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Secrets And Lies Finale

Secrets and Lies EP Expands on Finale Cliffhanger, Shares Season 3 Plans

Spoiler alert: This article contains major reveals from Sunday’s Secrets and Lies finale. Like Kate Warner on the edge of a building, you should think carefully about your next move.

Confession: I really didn’t suspect Amanda of killing Kate. Prior to that bomb being dropped on Sunday’s Secrets and Lies season finale, my money was still on Eric’s dad, who’s apparently had a secret family all these years.

TVLine spoke with executive producer Barbie Kligman about the finale’s many twists (who got shot?!), as well as what we can expect from a potential third season:

Let’s start with the big reveal: Kate was killed, albeit accidentally, by Amanda! Learning that Kate got pregnant so easily — especially after Amanda’s own infertility issues cost her a marriage — sent Amanda into a jealous rage, complete with Kermit-level arm flailing. As for Amanda learning she was also pregnant, that’s something Kligman calls “delicious irony,” putting it under the category of “men plan and God laughs.”

Still, Kligman says that not all hope is lost for the Warners to repair their broken family. “I see the hope through Eric and Patrick, and through Eric and Charlie, Kate’s son,” she says. “This week’s Cornell Confidential webisode takes place after Patrick gets out of jail. You find out that Eric kept in touch with him, and that Eric did adopt Amanda’s baby. He’s got a whole new life. He’s a daddy, he’s raising Amanda’s little girl, and he and Patrick are going to be OK. … As for the others, Amanda is obviously still in the doghouse, and their father’s betrayal was also just too big.”

Now, let’s talk about Cornell for a minute. Kligman acknowledges that it was important for her to actually put the right person behind bars this season because “you can only have your brilliant cop screw up so many times before you have people go, ‘Wait a minute!’ … One of the complaints we got from fans last season was that we left the cliffhanger on the ‘A’ story, but by virtue of our show [being an anthology series], you really have to do the cliffhanger with a character who’s actually going to be back in the next season.”

Secrets And Lies FinaleAh, yes, that cliffhanger. Kligman won’t say a word about Cornell’s fate, but she digs my theory that Cornell could end up being the victim of a potential third season: “There’s a world where that could happen,” she says. “The season would be about exploring all of the people who could have done it. And given how many enemies Cornell has made over the years, there certainly wouldn’t be a shortage of suspects.”

What she is willing to say about a potential third season is that it would be told “just as much from the prospective of the police solving the case as it would from the perspective of the potential suspect. … We would show enough of the cops that you would get to see more of [Cornell’s] day-to-day with her colleagues and supervisors.”

As for the likelihood of the series continuing, Kligman says, “It really just depends on where ABC is and what the numbers are.”

OK, time to talk back: Which finale reveal surprised you the most? Are you crossing your fingers for a third season renewal? Grade the episode below, then drop a comment with your every thought.

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  1. Brandy says:

    ABC must continue with season 3. This show has everything I love in a “who done it”. ! I must have more Cornell!!

    • Shara Karyn Maynard says:

      I really love this ahow, it keepa you on your toes and it’s well put together…well written. Doesn’t seem fake nor does it have bad acting. Love it

      • Jean says:

        I agree. Great who done it series. I went with everyone as a suspect . Had thought of his sister but not for that reason.

        • Stella says:

          I’d like to hear your angle on the sister. I had a motive for everyone but never found hers. Even thought John was Kate’s baby!Seems I was right about him creeping though..

  2. Maggie Myers says:

    I LOVE this show!! I’m addicted to it. I didn’t want it to end.

  3. Patricia Kivlen Duckrey says:

    Please Cornel…come BACK!!! You are everything that is GOOD in television!!!!

  4. jo-Ann Panniello says:

    I look forward to the next series of Secret and kids and the return of Cornell. The show would not be the same without her!!!

  5. Traci says:

    I love this show. I figured it was the sister in episode two. I liked how they got her to confess and liked the pregnancy twist. I hope they return for season three.

    • Bill says:

      How did you know ithat was the sister in episode 2?

      • CaliGirlInTN says:

        I guessed her from the first episode. I was trying to figure out the killer would be someone we wouldn’t expect. The sister was there as his attorney, defending him when she knew he didn’t kill Kate because SHE did. Then finding out Kate was pregnant made me think that she got jealous because she had been married for a while and here’s this ‘new gal’ to the family and is having a baby.

