Jane the Virgin Fall Finale Recap

Jane the Virgin Fall Finale Recap: Rafael Finds Religion — and a Family Secret

It’s fall finale time for Jane the Virgin, which means no new episodes until January. (Can’t Rogelio release a Christmas album or something to help get us through this drought?) But Monday’s finale gave us plenty of plot twists to chew on during the long break… including a huge revelation for Rafael.

Jane’s baby daddy starts out the episode by objecting to Jane taking Mateo to church. It seems like just another co-parenting tiff for these two… until Rafael flashes back to a traumatic childhood memory in a church. Meanwhile, Michael’s investigation into Mutter turns up some stolen art from a convent, which leads to Rafael confessing: He knew about the stolen art, and lied to cover up his father’s involvement. Which just gives Jane another reason to be mad at him.

But the plot thickens when Rafael takes a tour of the convent, and the childhood memories start flowing again. (Plus, the nuns recognize him. Which is weird.) He sits down with a nun named Sister Constantine, who tells him the nuns were in on the stolen-art scam — and who hands him a mysterious envelope. Later, a shaken Rafael hands Jane the envelope, which contains a birth certificate. His birth certificate. Rafael was actually born in Italy… and he’s not a Solano!

On the bright side, at least he’s not related to the devious Mutter by blood. But does this mean he loses the Solano family fortune, and the Marbella along with it? Now this long wait for new episodes is even more agonizing.

Let’s run through the other big plotlines from Jane‘s fall finale:

Jane the Virgin Recap Season 3 Episode 7JANE GETS HITCH(COCK)ED | It’s always great when this show plays around with genres and filmmaking styles, so it’s fun to see Jane getting into Alfred Hitchcock movies this week in an effort to add suspense to her writing. That means we get visual references to Vertigo and The Birds, and a quick rundown on Hitch’s “bomb under the table” theory of storytelling. (That bomb went off when Raf opened the envelope, didn’t it?)

But Jane’s main conflict this week is with her spiritual faith. Alba guilts her into going back to church and taking Mateo with her, but we discover why Jane’s been avoiding church when she talks with a kindly nun at the convent. Fighting back tears, she says Michael’s brush with death really shook her faith: “I felt mad at God… why would he do that?” The nun reassures her that her doubts are perfectly natural, though, so expect to see Mateo squirming during Sunday Mass a lot more in the weeks to come.

CATALINA LYIN’ | Jane’s glamorous cousin Catalina is already grating on her and Michael’s nerves, keeping them up all night — and snacking on Mateo’s teething biscuits! But Jane starts to suspect she’s a liar, too, when Catalina ditches a charity gala, and Jane snoops around to find she’s not even on the gala guest list. Jane even spots a bag stuffed full of cash and jewels… but Catalina explains the jewels are family heirlooms. Or are they? The last we see of Catalina, she’s kissing a silver-haired mystery man who accuses her of snatching those jewels from him. Do we have another Sin Rostro in training here?

Jane the Virgin Season 3 Episode 7RO’S BABY FEVER | After all that heavy stuff, we need some comic relief, and Rogelio (as always) provides with a new romantic venture. He goes to celebrity matchmaker Darci Factor to find him a woman who’ll have his baby, but he rejects the likes of Denise Richards and Carmen Electra. (Like there aren’t millions of fans out there who’d gladly carry the heir to the De La Vega throne?) His sincere desire for another child impresses Darci, though, and she ultimately sets him up with… herself! Nothing romantic; just “two aging narcissists” (Darci’s words, not ours) teaming up to raise a kid. But we have a feeling this arrangement may unravel as soon as Ro gets distracted by a new social-media app or something.

What does Rafael’s revelation mean for him and Jane? Hit the comments, Jane fans, and start theorizing.

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  1. hbeachman says:

    What we need for Christmas is not a Rogelio Christmas album, we need the #RogelioAllStarMostSpectacularTVSpecial!

  2. Muffy says:

    It would be ridiculous if Raf lost everything because it’s already legally his. His father (the one he thought was his bio father) is dead and his estate has been settled. He treated Raf like his son. He was his son.

  3. LT says:

    What aren’t more people watching this great show???

  4. Carmen says:

    Where r the writers going with this. I could see her not being the mother but I hope he’s a solano. They need to somehow get Jane and Rafael back together .or … they will lose the ratings. I think if they have either Michael be an imposter or the priest that married them . Which means that they were never married . I read that Jane might b having a baby with Michael I really hope they don’t go there . The hole Jane Rafael and Mateo is so adorable I love baby Mateo those facial expressions he makes are so adorable!!!!team Jane and Rafael..

