Once Upon a Time Rumbelle Spoilers

Once Upon a Time's Emilie de Ravin Hails Belle's 'Strongest' Act, Teases 'Scary/Happy' Midseason Finale

Motherhood was a real — and devastating — whirlwind for Once Upon a Time‘s Belle, who after having her pregnancy magically accelerated and then giving birth to a son, tasked the Blue Fairy with taking wee Gideon far, far away, to elude his father Rumplestiltskin’s clutches.

Yet from the sound of it, Belle’s little boy is far from out of the woods, as the ABC series serves up its midseason finale this Sunday at 8/7c. Here, Emilie de Ravin weighs in on Belle’s sacrifice, the state of the “Rumbelle” relationship and a “scary” twist to come.

TVLINE | I originally aimed to speak to you a couple of weeks ago, but ABC was like, “You may want to wait until after the Nov. 27 episode.” Because a couple of things happened….
Ah, yes, yes. “A couple of things.”

TVLINE | What is Belle’s mindset in the immediate wake of making that sacrifice, sending newborn Gideon far, far away, under Blue’s care?
Sadness, No. 1. It was amazing to play this episode, being a new mum myself. [The Aussie actress welcomed her first child in March.] All the thoughts that go through your head — your kid is life, you would die for your child in a heartbeat. The stakes were so high, and you have to do what no parent would want to do unless is really is the best thing for the child’s safety, health and happiness, to give them away. Making that decision, as heartbreaking as it was, was the strongest thing she has ever had to do in her life.

TVLINE | Will there be unexpected consequences? The logline for the midseason finale teases a “surprising danger” facing Belle and Rumple’s son.
When does this show ever not have any surprising consequences? [Laughs] Obviously, being the midseason finale, they’ve done an amazing job with, in my opinion, a lot of unexpected situations. Going into it, you’ve got Belle believing that Rumple is the one who spiked her tea, so she is in the mindset of him being the devil to her at this point. Their tumultuous relationship is at a peak. It’s a struggle, because if you look at and analyze everything that Rumple does — whether it’s motivated by his addiction to magic or not — it’s to protect Belle, to protect his children. You find out a little bit more about that this week, and yes, Belle and Gold are faced with probably one of the biggest surprises they’ve had in a long time.

TVLINE | Which is saying something!Once Upon a Time Rumbelle Spoilers
Yeah — considering their relationship.

TVLINE | You talk about the to-and fro they’ve endured over the years as a couple…. Do you as an actress feel like you have a good grasp right now on what exactly their dynamic is, how exactly he comes up short for her? Is that something you’ve struggled with at times?
I did in the past, but this season, for me and for Bobby [Carlyle], they’re both being honest with themselves, for probably the first time. There’s no longer that, “Oh, I’m going to put a facade on to try and make you seem different — or worse for that matter — than you usually are.” The cards are on the table at this point. This is who I am, this is who you are — what are we doing about it? Are we together, are we not? What actually is the reality of this situation? And that’s been really nice and organic to play with.

TVLINE | I just feel like some of his words in recent episodes…. These two have become very blunt with each other, so I’m wondering if he has crossed a line, where he has lost Belle forever? Has he said too much?
We’ll have to see on that one. I think if everyone looks at their life, you have situations and people and events that sometime define a point where there’s no going back, where that was a turning point. Or, you look back and you think, “Oh, I never really knew that I could get through that, or that that could change. But Belle, right now, is not even actively thinking about their relationship. Her focus is solely on her child and therefore her own health and safety.

TVLINE | Her child who at times is played by a grown man. Is that funny for you, playing “mom” to Giles Matthey?
Oh, Giles is wonderful — a great actor and a lovely guy. He’s been awesome to work with. But it’s funny, because [Bobby and I] are like, “Oh, that’s what our son would look like!” But we had some tall relatives, apparently. “Grandpa Joe” must have been 6-foot-5!

