Once Upon a Time Recap Season 6

Once Upon a Time Recap: One Crazy Twist After a Mother!

This week on ABC’s Once Upon a Time, Belle feared the lengths to which Rumple would go to snatch their son, while flashbacks to the duo’s Fairytale Land existence dropped one mother of a bombshell.

IN THE FAIRYTALE LAND THAT WAS…. | Rumplestiltskin returned to his castle one day and lobbed a random baby at Belle, saying the infant’s parents “no longer matter. The child is mine now.” In between reading Her Handsome Hero to the tot, Belle snoops around Rumple’s tower and finds an incantation written in fairy language, which she quickly translates. Turns out, Belle walked right into a trap, giving Rumple the translation he needed to summon the Black Fairy. After he storms off with the baby, the Blue Fairy shows up, introduces herself and charges Belle with stopping Rumple. Belle finds Rumple in the woods, where he summons once-upon-a-time-season-6-black-fairythe Black Fairy (Hi, Jaime Murray!) and promptly immobilizes her with squid ink.

What’s his beef with the baby-snatching sprite? “Why did you abandon the one child that was actually yours.” And just as we start picking up what he is laying down, Black’s face goes pale: “It can’t be…” Oh, “It can be, mother,” Rumple assures. “You’d know [who I was] if you bothered to even give me a name!” As for the why of what she did, Black only gets as far as the old “choosing power over love” rigmarole before the ink wears off and she gains the upper hand. “No more answers for you today,” she gloats, before flitting away into the night, while Belle scurries off to return the boosted baby to its parents.

IN STORYBROOKE…. | Rumple sends a message to Belle & Co., by rapidly aging one of Mother Superior’s random sisters with a magical powder — intimating that he will use the same magic to fast-track his wife’s pregnancy/childbirth, allowing him the chance to sever their son’s tie to his destiny, to possibly love dear ol’ Dad instead. While poring over books/possible fixes, Belle finds herself back in the Upside-Down dream world, where her grown son cryptically informs her that the answer to saving him will be right in front of her, and she must be willing to see it.

Hook spots squid ink in one of Belle’s books, which he and Emma plan to use to immobilize Rumple and then rummage through his shop for the Shears of Destiny and/or the Dark One’s dagger. Alas, that plan goes south in a jiffy, when Emma is waylaid by a new vision of her bleak future, in which she can now spy the jeweled handle of the sword that will kill her.

Rumple meanwhile shakes off the squid ink’s effects and dashes to the library to confront Belle. “I cannot lose another son, not if I can help it,” he explains, dangling the magical aging dust before her. “With this son, I can start over, and maybe he can love me.” Belle warns that if he follows this path, isn’t he worried that he will lose her forever? That thought is enough to make him retreat, the aging dust left unused. The Evil Queen, though, suspected that warm, fuzzy words would dupe Rumple again, so she doses Belle’s conspicuously drunken tea at the diner, which in a flash puffs up her pregnant belly.

While in labor at the convent, Belle “visits” her grown son again, and he states, “You know what you must do.” Belle answers, “No, I can’t. There has to be another way,” but he laments that there isn’t. With a warm hug, she assures him, “I love you, more than anything in the world” — before then actually giving birth to him, and then tasking fairy godmother Blue with taking the newborn to somewhere “safe, and far, far away,” out of Rumple’s clutches “until this is all over.” Belle hands Blue the Handsome Hero book, before christening her son after its namesake: “My Gideon, strong and brave, a hero for all time.”

Rumple arrives shortly thereafter, only to see Blue flying away with his son. “I didn’t abandon him,” Belle attests. “I gave him the best chance at a good life, without you in it.”  Rumple asks their child’s name, but Belle’s lips are zipped. “I will never hurt you, Belle,” he makes clear. “But I will find our son.”

Later at the shop, Rumple warns the Evil Queen that he plays “a very long game,” and that she will pay for expediting Belle’s pregnancy against his wishes. But the queen has little concern for the man who has yet to avenge his first son’s murder without her help. #Burn

Elsewhere in the episode:

* After telling Snow about the magic lamp Aladdin found — and her concerns about unleashing a possibly problematic genie — Jasmine gives the treasure a rub. But instead of a genie popping out, all she gets is a pair of gaudy cuffs — which Aladdin slaps on, to serve as her wish-giver (enslavement to the lamp be damned).

* The Evil Queen went to kill her sister, but Regina intervened by crushing their shared heart some. Afterward, Regina dropped some truths on Zelena — that she was not there to make nice nor to save her, but to steal some magic. Turns out, she still very much holds Robin Hood’s death against her sister. “I could pity you, I could hate you, I could spare your life, but I could never forgive you,” Regina makes clear.

* After Rumple trashes his shop after the aforementioned confrontation with the Evil Queen, Emma and Hook arrive to look around for clues about her new vision — and immediately lay their eyes on the tell-tale sword, possessing a red glowing jewel in the handle. Now that they have the murder weapon, they intend to find out who will be using it — and if they can stop it.

What did you think of the episode “Changelings”?


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  1. steven says:

    The winter finale is Next week? Already? It won’t be it’s 11th episode this year?

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Promo dude never lies. (Well, except when he calls something a “season finale” when it’s obviously a series finale, but that’s more an issue of him not having high enough security clearance.)

