Masters of Sex Cancelled

Masters of Sex Is Done at Showtime

Bill and Virginia’s sexual odyssey has reached its climax.

Showtime has opted not to renew Masters of Sex for Season 5, TVLine has confirmed. Our sister site Deadline first reported on the news.

Masters of Sex was a beautifully written and acted exploration of America’s changing sexual mores,” Showtime said in a statement. “We are incredibly proud to have shared the story of Masters and Johnson for four critically-acclaimed seasons. The series will remain available across our platforms where new viewers can discover it for years to come.”

The drama concluded its fourth season earlier this month, with Bill and Virginia tying the knot.

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  1. Phillip says:

    Well that sucks.

  2. Jess says:

    Dammit, this season was so good. I will say I was prepping for this but was happy with the finale. Knowing what happens in real life, it was perfect. They were finally together but it still showed hesitation in the relationship. Ugh, I am sad.

  3. Brian says:

    I’m ok with this. The last episode was a good series finale for the show.

  4. Kyle says:

    Not gonna miss it… it has never really delivered what it promised.. maybe on season 1, but meh…

  5. I thought this season was it’s strongest since the first, and the final episode works pretty well as a series finale. My only complaint is that Betty wasn’t in the final few episodes and even though her story line seemed pretty neatly wrapped up it would have been nice to have had her presence there.

  6. English says:

    Booooooooooooo Showtime!!!!!!!!!

  7. HAP says:

    Big Lizzy fan, but I stopped watching the show last year. Seemed to be too pretentious.

  8. Seasons 1-3 were just “Neh…”, but season 4 was SO GOOD and NOW they’re cancelling it? COME ON!!!

  9. LAwoman says:

    I’m disappointed., This last season was really great, but I suppose it was a good way to end it. I really love that cast.

  10. datdudemurphy says:

    I loved this show….. it’s a shame that it’s done.

    I don’t know that it’s really a fit for any streaming service either, so I highly doubt there is any salvation for this series.

  11. John036 says:

    what’s up with showtime not announcing a series finale? first penny dreadful, now this…

  12. Doug Henning says:

    I agree Season 4 was very good but even the writers probably knew this was it as that final show with them getting married was the perfect ending… This show was best early on in exploring the taboos and watching Bill and Ginny “practicing” their techniques.. They went off track with the fake children which happily were gone (at least the older ones) in this past season. I also felt that Lizzy was too young looking for the part especially the last couple of seasons.. Looking forward to the next Lizzy Caplan show.. While ratings don’t mean as much to Premium Cable, they can also tell overall viewership from streaming and On Demand and I guess it wasn’t enough for that valuable space on Sundays and during the week.. However, nothing leaves Showtime On Demand and Online..

  13. Tina says:

    That really ticks me off.I had no idea and was looking forward to them tying up some loose ends next season. Since they weren’t going to renew they could’ve added a few more episodes for some closure. People were really into these characters and this show.
    I’ll think twice about getting involved in another new show on the network.

  14. Erin B says:

    I wish they would do a wrap-up movie or something if for no other reason than to see Betty hopefully get a happy ending.

  15. Steven says:

    Any word on Shameless?

  16. mos fan says:

    Apparently Showtime doesn’t care about its subscribers at all!! I mean no announcement on Penny until it was over. Then they don’t even tell us about Masters of Sex, it comes out in other sources. Respect your subscribers and fans of your series at least and give us the respect by telling us why. Yes Season 3 was rough but 4 was great and then we only get 2 episodes of them being happy together…2!! I think the Showtime execs are ruining their network. The ratings for Roadies were bad so they canceled. Episodes and House are gone. Shamless and Homeland are nearing their ends and all they have in store is Twin Peaks which is a reboot of an old show!! No originality and nothing worth subscribing for. Masters of Sex was compelling and interesting and the subject manner something many people don’t discuss. Lizzy and Michael were so great as was Annaleigh and Caitlin. Really and truly Showtime didn’t give this the promotion this year and to top it off they didn’t even do an original poster. Showtime went over a year between seasons, didn’t release the season 3 DVD in the U.S and didn’t anounce its cancellation. Way to go Showtime!