        • dripdrop says:

          If you watch it from episode one again you’ll notice how Amanda was really crying.
          Even Cornell had to ask if she would be alright…….I mean it’s not like they were that close.
          Great season tho!!…hoping for a next season

    • Wlsnphm says:

      Yeah same here. Predicted the ending but the twist wasn’t bad or the cliffhanger.

  6. Jen Smith says:

    Never expected Amanda to be the one who did it. That was definitely a twist. I thought John Warner was the one all along. I loved this season. I hope the cast is back next season especially Michael Ealy (Eric Warner). This by far had me on the edge of my seat tonight. Absolutely loved how it turned out. Can’t wait til next season.

  7. nancy moreno says:

    i want to know if her daughter kills her or she kills someone else by the way what is CORNELL CONFIDENTIAL- i dont see any videos for season 2 all of them are of season one
    GREAT JOB by LEWIS !!!!!

  8. ld3n3al says:

    I just want a Season 3!

  9. Shereka Pressley says:

    Where can I find the Cornell Confidential for this week??

  10. cruze says:

    Bring this back Juliette lewis is awesee!

  11. Darlene pitass says:

    Loved it !!! Was always disappointed when the hour was over. Great story line and awesome actors. Good job

  12. Tracy says:

    Love this show and need to know who Cornell shot. there has to be another season. Does her brother raise her baby or does she plea out because of med and get to raise her own baby? what happens to Cornells daughter ? too many unanswered questions.. please give us fans another season

    • Bob says:

      This week’s Cornell Confidential webisode takes place after Patrick gets out of jail. You find out that Eric kept in touch with him, and that Eric did adopt Amanda’s baby. He’s got a whole new life. He’s a daddy, he’s raising Amanda’s little girl, and he and Patrick are going to be OK. … As for the others, Amanda is obviously still in the doghouse, and their father’s betrayal was also just too big.”

  13. Lexie says:

    Please fix the story Amanda was not the killer we expected. Maybe dad or the patrick”s wife.

  14. Susie Beard says:

    Another great season… I am not sure what happened at the end? Who was with Cornell’s daughter? What was that

  15. Susan Ferbin says:

    I just love Juliette Lewis and her Cornell character
    Please,bring her back for a 3rd season and
    Secret and Lies

  16. Patricia says:

    You have to give us season 3. Don’t leave us hanging with Cornell facing someone ready to do her in and her daughter being a culprit. We know her daughter is a drug addict but who is trying to kill Cornell.

  17. Ashley Spangler says:

    I love secrets and lies. It’s a great show and can’t wait for more seasons and twists

  18. cee says:

    Season 3 with Cornell!

  19. Rich Szymanski says:

    Enjoyed the show…bring it back for another season

  20. Barry says:

    So where is this Cornell Confidential. Can’t find it anywhere. Horrible way to end the show and leave everyone hanging

  21. Marsha says:

    Unfortunately, I called the killer and the motive episode 1. So I was disappointed to be right, however all the side plots were amazing and more importantly loved that for the most part you showed some
    conclusion-thank you!!

    • KC says:

      I also knew from episode 1 as well, all bcuz Amanda was just too eager right from the get go..
      And at the end when Amanda and Eric were in the room together, I knew it was finally going to come out. As soon as it came out I laughingly said to myself “I called it, right from episode 1.”

    • number42is1 says:

      Yes… I’m sure you called the motive, which wasn’t even revealed for 5 more episodes, in the first episode. You’re like a superstar

  22. Kristen Estep says:

    Season 2 was good, but not what I expected from the 1st season. I guess I got attached to the plot and wasn’t really expecting a whole new thing from season to season. I am anticipating a 3rd season though … especially with the way this one ended. I’ve kind of grown to like Cornell since they’ve shown the personal trials she goes through on top of her round the clock job as an investigator. Anyways, fingers crossed because I do love investigative shows with an unimaginable twist!

  23. Mary Brennan says:

    I have the same question

  24. Glenda says:

    The best show this fall. All the twist and turns kept me coming back and trying to figure out who kill Kate.

  25. Ted Wolkerstorfer says:

    I had the sister picked within the last month after working my way thru the family. Cornell is a great cop and the show needs to continue. The quick preview with the daughter looking for $$ so she can get drugs and the gun going off, hopefully Cornell doesn’t gert killed off–she makes the show!!

  26. Jared Laval says:

    I can honestly say that I really enjoyed this season, all the twists and turns had me hanging off my seat. I really hope to see a season 3

  27. Nora Santos says:

    I been hooked on Secrets and Lies since season 1 ,but season 2 was far being my expectations. It was awesome!!! I want a 3rd season tomorrow…

  28. Frances says:

    I really love the show with all of its twists and story line. I think the writer is brilliant. I hope Cornell doesn’t die. She is the reason this series is so good. Her ruthless pursuit of the truth is dynamic. The series really does need to continue.

