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Arrow Recap Season 5

Arrow Fall Finale Twist 'Legitimately Freaked Me Out,' Says Stephen Amell

The midseason finale of The CW’s Arrow featured a rather tragic death, as well as an equally (perhaps more?) surprising return. And few were left as gobsmacked as series lead Stephen Amell.

In short: In the course of tracking Prometheus and an ever-growing trail of clues tied to Oliver’s early days as The Hood, Oliver fwip!‘d several arrows into his leather-clad foe — only to discover that he had been duped Dark Night-style, that inside the costume/mask was a gagged Detective Billy Malone aka Felicity’s boyfriend!

Oliver reports back to Felicity, at the lair, on his role in killing Billy, then accepts Prometheus’ postulate — Oliver Queen kills everything he touches. Oliver later shares a version of his no-good, horrible day with Susan Williams, as we see a montage of Felicity sobbing over dead Billy… Curtis crying over Paul walking out on his lying vigilante husband… and on-the-lam Diggle being nabbed by authorities, after being lured into a trap by Prometheus. Susan echoes some advice that Thea gave earlier, that people leave two legacies behind them, good and bad, and Oliver needs to not fixate on the latter. She also says he should not shut out people — including a certain “superhot reporter” (as Felicity herself put it), who proceeds to soothe Mister Mayor’s emotional wounds with kisses.

Some time later,arrow-season-5-laurel-returns Oliver returns to the lair, where he comes face to face with… a seemingly alive-and-well Laurel Lance. “Hi, Ollie….”

“Is Laurel really alive? I guess we’ll have to tune in [next episode],” Amell teased during a Facebook Live chat following the midseason finale. “People don’t just come back from the dead. Obviously there will be some sort of vetting process [to determine if it’s really her]. We delve into that when we come back in the New Year.”

Amell went on to say, “This was the first script in a long time where I read what happened in Act V and it legitimately freaked me out,” adding: “Ultimately where we go in [Episodes] 10, 11, 12, 13,” starting Jan. 25, “is a very cool development. And it certainly raises the stakes for Mr. Prometheus.”

Elsewhere in the episode:

* In fighting Prometheus, Oliver noticed that hie adversary employed a very specific move that Oliver himself learned years ago from a woman in Russia. Oliver also realized that Evelyn is in cahoots with Prometheus.

* Rene and Diggle bonded some over the latter’s discovery that he had a daughter in Flashpoint. Rene also seemed to indicate he might have a kid of his own out there. Rene also wondered if he and Thea dated in Flashpoint — “fat chance,” Rory more or less says.

How do you think Laurel is back (or “back”)? Share your knee-jerk theories in Comments, then grade the midseason finale.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Sara says:

    I don’t care if it’s black siren!!!!!! I’m just happy to see Laurel on my screen

  2. Jason says:

    if its not a hallucination it has to be black siren.

    • Dj says:

      I hope its Black Siren because I think her character would be a perfect member of the Legion of Doom. But I dont it will be her

  3. Angela says:

    In the comic books there is more than one Lazarus pit, perhaps someone brought Laurel back to life using one of them. Or It’s not our Laurel, and it’s just Black Siren messing with them. I’m hoping it’s our Laurel, because I would go back to watching the show then

  4. Stacey says:

    Please be back Black Canary! We missed you!

    • Someone says:

      speak for yourself. what did she ever bring to the show?

      • Stacey says:

        I didn’t like her season 1 or 2, but season 3 she became a bada$$. She had to work hard at it and nobody cut her slack but she proved her worth. What’s your problem with her? She really grew as a character.

  5. It could be Savitar from The Flash, using Oliver just like he did Cisco this week.

  6. Brad says:

    Lol maybe they pulled a arkham knight and there was some more Lazarus somewhere and someone revived her

  7. Deb Saine says:

    ” … Oliver fwip!‘d several arrows into his foe …” #WTFwipped!

  8. rob says:

    flaspoint efect or sara finaly kill darkh in the past or maybe that was somewhere second lazarus pit and ness or her sister use him to resurect she

    • Brad says:

      Ya maybe Sara did something or reverse flash did something when he took darhk through time

      • Jeremy T says:

        If it was a time change, Oliver wouldn’t know she should be dead. Anyone who is not out of sync with time would think this is how it’s always been.

        • Someone says:

          yeah, because everything surounding time travel is handled so logically, right? flashpoint or LoT are definitely possible explanations.

          • Jeremy T says:

            As logically as it can be. There has been consistency around how time travel has been handled in the Arrowverse shows, and it generally means that unless the time traveler who changed things inform people otherwise, no one is ever aware of the changes.

