The Voice Top 8 Results Recap: Did the Right Four Singers Make the Finale?

Allergy season is pretty much over, so don’t try to blame the water in your eyes from pollen now that The Voice semifinal results telecast has come to an end.

No one said it would be easy, after all. With four of the eight remaining contestants slated for the CTRL+ALT+DEL treatment (AKA descent into the pit with Rancor), it was close to inevitable that those of us who’ve invested deeply in Season 11 would come away with some combination of unrelenting sadness, gut-punch shock and/or white-heat rage.

After exec producer Mark Burnett & Co. got their dream Top 3 made up entirely of Chosen Ones — more on that in a second — and erstwhile finalist Hannah Huston performed a song that was… interesting?…the real drama began. But as these things tend to go on The Voice, the singer who performed last — and got the most enthusiastic praise from his/her coach — was the one who ruled Twitter.


Can you can taste the sour grapes percolating through this recap? I’m not sorry. It’s human nature. #ExpressYourselfDontRepressYourself

Anyhow, let’s recap the action.

Top Three Vote-Getters Advancing to the Finale (in chronological order)
Billy Gilman (Team Adam)
Sundance Head (Team Blake)
Wé McDonald (Team Alicia)

Merry Christmas, Mark Burnett and NBC! You got everything you had on your wish list!

Lowest Two Vote-Getters (immediately eliminated)
Brendan Fletcher (Team Adam)
Aaron Gibson (Team Miley)

Remaining Singers Competing for the Instant Save
Christian Cuevas (Team Alicia), “I Can’t Make You Love Me” — Grade: C+
Ali Caldwell (Team Miley), “Sledgehammer” (the Rihanna song, not the Peter Gabriel jam) — Grade: B+
Josh Gallagher (Team Adam), “I Drive Your Truck” — Grade: C

With Ali’s overall body of work far exceeding Christian and Josh — and with her dominance in the semifinal’s final minutes, my Twitter mission was clear (albeit futile).


Instant Saved
Josh (JOSH?!?!?!)

And then there were 4! Next week it’s on to the finale — which reminds me: Does anyone else feel like we deserve/need an extra week or two of competition to truly determine who’s the worthiest winner?

What did you think of The Voice Top 8 results? Did America get it right with the Top 3? Did the correct artist get saved? Sound off below!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Kimme says:

    We’ McDonald, we streamline all our votes over to We’ McDonald, pray craptastic Josh siphons votes from Jesus-pandering Head and that Billy Gilman just disappears like he ought to do.
    That’s the only course of action.

    • Kimberly says:

      The Voice has become a evangelical tent revival and I stopped watching last week after many seasons. Perfectly mirrors the political current political climate and real talent becomes meaningless.

      Brendan is the real deal. Ali is as well. We’ is extraordinary but likely not what American viewers want. Feed the ratings.

      • scott says:

        Indeed the Christian pandering has gotten very old. It seems about a third of all performances were Christian songs.

        • Lisa says:

          And did you notice that all of a sudden, several of the contestants define themselves as “worship leaders”? Where did that phrase come from? It feels like a case of modern marketing/branding.

          • courtney says:

            Worshippers Will always reign and God is glorified!! Christian Cuevas Rocks and will get his music contract contrary to everyone elses views :-)

      • courtney says:

        Maybe you need a tent revival

    • LovelyLaVie says:

      Here! Here! #neverbilly

    • Meme says:

      Wow…please take a music class so you can recognize great music.

    • Lizzie says:

      What is your problem? Sundance is an accomplished performer, the guy is a pro, he is able to sing like he means it. Billy is boring, more interested in what he sounds like to himself than in conveying the message and intent of a song or an emoption. We’ is beyond talented, for sure.

  2. Florence+TheMachineRulez!!! #TeamMariah says:

    And #VoiceSaveAli is still trending! Wtf!!! I demand a recount!!! Also it was the Rihanna song “sledgehammer” from the star track movie. But so glad that we made it omg!!! Cmon y’all! Let’s help WÉ!!!

  3. Angie_Overrated says:

    Indeed. Very strange.

    • Barry says:

      Yes… Still shocked and angry here. Having flashbacks about that time Barret Baber and Jake Worthington made it to the finals…

      • Angie_Overrated says:

        Jake Worthington. Now that’s a name I’d like to forget.

        • Troll says:

          Josh getting through just shows the Country vote is stronger than the average for this show. It wasn’t him as much as the genre. Remember when some people quit watching Idol because they felt it was becoming “Country Idol” when Scotty and Alania were top 2?

    • analythinker says:

      As soon as I knew he was one of the three singing, I knew he’d be saved. Had it been Brendan, it’d have been him as well. Adam’s fans just rule the Twitter save. And in this case, Josh was helped by Blake’s fans too.

      • Angie_Overrated says:

        I simply hope for the best, but it doesn’t seem to happen more often than not. This was a strange result.

      • The Beach says:

        Maybe this wouldn’t be quite as painful if Josh were a terrific country singer but I find his voice to be so very generic and mediocre.

        • Smokey says:

          Nothing against Josh as a striving artist, but I agree he does have a mediocre, non-distinctive voice for Country music – …….. the exposure from the show will help him get some better bookings for a while, but unless he gets signed and has the financial backing of a Promotional Agency, he may not advance very far in the field. ……………

          one needs a top 40 Billboard song/music video to get any real foothold within the industry. Many previous contestants had some itunes success, but faded from the scene quickly because they never got signed, or signed for long, or established on the Billboard charts………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

          Checking the hot 100 Billboard charts, it’s about 90% hip-hop, Rap, Teen oriented Pop … with a few big name Country artist songs sprinkled-in here and there. A tough nut to crack.

