Did Timeless Take a Gamble? Did NCIS Reveal Disappoint? Does Jane's Ex Need Good Loving? And More TV Qs!

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including The Last Man on EarthTimeless, This Is Us and NCIS!

1 | Isn’t it funny how the buildings MacGyver inevitably gets trapped in not only have potentially volatile cleaning supplies handy, but bountiful, freshly stocked amounts of them?

2 | With Jason Sudeikis on hand for Kristen Wiig’s Saturday Night Live hosting, how did we not get a “Two A-Holes” sketch? (And don’t get us started on Wiig’s absence from the Target commercial parody.)

3 | Even if The Walking Dead‘s Saviors are too afraid of Negan to revolt against him, why on Earth haven’t the denizens of The Hilltop overthrown useless sleazebag Gregory? And how much better is Maggie doing than you would be if you’d only recently watched your spouse get their head bashed in?

4 | Was AMAs cohost Gigi Hadid’s “Melania Trump” impression as offensive as some have decried, or simply random/unfunny?

5 | On NCIS: Los Angeles, what moved you more: Kensi and Deeks’ weaving of fingers, or Callen learning he had a half-sister/has a niece?

6 | The Last Man on Earth’s Lewis is totally gonna master the flight simulator, then eventually fly the others with him to Tokyo to find Mark and other possible survivors, right? And one of them is going to be an OBGYN capable of delivering Carol and Erica’s babies?

fullsizerender7 | Would you have rather had Supergirl postpone the Alex/Maggie make-up scene, and instead give Kara’s sis those minutes to better process her father’s confirmed “resurrection?”

8 | Please tell us this new washing-machine ad means Eureka alum Colin Ferguson gets paid twice as much…?

9 | The moment that Lucifer opened his mouth to relate the first tale of the Lux location’s storied past, did you guess that a “historical landmark” designation would save it from being bulldozed?

10 | Did Jane the Virgin‘s meta jokes about product placement make all those shots of cereal any easier to, um, swallow? Cuter couple moment: Xo and Rogelio’s dance-off, or Jane and Michael’s Bruno Mars karaoke duet? Finally, is it about time that Rafael got a proper love interest, not one who is potentially shady/full of secrets?

11 | As clever as Timeless‘ Rufus is, wasn’t he taking a small gamble by messaging a Star Wars reference to a Star Trek fan?

Kevin Can Wait12 | Kevin Can Wait viewer(s), did you notice that Mr. Chu’s restaurant only got a “B” grade from the Department of Health? Why would Kevin go into business with a man whose restaurant isn’t clean enough to earn an “A”? And why would Donna choose to eat there?

13 | How long before CBS signs James Corden and Anna Kendrick to star in its first live musical, a la Hairspray Live? And is Corden, who has already hosted the Tonys and will soon preside over the Grammys, a shoo-in to host CBS’ broadcast of the 2017 Emmys?

14 | Shouldn’t a longtime Team Flash member — versus newbie H.R. — have had the thought to employ a Captain Cold countermeasure against Killer Frost?

15 | If This Is Us‘ English actress Olivia celebrated Thanksgiving, does that mean she grew up in America? And when the truth about Rebecca’s secret finally came out, why did only the kids have to leave that super-uncomfortable dinner table?

16 | Why would Chicago Fire‘s Sylvie ever think it was OK to talk about Antonio’s touch with his sister, Gabby?

17 | NCIS fans, were you relieved, or admittedly a bit disappointed, that Bishop is dating neither Torres nor Reeves?

18 | On Rectify, which marital dissolution is more painful to watch: Ted Jr. and Tawney, or Ted Sr. and the increasingly disenfranchised Janet?wooden-soldiers-delete

19 | As they marched on (and kept marching on) by, did it become obvious that Ollie and Stanley actually made a helluva lot more than 100 six-foot-tall wooden soldiers?

Hit the comments with your answers – and any other Qs you care to share!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Mary says:

    7. Yes, definitely. Since they were supposed to have been looking for him (we haven’t had enough about that either), they really hadn’t done much before 2×07, so Alex learning from Kara that he had helped her escape from Cadmus with Mon-El really should have had more time.

  2. Kate says:

    7. No not really I mean she learned that her father was alive in like season 1. So in my head she already knew. Plus I liked the Alex and Maggie scene I thought it was important

    9. And no I had no idea it was going to be saved that way. I thought maybe he would figure out how to buy it back or maybe he would move to a different place like Maze did.