  29. Louise says:

    Hope it returns. Great series!

  30. Jane Owens says:

    Lover the show but cannot access the Cornell confidential it announces after the show..I feel like missing part of the story.

  31. KLS says:

    I suspected that Mandy was the killer for a while, but I have to admit that I was still surprised. Finding out their dad had a secret family was mind-blowing! Did not see that coming at all. I thought it weird the episode didn`t end on a flash-forward, but I`m glad to hear that Eric decided to keep the baby. The potential for a third season is amazing, so I hope the network decides to take a chance. I feel so bad for Eric, but at the same time I think he is finally going to get the peace he deserves. Everything will be okay. :)

  32. Linda says:

    Best show ever

  33. Laurel Burnett says:

    Never thought that his sister killed Kate…What happens to Cornells daughter??? More about that in next season. A great show – keep up the good work.

  34. Patricia Smart says:

    Me in my fiance has watch from the very first season have never missed a show we hope the third is just as awesome as the first two seasons and please cornell must not die……. without her the show will not be the same she is so awesome and all the other cast i said to my fiance u guys have it going on love all the twist from beginning to end we went online to make sure Secret Lies was returning we are looking forward to season three pls ABC keep it going we can’t wait to see whats next thank you……….This show ROCK………

  35. Ginny says:

    Love the series can’t wait til next time

  36. Michele says:

    On the edge of my seat. More twist and turns than a roller coaster. Definitely bring Cornell back. Who did she shoot or who shot Cornell. The actors were wonderful and I need to see them again in Season 3. Even my husband was hooked.

  37. Dina Hensley says:

    Omg!!! Excellent writing and the acting was superb!! I somehow knew all along that Eric was not the killer but never suspected Amanda. The other storylines involving Danny, Carly, the dad, and the dad’s double life all intertwined amazingly!!! Getting to know Cornell better was a great twist too! The ending was crazy! I hope Cornell is not dead and I hope for a season 3!! Sorry it’s over!

  38. Michele Weiner says:

    On the edge of my seat. More twist and turns than a roller coaster. Definitely bring Cornell back. Who did she shoot or who shot Cornell. The actors were wonderful and I need to see them again in Season 3. Even my husband was hooked.

  39. MissY says:

    Love this show, but I have to say season 1 is still my favorite ,miss Ryan Phillippe .
    Looking forward for the next season, please bring Cornell back

  40. Vivian Holloway says:

    I want watch anymore if Cornell does not return

  41. sonja says:

    I would like to see a season 3 because we need to know who got shot and who lies are no longer secrets.

  42. laurie carr says:

    Love the show! Hope we get another season. Love/hate Cornell.

  43. Jea says:

    I would never have known. What a shocker! Good ending! Now, whose on the other side of Cornell’s gun? Could be anybody.

  44. LEAH RODOLPHO says:

    We love secrets and lies all the twists and turns in the series and hope it comes back for a third season

  45. redmink says:

    Love Cornell…..loved the first season and love Cornell Confidential….

  46. Pat Alexander says:

    Absolutely Love the show! This years was so interesting, just couldn’t bat your eyes, afraid of missing something!!! Surprised it was Amanda, thought it was the Sister-in-law Brothel Owner.
    Kept it coming, we just love the show!!

  47. Diane ZAMORA says:

    This season was so action packed and mysterious…I really didn’t see this coming…I love Juliette Lewis….she must return…please don’t let her character end..she is why I continue to watch..her character is a love hate relationship…but then you end up loving her…this season was awesome all actors were phenomenal…from early, to Brewster and O’Quinn wow you couldn’t go wrong everyone..season3hurry

  48. Klez says:

    OMG this show is the best! Both seasons were awesome. I live for sundays!! It starts my week off and I can’t wait for the next episode. Brilliant writers,talented actors. Cornell is a love/hate kinda gal. One min you hate her for harassing people and then your like dang I love her character. Best show on tv!!! Who needs cable with stuff like this in!!! Can’t wait for season 3!!!!

  49. tina butler says:

    I can’t imagine anyone NOT liking this show! It keeps you in suspense at all times! I am so hoping that ABC doesn’t cancel it! We all need to know what happened to Cornell! Please bring it back for a third season!

  50. Linda Redmon says:

    Love this show. Best who dunnit mystery show