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The Voice Top 11 Performance Recap: Yawn & Stretch & Try to Come to Life

If I had the ability to use emojis in my recap of The Voice‘s Top 11 performance episode, I’d kick things off with police siren, anxious face, megaphone, alarm clock and “scream face.”

All of which would be to alert the Voice-aloonie Nation that there are only three performance episodes remaining until we crown Wé McDonald or Billy Gilman a successor to Alisan Porter.

I’m aghast! I’m vexed! I’m stressed out! It’s all happening too quickly, people!

But then again, if The Bachelor can put a ring on it after a handful of drunken nine-on-one dates, a helicopter ride and a night in the “fantasy suite,” perhaps Blake, Adam, Miley, Alicia & Co. are operating at a pace that’s downright luxurious.

Brendan Fletcher the voiceThe pressure of The Voice‘s rapidly emptying hourglass, however, seemed to get to most of the remaining artists this week, resulting in an installment that — despite the coaches’ over-eagerness to offer up standing ovations — proved surprisingly below par.

Let’s jump right into reviews/letter grades for the week’s 11 performances.

Ali Caldwell, “9 to 5” — Grade: C- | Look, Ali has only herself to blame for botching the lyrics to the Dolly Parton jam most likely to be covered by drunken corporate comrades on karaoke night. But Miley’s decision to shove the super-talented R&B chanteuse into a novelty country corner — while clad in a flapper dress from the back of Tina Turner’s closet – made as much sense as awarding the Olympic winter games to Dallas, Tex. If Ali winds up as roadkill on The Voice highway come Tuesday, my conspiratorial side will always wonder if she got steamrolled by producers in an effort to clear a path to victory for Wé. But in an effort to thwart such a doomsday scenario, I’ll be voting for the woman who slayed Leonard Cohen’s “Did I Ever Love You” last Monday — even if she followed it up with her personal worst by far.

Sundance Head, “No One” — Grade: B- | Let’s give credit where it’s due: By infusing Alicia Keys’ lush, romantic ballad with country-soul elements, Sundance took the week’s biggest creative swing, and it paid off — at least from a “dude knows his music” standpoint. Trouble was, Sundance’s vocal felt tight and tentative — not to mention far too reliant on the aggressive background vocalists — leaving me more impressed by the power of his ear than what actually came out of his mouth.

Aaron Gibson, “Hurt” — Grade: D+ | Aaron’s got a deep, rumbling voice, and yet the verses of “Hurt” proved too low and intricate for him to consistently stay in tune. More troubling, though, was Aaron’s inability to bring any shade besides guttural growling to his Nine Inch Nails cover — resulting in a performance that wasn’t so much haunting as it was demonically possessed.

Courtney Harrell, “What I Did for Love” — Grade: C+ | Courtney definitely improved on last week’s disastrous Aerosmith cover, but there were still as many sharps in her vocal as the back of Hellraiser’s head. Combined with a Miss America-esque gown and delivery, Courtney did nothing to make a case for her long-term Voice fortunes.

Josh Gallagher, “Drunk on Your Love” — Grade: D+ | I know Josh was aiming to “change up the melody” of Brett Eldredge’s boppy country ditty, but those wretched riffs over the final chorus could not have been what he intended, could they? As Josh aimlessly strolled the stage and tried to show “personality,” he dropped hinky notes like popcorn on a movie-theater floor, and if there’s any justice in the Voice universe, it’ll be him (and not Ali) getting swept aside come Tuesday night.

billy gilmanBilly Gilman, “All I Ask” — Grade: B+ | I didn’t disagree with Adam’s pre- and post-performance comments that Billy really needed to connect emotionally — and not just dazzle technically — in order to have a shot at the Season 11 crown, but I sure was surprised to hear the Maroon 5 frontman spin a narrative for his No. 1 artist other than “Oh Em Gee, you are perfect in every way.” The superior sound mix Billy received — would that Ali and Wé were so lucky! — showcased the ache and longing in Billy’s delivery, but it also exposed a few hinky transitions tht kept him from fully making it to the top of Mt. Adele.

