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Chicago Fire EP Talks Surprise 'Dawsey' Milestone and Severide's 'Antidote'

Warning: The following contains spoilers from Tuesday’s Chicago Fire

It’s about time, amirite, “Dawsey” ‘shippers?

Chicago Fire‘s 100th episode on Tuesday night found lovebirds Dawson and Casey finally tying the knot after the prospect of adopting Louie became a reality. Rather than making a big to-do, they snuck away for an impromptu civil ceremony attended by their firehouse family. But the happy day was marred by the unexpected arrival of Louie’s dad, who declared that he wants his son back.

Elsewhere, Severide confessed to Casey that he couldn’t remember his one-night stand’s name, and he didn’t feel anything during a particularly dangerous rescue. While treating the firefighter at Chicago Med, Clarke urged Severide to have his bone marrow tested in the hopes of helping a leukemia patient (played by Rookie Blue‘s Charlotte Sullivan). The doc later warned Severide that if he goes through with the transplant, he will feel it for months, to which Severide replied, “Good.”

Below, executive producer Derek Haas talks about finally taking the plunge with “Dawsey,” exploring a different side of Severide and more.

Chicago Fire Dawson Casey Lift Each OtherTVLINE | Why was now the right time for Dawson and Casey to get married?
Well, we certainly hinted at it through the course of not only this season, but the previous two seasons. [Laughs] You can only do that so many times before you start upsetting people. I think with the addition of Louie into their lives, solidifying them as a family, and the longing for Casey to be not just Mom and Matt to Louie, but Mom and Dad, it felt right.

TVLINE | If Louie hadn’t come into their lives, would they have still gotten married?
I don’t know that [they would have] this quickly; he certainly was a catalyst. But yeah, when [Casey] showed up at her door at the end of last season, we were saying to the audience, “We’re going to stabilize these two for a while.”

TVLINE | It was a very moving but low-key ceremony. Was there any temptation to go all out and give the characters a big wedding?
Chicago Fire Dawson/Casey WeddingNo, we talked about it back in June when we first started planning… We did a firehouse wedding in tuxedos for Boden, and the little wedding at Molly’s for Mouch and Platt, and so [executive producer] Michael [Brandt] was like, “Wouldn’t it be cool if they got married in their turnout gear, coming from a call, and [we] put everybody in the uniforms they were wearing when this show opened in 2012?” So that was the catalyst of, like, how can we do it differently, and yet be organic and germane to the show, and still make it sweet and loving and all of those things?

TVLINE | And thank God Sylvie seems to have psychic powers and knew exactly where Casey and Dawson were going.
[Laughs] Well, they had been talking in front of her [about] the adoption. But yes, when she sees them go, she’s got that intuition working, which is also a good reason to get Antonio there [at the courthouse].

TVLINE | Louie’s father, rather than just approaching Dawson and Casey, lurks around them. Is it safe to assume then that his intentions are not good, just by the way that he comes into the picture?
[Laughs] There’s two things going on there. One, we didn’t want it to just come out of the blue at the very end, because then it’s like you didn’t even give the audience a chance to guess what was coming. But I’m hoping over the next few episodes, your expectations of who this guy is — what he wants, what he’s doing — are going to flip a few times.

Chicago Fire RecapTVLINE | Is Severide having some type of existential crisis? Should we be worried about him?
It’s funny that you say that, because even in the script, when he goes into Casey’s office, in the action description, it says, “Severide’s being unusually introspective.” [Laughs] But yeah, he is going through a bit of an existential crisis of, “I’ve been womanizing, I’ve been carefree, I’ve been fairly unmoored for four and a half years,” and looking ahead of him, he’s got a future that’s not looking so good to him. So he wants to feel something again, or someone. So that’s what we’re setting up. That’s really going to be the thrust of the second half of the season.

TVLINE | What does this patient and helping her represent for him?
For him, it’s the antidote to having to drop victims off in the back of ambulances or at the hospital and never know what happens to them… So she represents to him… a purpose to his life, and she’s definitely going to factor in heavily into the second half of the season.

Fire fans, what did you think of the 100th episode? Grade it via the poll below, then hit the comments to back up your pick!


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  1. HeatherC says:

    FINALLY!!!! Its about danged time that we’re seeing Dawson and Casey get married and not just because of Louie but because they love each other and it was finally the right time! I am so over the moon even though Louie’s dad will surely cause some trouble when the show comes back. I would much rather see Dawsey going through a tough time like that together rather than the back and forth garbage that most shows tend to do with their couples. I really loved the 100th episode and I’m super stoked to see what’s coming up next for everyone. Happy 100th Chicago Fire and here’s to 100 more!!! =D

  2. Liz says:

    That was Peck?! Wow! I didnt recongnize her! Glad to see her back on tv! Charlotte Sullivan was one of the best parts of Rookie Blue. Cant wait to actually meet her character and see what kind of impact she has on Severide’s life. Really enjoyed the call back to the pilot during the wedding scene. Finally Casey and Dawson are married! That final (?) scene with Louie’s dad showing up, I kept thinking he was going to shoot them. Glad that didnt happen. Looking forward to the next episode and the rest of the season. With Charlotte Sullivan, I know its going to be great!

