Shameless Season 8

Shameless Season 8 in Jeopardy as Emmy Rossum Seeks Salary Parity With Co-Star William H. Macy

This explains why Showtime has been dragging its feet on a Shameless renewal.

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Leading lady Emmy Rossum — who plays the series’ quasi-matriarch Fiona — is reportedly seeking salary parity with co-star William H. Macy, and the contractual standoff is holding up a formal Season 8 pickup.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Rossum’s camp is arguing that the actress should be paid more than Macy to make up for the seven seasons in which she earned considerably less than the veteran actor. Showtime and Warner Bros. (the studio behind Shameless) declined to comment.

Shameless‘ current seventh season ends on Dec. 18.

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  1. kayw4 says:

    Look you guys run a really great site and I appreciate all the articles you put out – but please, even though I know you’re pressed for time, consider the impact of your headlines a little before you post? What an absurd way to present a case of a woman seeking to be paid the same as a man – as if “watch out Shameless fans, Emmy Rossum is being difficult and is HOLDING UP the show”. Haven’t we come a bit further in 2016, sexist backlash and all? And don’t you want to be on a different side of this conversation than this headline implies?

    • landale says:

      Agreed, but we live in a world of click bait now. Look at many of the other headlines on this site. It’s all about getting people to click and view more ads.

      Also I happen to agree with Emmy on this. She is the show and I am surprised it’s taken this long to even have the idea of her getting equal pay be on the table. If she doesn’t get it and they cancel the show instead I certainly wouldn’t hold it against her.

    • dave2442 says:

      There is nothing wrong with her seeking salary parity. If Showtime doesn’t agree to terms, the show won’t be renewed. There is nothing wrong with the headline.

      • Lauren says:

        ITA, the OP is maybe mis-reading it . It is not saying “Shameless Star Puts Show In Jeopardy” or anything. Over reaction.

      • theladymacbeth says:

        agreed if she thinks she should have more then she will hold out for it and the show will end or they will replace her. I dont personally think she’s all that so it’s not like they can’t find Frank’s illigetimate daughter or something LOL

    • Gina says:

      OR, people can stop looking for a reason to complain about every little thing. The title is fine, it’s factual. Unless I’m seeing an updated version, I don’t see anything wrong with it. Emmy wants more money.
      IMO, she should get it. What other way could this article have been titled?

    • Adam says:

      I don’t think the headline implies that, nor does the article imply that Emmy doesn’t deserve equal pay or more pay. All the article implies is that Showtime is standing in the way of it, not that she shouldn’t ask for it.

    • Annie says:

      Could NOT agree with you more.

    • Agreed 150%. She’s not holding up the show. She’s asking for fair pay (considering she IS THE LEAD YA’LL). The producers/network (I’m assuming white men?) are the ones halting. Give Emmy her pay, she has given Showtime the show. I love all the actors (Except William Macy… can’t stand Frank anymore), but the show rides on Emmy’s back.

      • jless says:

        I agree, she is an excellent actress and the main reason I still watch the show. Macy is also excellent as are the entire cast, one of the best assemble on TV. But Frank is a cartoon character, like “Willie E. Coyote”, he is absurdly indestructible. Fiona is the heart and soul of this series, she deserves a raise.

    • dude says:

      Completely agree. Even putting the “more” in italics as to say “Can you believe, her, a woman, would want to be paid more than a man?” She is the show’s central character, she deserves it.

    • Jason B says:

      Completely agree! And while I understand most of the folks who have responded, and who agree with Emmy Rossum’s stance, the headline reflects a culture of presenting women as difficult if they speak up. Imagine what the reaction or impression, had the headline read: “Showtime Refuses Salary Parity for Emmy Rossum.”

      In my mind, the headline would actually read: Showtime Refuses Salary Parity for Emmy Rossum Despite being the Lead on Shameless.”

      Or, “Showtime: Another Example of Gender Pay Disparity as Network Refuses Salary Parity”

      • dave2442 says:

        Glad she reached an agreement today, but I still disagree with the premise that there is something off with the title. You are projecting your unhappiness with Showtime’s contractual stance onto this article, and it’s off-base. The title does not indicate a problem with a woman who speaks up – it indicates that a show without its main actor may not get renewed if the actor won’t return to the show.

    • SouthSide says:

      @kayw4 The only reason Miss Up-tight thinks that she deserves to be paid more then him is cuz she’s showing her naked body on the show that’s why.

      • meleliot says:

        SouthSide…you’re an ass.

