The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries' Paul Wesley Recalls Stefan's 'Sweet' Proposal, Talks Uncertain Future With Caroline

Are we going to see Caroline Forbes officially become Mrs. Stefan Salvatore in 2017? … Don’t ask Paul Wesley.

Despite being a star and producer on The Vampire Diaries — Friday’s episode (The CW, 8/7c) also marks his fifth time directing — not even he can say for sure what the future holds for “Steroline.”

“I don’t know how it ends,” he admits to TVLine. “I do think the fans have a lot of influence over this show, though. So if the fans want a June wedding, they’ll probably get a June wedding.”

But because this is The Vampire Diaries, Wesley isn’t necessarily sold on the idea of things ending on such a high note: “I certainly don’t think they should live happily ever after, but it’s a nice distraction from the reality of … all the atrocities Stefan has committed throughout the years.” (It sounds like Wesley is more into Ian Somerhalder’s finale pitch, in which Damon and Stefan take off their rings on a tropical island and go out in a blaze of glory.)

As for the proposal itself, Wesley wasn’t quite as surprised as the viewers at home — mostly because Candice King spilled the beans (“We get engaged!”) before he even got a chance to read the script for that episode.

“I thought it was sweet,” he says of the big moment. “It humanized things a little bit. It was a cute, human moment.”

We’ll have more scoop from returning-director Wesley later this week, but for now, drop a comment with your own hopes for the future of ‘Steroline’ below.

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  1. Mery says:

    I always appreciate your articles Andy but we really want Klaroline news :)

    • Yasin says:

      He can’t give you news that isn’t there. I love Klaroline but I can’t expect him to keep asking the same question when there is nothing new to report.

      • Kathy says:

        Well, since they are writing the final episodes right now, there is no harm in asking :) Klaroline could quite possibly getting a scene!

    • Helen says:

      KC news please! As for the proposal – in the past 7 seasons not once did we see vampires married/engaged. Such a random out of character bull-poo

    • Lizzy says:

      Why are they still pushing this dull and lackluster couple when only a small percentage of the audience likes them?..and no I’m not a KC fan but at least they and TC and SE had chemistry. They both look how most of the audience feels when they’re onscreen: uncomfortable and BORED.

    • Chelsey says:

      I am very curious if Kevin Williamson reads comments. I say this because for several seasons Plec/Dries have literally written this show into the ground. Damon turned from this hot playboy to a whimp. Stefan and his “epic Love of his Life Elena” who is now with his brother. Stefan is now with Caroline. Busy body annoying Caroline. They are like watching a brother and sister, creepy. Bonnie and Enzo, came from nowhere and just seems very rushed. As if, give Kat a guy, just cause. Damon deserves to go back to his bad boy ways, Stefan and Elena belong together. Caroline belongs with Klaus and Bonnie belongs with Jeremy.
      Sincerely hope this show ends on a hi note. But, since the show has been tanking it’s not looking good.

      • BonenzoDefender says:

        Bonnie with Jeremy? Ew.

        Anyway. What romantic pairing hasn’t had a “just cause” everyone needs to be paired up quality?

        I agree Bonnie/Enzo has been rushed at times but I also think theirs is the only relationship on the show that makes fundamental sense and feels genuine, at this point.

        In the middle of the dumpster fire that is most of everything else going on they are the highlight.

    • Gilded Lady says:

      There is no Klaroline news because the timelines are out of sync. Klaus is bricked up, behind a wall, being endlessly tortured at this point where S7 is. So unless there is yet ANOTHER time jump to bring them back into synch, there won’t be news.

  2. marydspain says:

    YES! #SterolineJuneWedding

  3. JDH says:

    Guys… What’s with all these pop ups & redirects to the App Store or some site that we can’t get out of??

    It’s making visits to your site more of a chore then a joy. It took me 4 attempts just to read this article.

    • Penelopr says:

      I get these as well on the mobile site. Very frustating. Spam sites pop up that i cant get back from unless i close the window.

  4. Abbi Fortune says:


  5. Angie says:

    We need Klaroline back!

  6. Farida says:

    Welp we all know how weddings end in Mystic Falls lol especially weddings at times where their friends are dying, their families are in danger and everything is falling.
    I’m against this wedding because that proposal was rushed af like Stefan hasn’t even MET the twins so this is honestly very weird (Caroline would never agree on marrying a guy without knowing if her daughters like him) plus his brother isn’t really “well” right now so i’m just…never agreeing on the timing of the proposal I mean they could’ve at least convinced me and the rest of the anti SC with it but they didn’t because of how rushed the entire thing was. Anyway i’m still thinking either defan will die or 1/2 will die.
    Side note: I still think KLAROLINE should be endgame

