Derek Hough Judge World of Dance NBC

DWTS Veteran Derek Hough Jumps to NBC's World of Dance as a Judge

Derek Hough is trading in his Dancing With the Stars dancing shoes for a seat at a new judges’ table.

The longtime DWTS pro dancer has signed on to be a judge on NBC’s upcoming reality competition World of Dance, our sister site Variety is reporting. Hough will join Jennifer Lopez (who’s also an executive producer) and R&B superstar Ne-Yo on the judging panel of Dance, which pits solo dancers against duos and dance crews in a competition for a $1 million grand prize.

Hough is one of the most recognizable faces on DWTS, having served as a pro dancer since Season 5. Along with his celebrity partners, he’s won a record six Mirrorball trophies, most recently alongside Bindi Irwin last November. He’s also won two Emmys for his choreography work on the show.

No premiere date has been set for World of Dance yet, so there’s no way to know if Hough’s judging duties will prevent him from performing on DWTS. He does already have a connection to NBC, though: Hough will play dance-show TV host Corny Collins in the network’s musical Hairspray Live!, airing Dec. 7.

Does Derek’s addition make you more likely to watch World of Dance? Hit the comments and share your thoughts.

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  1. Brian says:

    Huge coup for this show.

  2. Laura James says:

    Why does no one have loyalty anymore? DWTS made him, he should be thankful not leave them!

    • Soph says:

      the show treat him badly last season with the bad edits so I understand him for leaving

    • Everyone goes where the money is.

      • KAmes says:

        :-(. Not true, a good few do it, or Whatever, for the Love and New opportunity and Challenge:-)! Sure, money was in the picture but MANY other factors too. I see the glass Half, OR MORE, Full!!!

    • Judy Lawley says:

      You need to stop with the hastily judgement. There are many reasons for what Derek is doing, like more opportunities to expand in the dancing/entertainment field. He hasn’t left DWTS, only taking a hiatus He is still welcome there. Also these dancers sign a contract for certain amount of time. Once it is done, they are not obligated to stay unless they sign another new contract. There are others who have left also, like Cheryl Burke. You have to understand the dancing world is much different than in an acting world. Dancers stay loyal whether it is near or afar. That’s because there is a team relation.

    • Viki Duncan says:

      Derek was on DWTS for 20 seasons minus two when he had other obligations!!! That IS loyalty! So he’s not allowed to do anything else his entire life? What a stupid comment.

  3. Emma Jo Dewhirst says:

    I’m a big fan of Derek Hough. I will certainly miss him when watching DWTS. I wish
    him much success!

  4. Nancy Medina says:

    ANYTHING that Derek Hough does is worth watching!! Love him to pieces!

    • Kate says:

      Agree! He just hosted Thanksgiving Disney special with Julianne – it was great! Has been my favorite pro for years not only for his insurmountable talent but his class and positive attitude. He’s been honored for giving back to the community recently and this just fits with his persona.

  5. Mary says:

    ugg he is the most annoying person, so I guess I won’t be watching. Good luck.

    • Joe says:

      I agree Mary. The more times he won, the cockier he got, and had an attitude like his sister, the judge. I won’t miss him and won’t watch the show on NBC.

      • VA Duncan says:

        I’m going to assume you’re drunk. Derek Hough doesn’t have a cocky bone in his body. His attitude and devotion to his work is amazing.

        • Kate says:

          I think he’ll be great – positive, inspiring, insightful. He is one seriously multi-talented guy. He’s so respected by the dance industry, so many accolades from his peers – it makes him a relevant, respected dance authority/judge. He out grew DWTS long ago. Good for him. The sky’s the limit for his career. I’ll definitely be watching!!

    • HS Miller says:

      Kudos for Derek; I tho’t (still do) while he’s a professional dancing entertainer. However, I believe, Hough did nothing to set him apart.

      And NO, I will NOT watch the Lopez endeavor either. I’m curious as to her qualifications on this level. Lopez dances while singing, this does not make her a professional on their level of dancing. There are many entertainers who dance whilst performing much, much better than Lopez. She has lots of money, nothing more, and this venture, if she is judging, is “hubris” on more levels, sinking into gaudiness.

      • B says:

        Actually, she is a trained dancer. That’s where she got her start, as a Fly Girl on In Living Color. The acting and singing careers came later. And trust me, I’m the last person to defend Jennifer Lopez. But in this case, you’re not very well-informed on her qualifications.

