The Vampire Diaries Recap

The Vampire Diaries Recap: Good Grief

“How did it come to this? How did all this happen?” Oh, Matt’s deadbeat dad, you are preaching to the choir.

During Friday’s Vampire Diaries, as I watched Tyler Lockwood’s nearest and dearest bid him a final farewell in the forest — where I’m pretty sure there are now more corpses than trees — a wave of disbelief washed over me. “How did we get to this place?” I asked myself (but not, like, out loud. I’m not a total lunatic).

I continued, “What happened to Season 1 Tyler, the simple-minded dick with nary a care in the world, save for fighting with Elena’s brother and trying to bone Matt’s sister?” (In other news, everyone I just referenced is either dead, out of town, or otherwise out of the picture.)

I guess it’s just finally hitting me that the end is near, that I’ve spent enough time with these characters to develop real attachments to them — even the ones I thought I’d never care about. Tyler deserved better, even if the gang’s impromptu funeral was emotional as hell.

DESPERATELY SEEKING SELINE | Speaking of hell, Tyler left a little parting gift for his best friend/human Band-Aid Matt Donovan — a box of research revealing Seline to be Sybil’s siren “sister.” Naturally, Matt relayed this crucial bit of news to Caroline, who immediately rushed home with Alaric, only to discover that the hot nanny had made off with their kids! And not to make light of every parent’s worst nightmare coming true, but can we talk about the girls’ drawing of Seline and Cade? Cutest smoking gun ever:


CABIN (ON FIRE) IN THE WOODS | Bonnie may not have her magic back (yet!), but as we all know, there’s very little that can keep a Bennett witch from screwing over a vampire. Using some sort of magical object — I don’t know the specifics, so don’t ask me for them — Bonnie trapped Enzo in the cabin, then threatened to burn the place to the ground. … No, wait, she did burn the place to the ground, narrowly making it out alive. It turned out the ultimate sacrifice, or even just the threat of it, was exactly what Enzo needed to flip his humanity switch back on. (Sorry, Elena, better luck next time!)

TOTAL MIND-FORK | Much like Bonnie’s cabin trap, I’m a little fuzzy on the magical specifics of this, but Sybil managed to break free from her makeshift prison this week, tuning fork be damned. She immediately went to Damon, who had been “put down” by Stefan and the others as a last resort — that was some really nice shooting from Caroline, by the way — so, as you can imagine, he’s pretty pissed.

What did you think of this week’s episode? Did you also have a minor existential crisis over Tyler’s death? Whatever’s on your mind, drop it in a comment below.

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  1. Val M says:

    Andy!!! Did you notice the Klaroline shout out? My feelings

  2. Stacey says:

    Small town boy, small town life. Klaroline! Care remembers Klaus’ words about Tyler. Poor Ty, he deserved better!

  3. Pam says:

    I not really sure if I like tonight’s episode. The way they did up Tyler’s funeral was pitiful. The one girl who used to love him had little to no reaction on his death. She instead propped up her leading man’s crisis. Matt the bf showed way more emotion and it was well done. The siren got loose because one again the gang drops the proverbial ball. The twins are kidnapped by the other crazy siren. The Bonnie and Enzo scene really didn’t click with me and usually I am all over this. And someone should tell Stefan his plans rarely work. And what’s the purpose of Ric?

    • ND says:

      I’m with you. I wish I understood the reasoning behind not grieving over someone you deeply loved, that was ridiculous. Bozo has been a hard sell for me since they reduced Bonnie’s ‘epic’ love of her life to a flashback and this episode of them certainly didn’t sell me on them either. Surprise, surprise the gang let the villain slip through their hands and when has a plan ever worked for *ANY* of the MF gang? For a final season my expectations are obviously too high. P.S. there’s never a purpose for Ric but for some reason he’s kept around

  4. Angie says:

    The Klaroline shout out tho..Caroline remembering Klaus ‘ words gave me feels 😭

  5. I enjoyed the Bonnie and Enzo scenes a lot! It’s nice to see some real romance on the show again. I like that the romance isn’t about shipping (yes, you can love romance and not actually be a shipper) but is rather about the story between these two characters and why they love each other. I loved how Bonnie was able to prove her love to him. That said, anyone who believes Bonnie was actually risking suicide missed the whole point. She had faith in their love and believed they would make it out alive. And she was right. They have a deep, emotional connection. On a side note, I’m not sure why people are so excited about Caroline referencing Klaus in her goodbye to Tyler. Tyler and Klaus were far from buddies. It was a negative dig toward Klaus’s perspective of Tyler. Klaus said, “You mark my words. A small town boy, a small town life, it won`t be enough for you.” Caroline was saying Klaus was wrong about Tyler in the end. However, I guess he wasn’t completely wrong since Tyler and Caroline didn’t work out. That said, I felt the emotional tribute to Tyler didn’t really make me feel anything. So it was a little underwhelming. But overall, I liked the episode and feel this season is a VAST improvement over last season.

