Gilmore Girls Tristan recast

Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life: The Story Behind That Recast

The following story contains spoilers about the “Spring” installment of Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life. Proceed at your own peril. 

Tristan Dugray returns! But there’s a catch!

As you early birds now know, Rory and Paris’ dreamy Chilton classmate does in fact appear in Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, but he’s not played by Chad Michael Murray.

Instead, up-and-comer Anton Narinskiy (pictured, right) — whose credits include guest stints on Jane the Virgin and The Mysteries of Laura, as well as Pitch Perfect 2 — took over the role.

AntonI hear Murray declined an invitation to appear in the four-episode continuation, which led to the recast.

In Season 1, Tristan harbored a major crush on Rory at Chilton, but the two never dated (primarily because Rory was, at the time, head over heels in love with Dean). Paris, however, was very much into Tristan, but that, too, was a one-sided obsession. The character was last seen midway through Season 2, when Tristan was expelled from Chilton and sent off to military school.

In the “Spring” installment of A Year in the Life, Paris spots Tristan while visiting Chilton with Rory and is horrified when all of her old feelings come rushing back. It all leads to an epic meltdown in the bathroom, one that prompts Francie to hilariously crack, “Sorry, did I accidentally step into 2003?”

Bummed CMM didn’t reprise his old role? Or was Tristan’s presence so minor that it didn’t even matter? Weigh in below!

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  1. michelle says:

    Sigh…. CMM still proving how much of a jerk he is after all these years.

  2. c-mo says:

    Since I’m watching on my iPad and my eyes were already blurry from a lack of sleep I couldn’t really see him. But I thought it was odd that he didn’t speak so now it makes sense.

  3. So where’s the story? One vague sentence does not a story make.

  4. Pedro says:

    If he was just to be seen for a quick second and didn’t even have to act, why cast someone who looks like a Russian fitness model and nothing like Murray and that looks 10 years younger than Tristan should look like?

  5. schamberswriter says:

    I literally spent the whole time trying to remember who Tristan was.

  6. To me, they never proved it was Tristan. He was a blur and then he’s gone. I’m really disappointed about the mistake in Summer, where Rory in one scene tells Jess she has no car and no license and in the next scene’s she’s driving from Stars Hollow to Hartford to meet her mother and grandmother at the cemetery (and no she didn’t use Kirk’s Ooober service either)

    • Danielle says:

      And how does she pay for three phone lines if she’s not making any money? How/why was she going to get an apartment in Queens?

      • Deb says:

        While disappointing, “Tristan’s” absents did not take away from a GREAT return! LOVED the ending! (however, the window behind Christopher in his office open/closed/open WAS annoying)… LOVED ALL OF IT!!! Missed Richard dearly… would have LOVED to SEE Michel’s partner!…. P.S. was SHOCKED to hear him speak in an interview, NO ACCENT!

      • Wooster182 says:

        There were a bunch of those moments. The car out of nowhere. Paying for trips to England, New York, and Stars Hollow. Why she had boxes in 3 different locations. She took over the newspaper to only drop it after 2 publications. None of it really made sense.

      • Tamsyn says:

        Well, her great-grandmother had 250k in a trust for her when she turned 25? and her beloved Grandpa just died and i’m sure he left her a boatload. Her father is richer than god, soooooo I’m not sur why that would be a major sticking point for you

    • Toni Watson says:

      cast list on IMDb shows Tristan and Tristans girlfriend

  7. Lucy Lou says:

    Really? Who is Tristan? I just watched the Thanksgiving Day marathon and must have missed it!

  8. Cas says:

    Ha I love CMM but I can’t imagine he has anything else going on lol. I also liked Tristen a bit. Haha.

  9. Brittany S says:

    Always thought he was too cool. Crazy, especially when you look at the rest of the cast 👀👀👀😂

  10. Ed Ginsburg says:

    Gee maybe it could have been as exciting as his cameo in the last season of ONE TREE HILL (big build up for 3 minutes). He would have added little. Has he done any acting recently?

  11. ShinGoonMin says:

    Too bad CMM didn’t have a strong affection for this show. I think this was the show that launched him…eventually paving the way for his role in OTH. But his non-appearance didn’t hurt the show at all as all the other more important cast gave it their best efforts. Btw, where is CMM now??? Don’t think I see him anywhere.

    • Amy says:

      I read an interview with CMM, before the new episodes came out and he said he would have come back if he had been asked. I think this is another where they never even asked. It was also weird to have Tristian there anyway…he didn’t graduate from Chilton, didn’t he leave in his sophomore year? Why would they (Chilton) have asked him back?

  12. Claudia says:

    Tristan’s appearance was so pointless! Why would he be there in the first place? He didn’t graduate from Chilton, he was kicked out in his junior year. And Paris’s reaction to seeing him was completely disregarding her development during the Yale years.
    Just as pointless: Francie’s appearance… she had one story arch in season 2. What did we need her for?!
    Too many parts of the revival felt like time was wasted on pointless stories (the musical!!!), jokes (Paul, Berta) and appearances just for the sake of it.

  13. katlynneylon says:

    I think Francie was the cameo appearance I didn’t know I wanted. She nailed it, and I was surprised how much I loved it!

  14. The casting of Tristan, assuming that the person that Paris spotted actually was him, doesn’t matter. He’s not an actual character, just a minor plot point.