Christian Cuevas, “Rosanna” — Grade: B | I know Alicia wanted to make Toto’s ’80s anthem sound less dated by removing the horns and pumping up the rhythmic elements, but a better way around that issue might have been not choosing Toto’s ’80s anthem in the first place? Nevertheless, despite swallowing more than a few notes on the verses, Christian gamely ripped into the ear-wormy chorus, at times making the ditty sound so of the moment, I wondered if maybe we were witnessing a crossover episode with NBC’s time-machine-focused drama Timeless.

Austin Allsup, “Turn the Page” — Grade: A- | I always love it when a Voice artist ignores the producers’ “chosen contestants” narrative/pecking order by hitting an unexpected home run — and that’s exactly what Austin did with a vocal so emotionally raw and real it made most of his competitors come off like wooden Pinocchios by comparison. Granted, as a family man whose gigging often separates him from his family, the lyrics of Bob Seger’s rock classic couldn’t have been more apt, but in this case, Austin was perhaps doing more than “playing the star again,” and rather turning into one before our very eyes.

Darby Walker, “You Don’t Own Me” — Grade: C- | I know a lot of folks in the comments section find my C- grade too generous — and perhaps you’re right. There were, after all, moments where Darby’s vocal got as out of control as a blindfolded chimpanzee riding a moped down the freeway. But I also found the teenager’s delivery far less affected and cloying than in previous weeks — punctuated by real bursts of defiance that, mercifully, distracted from her Muppet-fur coat and tragic peace-sign sequined pants.

Brendan Fletcher, “The River” — Grade: B | Brendan benefitted from an incredibly smart song choice — one we’ve never heard, and probably never expected to hear on The Voice stage — that he delivered with emotional earnestness and vocal competence. To be completely honest, I wished he’d done a little more to take ownership of the Bruce Springsteen anthem, to aim a little higher than note-for-note homage, but on a night where there were misses aplenty, Brendan’s latest effort definitely falls into the “hit” zone.

Courtesy of NBCWé McDonald, “Love on the Brain” — Grade: A- | Wé’s gotten plenty of hype this season, and save for a misstep in the Live Playoffs, she keeps on living up to it. The sound mix on “Love on the Brain” kept creeping up like an Orca and attempting to swallow the affable teenager’s vocal, but she persevered with her supple lower register, a sense of joy and abandon on the choruses and a rhythmic dexterity that I suspect would’ve had Riri bopping her head with delight.

Should Be Bottom 2: Aaron, Josh
Will Be Bottom 2 (without having checked out iTunes charts): Ali, Aaron

Who do you think ruled The Voice Top 11 performance night? Vote for your faves in our poll below, then expand on your thoughts in the comments!

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  1. Mge says:

    Darby needs to go home now more than ever. Up until the little falsetto part at the end, she didn’t hit a single note in tune. A C- grade is a blessing for her performance. I wouldn’t have just failed her, I would have kicked her out of my classroom with that performance.

  2. Kimmy Moores says:

    My weave is 4 states over, still flying.
    My edges fell off then returned only to be burned to crisps
    Shoes were thrown from places I wasn’t even standing at.
    Wé McDonald did that.
    She did that.
    Yes heffah

  3. Plastic Elephant says:

    Is it just me, or does Darby sound like an Eastern European woman who has learned English as her second language?

    • Trent says:

      Never have I read something so accurate haha

    • kevstar69 says:

      Watch what you say. People might be calling you a racist for talking about an Eastern European woman with an accent.

    • bobsaccamanna says:

      I want to like Darby because I love the energy and passion that Miley brings to the show, but I can’t argue with that assessment. It was god awful, cringe worthy, not enough adjectives to describe that level of bad. My guess is though that she may actually survive due to the fact that as Michael stated, it was pretty bad all around. I don’t get the Billy Gilman love, to my ears his voice is ear piercingly shrill and not pleasant to listen to.

      • Nedsdag says:

        Billy is as bland as a Mormon orgy. Yet he’s the so-callled Front Runner.