  3. 14 – Team Flash, and Cisco in particular, were clearly freaking out and not thinking 100% clearly. Plus it had been established in the past 2 episodes that HR’s been reading all their journals and news reports. It made a lot of sense for him to come up with that solution.

  4. diz says:

    7. Yeah, it could have been postponed for the dad reveal reaction, honestly they’ve dropped the dad thing altogether for awhile there. I think they really just want to give Alex one storyline at a time. Two would be too much to ask for. But I’m glad we are getting this Alex coming out story, it’s really good.

  5. Mitsotakis says:

    Wanting to use logic with This is Us? No point in trying to do that.

    • AngieD says:

      Beth and William and Rebecca knew what was coming – that’s why Beth told the girls to leave the room. The others didn’t and were likely curious at 1st and then shocked to find out that Rebecca and William met years ago. Randall didn’t ask for privacy and neither did Rebecca. Once Randall left the room, we only saw Kate enter.

  6. Kevin says:

    #11 – the Star Wars/Star Trek gimmick on Timeless was great. Rufus and Jiya made quite a chemistry together.

    • Kenbud says:

      Yeah I would think if a person is a Star Trek fan over a Star Wars fan, then she/he has SEEN the other one in some form or fashion to make that opinion. Thus, they know plots, characters, overall themes, etc.

  7. Amanda says:

    #2. My thoughts exactly!!!

  8. V.J. says:

    14. Can´t Harry come back? Please?
    15. Not necessarely. Olivia said that her mom was American. It isn´t a strech to think that they celebrated Thanksgiving even in England or that they maybe flew over for Thanksgiving especially since she mentioned some American relatives that she didn´t wanted to visit.

    • Anna says:

      Re: Olivia – that’s what I figured. Immigrants to other countries celebrate holidays from their home countries all the time. My American cousins that grew up in Australia celebrate Thanksgiving because their dad is American (Aussie mom even learned to make Sweet Potato and Pumpkin pies for the holiday).

  9. Isn’t #Timeless one big fracking gamble ?

  10. Jeanne says:

    I could careless who they put Bishop, or anyone else with. It was false advertising it as breaking Rule 12. He’s not part of Gibbs team. That’s who it only applies to. This was just baiting people to watch, but didn’t deliver. McGee, Torres, and Reeves are on his team. This season isn’t worth wasting anymore time on. Take a look at NCIS FB page, and you’ll see the majority aren’t liking this season at all.

    • Vi says:

      Too many new characters and where is Jimmy?

      • Chloe says:

        I hate when a show adds a bunch of new people & then pushes them on us, in an effort to make us care about them. Much better to introduce them slowly, while still focusing on our favorites. And yes, I agree, too many new characters. Three is overkill. I liked Tony, but are we supposed to believe that it’s taking a small mob to take his place & do his job?

    • John NYC says:

      Co-worker could stretch to him I suppose.

      From CBS
      “Gibbs’ Rule #12: Never date a co-worker.
      First mentioned in Season 1, Episode 15 – “Enigma””

      Plus aren’t we relieved it’s not some office soap opera ala the pairing that shall not be named? He’ll stay nicely off screen and that will be that. Though I do like Delilah’s scenes.

      • Jeanne says:

        No matter how you look at it they deliberately mislead with the promotion of this episode.

        • Chloe says:

          Very true. I don’t have any memory of this guy at all & for them to push the episode as her dating a member of the team was, as you said, misleading. I was annoyed when they made the big “revelation” & frankly, didn’t give a d***. They can break up next week, for all I care.

        • QYW says:

          Wow, a television advertising promotion teasing to get people to watch–shocking!! So, in other words, they did exactly what all of the other shows do–that is really worth hyperventilating over….

    • *cough cough* Paula Cassidy & EJ, Gibbs is a hypocrite. Looks like the rule was only valid for Tony.

    • Hege says:

      I actually really like this season. The show needed something new. It was getting a bit stale.