        • SouthSide says:

          And u need to stop being a whiny knight in shining armor cuz ur precious Emmy wouldn’t want to even look at u & say “thank u for defending me” simply put cuz she’s up-tight brat.

          • Steven says:

            You realize WHM is naked on the show too right? She’s the lead and deserves to be paid more than a secondary character after 7 years simply because of name recognition.

    • theladymacbeth says:

      I absolutely disagree. As a woman who has been in a man’s field for 15 plus years. I believe I should be paid equal pay but frankly the man was a long standing star for years and she was a nothing when she came to this show.. she doesn’t necesssarily deserve top billing just because she’s a female. Gender parity has nothing to do with it and stop pretending it does. That would be like me asking to be the chief of the fire department because I was a girl and not because I had more experience than he did.. foolish behavior.

    • Stewart says:

      This is a very fair comment and Emmy Rossum is a great actor and I feel she is seriously underated, however I feel it is also worth considering William H. Macy’s filmography before assigning any differences in pay to sexism, in any other profession people are paid relative to their level of expertise. I won’t claim to be an expert on the film and television industry and the way actors are paid may be different and certainly many good, strong female actors with good experience are underpaid. I also don’t know the specifics of this situation whether or not she is been paid significantly less etc, However, if she is asking for equal pay considering all factors that does seem a bit much, after all the show is about Frank’s family, he did narrate the intro to the first episode. He was basically the centrepiece to the whole show. To be asked to be paid more is fair, to be asked to be paid on parity to an actor with vastly more experience seems egotistical.

  2. Max says:

    I agree with Emmy on this one. She’s the undeniable star and force of this series.

  3. Steven says:

    This season has been a major improvement over the last 2 or 3. I hope Showtime agrees to the raise. Emmy is basically the lead, more so than Frank a lot of the time. I still can’t believe she hasn’t been nominated for any major awards.

  4. Oran says:

    Emmy IS the star of this show, it’s a no-brainer she must get a raise. There is no Shameless without Fiona.

  5. Kevin says:

    Really hope Shameless gets renewed for an eighth and proper final season by Showtime.

  6. sladewilson says:

    I agree with her. That being said, if she settles for equal pay and perks, she should take it. It would not only be fair and warranted, all shows have a budget and that might be all they can afford. Still equal pay and perks should be minimum for her…

  7. Brian says:

    Pay the woman.

  8. NC says:

    Good for Emmy. She’s a co-lead, she should be paid just as much as her male counterpart. This patriarchal bs in Hollywood is being chipped away at one small step at a time.

    • TheDuck says:

      Devil’s advocate time…!

      Mr. Macy has been an actor for far longer than Ms. Rossum: he’s won numerous awards, and is generally regarded as one of our finest actors currently working. Ms. Rossum has nowhere near the resume or recognition of Mr. Macy, which is (part of the reason) why she was paid less to begin with. I have no problem at all with Ms. Rossum asking for more money (although I think the “pay me more to make up for the past” is patently ridiculous), but let’s not lose sight of reality either.

      • Joey says:

        I will bet the “pay more more to make up for the past” is just a negotiation tactic and all she’s really looking for is to match Macy’s pay. But you are right, just hearing that sounds ridiculous.

      • Haddy says:

        Amy does more scenes than William H. Macy on the show, plus partial nudity which takes more out of a woman than it does a man. She’s doing a much more emotionally varied role. H. Macy is the name leading the show but he’s not the leading character. She deserves to be paid equally and I’m proud of her for fighting for it.

      • Pedro says:

        Macy is a great actor, but she’s the lead of the show and he’s not a big enough name to be THE reason people watch this show.

      • Jim says:

        I think at this point in the show’s life it’s fair for her to be asking for parity with Macy. She definitely hadn’t earned it from the start.

  9. Lauren says:

    Get it girl!

  10. Amelia says:

    Good for her!

  11. Will says:

    watch them just cancel it now

  12. Ryan says:

    She definitely deserves equal pay. Honestly I think Frank’s the weakest character on the show. I consider him a side character and consider Fiona to be the main character. I hope she gets what she deserves and we get an 8th season.

  13. Brian says:

    There is no question who the star and draw of this series is and it isn’t William H. Macy its Emmy Rossum and her phenomenal performance as Fiona Gallagher. Just pay Emmy CBS/Showtime. This show is the top ratings grabber for Showtime, much more than any of its other lineup and has been solid for Seven Years. This show deserves a proper ending and without Emmy Rossum as Fiona Gallagher that will be impossible. She has had to work with Bill Macy getting all the money and Emmy nods for way too long already. PAY HER!

