Gilmore Girls Revival Wedding

Gilmore Girls Revival: [Spoiler] Was Originally a 'Much Bigger Deal'

The following story contains a major spoiler from the “Fall” chapter of Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life. Proceed with caution.

Turns out the anticipated wedding between Lorelai and Luke in Netflix’s Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life went off with a hitch — and a pretty big one at that. Series creator Amy Sherman-Palladino reveals exclusively to TVLine that budget constraints forced her and fellow EP Daniel Palladino to scrap their Plan A (a big, over-the-top extravaganza) and come up with a Plan B (the decidedly scaled down — but no less magical — Plan B that viewers experienced.)

“The wedding was originally a much bigger deal,” Sherman-Palladino explains. “The wedding was a whole shebang. And then they took money away from us. Anything that has extras in it and costumes became a production nightmare. So we had to figure out how to make this wedding satisfying without doing ‘The Big Wedding.'” 

In “a weird way,” AS-P continues, the “intimate” wedding “was better,” adding, “You can bitch and moan about monetary and budget restrictions, but sometimes working in a tight frame forces you to do things that you wouldn’t normally have done that wind up actually being dramatically better. In paring all of the bells and whistles away, we get down to the crux of really what it is: It’s Luke, Lorelai and Rory. And that made it intimate and gave it more feeling.”

AS-P is quick to note that the wedding itself was never in jeopardy. “We knew we had to do a wedding,” she says. “We knew we had to get them married. There was no way we were getting out of this without getting them married. The fans have waited too long.”

For more scoop on Team Palladino’s original wedding plans, keep your eyes peeled for an all-new Ask Ausiello later this week.

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  1. rod says:

    i loved the wedding scene, wouldnt change it for the world

    • Brandi says:

      Right? It was so Gilmorey. The only part I didn’t like was Emily not being there. But the way it happened made it understandable.
      I read another interview with ASP where she said Emily was at the real wedding.

    • Marcie says:

      Except Jess wasn’t there.

      • Coco says:

        I agree. He was in town. He should have been there. More so than Lane, I think, although, I was like, okay, I get that she grew up with Rory.

  2. jj says:

    I enjoyed the intimate wedding.

  3. GGFan says:

    Perhaps if she hadn’t wasted so much time and money on the on the ridiculous musical and LDB nonsense, she would have had enough money to give the fans the wedding they deserved. With Emily, and Jess, and Miss Patty, and Babette, and Kirk, and Taylor, and Sookie, and …

    • Dani says:

      Ugh, this so much.

    • Laurie says:

      Very true. Thought the same thing as I was reading the article.

      • GGFan says:

        I just think it’s infuriating that she now is almost throwing Netflix and WB under the bus by saying this. This was YOUR creative decision, don’t even start.

        • Disappointed Fan says:

          They were given FOUR NINETY minute episodes. SIX FULL hours. Every shortchanged, easy out ASP & DP pulled in the story line they have made excuses for. ASP has been all over the scale with her comments.

          After the fiasco of marrying Chris & as long as the people of Star’s Hollow waited for this wedding I just don’t see it taking place as it did without the town there or Lorelai’s mother there. Was that entire wedding scene created just to give a nod to ASP’s hat fetish? Silly.
          Why waste that money for a such a narcissistic nod when it shoud’ve been used instead for the wedding everyone was looking forward to & has waited for.

          The LDB was one of the best pieces. It followed along on an established part of the story.

          Were all of those cameo’s from all over the place really necessary?

          As to the complaints of elitists – THAT was an intricate part of Rory’s story & life: A foot in both worlds trying to balance the two.

          IMO the story line wasn’t cohesive nor was the budget wisely used. Rory randomly sleeping with a wookiee? That was so far out there & so far out of character it wasn’t even funny.

    • The musical was a joke. I’ll fast-foward next time. Sorry, Sutton.

    • Shru says:

      Urgh right?! It’s infuriating that the two worst things about the revival (musical and ladb) not only took up so much screentime that could’ve been given to Jess, Lane or Paris but also took away the budget from a big Luke and Lorelai wedding fans have been waiting for 16 YEARS! Like wtf ASP. Priorities ASP, Priorities!

    • Allison says:

      This…a thousand times.

    • Babylove says:

      I agree about the musical. They could have shown the start and then skipped to the end showing Lorelai’s differing opinion from the group and th sequence would have been better (snappier). I didn’t mind the LDB sequence, but Robert’s presence made no sense. We didn’t see him after Rory’s date with him, and he wasn’t shown to be especially close to Logan or Rory. Colin & Finn made sense being Logan’s best friends and who had formed their own friendships with Rory. I think the sequence would have been a lot better (and probably cheaper) had they left Robert out and focused on Logan, Rory Colin & Finn.