  3. James D says:

    good episode. it was pretty predictable but I kind of like that more to be honest it felt organic and right. I have my issues with Dawson but I will say the writers on this show are pretty consistent with how they write her character, and again the spur of the moment wedding fit nicely, lets just hope she actually treats Matt with some dignity and care as appose to taking him for granted which she is want to do. Love that Severide is reflecting on his life, that dude needs some reflecting. and I love that Charlote Sullivan is going to be involved missed her since Rookie Blue ended. Seriously that kid who plays Louie redefines the word adorable don’t know where the casting director found him but for serious he makes Baby Groot look like an ugly ass tree :)

  4. ameraleigh says:

    Good grief, can they just get it over with and change the name already to The Gabby Show. It’s as if she’s the only character, everyone else barely gets a minute of screen time before she appears to poke her nose into their business. It may have been amusing the first few episodes but now it’s just ridiculous.
    I want story lines involving Cruz, Otis, Cap etc etc

    • kn1231 says:

      This season has actually focused on Mouch, Brett, Herman and Otis quite a bit. Also Biden has gotten a lot of screen time. So I don’t really think it’s fair to say everything revolves around Dawson, but of course a lot of it does as she’s the shows female lead.

      • Nancy says:

        I agree with you. Everyone gets a little storyline but Casey severide Boden and Dawson are the main leads. I think severide was a little neglected in the first half of the season but sounds like he has some good stuff coming.

      • wrstlgirl says:

        I think the problem is even though those other characters get stories it seems like Dawson has to be a part of them in one way or another. But her story about Louie, her parents, etc. solely focus on her and Casey. Not always but generally.

        • ameraleigh says:

          Yes some of the other characters are getting story lines, but you’re right, for no particular reason at all, Gabby seems to get shoved into the middle of them, or it’s something as simple as she makes a comment as she breezes through the room, it’s unnecessary. She has her own story-lines which seem to be the focus, my complaint is that she shouldn’t then need to be involved with everyone else’s.

        • Vanessa says:

          It seems like if she’s even in a scene or makes a comment many of you are declaring that as “being a part” of the story and that seems like a a big definition stretch. However if that is the definition being used then people should be applying that to all characters and I’ve yet to see that.

    • Linda Frank says:

      Love Gabby and Matt! I really like the entire ensemble. Hope they renew the show for a sixth season.

  5. kn1231 says:

    Loved the wedding! I’m in the very small minority who actually likes Dawson, although I can agree he character does go a little overboard some times. But, I’m happy her and Matt are finally married and we can move forward with them.

    I would also love to see Severide settle down with someone, and so I’m hoping that’s where his storyline will lead. I’ve said this people, but I would not be opposed to them bringing his random wife back. I liked those two together.

    • HeatherC says:

      You’re not alone. I like Gabby too and so do a lot of other people (most steer clear of the comments sections in articles though, LOL). Yes, she does sometimes go all “Gabby Dawson” and not make the greatest decisions but she’s not a bad person. I really loved their wedding last night. It was very them! I agree about seeing Severide settle down a bit more and I think this new storyline with him might be a good first step towards seeing more of that from him. =)

  6. Hmm says:

    Maybe I’m the only one, but I find Casey and Dawson’s relationship to be really toxic and it’s frightening that nobody else notices. Gabby is and has always been a steamroller, and at every turn as flipped Matt’s life upside down. The word compromise never seems to make an appearance in her vocabulary, and this is evident in the way she treats Casey. Cases in point: the way she handled her quest to become a firefighter, her deciding to “postpone” their engagement without his input, fostering Louie and bringing him into their home “with our without” Casey, and pushing him to run for Alderman when he explicitly told her he did not want to. I know most of these turned out fine, but she has a tendency of bullying and Casey into these positions that he ultimately accepts because he loves her and will always bend and compromise; it’s in his nature. But she never shows him that same kindness in return. It’s clear she manipulates their relationship to best suit her and it’s really uncomfortable to watch. Relationships are supposed to be equal: two people who work together to better their lives. In all of the above instances, when Gabby didn’t like Matt’s opinion, she forged ahead anyway at the expense of their relationship instead of continuing dialogue to come to a compromise (which is a main pillar of marriage). That doesn’t seem like a healthy, loving relationship to me.

    • ameraleigh says:

      This! She is a toxic personality, she treats Casey horribly and yet all the Dawsey fans seem to think that this is acceptable and normal, romantic behavior. If it were the other way around and Casey treated Gabby in that manner, his behavior would be called out on straight away.

    • Rachel says:

      I agree with you 100%. I also think eventually her no compromise and controlling attitude is going to bring them down….and I will be front and center watching it all fall down…..with glee

    • Chloe says:

      Well said! For Gabby, it’s “my way or no way”.

  7. Valerie Tower says:

    So glad they finally got married. Plot line with Louie’s dad was way too predictable. Great show as always.

  8. laura c says:

    Love the show, all the characters & storylines. Glad they finalized Casey &Dawson with marriage. This middling between that & possible breakup needed a end one way or the other. I like them together. Looking forward to new Severide storyline. Love all the other firehouse characters too, but I started watching the show because of Jesse, liked him in House drama too.