      • Viki Duncan says:

        Derek did nothing to set him apart??? He is an EMMY WINNING choreographer! He has won TWO Emmys for his choreography work on Dancing With The Stars! Guess you just aren’t keeping up.

        • Donna says:

          He has also won an Academy Award for his Choreography. It’s in the awards that are given out in the smaller ceremony they mention, not the big night.

  6. Glad Derek will be on the show

  7. Donna Pintar says:

    Yes having Derek judging the show will make me watch it although I’d rather watch him dance.

  8. Debbie says:

    Will he be killed off DWTS?

  9. no wonder he wasnt into this past season and pushing Marilu Henner around, too bad he couldnt go out on a good note, and no i dont mean by winning, I mean by “not phoning it in” with Marilu Henner!

  10. mary beaudette says:

    no doubt!

  11. MMD says:

    Won’t miss him and won’t watch the show. DWTS is my guilty is my only reality guilty pleasure and usually on demand. The season that both Houghs were not on DWTS was so nice. I’m sure that some other pros would like some attention and there are many younger ones who would like a chance. I do hope Tony Dovolani comes back as a dancer or judge next season.

    I do agree with Karee above that Derek really did phone it in with Marilu Henner this season which was too bad because she may have done better with another pro or at least a committed Derek.

    • MMD says:

      *** jeez can’t put a sentence together! “DWTS is on one reality guilty pleasure”

    • Jakay says:

      I agree that the season without any Houghs was SO nice. I’m hoping he can takes Julianne with him to this new show I’m not watching and leaves DWTS Hough-free. And YES to bringing back Tony.

    • Viki Duncan says:

      You’re both nuts. Two time Emmy-winning Derek Hough has NEVER ‘phoned’ anything in! Sounds like someone is jealous and wishes they had his life.

  12. Rob says:

    Derek is extremely talented. He will be a good judge

  13. Big Cheddar says:

    Who says this will make it past one season? The grand prize is one million dollars – it would need to be a real ratings and advertisement grabber to support that kind of prize money, the salaries for the judges and yet to be named host.

  14. Larry says:

    No. We don’t need another dance show. They become boring.

  15. Robert says:

    Thank God! He’s such an obnoxious narcissists. Stopped watching DWTS because of him and his sister(special treatment).

  16. Jeanie McMahon says:

    Yes, love Derrick. He is the Fred Asta ire and Gene Kelly of this generation!

  17. Mariabolduc says:

    I would miss him dancing with the stars very good pro

  18. Kate says:

    Absolutely! He is fabulous. Not only is he a world champion, he has cross trained in so many styles. He is very well regarded in the dance industry by the greats. He is positive, encouraging and charismatic. He would make a great judge. Having 2 Emmy’s for choreography doesn’t hurt either. He is on Hair Spray Live and the producers and choreographer can’t keep from singing his praises. He out grew DWTS long ago and with Singing in the Rain being on hold as they wait for a theater, his starring role on Broadway won’t prevent him from doing this. Looking forward to it.

    • Kim says:

      I agree. He outgrew DWTS. It was time for him to move on. That show is so lame and predictable.

    • Kames says:

      Well said and informed! Thanks!! Otherwise everyone has their opinion, as long as it doesn’t actually hurt anyone else; we’re all quite unique!!!;-) . . . as shown in this whole conversation:)!

  19. Cindy Crow says:

    I love all 3 of those judges. The show should be fantastic. I will watch, but will miss Derek on dwts

  20. Bonnie says:

    Glad for Derek. He will make an excellent judge. Never watched the show but now I’ll be watching for it. I like JLO too but adore Derek. He looks like my youngest son Jeremy who is 28.

  21. Tarahealy says:

    I wouldn’t mind seeing Derek as a judge on that show but. I would like to see him on season 24. Dwts it is to bad he didn’t have Laurie or Jana how he get muliu hunner the 64 old year old did she ask for him and he got stuck with her. They. Should have made Derek had Laurie or Janna and. Let him go out with a bang. Last his last season. It a shame they treated. Him so badly. Why. No wonder he doesn’t want to come back I mean Derek only comes on. Once every so often And. When he dose they should let him come out with a bang it was nice to have him back. And they treated him like that. Wow even Juliane was mean to him I hope he. Can take. Juliane with him so we don’t have to look at her anymore. She picked Chyrl Burke and Ryan over her own brother on those three points she sent her own brother home go away Juliane

    • Kames says:

      Well said and informed! Thanks!! Otherwise everyone has their opinion, as long as it doesn’t actually hurt anyone else; we’re all quite unique!!!;-) . . . as shown in this whole conversation:)!