TVLINE | Will Belle ONCE UPON A TIMEhave any words with the Evil Queen about speeding up the pregnancy, flirting with her man, or any other bone to pick?
We’ll have to see on that one. Remember, at this point Belle is under the impression that she he had nothing to do with [accelerating the pregnancy]. So, that is to be revealed later on.

TVLINE | But ideally, you’d probably love to address that at some point. So many wrongs get visited upon Belle, such as when Regina controlled her with her heart without asking permission first….
Oh, as Emilie, I would be over there immediately! Emilie would be over there like, “What the…?!” [Laughs] There’s a wonderful backstory to Belle and Regina that I hope we get to explore a bit more this season. I love that relationship. The Regina/Evil Queen character has gone through a plethora of things this season, a lot of development there to put it plainly….  Yeah, they’ve gone through a lot in their past. There’s been a lot of redemption there, a lot of hurt, and a lot of reconciliation, too.

TVLINE | As we talk about Evil Queen versus Regina, I’m having flashbacks to that Belle’s other personality from seasons ago. What was her name…?
Oh, Lacey! Bobby and I were talking about that just the other day.

TVLINE | There’s your Season 7, playing dual roles!
I admire Lana [Parrilla] doing this, but my god it’s a lot of work! [Laughs] Lacey was fun, though, let’s bring her back for an episode. I’d be down with that!

TVLINE | What else can you say about the larger twist in the midseason finale. Something about an alternate reality…?
Oh, we’re always dealing with alternate realities, aren’t we?

TVLINE | There are stills of Jen, Ginny and Josh in their regal finery, on a green stage….
I kinda dont want to say anything about that, because that’s more fun to see play out. They look amazing, though, and it is pretty cool when you find out what that is about. Look, there are two really big twists that come in various shapes and forms — one of them will have people very excited and happy about, and the other, people will be scared and confused by.

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  1. Val says:

    Belle needs to he away from Rumple. It’s gone beyond. And even if he didn’t spike her drink, he’s done many other things to her and other. And blaming her or others

    Charming Family do looks great in the spoiler pics.

    • Rebecca says:

      Please don’t. You & a few others on here don’t get to comment on here on a RUMBELLE article & say Belle & Gold shouldn’t be together after what just happen. You remember 5A? Hook tried to kill Emma & her family but then backed off in the last second? You said that even though Rumple didn’t spike her drink Belle shouldn’t be with him anyway because of what he did. Doesn’t that go for CS too? Even though Hook decided not to kill her, Emma shouldn’t be with him after what he just did? If you guys are fine sweeping that incident under the rug then be fine if Rumbelle get back together after this.

      • abz says:

        It’s not being swept under the rug. The difference here is that you have one person who is making a real effort and is on a continuous journey to change and do good, whereas the other person has gone back to darkness by choice and continues to do terrible things and hurting the people around him with no true desire to change. You’re also comparing someone (Hook) who was only recently infused with the Dark One’s powers and the powerful dark magic flowing through him not by his own choice, versus someone who has been the Dark One for years and has been able to somewhat control his actions at times.
        Hook has been trying to be a better person and trying to make amends for his past behaviour and to continue to help the heroes of the show. Rumple, on the other hand, CHOSE to become the Dark One again after he had finally gotten rid of it. He’s responsible for what his marriage has become, which is a toxic relationship. He wasn’t the one to spike her tea, but that was one bad thing he decided not to do in a whole host of terrible things he has still done only recently and will most likely continue to do, including helping Evil Regina in her plan to hurt the Charmings by giving her a vial with water from the River of Lost Souls that could destroy the town. It’s gonna take some really good writing to repair this relationship, but at this rate, I don’t see that happening. The writers seem to be insistent on destroying this relationship by making Rumple so terrible.