    • luna says:

      your ANTI SC tag give away everything! lol! how do you know That Stefan haven’t met her girls? this is TVD a lot of things happens off screen which they implies later.. you said yourself that Caroline won’t really marry someone who doesn’t know her children.. and Stefan proposed to her in the room he has building for her girls .. isn’t that a commitment? we waited 6 seasons for a couple who ACTUALLY deserves to be together,, so how them getting engaged in the FINAL season is rushed? Damon didn’t even bother when Stefan begged to help him in season seven and now Stefan and Caroline can’t be happy a while for the Damon who doesn’t even want to be safe? as you are ANTI SC nothing i can say convince you but these are actual facts:)

  7. Natalie says:

    How can anyone think that proposal was sweet is beyond me. Caroline had basically to force the words “Will you marry me?” out of Stefan. Asking a girl to wear a ring for him is neither romantic nor sweet. It’s hella lame. Can’t believe she agreed to be married to him. But then again all her character development went away as soon as Klaus did. I hope that he will come back to TVD for at least one more episode before it ends and will remind him that she deserves more that a small town boy. I’ll wait however long it takes ;)

  8. Kinsey says:

    Omg that’s so cute that Candice was so excited that she spoiled him haha, I love them so much and Im looking forward to all the future Steroline moments. Thanks for the article as always Andy.

  9. M says:

    My hopes for steroline? I hope they’ll break the engagement of and Caroline will go to NOLA.
    Klaroline 5 ever!

  10. Michaela says:

    Thank you for the article, but I’m still here, with my massive family, waiting for klaroline to be endgame!

  11. Yes indeed very sweet, Stefan sorting a room out for the twins and commiting to a future together with Caroline :)

  12. kate says:

    I do envision the last bit of the series, or maybe just the beginning of the series finale, is that Enzo accompanies a super elderly Bonnie to Elena’s casket along with whichever twin survives the merge (is that still a thing with no other Gemini witches to enforce it, or at least ones who care) who’d be a woman like in her fifties then who will be exploiting a loop hole in Kai’s spell that Bonnie will have a few moments with Elena. And there is that reunion and Bonnie begins to give her the diaries and tell her the story, then we finish up whatever the story is, and then, we return, Bonnie dies, Enzo assists Elena to the car, clarifies she remembers how to drive, she reminds him its only been two hours since she did in her head, he hands her the keys and directions and then says good bye. We don’t see it but its implied he follows Bonnie into the afterlife. And that could be it, Elena is left in a world where Ric’s kids are the only ones who might know anything of her world, you know, except a few vampires in New Orleans, and maybe there is a trigger in Jeremy’s vampire hunter skills that let him exist, but she’s free but also, alone.

  13. DeJone says:

    Not ALL fans want a wedding tbh, only a small, majority do. Let’s hoping they’ll listen to the bigger group of fans and set Caroline free from the Salvabros. She deserves better than becoming a follow up to Damon, the man who abused her and never repented.

    • Superfan says:

      Writers & showrunners should not be listening to fans, period…No 1 group of fans should be prioritized over another. All these matters are subjective, therefore there’s no one right formula, writers should develop a show without bias & just do what feels authentic to them.

      • BonenzoDefender says:

        Agree with Superfan 100%.

        I feel like TVD is a case study in why strong writers should never give way to fan desires that don’t support good storytelling and consistent characterizations. This show has shot itself in the foot so many times. It’s best parts are those that have disregarded the noise.

  14. Val M says:

    Thanks Andy… I hope this will be just the beginning of the end for Steroline… Awful couple that deteriorated Caroline’s character.

    • Dea says:

      I”m with you because I have been watching the vampire diaries 1-7. But 8 take the case all of a sudden she is engaged that’s really mess up he is just by his self you know what watch the eposide enzo killed stefan old girlfriend and caroline cry to much get her way and she think that real life.

    • Stacey says:

      Could not agree more. I miss S2-S4 Caroline!

  15. Stacey says:

    Well, since PW says fans will get what they want, I guess that means Steroline will break up and we’ll get a Klaroline endgame. Our KC fandom is second in size only to Delena. So I guess that means a DE and KC endgame, which I would be happy with!!

    • Does Candice like Klaus or Klaroline? I thought I read it wasn’t a favorite, if so and she doesn’t want to go to the originals then doesn’t look like it’s happening, if she’d be up for it though then maybe.

      • Jovana says:

        Candice HATES Klaroline. :D

        • Stacey says:

          Luckily she doesn’t write the show! And JP has been very supportive of KC this season on social media and at events, though she barely mentions SC! 😉

          • tina says:

            lol it’s Candice’s choice if she wants to join the TO.. and TO crew doesn’t want Caroline .. if they did they would haave used her in the crosss overs more efficiently.. and i don’t know about tvd.. I mean you guys are the fandom who literally gets satisfied on 5 seconds scene or a mention which is nothing but shade so I won’t be surprised if JP gives you that 5 seconds scene where Klaus appears out of no where and declares his love!