  9. Dj says:

    I felt this season has been better then last, but it still hasn’t blown me away and arrow overall is my least favorite of the CW DC shows. But this episode was fantastic. What Prometheus did was such a stroke of genius. The flashbacks did such a great job of hammering home how Oliver can be a ruthless killer at times. Which played perfectly into the present with him killing Billy. Really well done by the writers.

    • Jim says:

      The “big twist” in this episode is that Oliver came clean about killing Felicity’s boyfriend instead of lying about it for half a season and then Felicity immediately put the blame on Prometheus instead of Oliver and didn’t turn into shrew toward him over it. And as a minor twist Laurel showed up, I guess.

      • Partisan says:


      • Dave says:

        ironically Oliver killing Felicity’s boyfriend and being honest about him might get the on the road of getting back together. his secret about his son – who might now be a daughter ;) – were the reason she left him.
        yeah, Laurel isn’t that big of a deal, because it’s not really her. no way. the writers aren’t that stupid.

        • dinahlaurel says:

          They were already stupid when they put Oliver and Felicity together and more smart challenged when they killed Laurel. I am psyched and I actually am trying watching Arrow again to see what happens. So if this is to get us back it worked

  10. Erik says:

    Good episode but it ended with a serious side eye to the writers. I’m pretty sure all we heard last year was that whoever was in the grave was staying dead and nobody was being brought back to life…again. What happened to “we want death to mean something?” Hoping this is a flashback. The Arrow cave is already too full lets not bring back the bird.

    • Lex says:

      The only person I wanted coming back to life was a certain doctor from Chicago being behind Prometheus’s mask. Laurel? Meh.

      • Liz V says:

        Yes! I doubt he will be back, pretty sure it’s the journalist chick or she’s working with them. IDK why people want Laurel back. The show isn’t just good again because of all the drama taking a back seat it’s good cuz there are less “protagonist” to cater too. Like honestly what would Laurel’s character be doing this season. Helping her dad get sober yet again. Scolding Oliver for his past.

    • Brandarsh says:

      Did anyone else notice the vodka he drank while at the reporters house was Russian. They paused on the bottles for a second. There is no way thats a coincidence. Maybe he is hallucinating? Maybe she is in league with Prometheus?

  11. a says:

    Its Tina the new version of bc…and Katie is filming in Europe for some other roles,comic book fans r plain idiot

    Be happy you got bc back

    • dude says:

      Well she signed a series regular deal in the summer with Arrow/Flash/LOT so it’s safe to say that whatever she’s filming on the side is going to have to take a backseat to that at some point.

      • Lex says:

        “Series regular” is a very malleable title. It can either mean the main cast, who are in every episode, but in Laurel’s case I think it’s more a recurring character, who can either have a few guest starring roles, maybe a brief arc, or have an open-ended contract where they are available but only appear in a certain number of episodes. That being said… only certain fans want Laurel back. I personally am not one of them; have the CW find a role better suited to Katie’s talents, or give her a production deal to develop stuff herself.

      • Rumple says:

        It’s been a while but if remember correctly series regular means a guaranteed number of episodes during the season. I don’t recall what the break point is something 18 of 22 or around there, they can be in more but won’t be in less. Using that definition it means they are guaranteed a certain number of episodes across the 3 shows. That would leave plenty of time for outside projects.

  12. Elena says:

    That episode was extremely well put together. I am getting some seriously good season 1 and 2 vibes from this season overall. Also, best flashbacks since season 2 (season 1 olicity, the good ol’ days :))

  13. Agent 86 says:

    I’ll guess that it’s a hallucination or similar “fake out”, because I don’t trust Arrow enough to actually return Laurel Lance to the series on an ongoing basis.

    But, if I’m wrong (and I hope to be), then I don’t think it will be Black Siren or a doppelganger from another Earth. I think it will be a version of Laurel who, thanks to Flashpoint shenanigans, somehow faked her death because she’d grown disenchanted with the vigilante lifestyle and wanted to “retire” to live a relatively normal life. Or it will be a version of Laurel who was recused by Sara using the Wave Rider’s time travel and advanced healing technology, but in a way that the “event” of Laurel’s death was preserved, while still allowing Laurel to live.

  14. Linda says:

    Can we just put an arrow in Evelyn now? I never liked her. Poor Curtis and Paul. That Susan woman is behind everything, I believe. She’s hiding the fact that she knows he was alive adn in Russia during that 5 year absent.

  15. Drew says:

    Anyone catch the camera pan to the Russian branded vodka Susan Williams poured Ollie? Given that there was no Russian flashback this week I somehow think this is significant… Does she have other ties to Ollie from 5 years ago?

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      I totally noticed. The director made a point to linger on that label. Maybe Susan picked it up during a “field trip” to gather more dirt…?