    • davmon says:

      There is no way to go easy on this. This season has been a mess. Plenty of talent at start. Lots of poor coaching in choosing who advanced round to round. Ali was the only sure talent in the Top 12. Billy? technically good; uninspiring. We’? flashes of greatness; song choices have not let her shine in weeks. Sundance? striking “look”; pedestrian voice. Those were the only reasonable talents out of 12. Now? 3 of those made it. But not Ali. The only one who can immediately make great music. Next week? If We’ has one great night in her, she might win. She is not ready for a career, though. But the others do not interest me at all.

      • Collin says:

        Yes I completely agree with the bad coaching. Miley killed Ali. 9-5? Really?!! One bad week, via song choice or performance issues, can crush a artist. Ali may have been better than josh. But josh was more consistent IMO. That one horrendous week for Ali cost her. Yes. Not breaking the top 200 in iTunes is a horrendous week IMO.

        • LIzzie says:

          9-5 was just so wrong, for the show, for Ali,for the decade, just wrong. Miley is the worst. Although Ali gets to be kind of the same-same after a few weeks, and her bit of theatrical posing on stage during the performances is offputting, her voice is pretty good, she just oversang on Miley’s encouragement, and the stage staff didn’t get her to dial it back enough to keep quality all of the time.

  4. Kimme says:

    I just knew it was too good to be true.
    I honestly didn’t expect either of our remaining black females to make it into the finale given the male iTunes dominance.
    When We’ was called despite not achieving the multiplier I had hope for Ms. Caldwell…then white boring America reminded me that a woman of color in a Voice finale is rare…2 is a statistic impossibility.
    We’ve only ever had 2 women of color in the finale and it was Koryn and Tessanne. Look how long ago and far apart the two are.

    • Barry says:

      Hey kimme, your comments on mjsbigblog always crack me up. I made the same reasoning as you that it was impossible to get the 2 black girls in the finals, but on a show called THE VOICE, having josh outlasting Ali is blasphemy. I’m gonna be salty about this all week long…

    • Bits says:

      Ali sounds like a dying cat. You can thank me for Josh getting into the final. We defintely deserves her spot buy I’ve been hoping for Ali to get voted off for weeks. Same with Christian, he should have been voted off in the first couple shows.

    • Collin says:

      White boring America? Hmm… Ok? I love how race has to be thrown into everything now.

      I was a fan of Ali too. Wasn’t a fan of Josh. But this was the best Josh has been all season. It was a lot closer than Slezak made it sound. You have every right to your opinions. I just wish race wasn’t involved with them.

    • Lim says:

      We will win they had to remove Ali to be sure of this

    • Joe says:

      SMH, Racists will see racism in anything. The reason women of color don’t make the finale is because they do the SAME THING ALL SEASON. Belting out power ballads left and right–which history tells us doesn’t work on this show or any singing show. Screaming at the top of their lungs to mimic Whitney (whom BTW if any of these artists bothered to watch her perform would realize she doesn’t scream at all, it’s effortless, which makes Whitney Whitney and all others not; so why bother?). Ali has a good voice, but there’s nothing unique about it. She’s a cover singer; albeit a good one. Now We, she had a unique voice and happens to be a woman of color in the finale. But let’s overlook that.

    • L Wheeler says:

      I agree with you Kimme. Ali Caldwell should have been there, but two black women in a finale is too many for racist America. :( Ms. Caldwell is the real deal and blew all of the competition away. If you look at her body of work, well, she is the star and belonged there with We. Sad, sad. I hope that Miley paves the way for Ali to get a contract. She is amazing.

      • Collin says:

        Yep racist America conspired again. Us average white folk wouldn’t dare vote two black women into the finals! Never! Yeah that’s exactly what happened! It couldn’t simply be that the majority of voters had a different preference of music than you. Nope. This is 2016. Everything is race related!

        Maybe get out there and protest with the BLM group. Then you’ll see racism at its finest!

      • LIzzie says:

        There is not a minimum or maximum of black females that can be on the Voice, or make it to the finale. Come on.

  5. Kimme says:

    We’ just favorited my suggestion that she sing Heather Headley’s ‘I Wish I Wasn’t’ in the finale next week.
    Ya’ll just go listen to that song and imagine the McDonald magic homegirl would slap on that song.

    • Florence+TheMachineRulez!!! #TeamMariah says:

      Girl, that, in the pimp spot, with an entire choir, ordained in white! YASSS mam!!! That choice is life!!! Also if she were to pick another song, vision of love by Mariah Carey would be the topping of the cake!!!

    • L Wheeler says:

      That is one hot song, Kimme. I think that she should do Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah.” I know it has been overdone, but We would transform it and let’s face it, that song is gorgeous.

  6. GT says:

    How can you have a proper live shows phase with only SIX weeks (including the playoffs)? This is why people from this show have failed to achieve Idol alumni level success. You just can’t connect with this people in that short amount of time. Hell, like they could not have the finale on Dec 20 instead of Dic 13.
    Next season should have less battles/knockouts and more live weeks

    • Jill says:

      Agreed – I have the same comment. They spend so much time winnowing down the ginormous crowd to 12 contestants — and them wham-bam we’re in the finals. WTF just happened?

  7. Lisa says:

    sick of this predictable boring piece of crxx kind of result. Of course Josh. Demented country vote + Adam fans. UGH.

  8. Russ says:

    Some things are just a certainty with the Voice and these boards. I did not have to see twitter to know who Michael was trying to save. ( he really should stop trying the save, he is normally a kiss of death for an artist)

    I also knew coming to the boards that his favorite would have the only good grade. Even though her nerves showed the most in her save performance.

    Other things are also certain, like quite of few will say that because of tonight they will rage quit the finale.

    the country vote will once again be slammed by a few for not knowing how to vote for talent. (America, the only place that the majority is always wrong)

    And these boards will be popcorn worthy and very entertaining tonight.

    • Kimme Moores says:

      Josh Gallagher is talent?
      Honey, if new batteries for your hearing aid is what you need all you’ve got to do is ask.

