NCIS Bishop Dating Coworker

NCIS Mystery: Emily Wickersham Teases Bishop's Breaking of Rule 12

Two very different mysteries are afoot this Tuesday on NCIS (CBS, 8/7c), as the team juggles the Case of the Week with helping Bishop’s three (!) visiting brothers figure out which colleague is courting their kin.

Indeed, the Thanskgiving-time episode offers a “major mix” of emotions, Emily Wickersham says in the Q&A below. In investigating a Navy chaplain’s murder, Bishop must accept some harsh realities about the Guantanamo Bay “guilty.” All the while, some familiar fellas at HQ (McGee included!) are getting grilled about possibly mixing work with play.

Here’s what Wickersham had to say about the eventful hour.

TVLINE | When I saw you at the summer TCA party, I suggested that Bishop would be “single and ready to mingle” this season — and when you concurred, you apparently weren’t kidding.
I wasn’t! I didn’t know exactly where they were going to go, but I knew a little bit. Here we go!

TVLINE | Outside of her three brothers, who are visiting for Thanksgiving, who at the office dives deepest into the mystery of Bishop’s boyfriend?
There’s a bit of “gathering and digging” done by many people at NCIS. But it’s Abby who at one point leads us through a visual presentation. [Laughs]

TVLINE | Do NCIS Bishop DatingBishop’s brothers have distinct personalities, or is there more of a “hive mind” thing going on?
There is a running thread of similarities between the three, but they’re all played differently — and together, they are a major force coming in and making their presence known. Jesse Johnson (Killing Lincoln) plays Bishop’s youngest brother, Robbie, and he is probably the most similar to her, I would say, in terms of mannerisms. Ryan Doom (Raising Hope) plays George, her oldest brother, and then you have Jesse Bradford (Guys With Kids) as John… It was really so fun to work with those guys.

TVLINE | A lot of their scenes aren’t with you — and it’s quite hysterical as they forage for intel and interrogate “suspects.” Did you swing by to watch any of that being filmed?
That’s good to hear — they’ve definitely got the funny down! I watched bits and pieces, but I didn’t want to butt in too much. Their stuff with Torres (Wilmer Valderrama) and Reeves (Duane Henry), I cannot wait to see.

TVLINE | When it comes to revealing with whom Bishop is breaking Rule 12, did you know what that final scene was going to be,NCIS or not until you read the script?
No, I had known for a little while who it was going to be, but I didn’t know how the storyline was going to unfold. Were you  surprised?

TVLINE | I have to say, I had no idea who it was going to be, because as much as any of the “suspects” denies it, you’re talking about professional spies, undercover agents and such. I was frankly at a point where if Michael Weatherly walked through the door at the end, I would have been like, “Sure, OK.” They spun a fun little mystery.
They did, yeah. Good! I’m happy to hear that.

TVLINE | On a more serious note: Tell us about the Case of the Week that Bishop gets involved in.
Bishop goes to Gitmo to gather evidence for a Navy chaplain’s murder case, and within that she starts questioning her work at the NSA, and how certain innocent people have been sent to Gitmo. That brings up all of these questions for her, about how many innocent people are there — and how many has she contributed to?

TVLINE | Between the brothers and the Gitmo case, this must rank among your favorite episodes.
I always love the episodes where we get to learn more about Bishop’s family, and have more character things come out. That’s always the most fun to play. And this one especially, I loved how there’s a major mix of a lot of fun and then some super-serious stuff. And there are also some really sweet things.

TVLINE | You’re the first cast member I have spoken to since [showrunner] Gary Glasberg’s passing. Is there a specific remembrance you’d like to share?
Gary’s passing came as a shock to us all. He is really missed with our NCIS family, and will always be. He was very encouraging to me, and really gave me a shot — and I will always be thankful to him for that. But most importantly, I will remember his sweet, generous spirit.

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  1. auntiemm says:

    Agent Francis (Tony Gonzalez)

  2. Alyse says:

    She’s obviously going to be dating Clayton. He was upgraded to series regular this season but has only been in one episode, so this would give him a storyline.

  3. ThatBob says:

    It’s “Pale” Dale from accounting.

  4. Jason says:

    Clayton makes the most sense to me.