    • Kim Barron says:

      My first thoughts exactly!!!!!!

    • Cas says:

      I liked the LDB scene. Was my favorite part. The musical was dumb. But really Lorelei doesn’t seem like a big wedding person anyway so it would have felt odd to me.

    • Jennifer says:

      posted the same thing before I read the comments. SO THIS!!!

    • Cheryl says:

      100% agree with you! I absolutely hated that musical. It was so long and just awful. There weren’t even any normal cast members in it.

    • steph says:

      This! I actually didn’t mind the LDB thing that much, I thought it was pretty cool (also unrealistic and over-the-top, but still), but the musical was horrible and pointless, such a waste!

    • LSM19 says:

      EXACTLY what I was going to say!!! That and the Wild nonsense. Did we need to spend 10 minutes watching her try to pack that stupid backpack?

    • Dee says:

      I agree. My daughter and I long awaited GG Revival and were confused and bored with the musical.

    • Laura E. says:

      You said it perfectly. What a dumb thing for ASP to say. She threw money into scenes that weren’t necessary at all.

    • Luli says:

      I was just going to write this!!!

  4. Big Mike says:

    I’ve ignored the dozens of weekly Gilmore Girls articles, because I have no interest in the show. I thought that after the show dropped, the number of articles would slow down to a mere trickle. Silly me.

    • Jason Stoesz says:

      It must be such a f**king struggle to ignore articles about things you have no interest in. Really. My heart goes out to you. The struggle is real, bro. God damn internet just takes you places you don’t want to go…the mouse clicks on things randomly…you have no control….

    • Ben says:

      I guess that shows you have no idea of the history of this site and of MA. As someone who has followed MA since before this site, it comes as no surprise to me.

      • Big Mike says:

        ….or it shows that I’m tired of every other headline being Gilmore this, Gilmore that….there are dozens of under appreciated, quality shows out there that could use the pub.

        • Ryan says:

          So…why not just keep ignoring them? Surely you aren’t naive enough to think that your complaint will make them stop covering it, right? I’m sure there’s a website out there covering the shows you want to read about. You don’t HAVE to read this site if you don’t like what they’re doing. All you’re doing by coming to this article (repeatedly, it seems since you keep replying to comments) is giving it more views and telling them that people are interested in this content.

          • Big Mike says:

            It made me feel better to complain after the 500th headline. And I get notified of replies, which is why I’m replying.

        • John says:

          Are you a Russian troll?

        • kmw says:

          i am with Big Mike on this one. Whether or not MA loves the Gilmore Girls isn’t the point. The point is he is supposed to be a television journalist with a site devoted to TELEVISION!!!! The last month or two there are daily, if not hourly reports on this specific show and other shows who definitely need the publicity are being left out. I have been very disappointed in this site and barely come here anymore because of this. Of course as a huge fan of television and being a huge fan of one specific show I understand MA’S devotion to this show but enough is enough. How many more post mortem interviews about The Gilmore Girls does he need to cover. The Gilmore Girls are done( for now) and it would be nice if this site would move on

          • S. says:

            1) This *is* about television so not sure what that complaint in caps was about here. 2) They cover shows more that get a lot of clicks which makes sense because if people are really eager to read about a series, it both has demand worthy of increased coverage and will drive traffic to the site. The fact that you clicked on and commented on this makes it all the more certain that they’ll keep writing articles, not stop, so congrats on that. Nobody forced you to read anything beyond the headline. 3) They write about the build up to things months in advance all the time and this show’s had a devoted following that wanted every sniff of a detail, deal with it. As for stopping the post mortems, the show’s been out for less than 2 weeks. Since when do entertainment journalists stop covering something the instant it drops or opens? If the show’d dropped each “season” once a week like Hulu does, it’d have aired for a month. Keep on keepin’ on, Michael Ausiello. I raise a diet Snapple to you, sir.

    • Whatevah says:


  5. Amanda says:

    I liked the wedding we got too. We do know they were still going to do a full wedding for all of Stars Hallow, Jess, Liz and TJ, and Emily the next day so makes sense why we didn’t get to see the second one.

  6. Claire says:

    Maybe they should have scaled down the never-ending musical or the Life and Death Brigade sequence and given us a wedding that included the people we care about.

    • sammy says:

      Precisely… AS-P created a good show but she is just as egotistical and self righteous as Ms. Shonda Rhimes.
      I never liked the LDB in the original series. Just stupid rich people being pretentious. Like AS-P with that ridiculous hat she wears all the time. I would have at least preferred to have the wedding with Emily… those two made so much of progress…

      • Claire says:

        Agreed, she is the third Gilmore girl.