  22. I don’t think he has had a chance to exhibit how personable he can be on TV on DWTS so I’ll wait and see how he does. Also, differing shows place different expectations on their judging panels, but I expect Jennifer Lopez will pull from her AI experience to hopefully make the judges as big a part of the show as the dancers.

  23. Caroline says:

    I love DWTS and Derek. Sad that they are parting ways – but I’m definitely more interested in this new dance show since Derek is involved. He’s terrific!

  24. Joann Wolter says:

    Yes, i will be very inclined to watch this new show because Dereck Hough will be on it. I respect him so much.

  25. Susan says:

    Yes Of course I just love him.
    So talented!!!

  26. Shar says:

    I say good riddance and take the sister with you!! Praying for a Hough free season on DWTS!

  27. Georgene Zakery says:

    Absolutely! Love Derek!

  28. KAmes says:

    Yes! Will look forward to when this airs now:-)

  29. Char says:

    I believe Derek will add professional critiques & at the same time be fair realizing the balance needed for dancers to entertain. He will be honest without crushing their spirits. I would miss him terribly from #DWTS.

  30. Darlean W wilson says:


  31. Tia says:

    Say what you want about Derek Hough, there ‘s no denying his talent. Yes, he got his start on DWTS, but there always comes a time when you need and want more and there is nothing wrong with that! I wish him the best on this and anything else he decides to pursue.

  32. Ernestine ellington says:

    Please Derek give us a dance awa judging

  33. Julie Pettee says:

    Derek Hough being involved with NBC’s World of Dance TV show does make it more likely that I will watch. I LOVE watching Derek dance and also seeing dances he has choreographed. I hope he does both on this new show.
    He knows a lot about dance. Plus, he has an optimistic, positive personality.

  34. Naz says:

    Derek is my favorite dancer on dwts

  35. Sheila McKinney says:

    With his talent its a shame to see him behind a judging panel and not dancing weekly.Hopefully he and JLo will dance togetther occasionally that would be awesome!

  36. Diane Burns says:

    Yes it does

  37. Joanna says:

    I will actually be watching the show just because Derek Hough is one of the judges. Hes so beautiful to look at also so very talented in many ways. #ILOVEMESOMEDEREK

  38. Doris fros says:

    Love Derick and his attitude when dancing. He’s a real showman and appreciate his abilities. I will watch World of Dance and decide for myself if it’s something I can watch in the future. Hope it is.

  39. Diane Dudley says:

    I enjoy him very much as a dancer on Dancing With the Stars and don’t want to see him leave if he can judge and dance on Dancing With the Stars that would be super I would watch both programs

  40. Marian chapnam says:

    I think I will watch him in just about anything he does I think he is a great and wonderful dancer good luck Derek you will rock em

  41. Lauri J Frick says:

    I’m disappointed! I love love did I say love DWTS? Can’t imagine Derek not being on the show. Feels like a trader. Idk if I could faithfully watch a different dance show. Only time will tell. Not saying I won’t check it out. But I’m bummed!

  42. Mom Paredes says:

    I enjoyed watching Derek Hough perform on DWTS. A young man with multiple talents should more forward into advancing his career. I would enjoy watching him in his progress towards advancement into his future careers. GO for it, Derek. This grandma offers her vote.

  43. Tarahealy says:

    I. Hope that Derek hough comes back to season. 24. Dwts. Hopefully that tv show. He judging on. Isn’t the same time. Hopefully. That. Tv show. Isn’t on at the same time. Hopefully. He will come back on to dwts season 24 to get his 7. Throphy. So that remains on top best pro. He should go back I bet they would pAir him a. Younger one. To could win. Like Simone from Laurie group. Or I hope mark ballas get her. If.

  44. Tarahealy says:

    I also Derek sister Juliane comes. Back as a. Judge. Or a dancer it be nice to have one of them there or hopefully both

  45. Barbara Aker says:

    I wasn’t considering watching World of Dance but now I will strictly because Derek will
    be on it. I will miss him on DWTS but wish him well in whatever he does.

  46. VA Duncan says:

    Yes, I’ll watch anything Derek Hough is on. He’s a class act.

  47. You can’t do better than Derek and Jennifer when it comes to Dance! How exciting!!!! ❤ Can’t wait to see this show!!!

  48. Patti says:

    I would watch lettuce wilt if Derek Hough was holding it. Of course I’m watching because of him!

  49. Rose White says:

    Love, Love, Loved World of Dance! Can’t wait for Season 2.