Gilmore Girls A Year in the Life Netflix

Gilmore Girls Revival: The 28 Best Quotes From Netflix's A Year in the Life

Warning: The following gallery contains dialogue from all four episodes of Netflix’s Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life. Proceed at your own peril.

For those of us who have plowed through the whole thing already (show of hands?), Netflix’s Gilmore Girls revival gave us a bunch of unexpected cameos and four little words. But it also gave us a treasure trove of snappy dialogue that we’ll be quoting for years to come.

Witty banter, of course, is a Gilmore Girls trademark, and A Year in the Life delivered in a big way with plenty of funny one-liners from Lorelai and company, including up-to-the-minute references to Marvel movies and the Kardashians. Then of course, there was the triumphant return of Paris Geller; we could fill an entire gallery with her quotes alone.

But A Year in the Life also had more than a few heartwarming moments, and those touching bits of dialogue are captured here, too. So click on the gallery to the right to check out our favorite quotes from the Gilmore Girls revival, then come back to tell us about all the great ones we missed in the comments.

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  1. debbie says:

    Lauren Graham’s performance was everything. Scott Patterson’s Luke is the man every woman wants.

    • MMD says:

      That pretty much sums up the entire show succinctly. I re-watched the revival again today and both of their performances were incredible. Lauren shone on the phone with her mother and Scott hit it out of the ballpark (they both did) in the kitchen after the “trail climbing”. I would love to have a Luke in my life.

      I truly hope awards are in the near future.

      • I’m very pleased with the new Gilmore Girls shows. The dialog between Lorelai and Rory didn’t miss a beat! I like how things progressed in each of their life’s. I have my fingers crossed hoping that there will be more to come. “Wonderful job to all of you!” Thank you Netflix

  2. c-mo says:

    It’s been a whole 24 hours since I finished watching Fall and I’ve been going through withdrawal so these were fun to read! I think my favorite of your list was the one about the wedding vows, I literally LOL’d at that one.

  3. Aw, love looking through these. So many amazing moments.

  4. Holy God, we get it, there was a Gilmore Girls miniseries. Does it REALLY need *eleven* individual stories on the first two pages of the site?

    • Amy says:

      Yes. Yes, it does. For long-time fans in particular this is a big deal. Something we always hoped but thought would never happen. So, please let us have this time to enjoy this wonderful return. Come Monday there will be other stories out there. I am sure there is something else you can do until then.

    • MMD says:

      Yes and I’ll take any more they will provide. This is a much loved show and people have waited a long time for this revival. If you don’t like it, please feel free to read something you are interested in.

    • Ryan says:

      If you follow this site regularly, you probably should have been prepared for this. There was ample coverage leading up the release. If you didn’t expect more once the show had premiered, that’s kind of on you, no? Plus, what other big tv news is there on a weekend where 90% of shows are on hiatus?

    • c-mo says:

      You do realize that the more people who click on these stories just encourages additional articles? If you don’t want to read more about the show stop opening the articles. I for one welcome as many articles as they (Michael) wants to give us and I’ll open them many, many times just so their counters keep going up.

    • dancmh says:

      Hey. You want a site with less Gilmore coverage than TVLine? Go start your own TV site. Michael gets to indulge in his obsession a bit because this is his.

    • DS says:

      I agree, I’m getting sick and tired of all the GG stuff

  5. kt says:

    My favorite funny quote was in Winter.

    Lorelai: “Hey, I did something right!”
    Luke: “Law of averages.”

    Such a nice, subtle zing.

  6. Lex says:

    Not a *single* Michel quote? Seriously? What about, “Your name is Molly. WHY?”

    Or Paris’ “Are you and Doyle having an affair?”

    • Tina says:

      I was coming to post the same thing!! Michel’s expanded role was great and the “Molly” quote was so hilarious!! Definitely one of the best.

  7. Jill says:

    I cracked up every time someone said “floatie hut” in Summer. 😂

  8. MK says:

    How about Luke asking Jess if he was over his feelings for Rory????

  9. The entire town meeting about the gaya pride parade was hysterical. Especially everyone waiting for Taylor to come out

  10. I loved these but I have to say I’m a bit disappointed you didn’t include Emily’s monologue from the whaling museum with it’s gems like “buckets and buckets of blood” and “lots and lots of stabbing”. Seeing Emily say such things with such passion and the reaction of the poor audience had me in stitches.

