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Ratings: Flash Xover Hits Season Highs, This Is Us Draws Biggest Audience Yet

The Flash‘s installment of #DCWeek’s “Heroes v Aliens” crossover event-palooza on Tuesday drew 4.15 million total viewers and a 1.5 demo rating (per finals), surging 40 and 36 percent week-to-week to beat its season highs (3.17 mil/1.3).

In fact, the speedster series delivered its largest audience in two years (Dec. 9, 2014), and its best demo number since Feb. 16.

Leading out of that, No Tomorrow (940K mil/0.3) was flat.

Elsewhere on Tuesday….

NBC | This Is Us (10.5 mil/2.7) drew its largest audience to date, up 17 percent week-to-week, while also rising 13 percent in the demo. The Voice (10.6 mil/1.9) ticked up, while Chicago Fire (7.9 mil/1.7) rose two tenths to a best-since-premiere rating.

ABC | The Middle (6.6 mil/1.6), American Housewife (5.6 mil/1.5) and Fresh Off the Boat (4.2 mil/1.3) were steady, while Real O’Neals (3.3 mil/1.0) dipped a tenth. Agents of SHIELD (2.4 mil/0.8) returned steady.

CBS | Rudolph (9.4 mil/2.3) was down a tenth year-over-year, yet still beat The Voice.

FOX | Brooklyn Nine-Nine (2.3 mil/1.0) ticked up, while New Girl (1.8 mil/0.8) and Scream Queens (1.33 mil/0.5) were flat.

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  1. kate says:

    I hope Arrow gets a boost to because if you are reading into subtext, it sounds like the showrunners all believe its actually the best of all three. No one really talks about Legends, but that show is designed to be a fun adventure show and that alone might be the justification for leaving Nate and Amaya behind. While Nate is more obviously fun, Amaya has a fun straight man energy.

  2. Cordell Garrett says:

    I am not shocked, these crossover events are really helping the CW now if only Supernatural had a companion series they could crossover with, cough Women of Letters

  3. ndixit says:

    Not surprised but given that the Flash has the highest audience and demo numbers out of the CW DC quartet, I expect this will be the highest rated of the crossover eps. Arrow and LoT will probably rival the Supergirl up or maybe a bit higher.

  4. sarah t says:

    Hopefully this helps Arrow this year because it’s taking a beating.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      We shall see! #Cliffhanger

    • ndixit says:

      It will undoubtedly. It will likely not get Flash level ratings but I predict both Arrow and LoT will have at least SG ratings, if not a bit higher.

    • Max says:

      The crossover boost doesn’t affect the overall ratings for the season. It’s always back to regular ratings afterwards. Maybe a tick for the midseason finale but it dips even lower during the last stretch of the season.

  5. Kevin says:

    This Is Us is a must-see on Tuesday nights. What are the chances the series gets renewed for a second season?

  6. Billy meacham says:

    Great for the flash, It was awesome last night. Couldn’t watch agents of shield and chicago fire last night because of the constantly broken record of tornado warnings way down south of Tennessee.

  7. Rrumeo says:

    definitely saw this coming, hope arrow delivers more, getting a season one for the 100th episode, good to see everyone is back, no word if Colin Donnell will be there too. so excited!!!

  8. it’s a pity the same consideration wasn’t given to Supergirl. It’s been pushed as a 4 part crossover. but the 1-minute scene with barry and cisco was duplicated in the flash

  9. DavidJ says:

    Cool about the ratings, but I have to admit the whole thing felt pretty rushed and frenetic and thrown together to me. The aliens show up out of nowhere with no real buildup, there was too much contrived angst (seriously, there’s a huge alien threat and Cisco and the others are more preoccupied with Barry’s altering of the timeline?), and way too much of the story seemed to take place in one boring warehouse or another.
    Gotta say I found the previous crossovers involving Flash/Arrow and Flash/Supergirl to be a lot more fun.

    • ndixit says:

      I think this was loads better than last year’s because Savage and the Hawks were serious charisma voids. This is more serious and some of the whining was annoying but the alien invasion was never going to have a lot of depth to it. The fun is in watching the heroes interact and there was a lot of gold in that. The individual interactions are to live for. Barry-Oliver and Barry-Kara were awesome.

      • DavidJ says:

        Well yeah this was definitely better than the first Legends crossover, but I still would have liked to have seen more interaction with those original characters, or just between Kara and whoever (since those scenes were by far the most fun). Instead of focusing so much time on things like the Wally and Stein storylines, which just seemed to get in the way.

