American Music Awards Sting

Ratings: American Music Awards Drop 31 Percent to All-Time Low

ABC’s broadcast of the American Music Awards on Sunday night drew 8.2 million total viewers and a 2.4 demo rating — down 25 and 31 percent from last year to mark all-time lows for the gala.

The previous lows, set in 2012, were 9.5 mil and a 3.4 rating.

That said, ABC notes that the AMAs delivered its best non-Emmys Sunday numbers since the Billboard Music Awards in May.

Up against stiffer ABC competition and significantly delayed by NFL overrun, CBS’ NCIS: Los Angeles (9.9 mil/1.3) slipped 18 and 19 percent to its second-lowest numbers of the season, while Madam Secretary (6.9 mil/0.8) dropped 26 and 20 percent to hit and tie season lows. Elementary (4.7 mil/0.7) shed a few eyeballs while steady in the demo.

Over on Fox, it went as follows: Bob’s Burgers (2.3 mil/1.0), The Simpsons (2.9 mil/1.3), more Burgers (2.4 mil/1.2), Family Guy (2.7 mil/1.3) and Last Man on Earth (2 mil/0.9, tying series lows).

NBC’s Sunday Night Football (17.1 mil/5.6) dipped 10 and 15 percent from last week’s fast nationals.

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  1. Kevin says:

    Probably because the show was almost 1/3 of political commentary saying how deplorable us Trump supporters are.

    • Wayne says:

      Oh you poor thing. Hope you feel better. *hugs*

      • georgehr3 says:

        Wayne and Chad, you should tell that to all the snowflakes gnashing their teeth, needing group hugs, and safe places to cry because they don’t like the outcome of an election. You are the heighth of hypocrisy.

        • Wayne says:

          Oh it reminds me of Trump crying about SNL being too mean to him. Oh and when he demanded that Hamilton apologize because theater must be “a safe and special place.” Sounds like he’s crying for some safe spaces too. But your okay with that, right? Hahahaha.

          • Well they should, douchebag! Did any right wingers diss Obamas when he won? Well, well, OUT WITH IT!

          • Wayne says:

            @ TJ. HAHA. Are you trying to say that no republicans dissed Obama once he took office? That is by far the funniest statement I’ve read in these comments today. Gold star sir! You crack me up. Why don’t you go back to Twitter and try to perve on Brandi Glanville some more? Thanks for the laughs today. ^_^

        • Temperance says:

          LOL! Well, that’s an interesting stretch of the truth. All I can say is that the Deplorables are in for a lot of disappointment and the ugliest ride in history.

    • Chad says:

      Truth hurt, Kevin?

      • Haz says:

        Umm why such sarcastic replies? I don’t care who you supported at the end of the day BOTH sides are sick of hearing this crap! Only ones who are still wining so much are the very far-left HRC supporters. Moderate libs and republicans have moved on. At the end of the day everyone can vote for who they want too but when we are still being lectured about the choices made and are getting sick of it.

        • Wayne says:

          Aww! Did your feelings get hurt? I was just saying what was on my mind. Don’t Trump supporters love that? Deal with it.

          • Sandra Marie says:

            well then you left yourself wide open with that statement because your replies show you don’t have a mind…and a quote fro Americas leader ma… I WON GET OVER IT…SO LET ME SAY TO ….TRUMP WON …GOVER IT…DEAL WITH THAT…

          • Temperance says:

            He didn’t win. HIs elevation is illegitimate. And guess what? No one is ever going to get over it. Not as long as the monster is around.

        • Wayne says:

          Uh oh. Looks like I got Sandy Sue all upset. Hahaha. She had to put the caps on. Lmao. Couldn’t even type a legible response cos she was shaking mad. You tried to say what was on your mind. Better luck next time.

          • georgehr3 says:

            Again Wayne, it is the fragile babies on the left who are crying and hugging over Trump’s win. You and they should deal with it.

          • Wayne says:

            @ georgehr3. You do realize that this all started because some trump lover was whining about being shamed. Haha. You amoebas are too funny.

