a dream,Elena awakens, Bonne got her “mojo”,& enzo,she figures a way not to “die”,Damon & Elena have their “final moment” together, then he wipes her memory “clean”,Stefan does the same with Caroline,and the last scene, Damon & Stefan look at each other,take off their rings…fade out, final scene,all 3girls are “back” in high school,like nothing ever happened!p.s.Enzo is gone,too! Elena marries Matt,Bonnie &Jeremy,Caroline &……wait for it….KLAUS!What?! She can “stay” a vampire,right???

    • zed says:

      Great. Yeah – that’s very befitting. And the three girls go get the real men vamps with beards down in NOLA or wherever they will be – lol- and we have ELEjah, Klaroline and Kennett. And they all live happily ever after!

  24. Viridiana says:

    Can Elena and Stefan could get back together and get married and have kids plz 😞💖

  25. Kayla says:

    I really hope Caroline doesn’t end up with Stefan. Either she ends up single or with Klaus. #klaroline