  11. abz says:

    I was a little disheartened by a lot of comments I read from people about the revival on this site. It’s probably just a lot of people’s initial reaction.
    I thought the revival was incredible and very emotional. I went from sobbing to laughing and sobbing again while watching the whole thing. Not everything in it was perfect (i.e. the unnecessarily-long-for-no-reason musical even though I do like Sutton Foster, I’ve never been a fan of Kirk much either so I was glad he was mostly in just one episode, etc). But overall, I thought it was really well done.
    I wasn’t as obsessed with Rory’s lovelife as most people were. I just enjoyed watching her grow. I found myself relating to both Rory and a Lorelai in this revival. I enjoyed the revival showing that Rory is a flawed human being. She isn’t the perfect Rory she always had the reputation for. She’s lost and flailing around and making bad decision after bad decision, and we witness sort of her realization that she needs to get her act together.
    And Emily was one of the highlights of the revival. The series really does deserve the Emmy love that it never got. Emily’s arc and the therapy sessions were some of the best parts of the revival. For me, watching Emily and Lorelai’s relationship grow and Emily learning to accept Lorelai and seeing them connect was way more important than Rory’s lovelife.
    Loved seeing Paris back and that meltdown with Francie was perfection!
    I really wish they had been able to get a little more time with Melissa McCarthy. Her return scene was so damn short but beautifully done and seeing her get back into the character and her friendship with a Lorelai and her back and forth with Michel only left me wanting more.
    With regards to Luke, during that blow up when Lorelai returned from her Wild trip, I hate how He treats Lorelai with regards to April and when he said (I’m paraphrasing here) “I keep my life separate and you keep your life and your crazy family away from me”. I get that he wants to pay for April’s Germany trip and do all the things that he didn’t get to do for when she was young because Anna kept her a secret, but why is Rory allowed to “feel like she was always a little bit mine”, but he keeps sort of hindering a possible relationship between April and Lorelai. I hated the way he turned down Lorelai’s offer to help pay for April’s Germany trip so coldly. I know it’s his pride, but he needs to get over himself. He’s in relationship with Lorelai. There is no keeping lives completely separate. April is in their lives. Lorelai wants to help him out with her and being a part of it.

  12. leo says:

    Just one thing. I thought Michel is not gay? Because, i remember back in season 1 years ago, thinking, wow, michel is gay, but then he speaks about charming the ladies.. And we never really hear about his love life. But it’s sweet that he has a husband now.
    And also, is Taylor gay? The town seems to imply this in the town meeting scene.

    • missyj says:

      Seems like they just glommed on to “the gay is in” thing. I hated how they randomly turned Michel gay. Michel was never gay in the series. He always had “gay stereotypes” the dogs, Celine Dion obsession etc BUT more than once he alluded to dating women. Just made it cheap to me

  13. BrightLight says:

    My two personal faves:
    “Winter” – Lorelei (to Rory): You’ve got more burners than Omar Little.
    “Fall” – Emily (to Serena about the DAR): You’re not getting in, honey.

  14. Nancy says:

    I didn’t realize how much I missed this show until I watched the 4-part series. I want more. I hope thre is a second season and we are not left hanginger regarding Rory’s pregency.

  15. Fariba Tashakori says:

    So happy to see gilmore girls back!!! The first four episodes were great!!!!

    • g2-896f64f4c2c2553faf2a6edf583df1d3 says:

      She was the best thing about the revival for me. I was a little disappointed in it but Paris just made it.

  16. jj. says:

    liza weil was a scene stealer, a difficult feat when you are sharing scenes with lauren graham. My favorite paris quote had to be ‘now i’m not in the habit of quoting joseph stalin’

  17. Cindy says:

    I loved being able to watch them again!!!!! “I’m a true Gilmore fan!” I think they did a super good job. Thank you Netflix. I can only cross my fingers, and hope there will be more to come. I love the dialog between Lorelai and Rory you guys did a great job keeping with it.

  18. Cindy says:

    Gilmore’s are the best. Love the dialog between Lorelai and Rory. I hope you keep making more! No disappointment here. Great job!