    • I agree with you about Bishop, they baited the premise about Rule 12 when this guy she is suppose to be dating is NOT a part of the team. Nobody has ever heard of this guy. And nobody really cared about who Bishop is dating. This episode along with the dream episode from the other woman character is the Jump The Shark moment of this once good show. I wanted to see how they would treat the DiNozzo departure and any substantial reference to his contribution during his tenure. It has yet to materialize like they did when Coty DePablo left. DiNozzo always made a reference to her or about her and we had that connection through him and he served as her proxy by default. And when they decided to kill her and Tony left, that was it for me. The heart and soul was Tony and Ziva. When Ziva left, the soul was still there with a faint heart still having the possibility to return but those hopes were dashed by the cynical writers. Now we are left with Bishop whom nobody really cares about and we have three new people whom we are suppose to accept but the magic of this show has disappeared. The Bishop dating episode was the last for me. Every time I see Bishop I keep seeing a wet chihuahua. Goodbye NCIS.

      • Mark S says:

        What a load of absolute bollocks. You’re all a bunch on whiners. Get over yourselves!

        • QYW says:

          Here! Here! Ever notice it’s always the same people who claim they aren’t watching NCIS and come back to complain about it (and Bishop) over and over? I don’t think anyone is holding a gun to your head to make you watch it. As far as Ziva–the actress quit, she was a good character–but hardly “the soul” of NCIS–considering how many great actresses have appeared. I like Bishop–speak for yourself and only yourself when you spout about how “nobody cares about”–take a poll did you? No one asked me or my friends. SMDH

  11. Sophonisbe says:

    15. It’s actually talked about in the show:
    So Olivia, I’m guessing you don’t celebrate Thanksgiving
    Olivia: My mom’s american

  12. Tom says:

    1 | Isn’t it funny how the buildings MacGyver inevitably gets trapped in not only have potentially volatile cleaning supplies handy, but bountiful, freshly stocked amounts of them?
    That’s something I think about while watching Scorpion, how there’s always JUST what they need handy. Magic of television
    2 | With Jason Sudeikis on hand for Kristen Wiig’s Saturday Night Live hosting, how did we not get a “Two A-Holes” sketch? (And don’t get us started on Wiig’s absence from the Target commercial parody.)
    That could have been great, maybe have them being considered for the incoming President’s cabinet? And I also felt it odd that she wasn’t in the Target commercial.
    8 | Please tell us this new washing-machine ad means Eureka alum Colin Ferguson gets paid twice as much…?
    Yeah it is a little sad that’s what he’s doing post Eureka.
    13 | How long before CBS signs James Corden and Anna Kendrick to star in its first live musical, a la Hairspray Live? And is Corden, who has already hosted the Tonys and will soon preside over the Grammys, a shoo-in to host CBS’ broadcast of the 2017 Emmys?
    I would watch the hell out of Anna Kendrick in a musical. Maybe……………what’s not been done already…..probably not Anything Goes but she could be good as Reno. She’d be good as Sally Bowles too but there’s no way they’d ever do that on network TV. Spamalot is also right out. I don’t know. But yes to her in a musical for certain.

    • ninergrl6 says:

      Anna Kendrick starred in the (movie) musical The Last Five Years with Supergirl’s Jeremy Jordan. Check it out if you haven’t yet. I LOVE it.

  13. Doug says:

    17- did not like Bishops choice. Would have rather been Reeves, that would thro a wrench in the Gibbs machine.

    • Paul says:

      Just the opposite for me. If it had been Reeves, I’d have abandoned the show. Tired of shows and ads pushing a miscegenation agenda. Would have been fine with Torres.

      • Kenbud says:

        So you would have abandoned the show if they picked Reeves, who is a black man. But you’re okay with the show if they picked Torres … WHO IS LATINO???

        It’s still what you called miscengenation. WTF is the difference? #ignorance

        I’m fine had they picked either man for Bishop. Chemistry is the best agenda, not the color of their skin.

        • Tony says:

          Remarkable as this might seem to you, a large % of people regard everyone except those of sub-Saharan black descent as white. Europeans, Asians, Semites, Hispanics, Latinos, East Indians, North Africans etc. are all the same and are regarded as white.

      • Bella says:

        Torres would have been a great imo

  14. Mona Breen says:

    NCIS’ reveal of Bishop’s boyfriend was totally disappointing. ….what is wrong with the writers? The ratings are supposedly slipping and this would have been a great opportunity for them to spice up the show and attract more interest while engaging either Reeves or Torres more in the storyline.