      • Lizzie says:

        Billy is pretty much like a singing robot, focused on the notes instead of the song. I want him to stay, but he needs to sing like he means it. In general, people should not try to sing Adele songs because it is not going to go well for them. That Adele song is really, really hard to sing, and it isn’t one of my favorites even when Adele sings it.

    • Lizzie says:

      Or a mouth full of marbles.

  4. OhMy says:

    Yea, that might have been the season finale — for me. Not a single contestant is interesting. I guess I can imagine We having a career. But . . .

    • davmon says:

      Yeah, it was uninspiring. My faves coming in were Ali and We’. They were a bit off. Austin had a good song and outing, but blandified the ending. Brendan was better than usual. Billy and Christian are boring. And those are the only ones worth even talking about. These are all likeable people. But the other five did not belong in the top 12.

  5. Trent says:

    Tonight was all about Billy & We. Austin, Sundance and Brendan were all pretty great too. The rest of them were somewhere on a sprectrum from boring to catastrophic.

    • Smokey says:

      A little while ago …..ITUNES ……..Sundance #18,,,,,,,Billy #29,,,,,,,,,W’e #61,,,,,,,,,,,
      Aaron #69,,,,,,,,Austin #76,,,,,,,,,Brendan #86 ,,,,,,,,,,Darby #90,,,,,,,,,Courtney #106,,,,,Josh # 124,,,,,,,,,,,,, Christian # 162 ,,,,,, ( W’e was still at #200 also with last week’s “Take Me To Church”)

  6. Florence+TheMachineRulez!!! #TeamMariah says:

    Ugh I’m so so worried for Ali rn ugh. She’s been so consistent, capable of giving us great performances. But the one time she has an ok week, she’s most likely at risk ugh. If she goes home, that is an INJUSTICE! Anyway, Wé and Aaron owned it!

    • I think Ali will survive. Silly song, but others are in front of her in the elimination line, or so I believe.

      • Florence+TheMachineRulez!!! #TeamMariah says:

        I hope! 🙏🏽 so glad that only one goes home lol. This was more like a by wee for her, let’s just hope she can get back on top

      • Smokey says:

        If Ali ends-up in the sing-off, hope she picks her own song and doesn’t let the coaches/producers push her into singing a song the show is promoting through their dealings with music publishers………….. each week the contestants are either gaining ground or losing steam, whether hitting the bottom 2 yet or not…………… Ali lost a lot of ground with a very poor song choice for her to open the show with. .

  7. Strange night. Rosanna and 9 to 5 didn’t do Christian and Ali any favours, though I agree that Aaron and Josh are probably my bottom 2. I was nervous about Darby singing You Don’t Own Me, a favourite of mine. But she left a lot of her affected style behind to do a nice job of it.

    • Smokey says:

      Agree that Ali and Christian both got really poor song choices put upon them…………..

      Both could be on the edge, unless courtney and Josh don’t pick-up any traction this week. ………….We know Aaron was already on the edge from last week’s bottom 2, so it could easily be between Ali, Aaron, Christian and Josh in the lower levels of voting this week, with Darby a puzzle yet..

  8. Kaba says:

    Key changes shouldn’t beat someone the hell up the way it did Billy when he made that ambitious effort to try and nail another Adele song without looking like a one trick pony…

  9. Plastic Elephant says:

    I’m sure Lesley Gore is spinning in her grave and Toyota just saw their ad campaign go up in smoke.

  10. Florence+TheMachineRulez!!! #TeamMariah says:

    Oh and Courtney, josh, Darby, Christian were way worst than Ali tonight hands down

  11. Melaniem says:

    Thought We, Brendan, and Austin clearly outclassed the rest of the field tonight. Also give Sundance props and somewhat of a pass because he really did try to flip a song rather than do a karaoke cover, although he was not completely successful. I think your grade for Aaron is way too low. Ali should sue Miley for that song choice-it just may send her home. I would be fine with sending the rest of them home tomorrow-yes, even Billy, who is technically proficient but consistently leaves me cold

    • Smokey says:

      True, if that was all Miley’s doing in choosing that song and working it through with her, she is definitely not giving good advise in coaching,,, but we have seen this sometimes in other coaches over time too….. where one has to wonder what they could be thinking, or who is pulling the strings on these lousy worn-out song song selections.