        • Rebecca says:

          It IS being swept under the rug. We haven’t had any of the characters talking about what he did and instead calls him a hero. And just because Hook was forced to be the DO by Emma (which is also abused since it’s the same on what Rumple did to Belle with the ship/bracelet) doesn’t mean he’s off the “hook” because he GAVE into darkness within a few seconds after finding out. Look at the differences in what Hook/Rumple said to their partners after what they did to them (Turning one into a dark one/sending away the baby) Hook: I want to hurt you like you hurt me / Rumple: I would never hurt you Belle. Never. Hook swore revenge on Emma while Rumple reassures Belle that he’s not going to hurt her. Rumple took the power back, yes. but he didn’t use it to try and get revenge on Belle. I believe they’re making Rumbelle look bad now to make people forget what CS did to each other last season. They destroy one character to make the other look good.

          • abz says:

            I think it’s a little pathetic that the only defence against Rumple is to attack Hook and acting paranoid that the writers are destroying Rumbelle in favour of making CS look better, which seems like childish reasoning to me.
            The difference between Hook and Rumple AT THIS POINT IN THE SHOW, is that unlike Rumple, Hook has been making a REAL EFFORT to change and do some good. Sure he won’t be perfect, and he makes mistakes, but we’ve seen him try to make up for them and trying to grow and learn from them and continues to help out and try to be a better person. Rumple, on the other hand, has shown no desire to really change any more. And no, stopping himself from poisoning his own wife’s tea and speeding up her pregnancy only after she pled with him not to, isn’t really a sign of change. It’s just one bad thing he stopped himself from doing while he still does other bad things. He still was willing to only recently give the town over to Hyde and didn’t care what happened to it or to give a vial with water from the River of Lost Souls to Evil Regina and allow her to threaten and put Snow and Charming into the state they are currently in. All of the characters on this show are far from perfect, but Rumple is on a whole other level of terrible.
            Hook reacted the way he did because he was deeply hurt by Emma because she knows how hard he had been fighting against the darkness within himself and his past as a pirate and how he is trying to change and be good and he would probably have rather died than go back to the darkness again, but Emma wanted to save him and she infused him with all the darkness of the Dark One which only brought back the darkness he once had. I’m not defending his reaction, because it was terrible, but I can see the reason and psychology behind them and in the end he still always loved Emma and sacrificed himself.
            Rumple reassures Belle that he doesn’t want to hurt her, but time after time that’s what he does. And the very act of him choosing to become the Dark One would hurt Belle and he knows that. But he does so anyway. And do you think by him becoming the Dark One, without intending to harm Belle, yet still contstantly being a foil and hindering the plans of Emma and the rest of the group and now with helping out the Evil Queen, etc, is something that Belle would approve of? I don’t think so.

  2. Margaret says:

    Thank you for interviewing Emilie! Always nice to get her insight on Belle/Rumbelle. :)

  3. Carla says:

    I’m scared and confused by Robin Hood’s comeback.
    I mean, the man was nothing but a disgrace for Regina. I lost every hope of a good story when he impregnated Zelena and Regina took him back without a word. And now the sisters are gonna fight again. Because of him. Sigh.

    The good twist i hope it’s for rumbelle cause they deserve it!! This season is too painful for my favorites

  4. abz says:

    I don’t want Belle and Rumple to reunite at all. Belle was such an incredibly boring character right up until the point where she finally mustered up the strength to push Rumple across the town line back in season 4. She’s far from my favourite character, but I like how strong she became and how she’s no longer willing to take Rumple’s crap anymore. Rumple continues to do too many heinous things with no real signs of stopping that I don’t know if he is even redeemable at this point. In the end, the only thing I think she should do is allow him to see his son ONLY if he puts a real effort once again to change, but romantically I think they should be finished once and for all. Of course, now her main priority is Gideon, but when all of this is resolved, I hope she moves on from Rumple.

    • gm says:

      So Belle is only “strong” when she’s taking everyone else’s crap? Otay. Belle has NEVER put up with Rumple’s crap; she challenged him whenever he did wrong (unlike her weird enabling of Zelena this season or her failure to confront Regina for stuff like taking her heart, let alone her inexplicable coddling of Hooky Stu).

