Sleepy Hollow Premiere Spoilers Season 4

Sleepy Hollow Season 4 Premiere: 10 Things You Need to Know

What does Sleepy Hollow look like in the absence of Abbie? Settle in with a nice mug of rum, because we’re about to give you a few hints. 

Fox on Friday released the Season 4 premiere, “Columbia,” to the press. While we’re not allowed to give away major plot points, there’s nothing stopping us from passing along some (intentionally vague) intel to trusted compatriots, right?

Here are a few tidbits to help you keep your head until the supernatural drama’s Jan. 6 return (9/8c):

* The dearly departed “leftenant” Abbie Mills is both mentioned and seen within the episode’s first few moments.

* There’s a visual callback to the pilot in the first few minutes, as well.

* Ichabod and Diana’s first meeting goes just about exactly how you’d expect it. (For what it’s worth, I like the new character and Janina Gavankar in the role.)

* The method by which one character tracks down another character is a bit of a stretch… even for a show that traffics in centuries-old leading men sporting linen drawers.

* Jeremy Davies’ Malcolm Dreyfuss is one of the richest men in the world, yet he doesn’t appear to own a comb.

* I missed the Archives. That said, the set for the Vault is rather impressive.

* We get evidence that Ichabod’s TV-viewing habits have expanded in recent times.

* We are repeatedly hit over the head with the notion that one new character is a skeptic.

* Two characters share a warm embrace.

* There’s a big revelation at the end of the hour.

Hit the comments with your predictions for the new season! 

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  1. JenE says:

    No Abbie no Sleepy Hollow. Free Tom Mison from what I am sure is a nightmare.

    • Nathan Everett says:

      Have you seen this season? When you do let me know.

    • dman6015 says:

      Beharie was mediocre in the third season.

      • bobs says:

        Exactly. In the first season I could see why people shipped them, but it was painfully obvious that over the course of the show Beharie didn’t want to be there.

      • preta4 says:

        dman, bobs, & others who say beharie’s performances were mediocre, “if” there was ‘any’ truth in the tearing down of an actress NONE of us knows anything about, do any of you who think the studios who have been that crazy or dumb to keep her on even for that length of time (contract or no)? Once again, just goes to show how much ‘some’ of us really DON’T known. Truly sad all the way around. 😳

        • preta4 says:

          Sorry for the grammatical errors, typing too fast. If you are going forward then so be it, but once again tearing down “people” you don’t even know IS very sad and kinda twisted. I know, freedom of speech. 😳

      • Yay says:

        LOL meanwhile Mison was mediocre the entire series.

      • liame says:

        The writing was mediocre the third season.

    • Cali says:

      Sheesh, let it go..,we get it, you won’t watch SH if no Abbie. There are however people like myself and others who are willing to give the show a chance. I actually watched the S4 premier last night and I really liked it. I was prepared to not like it but I kept an open mind and I was really surprised at how much I did like the S4 premier.

      No one is twisting your arm. No one is forcing you to by holding your first born hostage making you watch it. But enough is enough. It’s been 9 mos. Time for you and the BFC to move along and find whatever vehicle she is appearing in this season (oops, that’s right, she isn’t appearing in anything this season on TV) and park your backsides there. Sans that, you all just need find something to occupy your time because your tired trope of “No Abbie, no Sleepy Hollow” is really getting tiresome to say the least🙄

  2. Jim says:

    One thing I need to know: I’m not watching.

  3. worldtraveler9 says:

    I’m intrigued. Looking forward to seeing what is coming up.