      • Russ says:

        Not just counting this season dear. The country vote being slammed for their voting is an every season deal.

        • Kimme Moores says:

          Because the entire country demographic refuses to get new batteries for their hearing aids, Russ.
          We’re 11 seasons in and we’re somehow letting country artists more mediocre than Jake Worthington prosper on this show. They need to quit being stubborn and let me help them out cause the rest of America is tiiiidddeee

          • Russ says:

            On these boards your opinion is the majority, to bad where it counts it is the minority. But as the saying goes. Opinions are like arseholes, everyone has one.

          • Kimme Moores says:

            You must not have proof-read the contradictory sentence you typed.
            The majority outweights the minority. Meaning it counts more.
            Regardless, insisting everyone has opinions while contradictory saying the minority opinion counts the most is just maddening.
            You can’t have your cake and eat it too, Russ.
            Either all opinions are equal, including your own. Or you trot on out of this message board and have a hissy fit elsewhere lol.

          • Russ says:

            never said your opinion did not count. I just pointed out that it is the majority on these forums, but it is the minority in the overall picture. I know on nights like tonight you have problems comprehending things. Hope that clears it up for you.

          • Jill says:

            your comment isn’t really relevant. Sorry. Look at the top 100 charts and see how many male country stars chart. A whole bunch, that’s how many. More than black female diva singers. White male country singers are a lucrative part of the music sales market. Other than Beyonce and a few others, how many diva, R&B singers are charting? Also, you combine that with the fact that a lot of young girls vote — and they vote for hot guys on the show — so, there you go

          • Kimme Moores says:

            Just reread your first sentence Jill.
            It’s all you’ve gotta do homegirl.

          • Russ says:

            Jill maybe I am wrong, but none of the 3 remaining men are hunks. It is also hard to believe girls are voting for Billy”s looks based on his preferred sexuality. I would also point out that you are right, diva singers do not do well on this show. This is something that is well known, and surprises me when divas show up and do the whole diva thing. I like We’, but the only time she reminds me of a diva is when she sings. Her voice is undeniable. But when she is not singing she is humble. She does not come off as expecting things, she is grateful for everything given. She is also in the finals. She also has a good chance of winning. The only differences between her and Ali, is Ali acted like a diva throughout and made very bad song choices.

          • Kaba says:

            Hi, jumping in on this parade.
            Ali was a diva? When? Where? How?
            Is there some sort of vendetta against maturer black women who enjoy their femininity?
            Cause all I saw was a woman who loved to sing and perform enjoy herself while doing it.
            People ignorantly apply the term diva to any woman who happens to being a soul R&B balladeer and likes fashion here or there.

          • Shells says:

            Hi Kimme, I read the thread and I agree that Ali was better than Josh. But you’re misunderstanding Russ’ comment, mostly because Russ phrased it really badly. I think Russ is saying that our opinion of Ali is the majority opinion ON THIS FORUM, but in the bigger picture OUTSIDE of this forum, our opinion was the minority (not the majority). In other words, we’re in an echo chamber of agreement here, but in the real world and in the voting for the show, the actual majority voting led to Josh moving ahead. I don’t like that result either. Hope that helps clear things up!

        • Kimme Moores says:

          I think you don’t seem to understand the logic you’ve produced.
          Let’s take your theory of the minority controlling the overall picture and apply it to a circumstance.
          I take my majority opinion on Tvline regarding the country demographic as dimwitted over to another forum where the majority opinion is that the country demographic is wholeheartedly, without a doubt correct.
          I become the minority in that circumstance. Therefore, according to the Russ theory of Minority, my opinion is what controls the big picture.
          Oh wait, except these opinions are in regard to an elimination based reality show through which advancement to the next stage requires a proportionally larger number of votes that someone else.
          Culminating with the winner being based on majority vote.

          Long story short, just because a lot of folks think that way doesn’t mean it is the only valid perception, but we’re well aware of this and still choose to voice our minority opinions considering the majority voted through Josh Gallagher. You’re the one still here haphazardly throwing together whatever smug word combination of some idiotic minority theory you can.

          • Russ says:

            lol, you just love to put words in my mouth that I never said. Never said that your perception was not valid. I said in the overall picture it is in the minority. But you should take your own advice. You come on here often and make it sound like your opinion is fact while all others are wrong. You are entitled to your opinions, but they are not fact. Especially when they are not backed up when all the votes are counted. Again you can believe what ever you want, but that does not mean I or anyone else need to agree with you.

          • Kimme Moores says:

            ‘ I just pointed out that it is the majority on these forums, but it is the minority in the overall picture’
            ‘On these boards your opinion is the majority, to bad where it counts it is the minority.’

            Im shleep

          • JaiRobert says:

            Kimme you sure hog a lot of real estate on this board.

          • Kimme Moores says:

            I blame my characteristic inclination to Western styled imperialism ;)

          • Collin says:

            Lol… My god did you read into this one to much Kimme. Very simple logic Russ threw ou there. Wow is all I have to say!

          • LIzzie says:

            Look, Ali wasn’t that great, I liked her but it wasn’t awesome she was enjoyable, but the person who should have been in the finale instead of Josh was Brendan. Except that Josh sang his main song the best he has all season, and Brendan missed the mark this week. The country demographic likes their music, so what? Some of us like all sorts of music, except for when it is sung badly The biggest thing that happens on these shows is that a whole bunch of new viewers show up for the last few shows, and their votes skew everything. Plus as people go, the votes that were going to them are reallocated among the remaining players. But mostly I blame the new people who show up for the last shows and cast their votes based solely on the week’s performance that they hear while they sip their beer or martini.

      • Lizzie says:

        You might want to listen to his studio versions, Josh is recordable.

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      You can cut the smugness in this petulant message with a knife.

      • Kimme Moores says:

        Angie, hey girl! How’ve you been?!