      • Kenbud says:

        Are we assuming Prometheus is a male? Hmmmm

        • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

          Imma telling you, it’s Laurel’s C.N.R.I. pal Joanna.

          • Ricky23 says:


          • Jason says:

            Poor forgotten Joanna.

            However, I see your C.N.R.I. callback and raise you an obvious Big Belly Burger reference…

          • btm says:

            Ha! Seriously, though, it just has to be the only character with no arc yet: The sore thumb detective leading the Mayor’s task force, who is thus far too marginal for viewers to even bother remembering his name.
            He’s the only character with nothing to do. Call it a byproduct of having a trillion good guys inhabiting the cave, in on the lead’s secret identity. There aren’t enough temporary character roles, at least on a CW show’s budget, to maintain a decent mystery with regard to a ‘hood. They’ve already compromised someone in the cave.
            At this point, there is a grand total of one character left on the show who could be Prometheus. (Looked it up for kicks. The character’s name is Adrian Chase, and the actor, Josh Segarra, is exactly 30 years old).

          • kaliber says:

            Nah, Adrian Chase is Vigilante.

    • Ricky23 says:

      He said it was a woman that trained him and Prometheus that move – is it too absurd to think that she had a face lift and lost a Russian accent and it’s her???

    • Valari says:

      I was beginning to think I was the only one who saw that. I actually believe she is prometheus. Going back to the beginning of the season and her despising him so much.

  16. Alichat says:

    Am I the only one who was disappointed with tonight’s ep? Oliver knows it’s a trap. He even said ‘he’s leaving me bread crumbs.’ He’s remembering the kill that Prometheus is recreating. And he still shoots the oh so conveniently discovered Prometheus. How long has he been doing this? 9-10 years right? Wasn’t he trained on a crazy pants island by a Chinese General? Isn’t he Bratva? Didn’t he take down Slade Wilson? Wasn’t he Ra’s al Ghul for about 5 seconds? How did he pull off some crazy switcheroo with Nyssa’s father and still fall for this ploy by Prometheus? Why did Diggle fall for it? Wouldn’t it have been a better situation if Oliver hadn’t fallen for Prometheus’ ploy, but Prometheus was still able to kill Billy……like perhaps with something from Oliver’s past…..the poison he can counteract with those herbs?

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      That’s a lot of questions.

    • kaliber says:

      What always drives me nuts is how some slapd**k henchman #3 of the week can make Green Arrow work really hard in a fight when he was able to defeat Ra’s pretty handily in their final matchup.

    • kath says:

      1. I was very disappointed by this episode. It doubled down on everything I didn’t like about this season.
      2. Oliver was trained by Shado, Slade Wilson, Maseo, the Bratva and the League of Assassins. I’m sure we’re supposed to get to Talia al Ghul in this even though the LoA was nowhere near Oliver in season 1 and 2.
      3. As Agatha Christie wrote, anyone who gets a mysterious phone call to go somewhere and doesn’t check it out first deserves what he gets. Sory Diggle.

  17. jrex says:

    OMG. That reporter drugged Oliver! Laurel is a hallucination! Or he’s still trapped on the Dominator ship! Or Laurel faked her death? WTH? Still seems to be more to Prometheus than just the son of someone Oliver/Hood killed in Season One.

    Also feel terrible for Curtis and Paul breaking up and Mr. Terrific isn’t even that effective yet (unlike the comics).

  18. Gina says:

    Other than the bits with the new recruits, I really enjoyed this MSF. Maybe the rest of them will betray Oliver & company and the team will whittle back down to just a few.

  19. Marty funkhouser says:

    Susan is prometheis it’s sooo obvious look at the pan the Russian vodka bottle. She’s the baby in the picture. BOOM!

  20. Lex says:

    That was a very well-crafted episode of television. That final fight with “Prometheus” was beautifully staged, and the flashbacks have never been better, because we actually care about the people in them (namely, season 1 Diggle and Felicity).

    That being said, I don’t watch for the fight choreography, and the flashbacks haven’t had any relevance on the present action since season 1. The writers are very clearly making a statement that fans like me, namely female fans who tuned in for Felicity Smoak and Olicity, don’t matter at all to them.

    Oliver’s new relationship had just as much build-up and emotional substance as that one time he banged Isabel Rochev. Felicity’s boyfriend never registered as a character, mostly just a placeholder inserted to kill Olicity. And once again they brought someone back from the dead to please a very specific segment of the fandom (and this one was never half as interesting as Sara Lance).

    I’m a fan of Olicity and OTA. Sue me, flame me, whatever, but I no longer care about the show the Arrow writers are presenting. I might check in now and then, but for now I’ll be saying goodbye to Star City, and sticking to Supergirl. At least the female characters there are being used for more than comic relief, exposition, or some kind of shocking “betrayal” (as if there was enough of a relationship shown for a betrayal to even register).