          • Temperance says:

            Oh, the anti-Trump folks will be ‘dealing with it’ – and you’re going to hate it. More than you can imagine.

      • No, the truth doesnt hurt Kevin or I or the MAJORITY of Americans who voted for Trump-does the truth hurt YOU, loser?

        • Wayne says:

          Doesn’t bother me one bit. It’s just fun seeing you Trumpers getting your panties in a twist. It’s really easy to get you rabid animals going. As you can see. Haha.

          • c-mo says:

            You’ve used “amoebas” in one comment and “rabid animals” in another to describe people, do you not understand that resorting to name calling weakens your argument? And based on the remaining “content”, it really sounds as though you’re the one with “your panties in a twist”.

          • Wayne says:

            C- mo – Oh darn! Now Trumpies won’t take me seriously! Oh no! What have I done?!! I forgot that they always listen to logic and reason. Haha.

            Again. I just call em like I see em. Deal with it.

        • Temperance says:

          The majority of Americans id not vote for Trump. About 12% of Americans voted for Trump. Less than 27% of registered voters voted for Trump. Despite cheating on a massive scale (both legally and illegally), he still LOST the popular vote and the EC has not met yet. He’s illigitimate, and to be blunt, Team Abject Evil needs to go.

    • True-and we’re not gonna take it!

    • Temperance says:

      So the AMAs were actually useful this year. Deplorables are disgusting.

    • kurt135 says:

      Right Kevin. Americans are sick of being lectured to, called “racist” for merely disagreeing with the liberal agenda. They reject it. That’s why the AMA ratings fell, why Stephen Colbert is such a huge ratings disappointment for CBS, and why SNL last Sat had its lowest ratings of the season. Also why the standard bearer for the globalist elite got shellacked Nov. 8. Rage-filled, violent protests in the streets, irrational hate based on media lies, college cry-rooms with play dough and coloring books for the snowflakes, didn’t see any of this from the right when Obama won. The election results tell the same story as the AMA, Colbert, and last weeks SNL ratings – America rejects their bs. They have no power anymore. The ordinary people have control now.

  2. Eric7740 says:

    AMA’s were low because there was nothing worth watching, Arianna Grande, Selena Gomez as winners in big categories??? Please!!!! There are better vocals that come from my shower than what those to girls produce!!! I fast forwarded through the whole show expect Lady Gaga’s performance, that was all I wanted and cared to see.

    • Larc says:

      AMA ratings are on the way down to levels it deserves. There are far too many awards shows, mostly with the same puffed up, self-congratulating silliness year after year. I wish at least 75% of them would vanish. Permanently!

    • AnnieM says:

      We don’t even have to watch the awards shows anymore to see the performances – just look them up on YouTube later that night. I love being able to do that, being an old biddy who only wanted to see Sting & Lady GaGa, and not all the other crap. :-D

  3. Noname says:

    I don’t consider any of that music, nor do I care to watch rich people have popularity contests.

  4. Tom says:

    Maybe they’ll finally understand the American people made them rich to entertain us. We could care less about the opinions of high school dropouts

  5. Michael Summerset says:

    Maybe everyone just decided to download it from the Internet instead. :)

    The corporate music industry is starting to be seen as a scam that pushes artificially created artists so they can make the most profit. The old model doesn’t work anymore. People can’t be manipulated. The Internet gives independent artists more exposure. People aren’t listening to “pop” music or even the radio anymore. They’re finding what they like.

  6. Gee did they think that stupid ass opening would bring in viewers? Mostly it was a turn-OFF! Enough already, liberal Americans-you lost, get over it!

    • Temperance says:

      Three days after never, bub. Oh, and I’m not a liberal. Treasonous monsters get no quarter – it’s an American patriotic thing you wouldn’t understand.

  7. abaker20 says:

    It’s no shock. They try their best to hype up the entertainment value and people still don’t tune in. As I said before, there’s too many music awards!!! Dick Clark might have helped music popular on television but damn he’s sure killing it too.

