John Cena SNL Saturday Night Live

TVLine Items: SNL Taps John Cena, Supergirl vs. Mr. Mxyzptlk and More

John Cena is bringing the smackdown to Saturday Night Live.

WWE superstar/actor John Cena will make his hosting debut on the sketch comedy’s Dec. 10 episode, NBC announced Friday. Maren Morris will serve as the musical guest.

The following week, Dec. 17, film star Casey Affleck will take the reins as host, with performances by Chance The Rapper.

Ready for more of today’s newsy nuggets? Well…

* Supergirl will take on iconic Superman villain Mr. Mxyzptlk in two episodes of Season 2, reports. The role has not been cast yet, and no details are available about the CW series’ incarnation of the character.

* TV icon Betty White will guest-star during Season 5 of Young & Hungry as Gabi’s neighbor, who reluctantly helps the young woman figure out her next steps with Josh.

* NBA Hall of Famer Charles Barkley and Los Angeles Clippers center DeAndre Jordan will appear as themselves on Modern Family when Phil participates in a charity basketball game, reports. The episode airs in late January.

* The breach of contract lawsuit filed by soaps producer Prospect Park against ABC in 2013 has been dismissed, and the rights to All My Children and One Life to Live have been returned to the network, reports. However, there is no indication that ABC plans to revive the shows.

* The syndicated game show Celebrity Name Game, hosted by Craig Ferguson, has been cancelled after three seasons, our sister site Deadline reports.

* TBS has greenlit the animated interstellar comedy Final Space, from executive producer Conan O’Brien. The series follows an astronaut and his adorable, planet-destroying friend as they embark on a quest to unlock the mystery of “Final Space,” the place where the entire universe ends.

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  1. Luis Roman says:

    So, I guess we’l finally get the official TV pronunciation of “Myxzptlk.” I can’t see them going with a fifth-dimensional imp, however. It’ll be interesting to see what they come up with – it could be hilarious!

    • rob horine says:

      Have Richard Splight III (Trickster/Gabriel from Supernatural) play the imp.

    • Nichole says:

      We got a TV pronunciation on Smallville.

    • datdudemurphy says:

      Mix-yez-pit-lick said quickly….at least that’s how it was in the old Filmation cartoon. Supposedly the official correct pronunciation.Look up “Imp-Practical Joker”

      But it’s been pronounced differently on Smallville, Lois and Clark, Superfriends, Superman: The Animated Series, Batman: The Brave and The Bold, and Superboy… I doubt you’ll get the correct pronunciation

    • Noibha says:

      ABC Do SOMETHING with AMC & OLTL!!!!!

  2. Kevin says:

    OMG! John Cena hosting SNL for the very first time is going to be so entertaining come December 10th.

  3. tjchurch2001 says:

    Three questions…

    1] What took “SNL” so long?! John’s work on one episode of “Psych” alone (where his character’s storyline was left open-ended, with him missing) showed he has more comedic talent than the current cast combined! This will be the third episode this season I watch, all due to the talented hosts & regardless of the largely-lacking cast!

    2] What took them so long to cancel Craig’s lesser show, & (when, if ever) will they replace it with the celebrity-based “Celebrity Game Night”, which I hope at least gets a new season?!

    3] What is Conan’s space obsession?! This follows “People Of Earth”, which is mainly a space to watch Ana & other talented actors, when he should really be taking the space filled by Fallon on weeknights & the Globes!

    • Amit says:

      I started watching celebrity name game last month. :(

    • Kevin says:

      Really sad Celebrity Name Game got cancelled. There’s a reason Craig Ferguson won a Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Game Show Host. What other game shows that should be ending (maybe Price is Right)?

      • tjchurch2001 says:

        There is at least one reason Craig has several EPIX (& other) comedy specials & national tours, not to mention Emmys, whereas Drew & Ryan (along with others from Drew’s old show) have yet to win/earn much of anything.

        I think ending “Price Is Right” (perhaps the only current game show to have multiple solo hosts) would be bad, but there is a reason the last time I watched was April 1, when Amber & the other models did most of the work & had most of the screen/mic-time.

        • Kevin says:

          I know but Price is Right with Drew Carey (gets no Daytime Emmy love) is at its worse since Bob Barker retired back in June 2007 after 35 years as host and Mike Richards the executive producer of the show is the one to blame when he and his creative staff comes up with the lamest ideas ever like that boring prime time special featuring three reality competition shows (Survivor, Big Brother and The Amazing Race) back in May. They better bring back the Million Dollar Spectacular to prime time in the foreseeable future which hasn’t been on since 2008.

          • tjchurch2001 says:

            It is a downright travesty when shows that deserve Emmys get not even one nomination (such as most originals on USA, WGN America, etc.). It is quite the opposite when shows such as “Price” that deserve none also get none.

            As for the specials, using people from other CBS shows was likewise (AKA “obviously”) the idea/request of the network & nobody working on that specific show… The “Spectacular” need never return, & it should all be instead replaced by celebrity editions using Michael Weatherly or stars of other “NCIS” shows, which will now replace the Celeb iteration of “Jeopardy!” that seems to have disappeared.

  4. billy says:

    Any chance Mr Mxyzptlk has something to do with the musical Supergirl/Flash team-up later this season?

  5. Phun says:

    I wonder if Mr. Mxyzptlk has been cast because they just started to film episode 12 yesterday and I read somewhere that he’s scheduled to be in at episode 13 (at least). Well, anyway, it should be 2 fun filled episodes. :)

  6. Georgia Madman says:

    Mr. Mxyzptlk is my least favorite villain in the Superman universe. Give me Zod any day!

    • peterwdawson says:

      Really, you like him less than Atomic Skull, The Prankster, Terra-Man and Titano? At least Mr. Mxyzptlk is someone Superman has to constantly outsmart.

    • Rex the Wonder Dog says:

      Superman killed Zod so I doubt we will see him on Supergirl. I think the evil Kryptonians are done for on Supergirl. Astra is dead, Non is blinded and Supergirl threw the rest of them into outer space aboard Fort Rozz.

  7. peterwdawson says:

    Nice, curious to see how Cena works out, he’s got great comedic timing.

    Mr. Mxyzptlk will be… interesting. He’s a hard villain to pull off right. Don’t do it the Smallville route for sure, that version was lame. The Lois & Clark one wasn’t bad, and the role is kind of perfect for a comedian. Patton Oswalt maybe, if he’s free?

  8. DavidSask says:

    Anytime I saw Celebrity Name Game, a new episode never existed?!

  9. Paula says:

    Mr. Mxyzptlk was one of my favorite comic book villains reading them when I was a kid/teen! Had an entire room packed with pristine condition comics (pampered only child and avid reader). When I imagine what some of those might be worth today since my father always sought out first editions…. And don’t even get me started on another room devoted to Barbie and Friends!