        • Angie_Overrated says:

          Hey there! Life’s been kinda crazy lately on both the personal and professional front so I haven’t been around much, but life is good. How have you been?

          • Kimme Moores says:

            I’ve been watching this season confused and baffled. Especially with tonights instant save.
            Then returning back to the world of being crushed by double my own weight in college papers and exams.

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            The stress of school is pretty crippling. I remember it well and I’m so glad that’s over. They say life after school is harder, but I’m not sure that that’s entirely accurate.

  9. Barry says:

    Well, can’t say that I’m surprised that Ali didn’t made it, disappointed? yes, but not surprised; but come ooooon people… Ali outsang Josh in every single round, just because he had 2 solid performances this week people put him through? I know there was no way that we would get 2 black girls in the finals, but i’m really sad that josh, who’s been mediocre all season long, outlasts a singer that’s been pretty exciting and consistent most weeks. Worst part? Josh will probably split the country vote with Sundance, allowing Billy to win most likely. Urgh.

    • GT says:

      You just now gave me hope. Thanks!

    • Svea says:

      It may nmbe that Josh and Sundance will split the vote, but they represent two different sub genres: Bro country vs a purer more authentic strain a la Chris Stapleton. Sundance has a lot of soul influences so may appeal to more mainstream viewers like me. I hope he wins.

    • TinLV says:

      My thoughts exactly ! I would much rather see Sundance win than Billy.. not that Billy isn’t good, he is.. maybe its just that I don’t care for the sappy songs he sings but if he wins, I just don’t think we’ll ever hear of him again. .. Ali should have beaten Josh tonight.. she was way better than he was all season long.. I have no problem with the other 3 finalists.. We is awesome and even if she doesn’t win, I expect she will find her career making moment elsewhere.

      • Barry says:

        I’ll be more than happy with either Sundance or Wé winning, I think they both deserve it, but i can’t stomach Billy winning. I’m really heartbroken for Ali, Without You and 9 to 5 were kinda bad, but outside that she’s been stellar all season, I still feel that she deserved that 4 slot in the finals. I hope you’re right, Wé has de goods to make it in the real world, The Voice has a history of not promoting their alumni and winners (couldn’t we get Hannah, Chris AND Zach all perform instead voting for just one of them), so I’m not hopefull, but I really belive that in the right hands she can do it.

    • Carfield says:

      I agree with you… I am so disappointed that Ali did not get that precious spot. She deserved it and I sort of wish she sang this Rhianna song last night. While Josh and Sundance are two different country singers, I have a feeling that Billy has suddenly gained some momentum at the right time. Most importantly, if We has a really good song, she might be able to steal it, which is Mark Burnett’s desire all along. As of this point, it is up to song choice and I won’t be surprised to see Billy reprising his famous song, “One Voice,” but I am not sure if there is anything in Voice’s rule book that prohibits an artist singing his own song. Other than Josh, the other three genuinely has a chance to win. It makes it more interesting to watch.

      • Barry says:

        I think it can be any of the finalist except Josh to be honest. Sundance has a really good chance depite the vote splitting with Blake and the country vote in his corner; Wé also has a chance if Alicia or the production picks the right songs for her, she deserves better than 3rd place, which I fear. Laith sang one original of his in the finals last season, and that song, if i’m not mistaken, has been out for a while, so if they allowed him to sing that I don’t see why they wouldn’t allow Billy sing “One Voice”, it had a couple of nominations back in the day so that might be the only thing that holds them back from doing it, but if he sings that, it will be, unfortunatly, game over for Wé and Sundance.

      • Meme says:

        Each of the top 3 deserve to win it. Ali should have been where Josh is. I think Billy has gained some momentum at the right time like you said. It’s up to America.

    • Gail says:

      You’re probably right. The vote will be split.
      Ali should have won over Josh. Disappointed.

      • Gale says:

        Brendan should have won over Josh. Adam threw him under the bus when he gave him Sarah MacLachlan’s Angel to sing. So out of his wheelhouse and so transparent on Adam’s part. No one is getting in the way of Adam’s mad love for Billy and Josh is much less of a threat to him than Brendan would have been.

        • Barry says:

          Yeah I agree, I wasn’t necessarly a Brendan fan but he was vastly superior and more consistant than Josh, but it was pure strategy, with Brendan out of the way and Josh taking votes from Sundance it increases Billy’s chances to win. So yeah, kind of a low punch from Adam, but really smart from his part honestly

        • Lizzie says:

          I love Brendan’s voice, but he did not sound that great on Angel, it was unfortunate.

    • Toba7 says:

      So true, but sad.

  10. Alex Kawa says:

    It really didn’t matter who made it besides Billy and Sundance, since it’s them duking it out for the win, and Wé will almost definitely finish 3rd, with Josh in 4th. Coming into this week, I thought Sundance had this season locked up, but with Billy coming in at #1 on iTunes and Josh making it through, potentially splitting the country vote, I think Billy’s path expanded widely this week. A Billy victory could probably be bad for the show, though, since he’d be the second child star in a row to win (granted, Alisan had a career in acting and not singing, but still). I still think Sundance will win, though, but it will be close.

    • MC says:

      Sundance would be a very deserving winner. He’s the only one of the final eight that I will be following going forward. Ali did show some restraint in her Whitney cover on Monday night (as Alicia pointedly noted in her comments), but for most of the season I thought she was OTT.

      • LIzzie says:

        Ali didn’t show much restraint on her Whitney number, she went to blast too soon, and then she stayed there. It’s not the best part of her voice, that full-blown max volume that she goes to.

  11. NotVirgin Mary says:

    #VoiceSaveAli was trending WORLDWIDE… just putting that out there.

    • Jeana says:

      #VoiceSaveAli was #3 on US Twitter during the voting period,too. Neither of the other two contestants were trending. It is a Twitter save, right? Something doesn’t seem right. Not like their going to change it, but, geez.