      • abz says:

        Belle has indeed challenged him in the past, but she has always forgiven him over and over after he repeatedly did terrible things. It reached a point where she finally got the courage to say no more. The relationship is toxic and I believe Rumple ruined his chances, when he CHOSE to become the Dark One again after he had finally rid himself of it.

        • K says:

          He chose to become the Dark One when a) his life and soul were on the line, but more importantly b) Belle had chosen not to be with him (and he, unlike a certain other someone, respected her “no” and actually gave her money and a car so that she could both be safe from the disaster a vengeful Hook was bringing to SB, and also live out her dreams.
          As for Belle forgiving Rumple, she does so only after he shows a strong effort to change (as in S5 where he overcame his fear to save her, drew Excalibur, and defeated Dark Killy without using magic). Again unlike another couple where the woman waves every evil off with “I don’t want to live in the past! I choose to believe the best of you!”

  5. Jennifer Hoey says:

    I hope the good twist is for Rumbelle! They deserve it. I also hope they make their way back to each other! The haters can take a flying leap! Rumbelle is endgame!

  6. Amanda Pike says:

    I’m glad you had the sense to put “Strongest” in quotation marks there, that was disgusting. That level of cruelty is not empowerment. That’s what some woman hating asshole thinks empowerment means.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      I’m sorry, what? “Strongest” is in quotes because it’s a word the interview subject said…. That’s how headlines work.

      • Zsófi says:

        Bless you, Matt. I’m truly baffled by some of the comments I see in this fandom. And thank you for interviewing Emilie in the first place!

    • daqraq says:

      feminazi detected.

      • Chiyre says:

        Can we please stop calling everyone feminazis and woman haters? Those insults are thrown around so often, it’s become tiresome. We may not all agree about the state of gender equality (and that’s perfectly fine), but we’re all people who deserve respect. Let’s act like grown ups.

  7. Amanda Pike says:

    Let us recap. She gave her and Rumple’s baby over to the Blue Fairy. The one that literally stole Astril and Dreamy’s happy ending because “dwarves can’t love.” I know Dreamy was supposed to be special because magick fell onto his egg before he hatched but come on! Dwarves are obviously capable of love already. And this same person took Tinkerbell’s wings and separated Rumple and Baelfire, which lead to The Dark Curse. Not only did Belle give away her baby to her “for protection” against Rumple for something he didn’t even do, but she won’t even let him know his own child’s name!

    • abz says:

      “Not only did Belle give away her baby to her “for protection” against Rumple for something he didn’t even do, but she won’t even let him know his own child’s name!”
      You should really stop trying to make it sound like Rumple is the wronged party in this situation because he isn’t. Regardless of whether or not she knew he wasn’t the one to spike her tea, he has done too many terrible things and has given Belle every reason not to trust him and to keep his son from him. Rumple is a danger to his son and revealing his name would probably make it easier for him to use magic to find him. And he will still probably try to use the Fates’ shears on Gideon if given the chance.
      Also, nice try blaming the Blue Fairy for Rumple and Baelfire’s separation. The Blue Fairy answered Baelfire’s call and gave him a way for him and Rumple to go to a land without magic and be TOGETHER, but Rumple was so consumed with Dark Magic and being the Dark One and refused to give it up even to be with his son, and that led to him letting go of Baelfire and allowing him to fall through the portal alone. The Blue Fairy was not responsible for their separation, that was on Rumple.
      Also, she took Tinkerbell’s wings because she kept breaking fairy rules and stole fairy dust.

    • SW says:

      Amanda I agree with you. All season long Belle has been awful to Rumple. All he wanted was to be a Father to his child. She should have given him a chance then if He did something wrong go ahead do what ever you have to do to protect your child.
      Not move onto a boat of the man that tried to kill you twice. And keep saying awful things to your husband.
      I just hope Rumbelle have a true heart to heart.