    And Laurel? Well, that was a very pointed nod to the the vodka, now wasn’t it? And now Oliver’s seeing dead people. Alert M. Night Shyamalan. Take care, Mitch!

    • Lex says:

      Dammit I meant Matt. Sorry Matt!

    • rgs2000 says:

      very well crafted? you should meant very well predictable and the fighting scene, we are getting less and less every time…maybe they running out of budget too soon…

    • Hmm says:

      Your post makes me angry for a number of reasons. If you’re only tuning in for Felicity Smoak and Olicity, you’ve clearly ignored the crux of the show. This show is not and was never going to be about Felicity/Olicity. This show is about Oliver Queen and his journey as the Green Arrow. It is based on the comic series of that name, where BTW, canon dictates Oliver and Dinah Laurel Lance as the main relationship and Felicity is not even main character. Your comments above about Laurel’s return are slightly hypocritical. To say they only brought her back to please a very specific segment of the fandom, but not acknowledge that they finally PUT Olicity together to please “a very specific segment of the fandom” are ironic at best. And how you can be upset about female character representation in this show while at the same time tearing down the character of Laurel Lance (whose season 3 arc was ALL ABOUT female strength) is laughable and twisted. You are entitled to like what you like no doubt, but do not pretend that this show was supposed to be something it wasn’t. And please don’t preach about female representation while tearing other female characters down.

      • Lex says:

        Well, glad to see I elicited emotion.

      • Lex says:

        Okay, let’s do this.

        Yes, the show is about Oliver Queen. His name is on the box. However, this is Oliver Queen as played by Stephen Amell on a television show airing on the CW–not the comic books. The theory of adaptation follows that the relationship between a source text and an adapted text is what’s called “intertextual;” they are not straight adaptations, but reflect each other. An example of a straight adaptation? Try Watchmen. Panel for panel it reflected the comic book, and yet left people and critics cold, because it didn’t deviate and serve the adapted medium. It’s a great comic book, but not a good movie.

        A straight adaptation of the Green Arrow comic book would have been far too political, especially in the oncoming political landscape. If it were, there’d surely be a hashtag like #OliverQueenIsUnAmerican because of his far-left politics. This Oliver Queen, the one played by Stephen Amell, is essentially politically neutral, as fits a genre show that doesn’t necessarily want to alienate viewers by having an extreme point of view.

        That being said, let’s now talk about canon. Canon is a concept that originates with the Catholic Church. It represents a mode of thought that refuses to acknowledge any deviation or any varying point of view. It’s also a very Modernist concept–and we now live in a postmodern era. Postmodernism dictates that we dismantle overarching meta concepts like “canon” and acknowledge that everyone is a subjective being, therefore everyone creates their own concept of canon. What if you read only Birds of Prey? Your concept of canon would be different from someone who read the wedding bit with Black Canary and Green Arrow… that ended up leading to divorce.

        It is only your concept of canon that dictates Oliver Queen is destined to end up with Dinah Laurel Lance. Me? I came to the show knowing little, if anything, about the Green Arrow comic books. All I saw was Katie Cassidy in a role that was really not suited to her talents, and zero chemistry between Oliver Queen and Laurel Lance. Get into the history of Oliver Queen as played by Stephen Amell and Laurel Lance as Katie Cassidy, and you have a hot mess worthy of Jerry Springer.

        Fine, I’ll give you that Laurel Lance was a character that was never served well by the writers, and you know why? Because they were men, and I’m pretty sure they didn’t consult a woman way, way back in development, before they did any casting, because who wants to see a woman take back the cheating boyfriend who ran away with her sister? Laurel Lance was a man’s idea of what a heroine should be, and they didn’t consider the fact that women wouldn’t be drawn to her.

        Now I’m making generalizations, so just to be clear: I *know* some women were drawn to Laurel Lance. I *know* some of those women didn’t even have the comic books informing them of who Dinah Laurel Lance really is. The Laurel Lance I saw in season 1 soured me to the character in general because when she wasn’t being self-righteous she was flip-flopping on her opinion of the Hood and treating Tommy Merlyn like dirt. Sorry not sorry.

        The fact is (and you can check demographic data on this), is that the female demographic didn’t really build up until Felicity Smoak arrived and got involved in Team Arrow. Going beyond classical Nielsen ideas of demographics, it’s Felicty Smoak and Olicity fans that got the Nielsen Social ratings to stand up and notice Arrow. How many times have they made their hashtags trend worldwide? Further, a qualitative analysis of critical writing on Arrow notes that the show really got “good” with the birth of Original Team Arrow and Felicity Smoak. I know. I’ve done qualitative analysis, because this was going to be my Master’s thesis.