  15. Tracy says:

    15. Olivia did mention that her mother was born in the States and so that’s why she was comfortable with Thanksgiving.

    17. I wanted her to be dating the English guy. I don’t even know where the other guy came from.

  16. lrdslvrhnd says:

    8) I love these ads with him replacing the machines.
    14) It makes sense that HR came up with the idea, since he’s been reading up on the team’s adventures, per last week’s episode. It’s fresh in his mind.
    17) Very relieved. Also, I’m not entirely sure he really violates “Rule 12” since he’s barely a coworker. I mean, how often is the team gonna need a translator… especially since Bishop speaks Pashto also?

  17. Kevin says:

    19) what TV show is this question referring to?

  18. Shar says:

    Re #4. After 8 years of having watched Michelle Obama be the target of cruel and offensive racist and sexist comments, I find Ms Hadid’s attempt at humour repugnant. I would suggest she find a better team to advise her.

  19. Michael Summerset says:

    19. I’d have to check the movie again, but the picture shows approximately 4 across and 7 deep, or only 48 soldiers. The movie shows them marching in rows of 4. So there’s only 100 but in 20 rows which makes it seem like more. I don’t think there’s one shot with all 100 on screen at the same time.

  20. auntiemm says:

    5. Deeks/Kensi. The Callen thing has been dragging on for so long I lost interest.

    17. Relieved. I do not want another Tiva. I Ike Bishop but she isn’t all that. My biggest gripe this season is that there are just too many characters. Keep either Torres or Reeves then Bishop or Quinn.

  21. Iris says:

    9- Yes I did, but it was irrelevant to me because the scene where Lucifer finds out was so well done. It isn’t as if the show lacked plot twists, and it was such a lovely character moment!

  22. Larc says:

    17- Not at all disappointed that Bishop isn’t linking up with one of her regular workmates. I’m getting a bit tired of workplace romances that consistently interfere with the main order of business. It doesn’t happen as often in the real world as it almost unfailingly does on TV and in movies.

    • John NYC says:

      Well in the real world an outside of work significant other doesn’t add another paycheck to the budget. In TV otoh: Everyone shown on screen gets paid: having two people already 0n the payroll get involved is cheaper.

      • Pete says:

        But it’s not expensive to have a main character paired with one that is hardly ever seen.
        Think Columbo – the Mrs *was* an extra character in the show, yet one that was never seen, not even once!
        NCIS:LA has turned into a soap – with firefights and explosions.
        I’m more than happy that Bishop is dating a “co-worker” I barely remember seeing before. And I don’t care his religion, ethnicity or age. Her dating should be about fleshing out the character, and not the story in itself.
        As for teasing the breaking of rule 12 being a con, it could count both ways. All the tiva tease turned viewers off the show and it upset the tiva fans because what they got was little more than tease, when they wanted the whole soap opera played out on screen with the crimes and crime-fighting as an after thought.

  23. Larry Hester says:

    As for NCIS, I was relieved that Bishop is not dating the MI6 agent. That would have killed the show. The guy she is dating is not a member of the team, which means she did not break any of Gibbs rules. I look forward to seeing how her relationship moves on. Also, I hope they that they start having Delilah in more episodes since they are going to be married.

  24. John NYC says:

    “5 | On NCIS: Los Angeles, what moved you more: Kensi and Deeks’ weaving of fingers, or Callen learning he had a half-sister/has a niece?”

    Definitely Kensi and Deeks. Callen’s endless angst is just old and tired.

  25. John NYC says:

    “17 | NCIS fans, were you relieved, or admittedly a bit disappointed, that Bishop is dating neither Torres nor Reeves?”

    A side character we’ll hardly see is so much better. The less soap the better imho.

  26. Michael Stewart says:

    When will Bones include a tribute to the late Ralph Waite, Seely’s Grandpa/Pops who raised him? NCIS had one for him since he played Gibbs dad. It seems disappointing that Bones would not honor him, too.

  27. BW says:

    5. Densi. Actually furthered their story and made sense. Callen’s story is disappointing. They took a intriguing aspect and made in dull. Giving Callen a half sibling is pointless.

    7. Yes!

  28. Bogwombler says:

    11. Being a Trekker doesn’t mean you can’t also be a Star Wars fan. My wife and I are Trekkers first, into Star Wars second, and Whovians lastly. “I’ve got a bad feeling about this…”

  29. tvshowpilot says:

    1. Right? It ain’t work like that in the real world, man.
    7. Nop. They needed to make-up and now they need to get together!
    16. No idea, but Gabby’s reaction was hilarious!
    17. So disappointed! I was hoping from episode 1 of this NCIS season that Bishop and Reeves would get together. C’mon, the comment about hiking in Scotland.. And then their interaction in Philadelphia.. And the way Reeves talked about and looked at Ellie in the latest NCIS episode.. Need I say more?