  14. T says:

    You go Emmy, this only seems fair !

  15. Joel Maurice says:

    Screentime alone Fiona’s character is more central and important than Macy’s Frank. Who should have been killed off seasons ago. His plots are always with suplemental characters that are not the Gallagers and when his stories are on the screen become a distraction. His stories are to Shameless what the island fashbacks are to Arrow.

  16. Phillip says:

    She deserves it. She has the most screen time and has the biggest role in the show.

  17. Jamie says:

    She IS the lead (not the co-lead). Macy may be the veteran actor and the major draw the first season or two, but he is not the lead at all. We see more of Lip and Ian than Frank a lot of the time. Emmy Rossum deserves to be paid equally.

  18. webly3 says:

    She deserves it. I can’t imagine Shameless being a good show without her in it. She is the star.

  19. Anne says:

    Good for her.

  20. Stefan says:

    I am glad to see people support Emmy. She is the star of the show indeed. I am not in the industry to know how it all works exactly and I understand William H. Macy is a bigger name, but still seems kinda unfair, given his character in not as central. That being said, I do hope this will get resolved and the show will continue. I still like it very much and could watch for years to come, but at the very least fans deserve a proper end and a final season.

  21. T. says:

    Macy may be a bigger name but try to take one of them off the show and see who is actually the backbone of Shameless.

  22. D says:

    Good for you Emmy Rossum. William H. Macy is a great actor but Frank is the worst part of the show. Fiona is the heart of it. I’m glad she’s going after what she deserves.

  23. Winter says:

    Here’s an idea kill off Frank (who hasn’t been interesting or even tolerably watchable for at least 3 seasons now) and use the money you save on not paying Macy to pay the woman. She sure as heck deserves it.

  24. Candace says:

    The past few seasons have been a sad shell of what it used to be. Some characters have been villainized for no reason (Mickey!), while others aren’t even recognizable from who they used to be (Fiona and Debbie especially). I would miss the show if it gets cancelled, but not nearly as much as if this had happened 3-4 years ago. That being said, there’s absolutely no reason that Emmy Rossum shouldn’t get betting paid just as much as WHM.

    • SouthSide says:

      Mickey was always villain since the begining of the show nothing but self-centered egoistical bully they should’ve rid of him long time ago such an useless character there are far more interesting like Sheila, Mandy, Karen, Jody etc.

  25. Charlene Ofstedahl says:

    Emmy should be paid more. She is the star of the show now.

  26. She is most definitely the lead of this show, and deserves a pay increase.

  27. BadPenny says:

    I wish people would stop always making this about Men versus Women salaries. In most cases the actor who is more well known and more popular is going to make the most money. If you put Julia Roberts and Robin Givens in a movie together Julia is going to make more then Robin even though they are both women. Likewise if you put Tom Hanks and William H Macy in a movie together Tom is going to make the most money even though they are both men.
    When Emmy signed her 7-year deal for Shameless she was virtually an unknown while William was an Oscar-winner; with many accredited films under his belt. Of course she was going to be offered less. then him; just like every other female who currently comes on the show is paid less then Emmy.
    While I do not deny there is sexism in the industry most of the time salary is just about what actor is more popular then another at any given moment. 10 years ago you could not touch Jim Carrey for less then $20 million. Today you could get him for a steal.

    • Pedro says:

      Well, Hollywood has paid Jeremy Renner more than Jennifer Lawrence in the same film at the height of her career.

      So, it’s about that.

      • Jim says:

        At the height of both their careers, and maybe that means she needed better representation.

        • David says:

          “Should have had better representation” is just another way of blaming the victim and ignoring a pattern. And how interesting that it’s always women with incompetent representation in cases of pay disparity!

          • BadPenny says:

            Considering that Jennifer has admitted that it was her own fault for under-valuing herself and not pushing for more pay, I would say needing better representation fits. Her agent is paid to get her the best deals possible; which means not settling for the first figure offered or encouraging the client to do so either.

    • AM says:

      She wasn’t unknown. She was female lead in three box-office hits and had a pretty good career.

      • BadPenny says:

        Excuse me?
        Prior to Shameless her biggest grossing movie was Phantom of the Opera in 2004, and it only made $154 million world-wide on a budget of $70 million. Dragonball: Evolution only made $57 million worldwide in 2009. And Poseidon in 2006 made $181 million on a budget of $160 million – meaning it was a flop.
        Prior to Shameless putting her name in front of people in 2011 she was a low-B to C actor.