        Now, speaking of female strength: it’s physically impossible for someone to gain the level of offensive fighting skill we were expected to believe Laurel gained with a background in self-defense and some boxing lessons on a weekly basis. As part of my thesis I interviewed a kinesiologist and exercise expert on this. Further, if Laurel did gain the skill she did in a matter of months while ostensibly having a busy job at the DA’s office, it invalidates all the years of hell Oliver and Sara went through to gain the level of skill they gained.

        So now we’re going into subjective opinion. I loved Sara Lance. I loved her as the Canary, trying to find a way to be a hero even with the years of darkness she experienced. I loved that she was bisexual. I loved that she had a relationship with Nyssa al Ghul. I even loved her and Oliver seeking comfort in each other, because it was a completely in-character response, and I still love the level of loyalty the two have for each other.

        Subjective opinion again, I found Laurel Lance’s season 3 arc to have the skeleton of female empowerment, but too much of her motivations were muddied in revenge for her sister, anger at the world, and a subconscious sense of competition with Sara. Laurel’s relationship with Sara only made sense when Sara was there, because Katie Cassidy’s best chemistry was with her family members–Paul Blackthorne and Caity Lotz. The 100th episode pretty much proved this to me. When Sara wasn’t there, when she was dead, Laurel was always trying to prove a point… and here’s another subjective opinion: Sara was a better Canary than Laurel. We’re seeing how wonderful she is, how much potential she had, playing out on Legends every week. She was also brought back because of the backlash after her death, and given a show where she was the standout character and eventual leader.

        So yes, there is a specific segment of the audience who are there for Felicity Smoak, Olicity and Original Team Arrow. There’s a specific audience who are there to watch Laurel Lance. The former is larger than the latter. Going back to traditional Nielsen demographic research, the audience decline after Olicity’s breakup was larger than after Laurel’s death and funeral. There’s also a specific audience there to watch John Barrowman ham it up and chew the scenery like a master. Over on Legends, there’s a specific audience there to watch Prison Break 2.0, and see Lincoln and Michal reunited and wreaking havoc. There’s a specific audience over on Supergirl that are just so happy to see Lexie Gray again.

        People watch for different reasons. I was describing why I watched, and why I’m taking a break. The show I’m interested in was about Oliver’s relationship with John Diggle and Felicity Smoak, and how they both influenced him to become a hero. I’d love to stay for Rory and Rene, who I’ve found delightful, or for Thea, who has had the best transformational arc on the entire show. I’d love to come back for Roy Harper, mostly just to see more of Emily and Colton together on Instagram.

        I’m not there to watch Oliver backpedal into the manwhore he was for seasons 1 and 2. I’m not there to watch Felicity’s heart get broken, and see no one care to explore the emotional fallout of her constant losses. I’m not there for the complete 180 with the Olicity relationship… and there are many others like me. Traditional Nielsen ratings are down 30%, and while the Olicity audience is still trending their hashtags, they won’t be for long if things continue.

        I’m sorry if my original words offended you, because they were meant to describe my personal feelings, and my glib response was mostly to not have to write a 1300-word essay on canonicity and audience response and female arcs, and I really didn’t want to be completely polarizing by saying I just liked Sara more than Laurel, and that she’d always be the Lesser Canary to me. You have different opinions. Maybe you’ll be satisfied with Laurel’s return. Maybe it will be Black Siren playing everyone, which is something I might catch up on, because Katie was fabulous when she was Ruby and was playing the Winchester brothers. I don’t know. What I do know is I don’t care about the story being told right now. The story I do care about is currently being explored in fanfiction, and I find that and the Olicity fandom more satisfying than the show.

        But please, don’t make me write another 1300 word essay on fanfiction and other transformative works as critique of the text. I already did my senior thesis on the subject, so it may just be even longer.

        • VP says:

          ^^THIS IS AWESOME! You basically encapsulated everything I’m feeling too, but way more articulate than I could ever be.

          I’ll be taking a break from Arrow. I’ve been trying to find the show I loved in the hot mess that has been Arrow ever since the Baby Mama meltdown, but sadly I get no entertainment from what has been on my screen since then.

          I gave it a chance, I really wanted my show back, but it just isn’t there anymore. I’ll need to go find a new show for Wednesdays or a good book. Either way, bye Arrow. Thanks the memories.

