Teen Wolf Spoilers

Teen Wolf's Alpha Transition: Is Liam Ready to Become the New Scott?

Teen Wolf may be ending in 2017, but the MTV drama’s characters will continue to live on — if only in our hearts — which means somebody’s got to replace Scott as the new alpha of Beacon Hills. The options, as it turns out, are kind of limited.

“Part of the season is Scott trying to figure out, ‘Can I leave Beacon Hills? Is it going to be safe without me?'” executive producer Jeff Davis tells TVLine. “That plot line comes into prominence in the latter half of the season.”

In the meantime, fans will see Scott grooming Liam — the only other wolf in his pack — for the position, whether he’s ready or not.

“We’ve always had the idea that we would move those characters into those roles — Scott would become Derek, and Liam would become Scott,” Davis explains. “We really liked the big brother, little brother relationships that they found themselves falling into.”

And part of being a good pack leader is remaining supportive of all new members — even the ones you’re not entirely sure you can trust, as we see during Tuesday’s episode (9/8c) when Liam butts heads with Mason’s new boyfriend Corey.

“This season is a rough one for [Liam and Corey],” Davis admits. “He doesn’t trust Corey at all. He was one of the bad guys to Liam. He’s not as trusting as Mason would want him to be, and it’s provided a lot of conflict for them. You’ll see that when Cory eventually does earn his trust, they start to form their own little pack. We think of it as the JV team to Scott’s varsity team.”

Your thoughts on Teen Wolf‘s (limited) future? Drop ’em in a comment below.


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  1. john036 says:

    I think it would be a nice twist if Hayden becomes the alpha even though it won’t ever happen

  2. Jason says:

    so is being an alpha a thing of location thing? if liam becomes the alpha does that make scott a beta when hes off to college by himself with no pack?

    • awesompete says:

      Scott will always be an alpha because he is a true alpha. Though if he has no pack he becomes an omega but still as an Alpha

  3. kate says:

    Hayden is a wolf now, Scott bit her to save her life at the end of last season and since she’s already transitioned as a chimera of a type that was part of werewolf, she was fine. I don’t know that Liam can become a true alpha like Scott is and no one but Liam or Hayden can take that power away from Scott. And Scott could only give up his alpha status, I would guess, in a way that Derek did in Season 3, and who knows, he would be willing to. I’m thinking the subject comes up and whether they actually need one (Derek technically didn’t need one and might have been willing to just have the pack be him and Scott) especially when what to do with the fake Mr. Douglas and that if anyone of them kills him, his alpha ability would be inherited. It might become the issue that which of the beta wolves should take the killing shot and they probably won’t trust Theo again by then,

    • Jon Potter says:

      Being the Liam was bitten by Scott, like Scott being bitten by Peter, he can become a true Alpha like Scott, but remember it takes shear will. He would have to do a tremendous and life threatening like Scott did when he rescued his boss, Deaton, from dying when he was hung by Jennifer an evil druid called a Durach. If you re-watch episode 7 in 3 part 1 you will see why I state the requirements for being a true alpha. However Liam needs to deal with his anger issue. You can’t be a true alpha if you are angry, you have to no longer be angry, i.e., being calm like Scott is.

  4. Dominique says:

    i really like what they’re doing with his brother-like relationships, and i do like the idea of the junior pack to become beacon hills’ new protectors, since scott, stiles and lydia will most likely be leaving the town.
    “He doesn’t trust Corey at all. He was one of the bad guys to Liam.” oh. oh boy. has anyone told jeff that hayden was a bad guy too? she was as much a part of theo’s pack as corey was.

  5. TV Fanatic says:

    I kind of wish Jeff Davis will reconsider a continuation series of some sort so that the show can live on in some way!

  6. it’s gonna be hard to look at Liam as more than comedic relief

  7. P.L. Nunn says:

    That doesn’t make sense. Short of killing Scott,or killing some other alpha wolf, or the one in a million chance of becoming a true alpha like Scott, how’s he going to become one?

  8. Blue says:

    Does anyone know if Derek is ever coming back to the show?

  9. whao scott leaving, stiles d albert eisntence of deir pack is going to be weird, hope the pack isnt going fully nd dey can be suportive from outside like d argents

  10. Bruno says:

    I would like dereck to return he was making teenwolf freaking awesome