  12. Davey says:

    Darby deserved an F. Atrocious.

  13. Neil says:

    Oh, Ali. Why, Miley, why? Her fans better be ready to save her in case she’s in the bottom 2 tomorrow. TBH, I didn’t like We’s version of that song. Can you imagine if Ali sang it instead? She would have slayed! I’m not saying We’ isn’t talented. She is. But for me, there’s just something off with the way she sang it. Anyway, I would have given Billy A- instead of B+. That’s my favorite performance of his so far. He finally conveyed emotions. The other one who impressed me was Brendan. He doesn’t have a big voice like others but his tone of voice was the right one for that song (and I love The Boss!). As for the rest, not a good night for them.

    • Florence+TheMachineRulez!!! #TeamMariah says:

      Yeah I feel ya! We definitely owned it! But it almost felt like she was forcing her voice at some parts. Like she’s naturally a lower voiced singer, and Ali is more comfortable singing higher. If Ali Sang that song, it would have been a slam dunk HANDS DOWN!!! 🙌🏽

      • Neil says:

        Right? Missed opportunity there, The Voice! It would have been a BIG MOMENT. I think it’s We’s grunting that made it feel weird for me (especially the last one). I don’t know, it seemed forced.

        • Florence+TheMachineRulez!!! #TeamMariah says:

          Agreed! Ugh well let’s hope that Ali makes it throu! I would love if she sang either vanishing by Mariah Carey, walk away by XTINA, or say you love me by Jesse ware

    • Meme says:

      I agree with you, Neil, that Billy deserved at least an A- … it wasn’t perfect, but it was the most perfect performance of the night!

    • davmon says:

      Ali is the only stellar singer in this group, that really adds something to a song, consistently–but even she couldn’t do much with 9 to 5. We’ does add something sometimes; but I did not feel it tonight. A few more sing well but are boring. And 4 or 5 do not even sing well.

  14. Plastic Elephant says:

    At least Brendan didn’t sound like a Joe Cocker wannabe this week…maybe a Bruce wannabe though…

    • Seth says:

      Thought he sounded like the singer in a Springsteen tribute band.

      • Bluesman says:

        Like Brendan’s voice, but the song was flat monotone throughout, not off-key, just simply had no vocal sparks to rise to, which he can do when the song calls for it. He will survive this week though, because they hung some really bad cheeesssy song choices on some others,

    • fiberlicious says:

      My thought was “good Bruce impersonation – Bruce can’t carry a tune, either.”

  15. DonnaD says:

    I cannot stand Billy and I don’t know why people like him much! As Tatianna would say, “Choices.” (Although that could also apply to Miley and her whack song choices, Ali really got screwed over although her talent salvaged the performance).

    • Florence+TheMachineRulez!!! #TeamMariah says:

      Let’s hope she makes it throu this week! Ugh 🙏🏽😭

    • Toba7 says:

      Billy is extremely uninteresting. I get bored with him and would be happy to not have to hear him again. But then, I didn’t find Allyson Porter great either. Am interested in We, Ali, Aaron, Christian, Brendon. Austin is also good and so much better than another winner Craig Wayne Boyd!

    • Smokey says:

      Hmmm interesting, what is Tatiana Del Toro doing these days?? Also, Billy Gilman seems to have 5X as many twitter followers as his closest competitor on the show so far………….. I can’t get excited about hearing when Billy drops an album, but he is a pro-level proficient vocalist. .. just don’t get into his type of music.

  16. Coach Taylor says:

    I’m sorry but Billy is not even that good. In a season of borderline talent he isn’t even in the top 5 of the remaining 11 but he is going to win the show because this happens over and over and over again. The person who gets the YouTube following wins. Billy was hand picked and because of that another pre determined outcome of this show is happening before our eyes. 💤💤💤💤💤 at this point the show is slowly losing its appeal

    • Toba7 says:

      Love the show, love the addition of Miley and Alicia but am bored by the Billy and Alyson type “annointed” winners.I don’t get them at all! They might be great as Broadway musical stars but who would want to listen to their boring pop music?