    • Normany says:

      Well let’s just say all the Ali fans did what Slezak did, which was to tweet #VoiceSaveAli six times. So she’d be trending, but 5/6ths of those votes wouldn’t count.

  12. Jc says:

    Ali should have won. She should have really won the whole thing. Very unfair the results.

    • Hannah says:

      it is only unfair if she actually had more votes and was denied the chance to move on. HOWEVER, I doubt that is the truth. I think more people voted for Josh A lot of young girls vote and country fans vote – and they are very loyal. Sorry. They also buy records. Male country stars also sell a lot of records. So Josh and Sundance going through actually reflects the record buying public. Sorry that seems unfair to you. Maybe you should start your own record label.

  13. Timmah says:

    Too bad, Ali was really starting to grow on me and I don’t care for Josh at all. But it makes it easy for who to root for in the finale. Go Billy!

  14. kevstar69 says:

    I knew it was too good to be true to have two black girls in the finale.
    We managed to get two country singers in so…

  15. That’s it. I’m not watching the finale because a finale without Ali is meaningless. I don’t understand how she was even in the bottom 5. Her performances last night were stellar.

    • scott says:

      My theory is the show didn’t want 2 black females because they will cancel each other out in the finale. Josh over Brendan is the one that has me scratching my head. Brendan definitely had more Itunes cumulitively and would pose a greater threat to the desired outcome. Think about it, now the country vote will cancel each other out, paving the way for We’. Well played Voice producers, well played.

  16. Maybe if Ali sang Peter Gabriel’s Sledgehammer she would have made a better impression, I for one was disappointed she didn’t.

  17. Gailer says:

    That dern country vote! All season I even like Brendan more than Josh. Heck, I even liked Aaron more than Josh lol

  18. That was complete bull$h!t. Josh is just not good! I don’t get why people keep voting for him. Unless they are the same people who voted for Trump…they just don’t seem to know any better.

  19. Jack says:

    I agree that we spend way too much in the prelim stages of this competition — the chair turns/blinds, battle rounds, etc. — and then when we finally get it down to a manageable top 12, we are suddenly down to the top 4 a few weeks later. We start with WAY too many contestants so that we can’t get to know anybody well, and then when we get to a point that we are able to get cosey with them, most of them are gone. The reason American Idol was successful and produced some stars was because it started with 10 or 12 and systematically lost one contestant a week. By the time we got to the final two, we had spent three months getting to know the top ten, not just a few weeks.

  20. dlraetz says:

    I like country music and I think Ali should have won. Josh is boring

  21. Jill says:

    why is everyone so surprised? Josh ranked much higher on iTunes than Ali. The top four were pretty much determined on iTunes chart this week.

    • Kaba says:

      The part where Christian had the lowest VoiceSave ranking despite charting higher than Ali?
      The part where We ranked lower than Christian, Josh and Brendan and secured the 3rd finalist slot without the multiplier on top of that?

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      Because Ali is good and Josh sucks?

    • Voice Fan says:

      Jill, this time I-Tunes did not determine the top four. On I-Tunes, Billy was number 1, Sundance, 2. Josh, 3, and Christian, 4, Brendan was 11, We, 12, Ali, 14, and Aaron, 42. Only Sundance and Billy followed the I-Tunes ranking. We had enough following that she got the number 3 spot despite her No. 12 ranking on I-Tunes and Brendan went home despite his No. 11 ranking. And Ali got to sing for the save instead of going home with Aaron.

      • Faith Zamek says:

        if she had such a huge following,why didn’t The buy!on iTunes to guarantee her.Something wrong here!

      • Troll says:

        It’s just an entertainment to watch this horse race. Very few of these 11 seasons of “The Voice” singers will ever be heard from again on a national basis, once the show is over. Sundance will smoke Josh in the finals voting. Billy and We’ are the best singers left, but that doesn’t determine who will win. It’s a popularity contest, along with picking good songs for your range and style. Ali and Christian are much better vocalists than Josh,, but Ali did a hollerating song in the sing-off, that did not connect well.

    • Sun says:

      Not We. The fix was in!!

  22. Jacyce kerry says:

    It ‘s a sad day when a great singer like Ali is not given props over a deadpan like Josh!

  23. MamaLis says:

    I’m SO disgusted. Ali gave us vocal ability. Ali gave us increasing smokin stage presence. Ali gave us GOWNS, flowing trains, pink roses and pink hair. Ali gave us stanky/sexy in her duet last night and star-power in her elimination song. Ali gave us womanly emotion.

    She gave us ALL this, yet it wasn’t enough to outlast a male, one good night, and a country song.

    That, my friends, is tragic injustice.

    • Kimme Moores says:

      It’s the country effect, girl.
      Every damned year.
      We need to just fire Blake. Idgaf about the shows ratings, we can make the mofo look bad. Spike his cup and get him riled up about Miranda on live TV.

      • Svea says:

        Blake was not his coach!! Don’t blame him. Blake bumped Joah off his team and Adam picked him up. Country is a huge genre in this nation. Just have to accept it. What is yucky is that Josh epitomizes that Bro-country trend, which I abhore cuz it is so sexist. That’s probably why Blake bumped him. Blake pre-dates Bro-country.

        • Kimme Moores says:

          I blame Blake for attracting his own kind cause of his presence on the show as a coach. >.>

          • Svea says:

            Ridiculous reasoning. And what if someone blames Alicia for attracting her kind, or Miley or Adam?

          • Kimme Moores says:

            You must be under the impression that I care if my reasoning isn’t rational.
            Blake is the source of all craptastic country struggles on the show and Adam is the demon who allowed Trash Gallagher to prosper once more.

          • MC says:

            You do understand that irrational reasoning is not reasoning at all?