        • Momo says:

          Thank you!! I’m still watching and sometimes enjoying, but I watch for OTA. I like Curtis and Rory, but they can’t hold the show up. Diggle, Oliver and Felicity make the show. And Oliver grows as a character through his relationship with them. His undying loyalty to Diggle and his powerful love for Felicity make him stronger and a far more interesting character than the brooding Batman wannabe. Laurel was miscasted with an actress that had zero chemistry with the lead actor and then they were expected to be each other’s true love? No way. Not to mention, their twisted back story that destroyed any credibility their romance might have had. I understand that Lauriver is the way things are supposed to be according to the comics, but this show is not the comics and it never has been. #OriginalOTAfortheWin #WeMissOlicity

        • Charley says:


  21. Joe says:

    It’s talia…she likely trained chance (thus disguise),they implied she trained Oliver(and prometheus), and we know 1) she is appearing after break 2) the other new girl is new B.C. 3) Cassidy is series regular on all shows not arrow…ie black siren on flash etc…

  22. Jason says:

    She’s an LMD who crossed dimensions from Agents of SHIELD :)

  23. Mark D says:

    Anyone notice the Russian brand vodka Susan gave Oliver? Are we sure Prometheus is a guy?

  24. Luis Roman says:

    R.I.P. Billy, we hardly knew you. I mean seriously, we barely knew you! Did Tyler Ritter get 12 minutes of screen time over the six episodes he appeared in? Would that even qualify him for a SAG card? The one thing we get from the character is a good Felicity cry scene?
    Somehow, the Laurel from the Dominators dream sequence came to life?

  25. Luis Roman says:

    Note to Oliver – if a woman is having sex with you and it’s not Felicity – RUN!! She’s either going to stab you in the back or wind up dead in the most horrid, guilt inducing way possible. It’s not worth it!!!

  26. Anne says:

    Well, with that return I shall indeed catch up on the Arrowverse. I kept my promise and I stopped watching when they killed Laurel. But if she is indeed back, then I too shall return

  27. Lee says:

    Arrow is so off coarse it’s not even funny.
    The heart of Arrow has always been the relationship between Oliver and Felicity. For him to kill her new BF then go off to “find comfort” by f^ing Susan made me so over thus show. Why Arrow worked was that it used to understand the emotional equation between its two leads. And finally killing off Laurel (who was horribly miscast). To bring her back was just plain stupid, boring and idiotic.

    • Super-fan says:

      Please note: Olicity is only the heart of Arrow to Olicity fans…This show is not about Felicity & Oliver ..and I’m glad the show runners are beginning to see that.

      • Lex says:

        I would amend that to say the heart of Arrow has always been Oliver, Felicity and Diggle. For many, Olicity is part of that equation. I want to watch The OTA Show, where Olicity is fundamental to the relationships but not its center. Heck, the newbies were growing on me, and that story could have easily been told with Oliver and Felicity in a healthy, stable relationship… that is, if the writers actually cared about fans like me.

        I don’t mind seeing Katie Cassidy; when she’s used right she can really be fun. Laurel Lance was never fun. The only way I see this going well is if Laurel came back evil… which would actually be fun (and Katie’s great at playing an antagonist–it’s why Laurel’s best scenes with Oliver were when they were shouting their heads off at each other and making each other miserable).

  28. peterwdawson says:

    So was what looked like awkward vodka product placement supposed to actually be foreshadowing that Susan Williams is Prometheus? Either way, probably the best villain since Deathstroke so far, but only because Ra’s Al Ghul ended up flaming out in the second half of Season 3. Hopefully that doesn’t happen with Prometheus as while reminding me a hell of a lot of Deathstroke the Dark Knight-esque murder of a loved one twist worked great. The characters know each other enough not to openly blame each other, but I’m just betting it’ll eat at them for weeks and weeks…

  29. Joey Padron says:

    Good midseason finale episode but also a bit sad. Poor Felicity, Curtis, and Paul. Prometheus tricked Oliver good. Good to see flashbacks to season 1 timeline. Surprised about the ending. Happy Katie is back on the show again after 100th episode!

  30. Robert says:

    so predictable and writer lack of imagination doesn’t amuse me,plus, even though it felt good, Laurel comeback (maybe she is maybe she isnt, olive drugged by the reporter?) didnt take me by surprise, anyone can be expected to come back from the dead in Arrow….I kind of the tired of this kind of empty cliffhanger so maybe tv and movies writers ran out of fresh idea and starts to go in circle just like fashion…anyway…

    • Jack W. says:

      Give them a chance to explain. We don’t know it it’s really Laurel. Yes, her simply being back from the dead (or never having died) would be extremly boring, but I don’t think that’s the case.