        • militantgod says:

          Before you crap all over someone get your facts right. Emmy starred in The Day After Tomorrow, which made over $544 mil worldwide. I guess that’s a flop too.

          • BadPenny says:

            Emmy was not the star of Day After Tomorrow. She plays the girlfriend/friend of the star’s son – effectively the girlfriend of a co-star. Her role could have been played by anyone. She had no-more to do with tDAT making $544 million then Sasha Roiz did.

          • militantgod says:

            You’re the one bringing up Poseidon as one of her downfalls yet you completely omit Day After Tomorrow to fit you’re bias argument. Talk about a contradiction. It doesn’t matter if the role “could have been played by anyone”. She played the role. Some of the movies she was a part of did flop but it wasn’t because of her. The movies were still viewed by way more people who see little Indie flicks so to call her an unknown is completely ridiculous.

    • militantgod says:

      To call Emmy a virtual unknown is a major understatement. She was nominated for a friggin Golden Globe years before Shameless even came on the air. She co-starred on many high profile movies before Shameless, one of them being nominated for best picture at the Oscars where the movie was based around her characters death. And Bill Macy has never won an oscar.

      • BadPenny says:

        Again, Phantom of the Opera is her only lead role. The movies she followed up PotO were Poseidon, Dragonball, and Dare. That is all she did in the 7 years before getting the roll on Shameless. Those 3 movies in 7 years were all flops.

  28. Gwen says:

    If she was half as talented as William H. Macy, she would certainly be entitled to make the same money as he does. But she isn’t, and I don’t agree that a woman should be paid the same as a man just for gender parity. Talent is what determines salary, in my opinion.

    • Winter says:

      What about the fact that she is the lead in the show? Does she deserve at least the same money for having twice the screen time as him? How about the fact that he could be removed from the show and it wouldn’t affect it much, but without her there is no show? I agree that when the show started Macy had the name power and deserved more money, but at this point she has every right to get that money now.

    • ceecilex says:

      In what world? Emmy has been killing it on the show from the start and still now despite the quality of the show dropping. She’s been giving nuanced performances all along while Macy has been doing just the bare minimum with always the same plot lines happening to Frank, not counting that one episode a season in order to get him an undeserved nomination.

  29. Stanislava says:

    She more than desreves it!Give it to her,Showtime!

    • SouthSide says:

      No she doesn’t!

      • JA says:

        And who are you to deny her that money? I mean seriously, you have been sniping up and down these comments like it’s coming out of your pocket. Jealously is SO unbecoming…..

        • SouthSide says:

          Jelousy? Hahaha u’re funny i mean all of u knights in shining armor are. Why didn’t she asked for salary rise earlier but suddenly she’s asking now in the same period she’s self-victimizing herself on twitter. She’s being overpaid anyways like most other people in Hollyweird. While doctors who are saving lifes are paid much less. Also she’s already mega-rich. She’s egoistical brat simple as that & wants to be all around her, Shannen Doherty in the making.

  30. Iris says:

    I don’t even watch but go girl! You’re the co-lead? You deserve it.

  31. levils2011 says:

    Emmy is the show. Entire seasons are centered around her storyline. Frank is a side-character, so intolerable that even his TV family cannot stand him. I understand that he used to carry a heavier name, especially coming into this show during the first and second seasons. But from season four until now, Emmy has been delivering stellar performances consistently. It’s only fair that she receives the salary she deserves, which is lead-level. She is the lead. Not co-lead. Lead.

  32. Ray says:

    Good for her. It’s about time.

  33. Amy J says:

    Good. Emmy has knocked scene after scene out of the ball park. She deserves the raise.

  34. Lorna Hill says:

    You go girl!!!!!!!

  35. Haddy says:

    Good for Amy Rossum. She deserves it. I hope she gets it.

  36. Aubrey says:

    I hope she gets a much deserved raise because she carries this show. I also can’t believe she has YET to be nominated for an Emmy (especially since she’s been killing this role since the season 4)

  37. Linda says:

    She should get paid more, she is the star of the show. If u take her out of the show it would not be the same. I myself would not watch it anymore.

  38. DavidSask says:

    Pay her what she deserves as star of the show Hollywood pig execs!!! Fans have wanted William gone from his role for many seasons, with his role one note. Listen to us already, don’t kill great show over it!