          • Kimme Moores says:

            Now let me enjoy this, yeesh

          • MamaLis says:

            I actually agree with your “illogical” reasoning Kim.

            For those thoughts, and your contribution of “craptastic country struggles” – I thank you. :-)

          • Collin says:

            There wouldn’t be a show without Blake! But by all means please keep blasting country music. Maybe it’s you that’s tone deaf? Do you need batteries? Also maybe spend more time studying than commenting on here. Cause you’re starting to sound like a idiot!!!!

          • Russ says:

            Collin, she has probably been in her safe room all night wearing her safety pin trying to figure how else she can blame whites and country folks for her artist going home. I am sure she will be out targeting folks for the color of their skin. By blocking bridges, interrupting libraries and restaurants.

          • Kimme Moores says:

            What’s funny is you thinking Ali is my preferred artist.
            But please, pull this entire argument into the spectrum of BLM discussions.
            Do it ;)

          • Collin says:

            Ah yes… My favorite group of individuals. BLM. The most racist people in America claiming to be on a crusade for equality. You betcha! Taking away my rights to get to my job on time by closing down highways. Great work they do!!!

            Kimme… Ali isn’t your preferred artist? What you so mad about then?!! Let me guess. It’s Josh and your just goofing around!

        • Hannah says:

          how is Josh and his type seixst? You’re sexist saying that. He seems like a nice guy and he loves his wife. Maybe his down to earth vibe just appeals to people more than another diva with a big voice.

          • Svea says:

            Not Josh is sexist–that whole Bro country thing is. There are far fewer successful female artists in Nashville now compared to the old days. If you will …the fans got sexist. Only those pseudo Macho acts are selling the big arena tours. Hank Williams would have never made it in today’s country!

          • Voice Fan says:

            Svea, I disagree that only the macho country singers are successful. Miranda Lambert and Carrie Underwood are making more money on their albums and concerts than many of the macho men. Reba and Martina McBride and Dolly Parton are still hitting the charts and performing after 20 to 50 years. Jennifer Nettles, Kelsea Ballerina, Karen Fairchild (Little Big Town,) Lauren Alaina, Cassadee Pope, Rae Lynn, Kacey Musgrave, Marren Morris, Cam and Danielle Bradberry are charting and bringing in crowds.

        • Shells says:

          Hi Svea, you’re onto something with Blake not picking Josh. Given the Blake knows the country genre so well, it’s telling that he didn’t keep Josh. I think he realized that Josh was derivative and not unique at all in the bro country game. Adam doesn’t have that expertise so he was excited to nab Josh.

          • Voice Fan says:

            Shells, you’re right. Blake chose Sundance over Josh because Sundance has his own unique sound. Josh sounds just like the singer whose song he is covering. I can always tell who is singing when I listen to the top male country stars of today, Garth Brooks, George Strait, Kenny Chesney, Blake Shelton, Keith Urban, Tim McGraw, Brad Paisley and Luke Bryant.

  24. Gerri says:

    Christian and Ali eliminated?! Billy Gilman saved, he was last and that is what everyone remembers. Don’t know what America was thinking saving Josh!

  25. Ricon5 says:

    Americans should not determine who has talent. We get it wrong more than right. We should judge voices not back storys, looks or favorite judge.
    Talent over Popularity!!!!!!!!

  26. Angel says:

    If Billy wins I am gong to puke! you had your chance when you were 10! Yeah I remember your sorry ass song, we need a fresh face winner please! We’ all the way! Girl can sing, and deserves it more. I will take a We’, Sundance 1,2 please. Josh is too boring. So disappointed Ali didn’t make it.

  27. It’s become increasingly clear that the whole premise – the very title – of this show is just wrong – or at best misleading. The “voices” are not the stars – the coaches are . And all the while they seemingly do next to zero actual coaching . All these 4 stars go on to increased visibility and sales while the ones actually doing all the work get lost and forgotten. Letting America decide who is “best” may sound good in concept , but almost always, it only elevates the average, the mediocre . If the producers truly wanted to make a legit star out of any of these talented people – proper focus, attention,coaching, and marketing of the actual singers – during and after the season (over the ego of the coaches) would have to become more front and center. At this point, the formula will run out of gas in a season or two.

    • Orion says:

      Yep. Correct. And it is what sank Idol. The Voice isn’t too far behind.

    • Barry says:

      It has been that way since season 1, the show doesn’t care about their contestants and their after show success, it’s all about the “couches”, all about who is on which team, and honestly I don’t care about that. I hate Adam, but if my favorite contestant is in his team, that’s who I’m rooting for, but not everybody thinks the same way. The show should be about the contestants, not about the couches or teams, but is working for them, it’s what they built their entire show around and is what the public came to expect at this point. Really sad, and I agree with everthing you said, the contestants should be the omes are attention is on, but that ain’t gonna happen.

    • Voice Fan says:

      Thomas, you’re absolutely right. Many of the Voice winners were dropped by the label before they could even record an album. So they were robbed of their winnings while contestants who didn’t win got record contracts from other producers.

  28. EUNICE HICKS says:


  29. I was going to vote for Billy Gilman. Now I am pissed I’m voting for We Mcdonald. Why? She is not on Team Adam, and she is not a country singer.

    • Orion says:

      She is also inconsistent and often flat. Her own parents wete surprized she made it to the final four.

    • Faith Zamek says:

      Super stupid comment.billy is great and u know it.u are not voting for Billy because of Adam,I hope no mermaid stupid people vote.Irrational

      • Hey, I may have been irrational and over emotional, but you have no right to call someone names.