    • Butch says:

      Hopefully since they are not doing separate arcs for Fall and Spring, the show will return before March. Odd that next week’s episode seems to be a stand alone episode that will be reversed by the end of the hour. I expected an episode that would advance the overall season plot and end in a cliffhanger.

  2. laurelnev says:

    And so now we’ll see the Savior battling the Black Fairy in a fight to save either Rumple’s and/or Regina’s lightnessthe only question is will Rumple lose/regain his Dark One status yet again?

    I remember when I used to look so forward to this show…it sure as heck ain’t what she used to be…

  3. David Hess says:

    so rumple’s parents are peter pan and the Black Fairy, who are his grandparents, The boogie man and Lillith(Queen of the Night)

  4. Lindsey Holiday says:

    So, will Belle ever find out that The Evil Queen is the one who sped up her pregnancy?

  5. KT says:

    I am so sick of this abusive, icky relationship between Rumple and Belle. It’s not a love story and it needs to be over. I know this is just supposed to be a goofy show, but it’s hard to watch now.

    • PatriciaLee says:

      Hopefully, this is going to work out. The husband says, “Before it was a happy place to go to.” He pointed out your post to me, feeling the same way. I’m hanging in there, trusting in the genius of the writers to reveal this as not abuse. But they had better get their rears in gear.

      • dean says:

        You’ve got an awfully loose definition of the word genius there.

      • Sophie says:

        Honestly, I love A&E but after having allowed Zelena-Robin body-fluid exchange and not reversing that paternity, I don’t trust what they would do to my faves any more.
        Sadly, because OUAT still has its charms and I can’t make myself to stop watching.
        Hoping the best for Rumbelle, tho.

  6. Claire says:

    Rumple might not have accelerated Belle’s pregnancy, but he threatened her, he manipulated her, and he tried to control her to the point that she constantly thought her child needed to be protected from him. Even if EQ!Regina is the one who spiked the tea, he’s still responsible for the situation that made Belle feel unsafe to raise her own child.

  7. PatriciaLee says:

    The husband is really fed up, “He needs to get rid of that woman and move on. That woman is really nuts. Isn’t anyone going to have a happy ending? This makes you feel like committing suicide. She’s giving it to what? Some poor couple? She should hate herself for giving her kid up.” For myself, I think the writers have miscalculated and they had better straighten out this mess. I say don’t listen to anyone who says, “…and send the book.”

    • H says:

      The poor couple were the parents of the baby Rumple got during the flashback and Belle righfully gave it back to them.

      • PatriciaLee says:

        Oh, thanks… that makes more sense. That’s what I get for working on the computer at the same time… gotta keep watching to keep the plotting devices straight for the husband, I guess.

  8. ninergrl6 says:

    I feel like the Rumple’s mom reveal and Aladdin turning into a genie are both VERY significant plot points that were given VERY little time. I’d gladly sacrifice some EQ scene chewing and a redundant Rumbelle conversation (not to mention a random baby-snatching) for more on the two aforementioned issues. Pacing continues to be my biggest gripe this season.

    • H says:

      Aladdin and Jasmin’s story is a B plot line conceived to create filler material when the main plot isn’t advancing. It even gives Snow or Charming something to do since they are helping them. It’s basically Frozen again. The A plt lines are Emma solving the puzzle of her vision and dealing with the unsolved fairytale of the week, Regina vs the Evil queen, Rumple and Belle and their child.

    • Butch says:

      The baby Belle saved might turn out to be someone we know in Storybrooke. He might end up in the present helping Belle .

  9. GraceM says:

    The preview for last night’s episode said the baby’s parents were Jack and Jill but there was no mention of that. So how do we know that was them?

    Also is this the last we’ve seen of the Blue Fairy?

    I wonder if we’ll see more of the Black Fairy? Interesting parents he has. Peter Pan and a Black Fairy.

    • Butch says:

      Rumple will get his son back eventually so I am sure we will see the Blue Fairy again. The Black Fairy opens a new mystery so I would guess there will be a flashback with her back story. As for Jack and Jill it was probably mentioned in a scene that was cut from the episode. It not like they have much of a story climbing a hill, getting water, and with Jack falling down, breaking his crown, and Jill also falling.

  10. Janelle Yuen says:

    Watching one episode per week makes it hard to remember what happened the previous episode lol but correct me if im wrong, snow and charming are still under the sleeping curse?! They haven’t broken that yet, right??

    This episode wasn’t great but the winter finale’s promo looks AMAZINGGGG. Actually the promos make the episode look awesome haha i was very excited for this episode last week… but … sigh. I think Snow, charming, henry, and hook’s plot line have worn themselves thin. They’re going nowhere LOL of course, i do realise in real life that our lives aren’t exciting at all but i guess in a TV show, we expect their plotline to go somewhere haha.

    • Butch says:

      The Charmings story lines allows the actors to be in half the episodes if they choose with the other actor’s character being asleep. This week there was no David so presumably he is asleep this week.

  11. SW says:

    Rumple is always getting it stuck to him. Belle should have had that conversation with her husband in the beginning of the season. It worked Rumple backed down all he wanted was his child to love and love him. Belle was wrong to send her baby away like that. I hope the writers get back to writing Rumple and Belle back on character for them.

  12. Lan says:

    The story about Bell and Rumple and their son is so boring. Many things are being boring in this season. The only thing that is makes me whatching OUAT is the Evil Queen.