  4. mango cherry says:

    The show has become a joke as much as those who continue to watch & write about the it. So many write-ups & stories to tell…

  5. Ron says:

    Usually, once I invest a full season to season and a half into any show, I’m in for the long haul–no matter how bad the show may get, no matter who may die, no matter what. I may watch disparagingly, but I’m gonna watch. I’m ride-or-die like that with TV shows. Sleepy Hollow has fallen into a very, VERY small group of TV shows I just give up on even after investing a lot of time. I’ve devoted 3 full season of my time to Sleepy Hollow. Through their truly wonderful first season, their truly awful second season, and their better-than-season-two somewhat-return-to-original but-still-not-great season three. But Abbie’s death was it for me. Yes, like I said, I usually don’t give up on shows after a death–be it a death of a major character and/or of a character I really like. But this death was different. Nicole/Abbie was way too much of this show–way too much of what made it good–for me to stick around after her death. Don’t get me wrong, I love Tom/Crane, but I can’t return to a show where he’s total equal, someone with whom he had amazing chemistry that made the show, just isn’t there anymore. I will follow both of them to other projects. I’m sadly just done with SH. If I hear overwhelmingly that season 4 is amazing, I’ll be shocked, but I’ll return unbiased and give it a chance. But I really don’t think I have the TV viewing time to devote myself to finding out if it’s good or not.

    • preta4 says:

      Ron, believe it or not I feel the exact same way, and that’s NO slight against ANY of the actors, crew, Creators, viewers, etc. I just will NOT invest any more time in that which IS ALREADY dead for me.

    • Elderkind says:

      I feel the same way although my curiosity may get the better of me to watch the first episode. Can’t remember where I read this but there was speculation back in the late spring that mid-season Sleepy Hollow is a filler and the show will be cancelled during the summer to make way for a new show this fall. This show had such promise and has denigrated into a disappointing mess. The location was awesome and cast stellar. Such a shame.

  6. Larc says:

    No surprise about a rich man not owning a comb. A lot of them apparently don’t own a razor or, if they do, don’t know how to use it.

  7. Anna says:

    The show was everything S1 and now it’s just wasted potential. They want syndication money and to arrogantly prove that they can continue despite ruining everything. Besides Tom and Lyndie TPTB have chased out or fired their entire cast. They should have appreciated Nicole or at least had enough respect to give her a good send off. Instead, they baited then gave us a finale that was beyond sexist and insulting. The only way they can partially redeem themselves is if they apologize and pretend like S3 was all a dream. Unlikely. So disappointed.

    • preta4 says:

      Anna, that hand kiss was awful and very cryptic to me. She was ‘allowed’ to kiss her ‘former’ boyfriend “on the lips”, but the “man she loved” barely gets to kiss her on the hand?? Really??

  8. Mary P says:

    Can’t wait

  9. Daniel Snow says:

    I have to admit that I am very skeptical about the show. I don’t know if I will be returning. Because the show was based around Abby And Ichabod. And then all of a sudden Abby was just a guide to push Ichabod onward making it okay for her to die and be replaced. I just don’t know if I’ll be there like I was when the show first started

  10. Darsan54 says:

    “* Jeremy Davies’ Malcolm Dreyfuss is one of the richest men in the world, yet he doesn’t appear to own a comb.”

    You could make that observation of some of our politicians these days.

  11. CW says:

    Looks crappy.

    Nice trying to use Abbie to gain viewers though.

  12. kmw says:

    Well lets see how this re boot goes and it is a re boot. First the leading lady is gone( whether she wanted out or was forced out isn’t the point) Those two’s chemistry is what made the show and trying to start over with someone else after the fans invested in this couple is a big risk that most likely wont work( Can you imagine Bones losing one of their leads at the end of their third season and think that show would have survived? I think not) Second the show is called SLEEPY HOLLOW!!!! For some reason that escapes me they decided to change locations and ruin that part of the show that differentiated itself from others. They have also hired a lot of different new characters which may have been necessary but wont win over viewers that Sleepy lost with Beharie’s departure. I really do hope things work out for this show but I just cannot see these changes helping them