          • Stacey says:

            Well, first off Tina, the writer of TVD who wrote the script for last episode said that the Klaus mention was not shade and in fact honoring the KC fandom. Second I have seen plenty of PW and IS ‘s conventions where they make fun of SC and DE. And third, they already showed us the future of TO when Care went to NOLA in the crossover episode looking for Klaus. Not much of a stretch to do a flash forward giving most fans what they want, a Klaroline endgame. You sound like a salty SC or CK shipper. Please bother somebody else!

          • tina says:

            lol the writer liked a tweet about that scene being a shade.. Caroline went to TO to seek help from Klaus not to find Klaus! you guys are easy to please! enjoy being in delusion land!

          • Stacey says:

            Guess you missed where she said, I hope you enjoy the Klaroline mention. And liked KCers tweets. Plus SCers attacked her for that and she said she was an equal opportunist. You and your fandom are the delusional ones.

      • Stacey says:

        She doesn’t like KC, but Paul doesn’t like SC either. And I don’t need her to go to TO, I just want a flash forward scene of her in NOLA with Klaus. They have enough backstory that it would work, plus he promised to be her last love, however long it takes. I don’t know about a DE endgame though, since ND and IS can barely stand each other now. PW still supports SE. And JoMo loves Klaroline. So we’ll see.

        • tina says:

          like i said you guys are satisfied with 5 seconds scene which doesn’t even makes sense .. why would anyone wanna know what happens in the future for Klaus in the ending of tvd? it would just give away his storyline in TO.. and how would that make any sense because that it was like 1000 year ago they were even come to face to face and his last word to Caroline wasn’t his promise but a declaration he would stay away from Caroline? it would be a very stupid ending for Caroline but I would say it would be more stupid and insulting for KC fandom but you guys are so desperate to realize that! and please see the interview of Paul in the SDCC comic con this year and then tell me he hates Steroline!

          • tina says:

            i know one thing for sure is that Stelena isn’t happening.. that ship is destroyed horribly

          • Kathy says:

            If SC only shared screen once every few years, you’d be thrilled with that damn 4 second scene. STay in ur own lane.

        • berry says:

          they have enough back story? they have less than 20 scenes together including multiple scenes where he wanted to kill her! lol

          • Stacey says:

            And her fiance’s brother is her rapist, killed her first love, and tried to kill her. Plus her fiance is a ripper and has racked up a huge body count. That’s healthy. And Klaus relented and saved Caroline. Plus he risked his own safety and that of his family’s to help Caroline out. And for scenes, quality is always better than quantity. And btw most TO actors love KC. Including JoMo, CMD, CH, and PT. The only one who doesn’t like it is DG.

        • berry says:

          lol! HER FIANCE’S BROTHER! what about the time KLAUS stabbed and bitten her HIMSELF?? his Fiance’s brother killed her first love lol.. what about the time Klaus killed Tyler’s mother and made him walk away from Caroline while Caroline cried?What about the time Klaus made Tyler bit Caroline?and like Klaus is a saint who never murdered people?lol.. yeah quality is always better than quantity and Klaroline is terrible.. how he trying to kill her and her family and friends is a better quality? As usaul you guys always seem to avoid logic!Caroline said time and time again that he doesn’t want Klaus and Klaus said his Only I love you to Cami,, Stefan is not the person who harmed Caroline physically .. lol Naduchi hates Klaroline so is Daniel.. i love when Daniel drag you guys on twitter,, JoMo may love Klaroline but Candice’s hate for that terrible ship gives me

          • Stacey says:

            Klaus has grown as a character, and he puts Caroline’s wishes above his own. Remember when he asked Stefan to let go of Caroline if he couldn’t separate from Damon. And Stefan didn’t because Stefan can’t put Caroline first. Unlike Klaus who has always put Caroline first, as she deserves. Talking S1 parallels, the girl never picked, at least Klaus will always choose her first, unlike Stefan, who views as a hindrance most of the time. And Cami is dead so that doesn’t really come into play. Klaus also said ILY to Aurora too, so Cami is not the only one. Klaus saved Caroline and couldn’t let her die. And he killed the Mayor because Tyler betrayed him. Not right, but Stefan really is no better, neither is Care. They are all monsters. I can’t wait for SC to end and KC to be endgame. Enjoy your boring ships, they won’t last much longer!!

  16. Krystal Dean Corio says:

    I’ve never missed an episode and I miss Elena, I would love to see Damon and her together as humans at the end

  17. Jovana says:

    I love it when delusional Klaroliners start talking about how Klaus made Caroline’s character grow when that hookup is actually what completely destroyed it. She shagged the man who murdered people she cared about and they called her “grown”. Idiotic.