    • Lsns says:

      Actually maybe they lost a few fans already I stopped watching when Jane and Michael got back together, they have absolutely no chemistry and I just couldn’t watch anymore because the show was no longer entertaining. Just my opinion.

      • Agree. They’re so boring – they may as well be eighty. I really don’t want them to have a baby! It wouldn’t make any sense with Mateo being so young still and them having pretty much no room for one. There are already 3 babies on this show too!! And Ro wants to add more. There are too many pregnancy storylines on this show full stop!

        • Muffy says:

          Jane is still trying get her career off the ground and already has a baby. I do not believe J/M are having a baby. Thank God.

    • linda a matya says:

      I so agree, haven’t watched the show since Jane and Rafael split up.

  5. Chibuzor Nze says:

    At this point Jane is married to Michael and I hope they have a baby girl soonest! Rafael should find someone else to hook up with. I think Rafael’s estate should still be his and Mateo’s in the future. Team Jane and Michael all the way!!!

  6. Allison says:

    I do not know where exactly the writers are going with this?? I’ll be honest the show does feel kind of weird now that she has the baby, is married, and no longer a virgin. Honestly they should start a new spin-off show with all the same characters and bring back old characters like Lina (she was good comedic relief (which should be Rogelio but now he is all serious!)) But about Rafael not being a Solano: I feel like Luisa will come back from therapy, and Rafael will reveal to her once she seems steady and starts being a doctor again. Then Luisa will be in charge of the shares and she will give them back to Rafael. Honestly, I am surprised that Petra’s real identity hasn’t been revealed yet to the police- isn’t she named Natalia or something? If Rafael doesn’t tell Luisa, Petra (or maybe Scott, maybe even Michael if Jane hides it from him) will find out and then they might end season 3 with Rafael unexpectedly leaving. I think that Catalina and Petra will meet eventually, and part of me is hoping that they already know each other. Also – where the hell is Rose?? I bet she knows about Rafael’s real identity because she was once married to his dad. Also Rogelio isn’t going to have the baby because either Jane will get pregnant, or Luisa will be pregnant because she wants a new life. ALL of these are theories, seriously i’m making them up. But seriously, if Rafael is Italian, were going to be searching for his birth parents- which means a trip to Italy. I bet Jane will go with him and Michael will become upset over it, so he won’t watch Mateo and Michael and Jane could get separated – not divorced. This gives fuel for Team Rafael (woot woot!)


    The french guy that Catalina was kissing must be the sleazy french man that Petra and Anezka mentioned last episode!!! He is trying to own the Marbella and Catalina is helping him because she hates Jane or is being blackmailed by her Abuela back in Venezuela. Catalina will discover Raf’s secret and report him or tell the french guy who is probably #nogood. Why does he have fancy jewels lying around???

    Also just realized more:
    When Raf’s new identity is eventually public, police will look at Petra’s records and possibly arrest her for being fake. Also, sort of feel like Anezka might become pregnant with Scott’s baby, but I hope Scott leaves. Also the Anezka plot line is boring. and petra with kids is just too much. I vote give Anezka and Scott less screen time. Back to Jane.

    Also, sure Jane and Michael are really cute together (I ABSOLUTELY ADORE BRETT DIER) but I’m still team Rafael because he and Jane complete one another. they give the show passion.

    one last thing (if anyone is still reading this): I wasn’t planning to write this much, and i NEVER leave comments but I honestly need these thoughts out of my head. reply if you want.

  7. Carmen says:

    I hope they go to Italy together and fall in love again. I hope that he is a solano his father had an affair and left the son with the nun . I hope I’m right I think that the twins are Scott’s and not Rafael that would make a good story line also if they got married by an imposter and their not really married and that’s how Jane ends up going to Italy with Rafael

  8. Melissa says:

    I watched season 1 on Netflix over the weekend(totally binged) and Jane and Rafael pulled me in, good job you two! I loved season 1 but when she went back to Michael in season 2, I had to stop watching so I skipped to the last show of season 2 and turned it off because I completely lost interest. ZERO chemistry between those two(so boring)! I’m so disappointed that I won’t be watching anymore because season 1 was so good. Farewell Jane and Rafael!