    • Larry Hester says:

      Hell no. Enough of that interracial crap. That sh_t is not going to fly, and people will turn it off. Put her with the Agent Francis.

      • Kenbud says:

        Who. Is. Latino. #stillinterracial #idiot

      • Jason says:

        Are you for real Buddy? Every time I think our society might be evolving past that kind of racist sentiment, someone has to remind me how wrong I am. I’ve gotta tell you…even though I was on the fence about who it should be before…now I really hope it’s Clayton so it will piss you off.

      • grazelled says:

        Is this a real comment or just a bait?

        Clayton seems like a fun character and would give Bishop some more spice. Latino agent Francis would too but I a Clayton/Bishop romance might just be what the show needs.

  5. Chip Gillenwater says:

    I thought rule #12 was don’t date co-workers

  6. mrsfoxxe says:


  7. kathy says:

    Who Cares??? Cant stand her because she cannot act, period!

  8. Terri says:

    Like a lot of others. Don’t like her and wish they would replace her. Glad they added Jennifer Espisito

  9. Larry Hester says:

    Do not put her in a relationship with the MI6 guy. I have had enough of that crap, and it will hurt the show. Have her in a relationship with the new guy from The 70’s Show. The show is #1 around the world, and does not need to mess that up.

  10. Jeanne says:

    So, looks like Rule 12 only applied to Tony and Ziva. The season is the worst ever.

  11. jrhack says:

    Why can’t she just go the way of Kate!

  12. Tracy Travis says:

    I think I’ll be a bit annoyed if Gibbs is okay with her dating someone on the team. 13 years of him quoting Rule 12 and now it’ll be ok??

  13. bicycletires says:

    WHY do they still have this lackluster awful personality of a squid of a character on the SHOW????. she has RUINED it with her boring personalty and endless frowny whimpering face…….
    .I cant stand watching it anymore.
    so sad.
    it used to be SO GREAT.

    • KathyD says:

      Wow, so you can’t stand her, she’s “ruined” it and you aren’t watching anymore. Yet, here you are reading the story and coming on whining about a character you so obviously hate. That makes perfect sense, said no one ever. Here’s a thought, push the button on your TV remote and find something you DO like. As a long time fan of the show, I am enjoying all of the new characters and I love Emily and her portrayal of Bishop–it’s better than GREAT it’s bloody FANTASTIC! In other words, don’t let the door hit you when you finally leave……

      • Mark S says:

        Well said, Kathy! Bunch of whiners, the lot of ’em. If they hate the show so much, why do they have to pollute discussions with their incessant complaining. Go away, arseholes!

      • MMD says:

        +100 I simply don’t read any of the articles on shows I don’t watch and don’t understand why people who absolutely hate a show or don’t watch it would even consider commenting.

  14. Pete says:

    Who cares?
    I like Bishop, but have no interest in who she is dating – unless it’s someone way off screen. Didn’t want Tony and Ziva together onscreen, don’t want any of the other characters “paired” onscreen. Give them off-screen lives and friends/loves who get little more than a mention – the way most of us interract with our own co-workers.
    As for the brothers, why do I keep thinking of Daphne and her brothers from Frasier?
    Sadly NCIS is losing its way from drama to soap.

  15. a boring interview with a story line that has turned boring. Get some new writers NCIS, you are killing some great talent with your insipid scripts

  16. Snazzy says:

    This is got to be the lamest story line for NCIS ever. I have no idea why NCIS is featuring the Bishop character. It is an old and boring way for NCIS to go out.

  17. Deb chisholm says:

    When you find a new Bishop your NCIS audience will grow!! Ziva was excellent! NCIS has gotten boring !

    • Mark S says:

      Then don’t watch it, idiot!

    • Dan'l says:

      You don’t seem to get it, Mark S. We love, or used to love, NCIS. However, most of us can’t stand the Bishop character. We want the show to continue but many of us have stopped watching it because of her. One of them is me. Oh, every once in a while I may stop and watch a bit of it while channel surfing but the show it pretty much dead to me. But I don’t make any special effort like I used to to be sure to catch it. I, like many others, blame Bishop.