    • Stacey says:

      Actually Steroline destroyed her character but keep on living in your little bubble of denial! She didn’t even show any real sadness about her first love, Tyler, being murdered by her fiance’s brother, that’s messed up. Can’t wait for the SC breakup scene, I’ll enjoy watching that!

      • luna says:

        what about the time Klaus bit Caroline and wanted her dead because she talked back! yeah that’s healthy!

        • Stacey says:

          How about the time Stefan took away Caroline’s choice and drugged and vervained her. Guess that is relationship goals! Or when he abandoned Caroline without any word of his whereabouts or when he put Damon’s needs over Caroline’s. Guess being second or third is good enough. Klaus is a volatile person but he really grew and changed for the better due to Care. She changed for the better too since she was able to embrace her darker side. You haters always bring up the same stale argument while ignoring everything else. Klaroline endgame is on the horizon! So long Sterobore!

          • luna says:

            yeah trying to kill her is first .. yeah by trying to MURDER Caroline really changed him.WHAT IS THE LOGIC? HOW MANY TIMES YOU GUYS WOULD IGNORE HE TRIED TO KILL HER JUST BECAUSE SHE TALKED WITH HIS HUMANITY.. KLAUS NEVER SAID CAROLINE CHANGED HIM ,,WHAT HE DID SAY THAT HE WOULD KILL HER it’s even laugbale to think that he would put Caroline first above his own family in ACTUAL danger when Klaus’s whole storyline rebolves around him always putting his family first! . lol.. she changed because she embraced her darker side? when? she regrets turning off her humanity and she is the one who always want to help people..Stefan vervained her to save her life and stayed away from her to protect her and her friends! yeah i would take that second place if my life is on the are so pressed with that 5 second endgame for them who breathed the same air 1000 year ago and would only give away Klaus’s and TO’s storyline for the future! that endgame is so disrespectful for a fandom.. I don’t want that for my ship! So long Klarolausers!

          • Stacey says:

            Lol, are you 13, you’re grammar is deplorable. Anyways, I am not ignoring anything. You keep bringing up the same argument over and over. Did you miss the crossover last season? Klaus risked his life and his family’s safety to take out Rayna for Caroline. Klaus helped Caroline to not be ashamed of her vampire abilities. Sounds like you need to rewatch seasons 3 and 4. Can’t wait to see Sterobore break up. PW says he is directing the dismantling of Steroline, can’t wait! Klaroline is on the horizon!

      • Reese says:

        I am with you I don’t like caroline she is a cry baby. She doesn’t need to be with stefan He need some body that is going to love him.

    • Val M. says:

      I understand your point, if you started watching TVD from the episode 5×11. You should definitely watch TVD s1-S4, they are the best and fan favorites from around the world, even Paul said that ;)

  18. Brooke says:

    I love Paul Wesley and the work he’s done on Vampire Diaries over the years, but I can’t help but feel like he has checked out on the show from this interview. Just what he said about the fans getting what they want when it comes to the show (and not really giving an opinion about the ending) and then being kind of nonchalant about the Steroline proposal. Again, just an observation and maybe I’m reading too much in to it or they cut some of the other thingss he said out of the article I’m sure he’s just ready to go on to his next chapter in life. Hope the series ends in an awesome way no matter how they choose to wrap it up!

  19. Marcia Williams says:

    I don’t think that they belong together

  20. Sharon says:

    Ugh!! I hate Steroline. I hate the idea of Steroline. I really hate this whole June Wedding nonsense.

  21. luna says:

    WE love Steroline!

  22. bryeton says:

    my idea for vampire diaries is that bonnie realizes her only chance at a happy life with enzo and to save damon also bring elena back is for enzo to turn her into a vampire. once she turns into a vampire elena would wake up and get the chance to save damon from himself and they defeat sybil and salene.. then they can take the cure together and get married and live happily ever after.

  23. Tammie Owens says:

    I won’t have a happy ever after everybody should get married and everybody should be happy and have babies

  24. Tammie Owens says:

    I think it should be a new improve vampire diary the new Awakening Elena was put to sleep Being Human so she should end up being pregnant by Damon and that she should have the baby and it starts a new beginning of

  25. Jill Anderson says:

    I don’t want them to get married!! I want Elena to come back for the final episode and I would like it to end with either her and Steffan or her and Damon together forever.

  26. Bree says:

    Well I am not sure I am buying what Paul is selling he said that the power is in the fans hands if they want a June wedding they will probably get one only problem with that is the majority of fans do not like the pairing

    • riya says:

      they actually really interact with the fans on the SDCC Comic con and the fans smashed them with June Wedding questions! so it’s the reason he thinks thatwhat the majority of the fans want!

  27. I do not want Stefan and Caroline to get married. I am still hoping for the real story and best one is that Stefan and Elena get together. That Elena wakes up and realizes that Stefan has always been the one for him and he does the same.