  13. JM says:

    I have given up on this show; the way Nicole was treated (as was the case with other actors as well), in addition to the horrible baiting of fans, the disrespectful responses on social media by those associated with the show (if you had criticism; otherwise, they would “like” or retweet anything, even if it was disparaging to cast), and the horrendous ending to S3 – all those things have made it so that I will not even watch Fox. Period. I’m commenting, though, to clear something up: in another review, I read that the only mention of Abbie was two brief mentions, and SHE IS ONLY SEEN IN AN OLD PHOTO. Now, if this other source is lying, it should be easy enough to ascertain, but to intimate that Abbie is more than a minor afterthought, and that Nicole is back, is misleading to the point of being dishonest. This site is pretty pro-Sleepy Hollow, and for that reason, I no longer follow its staff on Twitter, nor do I read their articles. But this, in addition to a false IMDB listing that shows Nicole/Abbie as being in the premiere, prompted me to, in this instance, break my rule on giving ANY social media attention to this awful show, in order to clear the air. They already were showing all these old pics of Ichabod and Abbie in some of their promotions, and in my experience with these people, they totally lack any integrity and will use the image of a woman they couldn’t even bring themselves to THANK for three years of hard work. NO. THANK. YOU. I will be watching Grimm and Emerald City instead (and I’m super excited! EC looks amazing). Catch you on the other side, Tom. I like you, but not enough to pay the salary of those SH clowns.

    • delorb says:

      That’s what I read as well. I don’t know this person’s agenda, but she definitely has one. Why lie about something that’s easily proven when the show airs? This is the same lack of respect they’ve shown us ever since Fox mandated that Abbie become a sidekick to Crane. TPTB have baited fans from one side of their mouths while insulting with the other side. They want our viewership, but they expect us to just give it to them because POC are on the show. Meanwhile, those same POC are basically background. Scenery. Easily disposed of or interchangeable. Seen in photographs like that’s supposed fool us into thinking she’s ‘in’ the episode. They’re disgusting, IMO.

  14. DarkDefender says:

    Loved season 1. They grossly underused John Noble. BUT I’ll be giving the reboot a chance. I’m already hooked on Lucifer so SH has a lot to live up too. I hope it is good.

  15. sam says:

    Correction: Abbie is both mention and seen IN A PICTURE. In case anyone is hopeful Nicole Beharie will make an appearance.

    I hope this show dies a humiliating death.

  16. chanrin says:

    Eh. I was skeptical at first, but Imma give it a shot, I miss Tom Mison in my TV.

  17. Alex Lintott says:

    I think I will watch on. Love John Noble and will always watch him and I have a soft spot for the out of place Crane.

  18. West Coast Nomad says:

    Really appreciate the tip from JM on Emerald City. Just checked out the preview and can’t wait to watch! Sadly, I’m done with Sleepy Hollow and I used to LOVE it. What a waste of potential. And considering how the cast was treated and the lack of integrity of the show runners, I’m not surprised they’re trying to trick viewers into coming back with misleading tidbits of Abbie; no one is going to be fooled, or not for long. I loved Season 1, hung in there when things went downhill–and then how the last season ended–just unbelievable. Everyone I know who used to watch is also done. I’m hopeful the hot mess SH has become is canceled soon so I can watch Tom Mison in his next project.

  19. I have dated this show for three seasons and this fourth season better be good from the premiere or I am breaking up with Sleepy Hollow.

  20. Ken Davis says:

    wont watch it without Abbie,and i mean that!!! no one can take her place,wow how cold you FOX!!!! i have been a fan from the get go and now this,this is BS BS BS !!well you have lost one viewer!!!

  21. Deborah Carter says:

    Come on, give it a a chance,, I will.

  22. Vera Hines says:

    Crane’s navigating thru new territory should be a mite easier, this go-around, since he at least has a bit of a handle on the 21st century.

  23. Patricia says:

    I’ve watched two new episodes and i must say I’m little disappointed. I really don’t like that they mad the new wetness a little girl. And shes supposed to be somehow related to abbie. I not feeling the new cast. Maby after some more episodes i will change my mind but for now i don’t like it.