  31. Ashbash says:

    I have been thinking for a while that Laurel was given Stephanie Brown (the 1st female Robin)’s storyline from batman. Stephanie like Laurel was told she was too unskilled to be a vigilante and Stephanie later died in a hospital bed with batman by her side after being attacked by Black Mask, and Laurel died in a hospital bed with Oliver right by her side too. In the comics Stephanie’s death was faked by a doctor since her identity was compromised and the doctor didn’t want anyone using her against batman. That’s just my suspicions I don’t think Laurel really died last year but I also don’t think the Laurel in the end scene is the real Laurel. I think that woman’s an imposter

  32. Maria says:

    I hope Katie comes back as Black Siren. She’s so damn awesome and her talent shines in that role. Even though I only saw Black Siren in the flash with Zoom, I loved her and I hope she’s back in Arrow.

  33. Gary says:

    Black canary is back yes.. because the legends changed Damian darks future by telling him too much and him running with thawn to form legion of doom. So dark never kills her so there it is the legions make a new time line and laurel is alive and well

  34. Someone says:

    I highly doubt it’s the real Laurel. either it’s earth 2 black siren or some time travel thing. either way it’s lame. the show doesn’t need any version of Laurel and if it’s because of flashpoint, it’s even bigger bs. stupid flash stuff only drags Arrow down. Katie Cassidy is a terrible actress, Laurel was never relevant. Just let this dead horse go.

  35. Michael says:

    But did anyone else notice, Olivers Reporter GF gave him a drink of the same Vodka he had in Russia with his Mob buddies, I though he would have said something there, or did I see something that wasn’t right. And you could have seen Green Arrow killing the BF a mile away as remember he said his favorite movie was Die Hard and they did the same thing in that series of movies, or at least it happened in my mind (probably was the Dark Knight movie). Anyway, not sure if its the son of that guy as if it is, he would have had to be training for a long while to be on Olivers skills

  36. A+ says:

    Laurel fans are so stupid. she’s not back, you morons. not that that would be a good thing anyway.

    • Sara says:

      You sound so pressed lol

    • xoxo says:

      Actually she is whatever it is E2 or something else is to be seen but she is back if you bother doing a bit of research before calling people stupid you would know so…


      there is a clip out of the next episode…

  37. Dominique says:

    i thought this was a very dull season finale. has it been confirmed now that prometheus is in fact that dude’s son? cause if so, that is one boring reveal and does not live up to the hype that is prometheus.

  38. Dave says:

    It’s a fake, people! last season’s winter finale Felicity almost died, the year before Oliver. and both times it obviously turned out to be a fake. Laurel is dead and will stay dead (and I’m very glad about that btw).

  39. clintbrew says:

    I think laurel’s comeback is connected to legends of tomorrow midseason finale I think sara kills Damien or he gets killed accidentally in the past

    • 2121 says:

      we’ll see, but wouldn’t it be kind of stupid to bring Laurel back to Arrow before whatever happens on LoT? also, I’m pretty sure the legion of doom (thawne, darkh, merlyn and snart) will stay around for the full season of LoT.

  40. mike says:

    getting real tired of Death not meaning anything, I was ok with Sara coming back cause she’s smoking hot. And its one thing when Legends does it because they have the whole time travel angle, but c;mon. Why even bother getting invested in a character, or mourning their death when they are just going to be back next season. Its silly lazy writing. Was really hoping they would do something really unexpected and have Tommy be the bad guy..but no..some lame dudes son out for revenge.

    • Drew says:

      You’re against resurrecting dead characters. Tommy died, but you wanted him back? I think he was smoking hot, so I wouldn’t object, but at least be consistent.
      And oh, by the way: Ollie’s parents? Still dead. So Death does mean something.

    • Nickey Boyer says:

      Nope! No lame dude’s son…only Susan Williams. When you watch TV, pay ATTENTION!!!!!! ‘Nuff said.

  41. Heather Long says:

    Just spitballing – Prometheus never confirmed he was the son of this guy Ollie killed in season 1. What if he is Rob Scott – Diggle’s short-lived bodyguard replacement in “An Innocent Man” after Diggle found out Ollie was The Hood. Rob mentions to Oliver that he has 5 years SWAT experience with Monument Point M.C.U. Rob quit, frustrated and annoyed with Oliver’s antics. Monument Point was destroyed which is what created Rory/Ragman – what if Prometheus is Rob, who figured out at some point that Oliver Queen, the punk was the Hood.

    Like I said, spitballing, but that would tie back to season 1 and be a result of OLLIE’s actions, and not the Hood.

    • Spectre says:

      too small of a character I’d say. either Prometheus is a bigger character (Tommy Merlyn, the reporter girlfriend) or someone completely new. frankly, most people don’t remember Rob Scott, so revealing him to be the big bad would do nothing for most viewers.

  42. JR says:

    I wonder why new Wells can’t give Diggle a new ‘public’ face.

  43. J. Marke says:


    • Brian says:

      Em the CW is in DC Universe.