      • abz says:

        What show are you watching? Belle has given Rumple chance after chance FOR YEARS and he has let her down time after time. Remember the fake dagger he gave her to hold onto after they got married. Also, he wants to be a father to his child, yes, but only after using the Fates’ shears to alter his son’s destiny and taking the easy way out. He wants to have his cake and eat it too. He wants to keep being the Dark One and using dark magic and gaining power, and he wants his son to love him and Belle back.
        And that man you’re referring to has been make continuous effort to change from the person he once was and to become a better person. Hook apologized to Belle for the terrible things he’s done and he has done more to help Belle lately and try to keep her safe that Rumple. Rumple trapped Belle from escaping with magic handcuffs. He threatened her and reminded her that Rumplestiltzkin takes children. He even helped Evil Regina try to destroy the town by giving her a vial from River of Lost Souls so she can poison the townspeople with if Snow and Charming didn’t agree to surrender. I don’t think that realistically, a true heart to heart will not solve their problems.The very fact that he continues to be a foil for Emma, Henry, Snow, Charming and Regina after everything they’ve been through together and the fact that Emma and Henry were Baelfire’s family doesn’t even register with him any more. He doesn’t care and that’s just another reason for Belle not to give him any more chances.

        • PatriciaLee says:

          They made Beast (of Beauty and the Beast) and Rumplestiltzkin the same person. Beast has a happy and wholesome tie-up in historical fiction. Rumplestiltzkin just gets ticked off, twirling his way in a fit out of the fairytale. I expect some brilliant writing to make this all work.

        • SW says:

          Rumple has tried to change in the past but all he gets is it stuck to him. He died to save Belle and Bealfire and then was held for a year in a cage going crazy with his son in his head. Then he lost his Son couldn’t even go to the funeral.

          Did anyone really show kindness to Rumple after that other then Belle or Henry. No they all just blamed him for everything.

          They have always distrusted him. As for Belle this season they’ve written her so different. The last episode had a wonderful conversation between Belle and Rumple, she got though to him because she wasn’t being demanding mean but loving and kind she was heartfelt to Rumple. And that touched him made him stop.

          They needed marriage counseling perhaps being honest plus kind would have worked.

          Instead the writer’s turned Belle into a person that ordered her husband away. The writers have really torn this couple apart.

          • abz says:

            Rumple has done good acts, but they have always distrusted him because he has always given the group reason to distrust him even after that. Belle was his cheerleader and his supporter, but he continuously let her down just like the rest of them.
            One small calm conversation between them during the last episode would not have undone anything he’s done over the years to Belle that easily. You’re right in that they need marriage counselling, but I think he ruined his chances at full reconciliation when he once again CHOSE to become the Dark One again even after knowing how much being the Dark One has affected his life and caused him so much pain.
            The writers have torn the couple apart, yes, because they’ve written a toxic, abusive relationship full of mistrust and now they’ve finally made one party strong enough to know when it’s not going to work anymore because the other other party refuses to change and be good anymore. It’s gonna take some extremely good writing to fix this mess of a relationship.

  8. gm says:

    Thank you so much for an Emilie interview, Matt! Love to hear her views.

    I find it so tragic that Belle has been manipulated by Rumple’s enemies into making this heartbreaking sacrifice. First we have super shady six-five dream baby (when the actual zygote was the size of a poppyseed and had no brain stem) that thinks Rumple is going to “tear their family apart” (even though Neal forgave Rumple) so advises her to…tear their family apart? TWICE? Then Zelena, who’s so jealous of her stalker victim kissing her sister that she runs straight to his estranged wife to tattle AND tell Belle of his evil plans…which she has NO way of actually knowing. Then we’ve got Hook and Emma, who have spent the series alternately ignoring Belle and trying to kill her or mind-wipe her or use her as blackmail fodder, and who last season did everything they could to keep Rumple from waking her and her baby…who SUDDENLY give a damn about Belle now that she’s at odds with Rumple. And they, who have both been Dark Ones and know that the worst thing Rumple has ever done to Belle is nothing compared to the viciousness they showed each other under the curse, are telling Belle that just because Rumple didn’t hurt her doesn’t mean he doesn’t plan to. And finally, the Evil Queen outright framing Rumple for magicking Belle’s pregnancy, using her as a weapon as she has so many times before (taking her prisoner, making her Lacey, stealing her heart…). The only person who has ever actually cared about Belle’s happiness is ironically Rumple himself, but the mistrust between them has been stoked by so many people (including Rumple). If only they could talk to each other things would never have gotten this bad.