      • Besides, We is also great, and she is my favourite, but I was going to vote for Billy, because he is the better singer in my opinion, but since people are voting with their hearts, and not with their heads and ears, I’m gonna do the same and vote for my favourite, instead of the better singer. So keep your name calling to yourself and stfu

      • Besides, We is also great and she is ny favourite. I was going to vote for Billy, becajse he js better in my opinion, and has been more consistent, but because people are voting with their hearts, instead of their heads and their ears, I’m going to do the same. And thats the real reason I am voting for Wè. So keep your name calling to yourself, and get you head out of your ***

      • Shells says:

        I’ll grant you that Billy has an excellent technical voice. But if all Billy is going to sing is adult contemporary pop, then he is going to be Voice’s Clay Aiken of pop music. He has a perfect voice for musical theatre and I hope he goes that way, as I don’t see any real success in pop for him.

  30. hols says:

    This season is ending with a major snooze…. It started off with a ton of potential and some amazing singers… No disrespect to this final 4, but really these are not the top 4 in talent for the season.. I’m not sure what’s happened with the show this season… What are the producer’s doing..??? Blake and Adam got downplayed – let us not forget that they MAKE the show – their humor, the bromance, the battles back and forth… Seems like they were intentionally downplayed.

    On the singers..
    Billy is repeatedly off key – why have they been positioning him for the top 4? I actually don’t get this unless he has a bunch of 12 year olds voting for him. Sundance – well he’s country and Blake.. He’s been awesome the last couple weeks, but has had weaker performances early on… Jake – no comment… And We – I actually love her… And she has the makings of a great singer. But really – Ali is SOOOO much better right here and right now… She’s nuanced, on key, powerful range, fun to watch… Let’s count these awesome performances – No Ordinary Love, Dangerous Woman, Without You, I Will Always Love You and tonight’s Sledgehammer… All are amazing… I would pay to hear her all day long…

    All in all – this season reminds me of Amanda Brown – the all time best performance on the voice with ‘Dream On’ – who also got hosed by the producers in season 3. Seems like they keep trying to get their ‘Kelly Clarkson’… and they keep getting it wrong by trying so hard…

    • Jack says:

      I agree with you about Billy — I thought I was the only one who thought he was off key. I thought his rendition last week was HORRENDOUS, yet everyone acted like he was the second coming. I could barely even listen.

    • Kbella says:

      I actually thought Allison Porter (?) would be their Kelly Clarkson. I can’t believe she hasn’t put out a hit song yet. I’m waiting…

      • Lizzie says:

        Did not like Alisan Porter, or her voice. Too much Christina rubbing off on her during her time on the show, not really a substantive voice.

  31. Music In My Bones says:

    I’m seriously bummed:( Brendan could have won the whole enchilada, had Adam’s song selection been one suited for a MASCULINE guy who knows how to rock the house! I doubt that Brendan chose ‘Angel.’ I’m holding Adam responsible for Austin’s ouster, although I don’t think Austin would have won. Brendan definitely could have WON. He has depth and maturity and a voice like no other I’ve ever heard. I hope Brendan continues to have an online presence and soon puts an album out there, so I can purchase it. As far as a coach goes, Blake is the best, because he’s straight up.

    • Gale says:

      Agree. Adam threw Brendan under the bus so he wouldn’t be competition (serious competition) for Billy, the tone deaf Chosen one. Adam is a calculating SOB.

  32. Colton Smith says:

    Kimberly Nichole . sisaundra , And now ali
    O V E R A T E D !!!

  33. Gail says:

    I want sundance because he’s so versatile

  34. Gail says:

    Ali should have been the one saved, not Josh. Im happy for Sundance, but for the finale he needs to sing either soul or RB song.

  35. Secret Garden says:

    My my my The Brexit voters whitewashed this vote again. Now that we know The Base Is out there for blood, a boring guy with a hat was going to beat a powerful, talented, shining woman on the hill.

    This is not your finALIe, Ali. You’re a star. They kept her out of the final four because she’s a threat to some bland white bread boy.

    History keeps repeating itself. Shame on you, America.

  36. skrable2a says:

    Folks sure do get worked up over singers who’ll disappear within three months

  37. I agree Ali should of made the finals but why must you inject your political views. Trump winning was not an injustice, just the opposite. I did not want a lying cheating crook to be our first woman President. Just because someone has a D after their name does not make them good. What is a true injustice is how divided the Country is so let’s all try to come together.

    • Rhonda says:

      The man is a damned businessman.
      The lying, cheating, crooks of the economic/business world.
      Are you kidding me?

    • The country will come together when the people who were conned see what they hath wrought. It may be a hard road, but I trust that, probably very soon, Tennessee will be as one with California. The best and most sensible of America will prevail. And Ali will have a fine career, and Josh, maybe not so much.

  38. Janet Asay says:

    The “chosen 3” were deserving. Josh over Ali? I’ll see your “aaaarrrrggghhh!” and raise you a “No no no no NO!” This might cost Sundance in the finale, as votes are split between good ol’ boys.

  39. Did the right four singers make the finale? Uh, no. But close. But, as my math teacher once told me, close only counts in horse races. The finale will stink without Ali. But, for future reference, because, who knows? Miley: Do NOT pick songs that have been done to death on reality singing competitions. Best choice: Pick a really excellent song that is not very widely known. (See Jason Castro, 2008, Hallelujah American Idol.) And when Hallelujah has been done to death pick another great Cohen, for example, song.

    • Kbella says:

      I so agree with you about song choice! 9 to 5? Ugh. Ali deserved to be in the finals but the tweeters went for the sort of attractive country singer who sang an emotional country song.

    • MamaLis says:

      Completely True! I believe Ali received a TON of online votes. When it came to iTunes, however, people were just NOT motivated to download freaking Whitney Houston, “I’ll Always Love You.” I definitely loved Ali & voted for her, but there was no WAY I was buying that stupid song.

      That said, all Ali’s online votes were “equalized” by the lesser online votes but GREATER iTunes sales/votes of the dang country songs.

      Had Miley chosen correctly, she would have had both voting channels and rightfully been in the finale.

  40. Cynthia says:

    Completely floored Ali wasn’t saved! Wow!
    I thought Miley was an excellent coach this season.