      • GGFan says:

        Wholeheartedly agree. Her ego got in the way and she royally messed up this opportunity to do it right – to have more money, more leeway, all the actors back….and she totally and completely botched it. And she thinks it’s FUNNY that she did that. She’s proud of herself for it.

      • Mary says:

        I thought the wedding was perfect, it was Lorelai and Luke to a tee. Neither one of them were into the glitz. The center core of the show was there, Lorelai, Luke, and Rory. This wedding for me was more realistic then if they had a big to do. Yes maybe Emily should have been present, but it was implied she was going to be there the next day.

      • Reader says:

        I don’t know how I can love GG so much and despise ASP’s interviews. Ugh better not to read anything from her.

  7. Lyndsey Adam says:

    I still don’t get why they didn’t wake Jess up to have him there at the wedding. It makes no sense. Also why was Emily still in Nantucket the day before her daughters wedding? Was she not invited? Not attending? What’s up with that?

    • Christy says:

      YES!! The Emily thing bugged me too. Ok, they jumped the gun which can explain why she wasn’t at the middle of the night elopement. But shouldn’t she have been in Stars Hollow the night before the big wedding?
      Lane and Michel being there also confused me. Jess? Yes. Sookie? Sure. But why did they wake those 2 in the middle of the night?
      That said, it was gorgeous and all that they really needed was Luke, Lorelai, Rory, some twinkle lights and one perfect waltzing song!

      • Jennifer says:

        About Emily. That bothered me too. The mother of the bride would have (SHOULD HAVE) been by her daughter’s side at least the night before the wedding (if not the week!!!). Emily sitting in a chair on the lawn with her maid’s family (REALLY?!?!?!?) in the house on the night before her daughter’s wedding? I THINK NOT.

    • Izzy says:

      Jess is sleep at Liz and TJ because Kirk turned up all distressed about how he “messed” up the decorations. Though I don’t understand why he doesn’t stay in the office/Luke apartment above the diner now that Luke is living with Lorelai. Is April staying there or Luke turns the whole place into a proper office? Problem with the tv movies is that we don’t get any time with everyone’s life in Star Hollow, it’s all plots.

    • Coco says:

      I commented earlier about Jess not being there – totally should have been there – he was in town! And, YES, I was thinking that too as I watched Emily on Nantucket – I was like, shouldn’t you already be on-site for the wedding the next day? What?!

      • Coco says:

        However, I’m going to assume that these “glitches” happened because the actors weren’t available for certain scenes. From what I’ve read in the last several months, it was tough to get everyone back and I think an amazing job was done, especially considering the actors’ other commitments.

  8. bostongreekgirl (@BostonGreekgirl) says:

    I loved the wedding scene. It would not have been them had they gone big and over the top. It was perfect

  9. Cathy says:

    Is no one going to mention how HIS daughter isn’t at the wedding? I would have loved more Jess too, but why wasn’t April there?

    • Ryan says:

      Their handling of April’s relationship with Luke in general was odd. There was a throw away line about how Luke would never get to see his own child graduate, to which he responded that he had been at Rory’s graduation, as if April didn’t count somehow. And then the majority of her dialogue was with Rory and Lorelai, even though Luke was in the room.

      • steph says:

        I agree, all of that was really weird! It’s like they forgot April existed when they wrote that “your own child” thing and the wedding…

  10. Ryan says:

    I thought the wedding was great as it was, for the most part. I would have liked to see Sookie and Emily there but it seems the actresses were just not available, so that doesn’t bother me too much. But I would have rather seen the budget from those terrible musical and LDB sequences go to a writing staff that would have handled Rory and all of the middle two episodes better, honestly.

  11. Christine Christy says:

    You had money for horrible stars hollow musical but no real wedding rory became terrible peson only emily richard story worth so very sad

  12. Chloe says:

    I dont mind at all that they did it, it made it for a lovely wedding! But im still upset that they didn’t include Emily in the celebrations. It goes with the lack of caracter growth from rory and lorelai that we were expecting/had come to see before, but this brings them back to square one. But the rest of the wedding scene was lovely!!

  13. I loved the wedding as it was! However I could have done without the musical to save some money (but kept the LDB because that was one of my favorite scenes).

  14. Haddy says:

    Yes, spending all your money on celebrity chef cameos and the LDB bit was way more important, I’m sure! Gah.

  15. James says:

    I like how some of you act as if Emily would rather be at the elopement wedding than the real ceremony where she’ll see her daughter in her wedding dress.