  9. Carrie says:

    I find it troubling that we seem to be heading towards forgiveness of all of Rumple’s behavior just because he didn’t speed up the pregnancy, and everything he did was to protect Belle/Gideon (supposedly). Are the people involved with OUAT just too close to it to see how insanely abusive this relationship has become? There are certain things you look past because of the nature of a fantasy show, but these are very real-life unhealthy behaviors. I’ve always been indifferent to Rumple/Belle, but I feel so strongly about this couple’s appalling dynamic this season that if they reconcile, I don’t think I can continue with the show.

    • Rebecca says:

      I find it troubling that Hook was easily forgiven by the characters & his fans after he brought the past Dark Ones over to KILL Emma + her family because he was mad at her. But whatever.

      • K says:

        I know, right? This very season, in the episode after Belle very rightly told Rumple off for panicking and locking her up to protect her (thus stealing her agency), Hook denied Emma’s agency by keeping the scissors, and when she found out her only response was “You just wanted to save me, pookybunny.” Hook using the scissors would have been to “protect” Emma, yet Rumple’s supposed (never even confirmed!) wish to use them on the baby is SO terrible that Belle had to flee him or send the baby away with the shady fairy? The appalling thing is the way the show (and fans) treat the codependent and abusive CS relationship. Rumple and Belle’s problematic actions are always shown as just that: problematic.

        • abz says:

          I personally don’t see how the two are the same thing. Hook held on to the scissors in the event that Emma needed to have them used to save her, but he came clean and apologized and was honest about it and Emma forgave him. His intentions for the shears were out of love and goodness, even though he should have been honest about it from the start.
          Rumple, on the other hand, intended to use the shears out of pure selfishness. It was indeed terrible, as Belle herself pointed out as she pled to him not to use them. Instead of making a real, genuine effort to change and have his son grow up knowing his father was a man who had changed his life around and tried to set a good example for his son, he wanted to use the shears to alter his future son’s destiny and take the easy way out. Instead of working hard to not repeat the same mistakes he made with Baelfire, he once again wants to resort to magic and playing around with people’s lives including his unborn son.
          The Emma/Hook relationship is still constantly developing. Neither one of them is flawless and perfect. They will make mistakes and continue to learn and grow from them. Rumbelle’s relationship however has been going on much longer, and as Carrie pointed out above, the level of lying and manipulation and hurt caused not just to Belle but everyone around him by Rumple far surpasses most people. Rumbelle have been doing this dance back and forth for so long and every time progress happens and Rumple decides not to do a bad thing and Belle forgives him, he ends up going back to the darkness and ruins everything once again.
          I guess in the end, we’ll probably just have to all agree to disagree here.

      • Carrie says:

        I did not bring up Hook in my above comments, so I don’t know why you did. Seems your trying to make assumptions about me as a “fan”. I don’t excuse any horrible behavior by ANY of the OUAT characters. But I have not seen the level of lying to, manipulating, and threatening of a supposed loved one by any other character season-after-season like I have with Rumple. Plain and simple.

        • gm says:

          If you missed it, you haven’t been paying attention to Hook. He’s been lying constantly to Emma for more than three seasons. In contrast, Rumple has lied to Belle twice since ep 4.13.

  10. Kelsin says:

    I feel so bad for her having to try to spin this nightmare.

  11. piebokou says:

    I’m for Rumbelle to hell and back. They are made for each other. She is the light in his darkness and he his the darkness to her light. They are totally compatible. Everyone need a someone to temper them. They deserve an happy ending.

  12. Anne says:

    Thanks for this matt!