    • MC says:

      I loved Miley’s youthful enthusiasm. She was very emotionally involved with her team. She didn’t make all the correct decisions, but I don’t know of any coach on this show who has made all the right calls. Miley was pretty much the polar opposite of Xtina, who often seemed detached and smug.

  41. Wobegon says:

    I usually don’t agree with Michael but he’s right that Ali should have gotten the save being a much better singer than the others but I think her save song did her in..did not connect with me at all. Christian also picked worst type of song and maybe bought into it’s lyrics too much since it wasn’t his best vocals. Josh played it safe but did it perfectly while the other two chose the wrong songs for the save and didn’t impress.

  42. darcy the slutty twin says:

    I am outraged that Aaron and Brendan are gone without having performed shirtless!!! Josh Gallagher, do not let me down! Show me those arms next week!

  43. Eidi says:

    As many of you, i am So tired. It is a shame how some american people are racist, sexist (although the first and second winners were black men, it has been a long time since there was no black winners and we haven’t never had a black female winner), Adam’s or country fanatic and vote regardless quality. You can tell that there are a lot of powerhouses like Ali, but how many country singers do you know sounding the same as Josh? Plus, he presented some questionable performances, while Ali always nailed in hard song choices, for instance Without you, Did I ever love you and I will always love you. I only can think that country mafia vote for Josh just because he is male, white, from Team Adam and a country singer, position already filled by the worthy finalist Sundance. And my impression is that always black people must be perfect or from team Blake/Adam to win, but if you are white and country, you are a deadlock in the finals, even being typical. I give up. America, have the final top 4 that you deserve.

    • Tessanne Chin was mixed race and female. Everyone has to be near perfect and/or on Team Adam or Blake–regardless of gender, race, or genre. People who mess up a lot don’t make it.

      PS. Ali did NOT nail Without You. She screamed through it missing note after note.

      • Angie_Overrated says:

        I will concede Ali’s Without You was terrible, but I completely disagree with you that people regardless of gender, race or genre are held to the same standards on this show. Billy has had multiple TERRIBLE performances in a row. Josh has done a whole lot of nothing week after week. Yet there they are in the finals. And are we really forgetting Jake Worthington and the entire cadre of terrible country singers who regularly make it deep into the competition season after season?

        • LIzzie says:

          Billy has had a few weak performances, but no so much terrible. The guy is always on pitch, which is something. I just don’t like his personality, or the over-practiced peculiar set placement of all of the notes – he seems like a robot singing, and even his reactions seem practiced. If he sings One Voice for the finale, he might win, but to me both We and Sundance have a shot at the win, more so than Billy.

      • Eidi says:

        And how about Josh who is terrible week after week and only got regular performances this week? And how about Jake or Barret who missed some notes too seasons ago? I don’t count Tessanne because she looks like an Asian woman, even being Jamaican. I am talking about black female singers like Amanda Brown, Kimberly Nichole and Sisaundra Lewis, all of them talented but didn’t get to the finais.

  44. matt says:

    Yes, Michael , totally agree with you, The Voice seasons are disgustingly short and bloody. American Idol did it right, eliminating ONE contestant at a time until top 2 finale,

  45. Debbie says:

    Brendan should not have went home he should have had that 4th spot I don’t like WaI or Sundance at all so I would have loved to have seen the final 4 as billy brendan Josh and Ali she was most deservING to be there and had the best out of the past 2 weeks. Then I would have loved to see Brendan win it all because he was so different but they pretty much have given it to either billy or Sundance from day one.

  46. Julia says:

    Ali should have stayed,i voted as much and the coaches had a lot to do with it

  47. donna bingman says:

    i definitely felt that ali should of been chosen, she kiled her performance of sledgehammer and i really liked her all season, i was not surprised that sundance made it because he seemed to be popular, but i would of preferred that brendan , aaron, ali and billy be the top 4, they deserved it. i think miley worked so hard with her people and she really cared about them and seemed so disappointed. yes adam really fights for his team and makes a point that they should be voted, i think he looked a little disappointed that josh made it and not brendan, he has a great following and i love adam as well. that is one big reason i watch the voice. we’ did a great job also and i was not too disappointed she made it through, but the top 4 should of been – billy, brendan, ali and aaron. i hope the voice keeps going for many, many more seasons and that adam and
    blake keep being judges, they make the show!!

  48. Stephen Casey says:

    Ali should have been in, We out. I’m good with the other three.

    • I can agree with that — We’ had some terrible performances in the live shows, while pretty much all of Ali’s were spot-on. I will say that I’d rather have seen Brendan or Christian make it to the end over Josh, who I like but don’t love (and most of that is because he’s gorgeous and not necessarily because of talent).

      I just really hate that Billy Gilman is probably going to win this whole thing. His fake humble and completely insincere attitude, coupled with every song he sings sounding basically the same – overdone, just really really make me hate that he’s probably going to win.

  49. dj says:

    I tweeted like crazy for Ali while watching Josh’s percentage get higher and higher. I don’t get Josh at all. Just another country singer, and kind of a nasally one at that. Oh well. I couldn’t believe Miley yelling at Ali, “You better f___ing bring it!” Number one, Ali always brought it. Number two, something encouraging like, “You got this!” would have been more appropriate.

  50. Andretta Denise Austin says:

    No I do not think the right person was chosen. When you look at the overall record who one in that category. Overall number one I tunes. Also, I think it wrong that you can only vote thru Twitter and other accounts but not Facebook. I am only on Facebook do you do not have to worry about me next year.

    • Russ says:

      Josh, and Christian charted top 100 every week and made the top 10. Ali with 9 to 5 did not even crack the top 200 that week. Did she ever crack the top 10 any other week. Seems to me she had the weakest overall record of the three artist in the twitter save. Maybe that is why she finished third in the twitter save.