    • kevstar69 says:

      Christina Grimme had over 3 million views on YouTube and came in third.
      Ok, you did it. Made me remember something I’d like to forget. (what happened to her. Especially coming days before the Pulse nightclub murders.)

    • analythinker says:

      Hm, I liked Billy and have listened to some of his songs from One Voice. BUT I came in feeling like We is TPTB’s the one this season.

  17. JMark (formerly JM) says:

    What in the world was Miley thinking giving Ali that horrible song??? Can you imagine what she would have done with ‘You don’t own me’? She certainly wouldn’t have trashed it the way Darby did. IMO, Darby and Courtney deserve to be bottom 2. Glad to see you appreciate Austin this week, Michael! I think he’s great. Sundance, Billy and We were good as well. Everybody vote for Ali!!! She deserves better.

    • Florence+TheMachineRulez!!! #TeamMariah says:

      YASSS agreed!!! Ali deserves better! Ugh! She needs all the votes that we can give her!

    • Seth says:

      I’m happy for Miley that she loves her Godmother so much. But maybe just say “I love you” or send her a thoughtful gift. Don’t saddle your team with her outdated songs.

      I’m waiting for her to break out “Islands in the Stream” when she gets to do a duet with a contestant later.

  18. Matt says:

    D+? Are you out of your mind? Aaron was among the top 3 of the night

    • OhMy says:

      No one was in the top 3 of the night. :(

      • Bluesman says:

        I wasn’t a fan of Sundance, or a fan of the song he did tonight , but it’s the one song I will listen-to again from all the songs tonight. At least he did an unusually nice job with it and was the only one who surprised me out-of-the-blue..

  19. paula says:

    What the heck were those song choices? There were maybe three good song choices. “You don’t own me?” That song is already annoying me from the ad for whatever — car? “9 to 5?” Another Adele song for Billy? “What I did for Love?” Stupidest song choice ever. It’s like the judges are sabotaging their own teams.

    I actually liked Aaron quite a lot this week — for the first time. I thought Austin was very good. I had trouble picking a third. I’m usually all about We and Ali, but not this week. Boo.

    • scott says:

      I agree, it was a very off night in song choice. These coaches need to think about what’s downloadable and also in the wheelhouse of each contestant.

  20. Russ says:

    While song choice did Ali in tonight, Courtney was bad last week and bad again this week. Should be Courtney going home this week.

    • Smokey says:

      .UPDATE around 11:30 pm Chicago time —–.ITUNES ……..Sundance #12,,,,,,,Billy #17,,,,,,,,,W’e #43,,,,,,,,,,,
      Aaron #50,,,,,,,,Austin #60,,,,,,,,,Brendan #61 ,,,,,,,,,,Darby #68,,,,,,,,,Courtney #86,,,,,Josh # 108,,,,,,,,,,,,, Christian # 140 ,,,,,, Ali is not even showing right now in the top 200, as the job they gave her to be running all over the stage and singing the wrong song for her dynamics and voice character,,, will likely send her to the bottom 2. Reminds me of the Pia Toscano situation on Idol years ago.

    • davmon says:

      She has been off pitch much of the time for weeks. I like the lady, but hey! Even so, there are others worse–Darby for one. Josh, Sundance, and Aaron don’t light my fire either.

  21. polarvortex says:

    I do not understand Darby getting a better mark than Aaron! Hurt was a great song choice for Aaron and he did it justice.You Don’t Own Own Me had my daughter turning off the volume!

    • danin says:

      Hurt is a great song. And I thought Aaron made me see how great it was and I haven’t liked him one bit before tonight. It remains to be seen whether I will like him again. I thought Sundance did a better job wAlicia’s song even compared to Alicia! I dug Brendan more tonight. Although when he pulled out Whipping Post last week I thought that was a great choice.

      • Gary Douglas says:

        I absolutely HATE “Hurt,” have not yet figured out why anyone would consider it to be “a great song.”