  30. GraceM says:

    If,This Is Us character Olivia grew up in the states, wny does she have a British accent?

    • skyebright8 says:

      Her father could be British, I don’t know that she did grow up in America, her mother’s American and she has relatives there.

  31. G A says:

    Why do all these executive idiots allow the lousy, irritating & worthless background music to be played? No one I know of likes it. There are also numerous websites complaining as well.

  32. Bobbi says:

    17. Bishop’s brothers had full access to NCIS and intimidated her possible “suitors”? Who cares who she’s dating? This was definitely the worst episode EVER! If they haven’t changed writers, maybe a change is in order because the writing is starting to suck.

    • Paul says:

      The peripheral casting sucks, too. Her brothers bore zero resemblance to her or to each other. It’s as though casting directors put no thought into genetic probabilities. Example: On Downton Abbey Lord & Lady Grantham both have blue eyes; yet two of their daughters have dark brown eyes. I could understand green or hazel eyes, but dark brown is a severe statistical improbability. That might not matter to a less discerning audience, but in a serious drama it does.

    • MMD says:

      Guess you’re in the minority because the ratings are staying high, especially for that episode.

    • Jeanne says:

      Have to say I agree with you.

      • Mark S says:

        Oh big surprise, there! Every NCIS comment features your unbounded wisdom. Give it a rest willya?

        • Jeanne says:

          Still a free country! I can post my opinion the same as you. Don’t read my posts if you don’t like them. I’m not the only one complaining. I don’t care who they put her with. They just made a big deal about breaking Rule 12 which she didn’t. Just chill it’s only a show.

          • QYW says:

            Which you keep harping about like it’s the most important news on this planet. If anyone should take a chill pill, I vote for you.

  33. N!loofar says:

    # Ted Jr. and Tawney talk was really sad, kudos to the actors.

    • jless says:

      I agree. Rectify is one of the best written and acted TV shows on TV. But I have to say how almost unbearable depressing, it is! I get terribly depressed watching this otherwise remarkable show. Every single character is sad, even the kid!
      If you are prone to be depressed, don’t watch this show.

  34. Georgia Madman says:

    The second he mentioned a name, I thought historic landmark. Lucifer’s mom is looking more and more like Hell is where she belongs. The Dr. Linda “wife of God” moment was hysterical!

  35. R says:

    4-Funny. First ladies have historically been bagged on for comedy. Why should Trump’s wife be the exception?
    7-Good for the whole “Maggie/Alex” thing but I agree they could’ve waited at least one more episode.
    9-Yup. Not exactly mysterious nor was it hard to guess either.
    13-James Cordon is funny so hosting the next Emmys would be a welcome thing indeed. He can co-host with Anna Kendrick and then it would be perfect.

  36. Sheldon W. says:

    Better question: Did Scorpion’s Thanksgiving ep pull off the greatest fart joke of all time (C’mon! Super Fun Guy!!!)

  37. On Jane the Virgin. Jane and Michael have NO CHEMISTRY. Boring, boring, boring. When do we find out that Petra’s sister is working with her mother from Jail?

  38. Lynn Wiggins says:

    Bishop is dating neither Torres nor Reeves. I would of liked it to be someone like Tony. We need a Tony

  39. annie says:

    Jane and Michael’s Bruno Mars karaoke wins the night, times two! Not only did it demonstrate how comfortable they are with each other, how willing they are to work on their marriage, how perfectly suited they are for each other, not to mention how much they love being together, and how much they love each other…it also addresses all the “boring” talking points that seem to be repeated on certain sites ad nauseum. Funniest.’Punchline’.Ever!!!

  40. Judy Dunston says:

    NCIS – disappointed upon reveal of Elle’s new beau

  41. Judy Dunston says:

    17-still find Bishop character quite dull; Reeves is an undeveloped character, not seeing where that is going. The other two have some personality at least.

  42. 3- I got so excited when I saw the Target store! No Target lady skit was such a let down.
    10- Amen! I need him to be naked with someone!