    • Nickey Boyer says:

      Definitely NOT flashpoint. Only because everyone is still reeling from the fact that Laurel not only died, but at the start of the season, that she was still dead. So it kinda begs the question, why is everyone still talking like she did die all those months ago & in the present, they should not be totally SHOCKED to see her alive & well again? No, she’s either Black Siren trying to scrrw with everyone or something else entirely. Like, a figment of Ollie’s overworked imagination. And the only reason I think so, is that after Susan (who’s totally Prometheus, btw) gave Oliver that Russian vodka, he only started seeing Laurel as a result of it. That’s all.

  44. Brian says:

    ‘Arrow’ has won me back over after two subpar seasons. This episode was an exciting mid-season finale. Sad that Evelyn was in fact working with Prometheus and not just undercover as I was presuming. The way they finally started introducing Billy as a character in his own right and not just something in the way of Felicity and Oliver and then killed him off in such a fantastic plot advancing manner worked pretty darn good. Curtis and Paul’s breakup was pretty heartbreaking. Geez,what are they going to throw at poor Felicity next – girl is going to need some serious time with her psychiatrist. Awesome seeing Thea back on the team, if only for a pep talk this episode. Liking everything they are doing this season and glad ‘Arrow’ found its footing again. Now it has become ‘Flash’ bringing up the rear for the CW Superhero shows as it continues to stumble around as ‘Arrow’ rebounds and ‘Legends’ keeps becoming more enjoyable. Even the new kid on the block ‘Supergirl’ has been a great addition to the mix which has been a difficult task after losing the wonderful Calista Flockhart. Welcome back Laurel – great to see Katie Cassidy back – hopefully the story of her return is as well done as this season has been thus far. Praying ‘Arrow’ keeps it up. Very anxious for its return which is a good thing. First half of the season gets an ‘A’ for me.

  45. Gary says:

    Promethius is going to be Tommy. Either Tommy didn’t die ala Flashpoint or Merlin brought him back with the Lazarus Pit and like Thea, kept him secretly hid and in training until he could make his moves.

  46. Becky says:

    Am I the only one who thinks no one was really there for Felicity when she found out about Billy? Her BF just died and all she gets is Thea’s hand on her shoulder while she’s comforting Oliver? And then later, she’s sitting ALONE on her couch crying.

    • Lex says:

      Nope, you’re not alone. Felicity’s emotional well-being has never been a priority for the show, both in terms of people caring when Felicity’s going through devastating pain, or exploring the repercussions of painful events involving her.

    • kath says:

      What made it horrible for me is that everyone was crowding around poor woobie Oliver because he felt so bad that he killed Felicity’s boyfriend. Everyone was trying to make him feel better, even Felicity, but no one was there for her. For a minute, I thought it was Barry Allen and Iris.
      But that still wasn’t enough to make Oliver feel better so instead of talking to Diggle or Thea or even Rory who seems fairly wise, or doing something proactive like making sure Felicity (who just went through her boyfriend dying on her for the fourth time) wasn’t alone and was going to be okay, he goes to see the sketchy reporter so she can take away his boo boo with sex.
      There is no greater demonstration that this show doesn’t care about the female characters, not even Felicity. It’s all about the Manpain.

      • Lex says:

        I was just expounding on the subject of manpain today… it’s particularly bad this season.

        • kath says:

          It’s like The Flash, which is all about Barry’s manpain and his need for pep talks, has infected Arrow this season.
          Remember in season 3 when Ray electrocuted Roy and everyone left him in a puddle while Oliver and Ray worked out their differences and left? The scene in this episode where everyone hugs Oliver to make him feel better and it doesn’t occur to anyone, not even Diggle or Rory, to comfort Felicity remind me of it.

  47. Becky says:

    Also in SA’s FB live chat, he really skirted around the question of him and Laurel getting back together. He was going on about how black canary is canon and then he was like “but uh yeah uh uh uh” and he had this weird smile and he seemed to not be able to answer the question properly so I’m guessing they do get back together

  48. Z says:

    The only negative part of this episode was when Evelyn revealed herself to be working with Prometheus. Prometheus just called them there to fight and didn’t actually fight even when his sidekick came to help. It served absolutely no purpose other than revealing Evelyn as a villain who ran away.

    • 2121 says:

      well, since they already (to us, the viewer) revealed that she’s the traitor, there was really no point in keeping her with the team in my opinion.

  49. Thinks it might have something to do with Damien Dark and the Reverse Flash….that he listened to Sara and went back…instead of killing her…..he didn’t…..Anything is possible.,….Now…have to wait until jan 25th! Sighs!

  50. Leona says:

    I am so happy to see Laurel back!!!
    I loved the, “Hi Ollie”.