        • danin says:

          For me it hits the nail on the head..hahaha..pun not my intended.. It delves into a state of being, and reveals a painful& difficult truth. The guy exposes a part of himself that is ugly& wounded and the lyrics/music in their simplicity communicate that complexity. That’s why I think it’s “great”.

  22. kevstar69 says:

    We` was the only one I really enjoyed tonight. A lot of subpar notes even from Ali and Billy tonight. And Darby, once again, the least said, the better.

  23. skrable2a says:

    If Darby and Aaron had a child, would its cries open a wormhole?

  24. lena priamo says:

    Don’t you think Miley is trying to sabotage Ali. What a stupid song choice. What was she thinking. Hope this does not hurt Ali who is a favorite. Tired of Billy already. Same old…same old. Brendan is unique. Christian failed this week. We is great and consistent. Austin really stepped it up this week. Darby Has Got To Go

  25. Bill says:

    Darby should go home!

  26. Tony The Tank says:

    We was horrible. Totally disagree with you. You rate We performance better than Billy. Not happening.

  27. Music in My Bones says:

    Brendan Fletcher, ‘The River,’ was INCREDIBLE. He killed it! His voice is warm, masculine, forceful yet intimate….He is a major talent!

    Next, Courtney, beautiful, touching rendition.

    Third, Austin, who reminds me of Townes Van Zandt, who was a powerful singer.

  28. Like dental surgery .. dull, painful, relentless . Make it stop!!! This has to be the most motley Voice Season in recent memory…
    Only a few can even deliver a song with a voice you might just be able to tolerate in the future. Just give Billy the crown now and let us all go home. I have a headache.

  29. Kricki says:

    Just now watching Darby’s performance and it seriously makes me want to cry and vomit at the same time. Why, why, why is she still on this show? Who is voting for her? Is the voting outsourced like ATT customer service? And Billy…I also don’t understand what people hear in him. Technically sound [side note: Just yelled “Shut the h*** up you moron” at the TV during Miley’s raving “because we’re young” praise of Darby’s cat-screeching performance and fast forwarding…to what? The next horrible contestant? Ugh.] perhaps, but his boring nasally caterwhalling is like fingernails on a chalkboard to me. Has anyone else noticed The Voice is trying really hard to look like American Idol?
    -End rant. I need ice cream and a beer.-

  30. Carfield says:

    I really have lots of respect to Coach Miley and have already invested much into her artists, but Ali’s song choice this week is basically a sabotage. Miley might have screwed her best chance to have an artist in the finale. Ali did an admirable job, but come on, your godmother got to have more songs than “9 to 5” and plus she will sign off on it.

    To me, the only highlights of the show is Aaron Gibson’s “Hurt,” that is so personal and brought me to tear, if my cable did not have a “ooops” moment at the end. Billy Giman’s “All I Ask” is also wonderful because for the first time, he has allowed us into his heart for more than a minute. As a gay man, we put up many fences around us but this week, he gave us a moment into his heartbreak. Those four coaches should be standing up at the end.

  31. SMD says:

    This is the least interested I have ever been in The Voice. There isn’t one person we love and are excited about. 😬

  32. Colleen says:

    That definitely was one of the worst performance nights in the history of the Voice. With only a few exceptions, season is just lackluster. Having watched every season, I enjoyed the earlier seasons much more. Changes are needed, the biggest one being that the coaches need to give actual criticism when it is deserved. All of the fake praise is transparent as hell. And Miley (like Gwen before her) is one self-indulgent coach that possibly has toked away too many brain cells; how else does anyone explain the epic train wreck that is Darby?

  33. Samuel says:

    We consistency with song selection that matches her voice. She sing in an octave that trigger emotional pleasure which makes you want to hear more from her.

  34. Carin says:

    Why is this show still on? It’s TV karaoke and not one performer has made it beyond mediocrocy. Please end this school talent show and broadcast something worth watching.

    • kevstar69 says:

      Good thing you are not a TV programmer. I don’t like Bill OReilly but I wouldn’t be so arrogant as to call for the cancellation of Fox News’ highest rated shows.
      That would be stupid.