    • SouthSide says:

      Lol at “great show”. The show used to be great from seasons 1-4 now it’s a mess. But then again it’s totally great & flawless for the person who has “Passions” avatar cringe…

      • DavidSask says:

        The show may have done down hill for many fans writing wise over the seasons, however the acting is still top level!

        • SouthSide says:

          The acting cannot save a boring nonsensical plot. They got rid of so many interesting characters and replaced them with boring ones. They’ve got rid of Sammi too who knew to be iritating but at least she added certain dynamic to the show. But Trevor, Sierra, Gus, Helene….just terrible & dull.

  39. Crys says:

    To the rest of us: we ALL know Frank could die and we would all be happy, as long as the writers stop screwing with our characters. Emmy has EARNED equal pay.

  40. Cas says:

    All this Frank hate. The show would not be half as funny without him. But I agree that she should be paid the same but not for the last 7 seasons as he was a bigger star when the show started so it was fair he got more. I think the show runners may think “well if we give her a raise then the rest of the cast will want one”. But honestly I love William H Macy. Just wanted to throw that out there. Oh and i miss Steve. :)

  41. Emmy Rossum is one of my favorite actresses at the moment. She plays one of the most three dimensional and complex characters on TV and somehow has never even been nominated for an Emmy (maybe the academy thinks her name is pretentious?).

    This is the best role she’s going to get in her career though. As many opportunities as she may deserve she didn’t get them before Shameless and hasn’t gotten roles since despite how good she is.

    She deserves to be at least tied for the highest paid on the show, if not outright, but she also has to think long-term about her future.

  42. Nick RNZ says:

    She deserves it. I consider her the lead.

  43. militantgod says:

    She deserves it. She’s the main character of the show. Macy is the star of the B-storyline side story.

  44. parstl says:

    I can’t believe she hasn’t been nominated for an Emmy. Ridiculous. She deserves equal pay for the past few seasons and forward. The first three seasons it’s understandable that Macy, as a much more decorated actor, was highest paid. Hope they pay her and move.on to production.

  45. Adriana McCormack says:

    Just pay her and continue the show- it is the best comedy on cable!

  46. Paula says:

    Don’t like Emmy Rossum or her character. And that cesspool of a show should have been cancelled at least 2 years ago. Hope this salary dispute spurs Showtime to finally call it quits. No one should be forced to endure another season!

    • SouthSide says:

      I agree with u, i used to like Fiona as a character but she turned out to be worse then her mother. From Fiona to Fionica. Emmy Rossum is on the other hand a horrible human being & doesn’t deserve 1% of salary rise cuz she’s being overpaid. The End.

  47. Alec says:

    She deserves it. She’s the lead since the beginning of the show. I’m not watching this show withouth Fiona, she’s the heart of the show. And I’m sure everyone on the cast supports her on this.

    • David says:

      The heart of the show? Her character makes the worst decisions of anyone!

    • SouthSide says:

      I doubt that the rest of the cast support her, they are being paid way more less then her & William. Money in a business like acting makes a huge difference, who’s to say that Jeremy Allen White doesn’t think that he should be paid more then her cuz after all he’s among the main cast, being one of the significant Gallagher.

  48. Alec says:

    I’m shocked she’s not paid the same or more than him now. She has a lot of more scenes than him. She’s the one who holds the show together. And you can’t say it’s just the Emmy factor, because only Parsons is nominated for Emmys on TBBT, but the woman lead receives the same. Wow, this is awful. Shame, Showtime! Shame!

  49. Robert Mobry says:

    I think she should be payed more then Macy. Fiona seems to be a greater part of the show. She shure seems to be casted through out the 60 minute episodes in my opinion.

  50. Matty Si says:

    This isn’t about Gender Equality nor Equal Pay. He’s William H. Macy. He should be getting more than her.

    • Jacki says:

      I agree, I love the show and have been watching since season one. it would be one thing if Emmy Was asking for the same pay and not more than Macy. She is acting like a greedy little brat. She should be pinching herself and thanking her lucky stars that she had this opportunity to begin with. The show is getting a little bit ridiculous and the story lines a bit pathetic. Remember what happened to Suzanne Summers? She got what she deserved by not being grateful and was relegated to selling thigh masters. I have lost a lot of respect for this actress and do not agree with her antics. She just came out of the woodwork while Macy has had a long and successful career. The grass is not always greener on the other side of the fence Emmy. Oh and by the way if they killed off Frank I would no longer watch.