  17. MelodyAZ says:

    The show was over for me the minute she flashed the gorilla in one of the previous seasons

  18. Jerry Vinders says:


  19. Alicia says:

    Well, I have mixed feelings about the cancellation, but I am not surprised– I was actually waiting for the official announcement. The last episode felt like a series ender. I loved the show throughout its entire run. The cast was magnificent. The writing was stellar, and at times truly excelled. However, I wasn’t looking forward to the next chapter of Masters and Johnson’s story, knowing how it all eventually implodes and turns bitter. I didn’t want to have a series ruined for me, because I think that’s where they were headed–with Virginia becoming villainous, Bill having his heart broken again, and their work and legacy being tainted with questionable homosexuality research. Perhaps, it was enough material for good television, but I’ve grown to love Bill, with his many flaws, and Virginia too, although she could be truly awful. Overall, there was a fitting resolution for all of the characters, except poor Betty. I feel though that she would succeed in her struggle–we know her to be strong and determined, and she was already on the best route to victory, as bittersweet as it would be. I don’t know if anybody involved with the series is reading this, but I want to express my gratitude for bringing the show to us. It was definitely an appointment television for me!

  20. Jim says:

    Season 3 was real rough creatively but I thought Season 4 got back on track. I guess the viewers didn’t return though.

  21. flowerduh says:

    Rats!!! I was looking forward to see how they were going to tackle sexual orientation and the AIDS epidemic of the 80′

    I loved this show! May it rest in peace!

    • Benington says:

      Those would have been interesting topics indeed. How about a 2 hour wrap up movie including a time jump to finish Betty’s story line, Libby’s and the accurate end of Masters and Johnson

  22. Nero tTVFiddler says:

    I like Vlada’s writing for this article… particularly that first line: “Bill and Virginia’s sexual odyssey has reached its climax.” Nicely done young lady… 100+ Bonus points for making me smile.

    Now, if you had written: “The Masters of Sex series finale`… what did you think of it? Was it as good for you as it was for me?” … now that would have been crossing the line!

    Keep up the good work! ;)

  23. ragelly says:

    @TV Line, isn’t this the answer for your Blind Item about the show that may have already been cancelled from 2016/07/05?

  24. Paula says:

    Hoping and praying that Suckless aka Shameless is also soon to be on the chopping block. No season 8! Just no!!

  25. Tina says:

    I’m so upset and sad! I looked forward every Sunday to Masters of Sex! Showtime are fools for not going on with the series. I hope that another cable channel can save the series. There’s so much to be said.

  26. Pat says:

    Michael Sheen is going into politics full boar so maybe they had no choice but cancel it.

  27. Alex P. says:

    Well well, are there so many good options out there that they could pass on Swingtown a few years ago, and now dump a beloved series…WTF is wrong with those people….please someone tell what Showtime has that makes it possible for them to dump one of their main draws.

  28. well thanks so much for the spoiler alert for the finale NOT!!! unbelievable how stupid you could be to reveal the ending!!! all i wanted to know from coming to this site from my Google search is why it was cancelled etc, not for you to ruin the finale for me!!!

  29. V says:

    This was one of the best shows out there. Tired of watching showtime and stars shows because they always get cancelled just when they are peaking. Do not waste your time with these networks as they will constantly let you down!!!

  30. alexpinca says:

    This level of indifference to their audience warrants cancellation of your showtime subscription. If they cared at all, they would have announced a fifth and last season and give it a proper finish.

  31. Lori says:

    I hate that they have cancelled this show!!!! I hope they reconsider!

  32. Connie Shytle says:

    So unhappy that it has ended! So many unanswered questions!!!!

  33. Larisa says:

    Are you kidding me?! Why are good shows cancelled while really bad untasteful series are not?

  34. porno says:

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  35. Dea says:

    I will have to watch this sometime. I wonder if they use sex toys in it. I’ll have to find out