  35. Gary Douglas says:

    Sundance and Billy have been leading the itunes downloads all night long. Billy and Sundance have been leading the youtube views. We is coming in third in both places. Those are the favorities to win it all, I would think.

    As for Darby, I am guessing that Lesley Gore is turning over in her grave.

  36. Randy Treece says:

    They messed Rosanna up when they stripped it down. Christian has the ability to be the lead for Toto, if that was what he wanted to do. Really missed the horns.

  37. Unbelievable says:

    I just don’t get the Darby fascination. I’m sorry but I think she is horrible. It hurts my ears when I listen to her. I can’t figure out why Miley kept her. Ok, face it, it’s because she’s quirky and not because she can sing. I think Miley forgot it’s a singing competition.

  38. Juie says:

    Woke up this morning still totally confused about what the hell Darby’s performance was supposed to be. It was a hot mess vocally, but the biggest problem I had with it was that I couldn’t tell if I was supposed to take the affected OTT mannerisms seriously or not. The whole thing was just strange.

    The only part of that performance that felt natural was the brief falsetto at the end. That showed that Darby might actually have a good voice buried underneath all the trappings. But are we ever going to hearit for more than a few seconds?

    She is trying way too hard to be quirky. And Miley isn’t helping her by encouraging all the OTT affectations.

    Quirky can work if you are an artist. But not if it feels forced

  39. Min thant says:

    Seriously why r u guys so negative about darby? She was someone new and fresh this season. Ali also changed a good song and looked at it from a pop perspective.those 2, no one, and biily, wé are the best tonight like literally. Also austin. I also disagree with b plus for billy. It should be A minus. This performance was better than last time.

  40. betsi says:

    Sundance did exactly what you need to do to win this. Take a song and do you, make it you! No wonder he has creeped into the top 10 on itunes first. Not rooting for him this season but this was a must buy for me!

  41. Darby Walker is not vocally talented, in the least, and her attempts at being entertaining are as phoney as a three-dollar bill. Every performance is staged (and not in a good way). I’m hoping those stars in Darby’s eyes are extinguished this week. Sorry to say I find it excruciatingly painful to listen to her vocals.

  42. Annie says:

    So refreshing to see Bruce Springsteen and Bob Seger songs done on this show! I love both of those artists (have seen them both in concert….AWESOME). Brendan and Austin did justice to them. My third favorite of the night would probably be We. I missed the horns on Rosanna but it wasn’t all that bad; I wish Ali had been given a better song choice; Aaron was okay but I fear he might end up going home. “You Don’t Own Me” has always been a favorite song of mine but I would have rather seen Ali do it instead of Darby. I still don’t get all the Billy love. I liked Sundance’s arrangement of “No One” but his vocals could have been better. Courtney and Josh….meh.

  43. Roger says:

    Almost everyone had poor song choices. Overall boring show. But for me We and Billy won the night and will probably be the Final 2 standing in the end with Billy winning it all.

  44. laura c says:

    Leslie Gore & Brett Eldridge songs were butchered, ouch! Didn’t like 9 to 5 rendition either. Only one I liked last night was The River. I also like Billy G.

  45. matt says:

    “I know Alicia wanted to make Toto’s ’80s anthem sound less dated by removing the horns and pumping up the rhythmic elements, but a better way around that issue might have been not choosing Toto’s ’80s anthem in the first place?” Awesome, lol.

  46. Sheila Rich says:

    Darby needs to go home she was absolutely horrible..

  47. Meme says:

    Billy and We are still my favorites, but Austin is a star. Ali could be a star if she had the right songs. These 4 SHOULD be the last 4 standing.

  48. Carla Krae says:

    Austin and the band actually did Metallica’s version of Bob Seger’s song.

  49. Marlene Mouchette says:

    I was shocked Darby was ever chosen but she seems to just get worse, I actually mute when she comes on! I love Aaron’s voice but not always his song choices.

  50. Lizzie says:

    I think the bottom two will be Darby and Josh. Possible alternates are Christopher and Austin. I would keep Ali no matter what, and someone could get her a decent song for next week.