        • ndixit says:

          It’s a bit of a double edged sword. The first Arrow-Flash crossover and the Supergirl-Flash crossovers worked because they were simple standalone eps that served the respective show’s ongoing storyline with the other show’s actors acting as guests. Last season and this season are serialized stories across shows. I wish they could just drop the season storylines and just pretend it was a big movie. But I get that it’s not possible. They need to develop the show’s storylines as well. I think they overall did a great job so far given the heavy task of juggling such a massive task.

          • Fido says:

            maybe the team will bring out a movie cut version of the 4 parter. Cutting the non parter stuff (like most of the SG ep) and including scenes trimmed for tv. Including audio commentaries from the stars, and writers

      • ekolint48 says:

        Well said. The character interactions were exactly what I was looking forward to and what I got. Super fun episode. I didn’t mind the team up being rushed b/c of this fact (thought they did speed bump it a bit w/ the Cisco reveal). I do agree that the build of the aliens could have been a bit more. But I enjoyed the ep nonetheless.

  10. Georgia Madman says:

    Wally and Cisco were whiny bitches — hoping that ends soon. Would like to have seen Oliver give Cisco a reality check in the jaw.

  11. kmw says:

    Terrific numbers for This is Us. I cannot believe how well it is doing. The CW crossover is doing what the network wanted it to do but now if those viewers and dem numbers will stay up, that is the question. Nice that The Middle stayed steady and good for Brooklyn 99 but poor New Girl and Scream Queens. New Girl is saved by syndication Scream Queens is not

  12. Superfan says:

    Happy for Brooklyn99 & TRO’N for staying above 1. Hoping for more seasons of these shows.
    Yay for TF…but not surprising. LOT should be able to score a 1 at this rate

  13. ALM says:

    My favorite thing was the warehouse looking like the Hall of Justice, and now that I realize that, it doesn’t say a lot about the episode. It was ok, but I agree with a couple of other commenters. The long wait to stop an alien invasion was just weird, and enough with Cisco complaining. It’s almost like the showrunners really do want him to become the Felicity of “Flash.” He is becoming increasingly annoying! And the whole thing about Diggle finding out about his daughter/son was weird. He has (supposedly) now had a son the entire life of the child, meaning he should feel more for his son than a daughter he actually, in the new timeline, has never known. I can understand being upset, but they had him go over the top as he seemed more concerned about the loss of a daughter than having and loving a son, which he has only known. And since the L of T heroes are traveling around in time, they are always making subtle changes to the timeline by their being in those times and places as they fix the timeline. What hypocrites. Frankly, I am sick of so much talk about the changes. While they all know about it because of what Flash told them, they should still be much more invested in how things are now rather than they way they used to be since they have no memories of the “used to be.” Move on or change it back. It is slowing everything down! For all the characters know, Reverse Flash could have changed the timeline a few times and never told anyone. Anyway, I hope the crossover does get better. I have little hope for Arrow’s ep, which I plan to watch even though I rarely watch the show anymore, but I do think the L of T ep could be really good. The additions of Steel and Vixen have been great, so much better than the miscast and terribly adapted character of Hawkgirl.

    • Fido says:

      Diggle had the news about his ‘lost’ daughter sprung on him. Obviously that news was a big shock and it is understandable that he couldn’t process the news right there and then. Sure he may end up being ‘cool’ with Barry but for the time being I’m fine with him being all aaaaaahhhhhgggg and wtf barry.

      • ALM says:

        It’s not necessarily about being cool with Barry, Diggle should be more devastated about the idea of a son he has only know and loved possibly not being in his life and surprised about the idea of a daughter. His lines made it sound as if he was more upset about losing a daughter, which he has no memory of having. The lines should have been something like, “Are you saying my son, that I love with all my heart, shouldn’t even be here? How can that be? How can you play with other peoples’ lives like this?” Let him be upset. Just have it expressed more correctly and directed better.

  14. Gato says:

    Barry should grow a pair an offer to bring Cisco back in time, so he can save his brother, but he has to deal with the consequences, just to see Cisco backtracking on his bitching

  15. Al says:

    Well if Agents of SHIELD wasn’t screwed before……

    Which is a shame because when it’s good, it’s real good. I’m guessing if it wasn’t a Marvel series it would’ve been cancelled already back in Season 2. Now it looks like the ratings don’t even justify even consideration for renewal since it’s fallen so low. We might have to prepare ourselves that thus might be the final season…….

  16. Jeanna says:

    Loving the CW crossover! Hope they do more. Tuesday is a good TV night with The Flash, This is Us and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Monday is crazy so you have to watch a lot the next day on Hulu and the CW app, but Tuesday is easy.