  8. Nero tTVfiddler says:

    I watched the AMA for the first hour or so, but needed to get to bed – Monday morning workday alarm. Perhaps I’m just showing my age, but the AMA hosts seemed a bit ‘too up’… a bit too high energy? Sometimes at that speed, it starts to look a bit unnatural and staged. And if the hosts are acting that way, it tends to set the mood for the entire show. Not my cup of tea.

    I know they try to play more music, and have less award presentations, which is a blessing, but the production/camera work tends to (IMHO) be trying too hard to look like an actual live concert. Too many (way too many?) quick camera cuts to the audience, where they show ‘the beautiful’ in the audience, dancing and such. I tune in to see the awards presenters and the nominees and hear the music… I personally don’t need to see every single attractive person in the audience. I can find attractive people on other shows and events. Just my opinion, and it is free, so probably not worth a whole lot.

    Holidays are coming up – happy holidays everyone, and share good feelings and vibes wherever you go. Spread good spirit – we could use that this season. Find someone you love and give them a hug – a hug is something valuable this time of year. Maybe someone in need of a hug – no better time than the holiday season.

    Dick Clark – you were the best… rest in peace.

  9. jane says:

    AMAs always look like someone took videos of performers and put them with videos of a live audience. Doesn’t look fun, or natural, or real. So the show is invariably boring. I’m going to guess many people anticipated political commentary last night, also. Many people don’t watch music shows for political commentary.

    • Temperance says:

      No, they spend a lot of time trying to avoid all education and information altogether. That’s how you get people to vote for monsters.

  10. Collette says:

    The AMAs are crap because most current music is crap and a lot of it can’t truthfully be called music. Clumsy poetry spoken to a drum beat isn’t music or even decent poetry. Pop princesses are not singers. And the whole industry has an overblown opinion of itself.

  11. c-mo says:

    Since these awards are only based on record sales and airplay, similar to the Billboard awards and most of the people buying and listening (read “target viewers”) fall outside of the demo of 18-49, it’s not surprising at all that the ratings were abysmal.

  12. The people who lost the election also lost the argument, their credibility and any kid of moral high ground they were pretending to have . but here they are , suddenly rooting for free speech . lol how convenient . Free speech doesn’t scare conservatives , we’re used to it . liberal leftists are the ones who seem to want to supress it

  13. Chavez says:

    The comments by many of the musicians including lady gaga have made us turn off the TV. Shut up if you want us to enjoy your music. Will never watch San Fran play football again. We want to enjoy your ability, not your views from your pedestal looking down at us.

  14. kmw says:

    Bad that the awards dropped but it did way better than everything ABC usually has on Sundays which is why the network probably isn’t that concerned. As for everything else no surprises with football overruns or not

  15. texmike says:

    Turned it off when the Trump bashing started. The Libs and their whining has become tiresome.

  16. JAG says:

    All I can say is that this country has really sunk to all time lows. Anyone supporting Hillary must agree with cheating, stealing, and lying because that is what she has proved to do. It is a fact that the DNC chairperson Donna Brazil got fired from CNN for cheating in the debates by giving Hillary the questions. And, Hillary had no problem with cheating so long she didn’t get caught. They fired the DNC chairperson and not a word against Hillary for the cheater she is. Is that what we teach our children? Cheat and lye to get ahead. Wow!!

  17. David says:

    Why are the American Music awards awarded to non Americans?

  18. TPrice says:

    After the CMA. awards You lost me with everything!!! Forget Trump~ITS OVER

  19. Carol King says:

    People are tired of entertainers telling us how to think. Your job is to entertain like the court jesters did 500 years ago.

  20. louise_1 says:

    Show was so very boring.

  21. louise_1 says:

    Best part about the show was that we didn’t have to have Beyonce shoved down our throats.

  22. linda austin says:

    Ill never support any of these hollywood idiots again

  23. linda austin says:

    they need to entertain instead of giving their out of touch opinions