      • KathyD says:

        “Most of us” Really? Do tell, no one asked me or most of my friends who watch and enjoy NCIS. You throw “we” around like you are speaking for the universe. Speak only for yourself. A certain little group spouts bile every time a story appears about Bishop. Get over yourselves, Bishop hasn’t ruined the show–you’re just whining because the story didn’t go the way you wanted it. Blame Bishop, when the blame should go towards she who must not be mentioned because she quit. Yeah, that makes sense……..

  18. Mai says:

    I like Bishop, and think the actress is doing well with the part. Interview was informative and well done. Looking forward to it. Sidenote – lots of hate still spewing from a certain segment of fans. Geez, you guys need to get a life. There really is no need to be so negative.

  19. MMD says:

    I’m going to throw a wild card into the discussion – Vance. He is single now although I can’t see him dating a subordinate but he is not really a co-worker so it could be a technicality to Gibbs’ rule. Just throwing it out there but I think it will turn out to be Clayton.

  20. Steve Mc says:

    How interesting, you’re only welcome to post here if you like the show and all of the characters. It won’t be a polite place if you say negative things about it. It all sounds very familiar. It sounds like those kids marching around all over the country instead of going to classes.

    This isn’t North Korea folks. People that don’t like what is going on with the show have the same right to post as those that do like the show. Really, your whiny attitudes are off-putting to say the least. This country is so thin skinned anymore and soft, it’s inconceivable they were ever able, at one point in history, to strike out and discover the western part of the United States.

  21. dennis says:

    duane henry isnt a co-worker either. he still works for MI6. so the only co-workers she could be dating are torres, gibbs or agent francis.
    or duane henry starts working at NCIS this episode, because they say hes a series regular but he really isnt. we have seen him 1 episode this season.

  22. Danushka says:

    I don’t like Bishop, never have. Wish she would go away. Didn’t like Ziva either but she kind of grew on me in the end. My favorite was Kate. With that being said, I really hope Torres doesn’t get into a relationship with Bishop. She’s kind of mealy mouthed and wishy washy. Not at all someone who I see Torres getting involved with. I wish they would let Torres be more like his character was in the beginning. However, just my two cents. I only watch the show because my husband is a big fan and he has it on.

  23. Harry Childress says:

    Let’s NOT turn NCIS into a Soap Opra, less on personal issues, and a wider view of military crimes. Not everything is actually terrorist activities.

    • Danushka says:

      So, after last night’s show, does anyone else think NCIS is getting soft???? A little less talk and a lot more action!!

  24. When the Tony DiNozzo character left, it was the last link of the Tony and Ziva saga. Their characters were intense, explosive, warm, funny, all the elements you needed with this pairing. There was this intensity. When Ziva left and Bishop came on board, it was a flatline. They tried to make her quirky and aloof but that didn’t play well. It too was flat. Now they are trying to make her human by doing this dating episode and it too is flat. I was holding off on deciding if i would continue to watch this show for this season. This show is faltering badly. They want to elevate Bishop into a more warmer character by trying to humanize her. Well, they had that shot when they had her married and then we had to sit through her breakup of her marriage and then her divorce. Now we are being subjected into who she is dating. Who cares. She is not that interesting. With this week’s show coupled with last week’s dream episode of Gibbs, has then show turned into a high school production of ‘Save By The Bell’ for older people? When they teased this premise and then the reveal at the end, you really did say, “WHO CARES!” There is no chemistry with a guy we have never seen before. And the brothers, why bring them on to do the perfunctory atypical big brother shtick with no imagination. I saw this woman give an interview on Craig Ferguson one evening and she had no sizzle and not a bit of interesting things to say. She is her character. This was my last shot at this show and the final straw. Ziva is dead, Tony is gone and my memories are with them. Goodbye NCIS.

  25. George Durfor says:

    Why is ncis jumping the shark here. There is already too much mixed race portrayal on tv and commercials. Now you are portraying a federal law enforcement officer dating a Muslim. Totally out of line and a major disappointment by the show and CBS. Not a good move! I fully embrace acceptance of others but don’t want it shoved in my face, I’ve watched every episode some twice but that’s about to end. I have spoken to at least ten people that agree so watch your viewership take a nose dive.

  26. Ncis killed. Off Keseem. I am so disappointed. I have watched this show since day one.and have never been so disappointed.