    Everyone is going to be at the ACTUAL WEDDING LATER THAT DAY. The only one that bugs is Sookie not being at the midnight one because she was in town and there’s no way she’d not attend.

  16. Baker Girl says:

    I really enjoyed the wedding. The whole Wonderland theme was very “Lorelai” and the idea of their having “their” wedding and then later having the “town” wedding……. priceless……………….. leaves something for people to think about and imagine.

  17. schunjo says:

    Please just rebrand your site, “Gilmoregirls.com” and be done with it. ENOUGH already. I’m going far far away.

  18. darkangel200 says:

    It was perfect just the way it was and more in character than some over the top ceremony would have been.

  19. Jill says:

    sooooo frustrating considering they probably could have cut back on other scenes (the musical, the ridiculously long scene of Rory and Lorelai passing out newspapers, the life and death brigade scene that was so unrealistic) in order to make the big wedding happen. If you are going to do the intimate wedding at least have people there that should be (Jess? Emily?). To me, it feels like their could have been some in between that made this wedding feel more natural than it did.

  20. Jennifer says:

    As much as I love Sutton Foster and Christian Borle, maybe you should have taken money from that boring, over-the-top musical and cut some of the Life & Death Brigade crap and had a real wedding. Maybe cut some of the superfluous guest appearances as well.

    I really hate ASP ruining what was once a favorite show.

  21. I really did love the revival. That being said my idea of what the show would be like after so many years was different. I thought Lorelai and Luke would have been a happily married couple with kids of their own, twins maybe. And that the revival would see Rory with a successful career and having to decide between Logan and Jess and that her wedding would end the show. I can see AS-P’s take on how she wanted the show to come full circle, but that would have worked better when Rory was right out of college, not at 32.

  22. Whatevah says:

    I would have loved a huge wedding. But this was great too. I’m just glad that we got to see them get married..FINALLY!

  23. Amy says:

    Oh please. Netflix is not known for being stingy with their money. Don’t blow out your budget on indulgent scenes like the LDB and musical if it means the important ones will get sacrificed.

  24. She could have dumped the stupid 20-minute musical, but I did like the smaller wedding anyway. It was much more suited to both Luke and Lorelai.

  25. Miranda says:

    While I do agree that the wedding was the perfect the way it was done – aside from Emily and Sookie not being there (although I get that Melissa probably wasn’t available) – but I do think the musical was absolutely overdone. I loved Lorelai’s comments on it, but it took up wayyyy too much time. To be fair though, most of the two middle episodes was wasted.

  26. Kristina says:

    The idea of the wedding the they did it is sweet, but I was really disappointed Emily wasn’t there. They made all this progress and then she STILL gets left out of her daughter’s wedding? Uncool. Sure she was at the one the next day, but Emily Gilmore would not have been pleased to learn she wasn’t there for the actual moment! And no April (I know no one likes her, but she’s Luke’s kid)? Jess was like a surrogate son to him; he wasn’t included? No Sookie?! Seriously? Most of the important people in their lives were left out. I’m with other posters–they should’ve cut the musical or something else to make sure that was done right! I know there were budget and schedule restraints, but that was a huge letdown for me.

  27. Wooster182 says:

    They couldn’t cut the Tango club to widen the budget? I liked the wedding the way it was but that answer seems a little disingenuous unless the budget was cut after episodes were already made.

  28. D'Laine Riley says:

    The wedding was perfectly Luke and Lorelei ;)

  29. Dannie C says:

    Technically if they did a “Season 2” they could pick up from the final scene & do Lorelai’s reaction + dealing with that while getting ready for the big celebration/wedding with the town + family members.

    • MLPR says:

      God I hope there is not a season 2. AS-P totally botched the revival (IMO), and I would hate to waste another 6 hours watching Rory’s character self-implode. And it’s not like I can just turn it off…it’s like a train wreck that you can’t look away from. Maybe she likes torturing fans…

  30. Sand says:

    I loved the wedding Scene, and it is clearly said that they are doing the big wedding the day after where everybody is there… so thats fine with me. I loved the LADB Scene, really fun to watch, but they could have also left the Musical out, I cant find anything I like in there, beside the last song, that was okay…

  31. Coco says:

    As the build-up happened, I was worried there would be the usual “big-wedding” TV thing and I’m so glad it things happened the way they did. Done and done with the big weddings. This was so much more in line with Lorelai’s personality and the personality of the show. I’m actually sad to hear that a “big wedding” was the original plan. Fate agreed with me ;).

  32. Karen says:

    I loved the song that was done during the time that Lorelai arrives at her wedding spot…wish I knew the name of it.