    • Val M says:

      Oh definitely it was a dig toward Klaus, Tyler got over that statement… I can’t say the same for Caroline, she’s still stuck with Stefan and Mystic Falls, but the excitement is because Caroline remembers Klaus’ words even after 8 years, she did listen him, she did mark his words.

    • Angie says:

      I don’t think it was a dig because let’s be honest Tyler left Mystic Falls to get a better Klaus wasn’t talking only about Tyler but all the men who would date in Mystic Falls..and look at her now…it’s the same thing just with a different guy..I think Caroline just realized that what Klaus said about Tyler changed..We can’t say the same for her sadly.

  6. Carla Krae says:

    The intern ran off to meet the police and the tuning fork stopped vibrating, so Sybil could sing and get out again.

  7. Wayna says:

    Everything is moving so fast I don’t get to feel the emotions. And I want to see Damon kissing and making out with someone !! I miss it. it just doesn’t feel right anymore

    • Totally Damon can only be pissed off, hope they redeem him soon and his consolation prize will be some hot mind blowing sex with someone, anyone, at this stage of the game. Have given up on Bonnie/Damon sex just not going to happen, maybe in an alternate reality.

    • JJLantern says:

      Wayna, I agree that we aren’t getting to feel emotions but it isn’t because the show is moving too fast. It is because the writing is so flat and that makes the acting flat and the directing flat.

      Think about how much faster things happened in the early seasons of TVD and there was tons of emotion! Right now I am frustrated with how slow everything is moving – especially how long it is taking to get rid of these stupid sirens and get off this stupid mythology so we can focus on the relationships of our beloved cast. (No, I don’t mean just romantic couples. For example, I would like to see Damon and Matt become actual friends before this series is over. Maybe Damon could save Matt’s dad or something.)

      I also agree with you that since we can’t get a decent story we should at least get some Damon sultry sex! I would honestly prefer to have my emotional, wise-cracking Damon back but will happily settle for his mostly naked body and some steamy kisses.

      I think Sybil should make Damon her sex slave the way he did Caroline in season one. Payback is a bitch! We could see his flesh go along willingly (because he is compelled like Caroline was) but then see in his mind he is fighting it because there is still a glimmer of Elena left. This seems the perfect penance for Damon and the best way for us to get something worth watching – Ian’s abs. :)

      • Damon doesn’t really have much left. After Sybil removed his true memories of Elena and Bonnie and then encouraging him to cut all his remaining ties which led to Tyler’s death. She realized there was too much care and good in his life and set out to make him destroy the rest. Matt and Damon … only one season left, doubt it’s going to happen not after Tyler.

  8. The way Caroline acted at the funeral was a joke!!!! Tyler was Caroline’s first love of her life and his death didn’t even affect her. Am I surprised that Julie PLAGUE couldn’t even let her grieve properly? Nope, not at all, because she will do anything to keep selling sterocest. Officially done with this show. I can’t believe I wasted so many years watching it. TYLER LOCKWOOD DESERVED BETTER

    • Laurel says:

      I’m a Klaroline shipper and I can admit you’re 100 % right…

      • Stacey says:

        You’re absolutely right! She loved Tyler and was willing to run away with him. Her lack of reaction makes no sense. Can’t wait for Sterocest to die!

        • JJLantern says:

          I have decided the only thing that make sense is that all our cast are slowly becoming the one supernatural creature we have been waiting for – zombies. How can we tell? They are clearly losing all their emotions!

          I say slowly because there is still a glimmer here and there but the pitiful funeral, the stiff performances, the lack of care regarding such a profound evil… yeah, that has to be the reason. If Caroline doesn’t kill or go on a rampage because her kids are in danger you will know I must be right.

    • Stop blaming Julie for everything. She didn’t even write or direct this episode.

      • Busterbabs says:

        Your right, she didn’t write or direct this episode but she is the producer. Which means she has the final say in the direction and scripts of the show. You can’t blame Kevin Williamson because he was brought back to write for two episodes, episodes 1 & 16 (& episode 8×1 reminded the fans why seasons 1-4 had such great ratings and strong writing) and you can’t blame Caroline Dries cause she’s no longer writing for this season (though the bad writing that she embraced contributed to the poor writing and failing ratings that exist today). And since Julie Plec is the only major producer left (since season 1), then who else can you hold accountable and responsible but the producer. So that does leave JP to blame and I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t relinquish the reigns for someone else to try to save this show.

  9. Camelia says:

    Hey Andy , Love your review as always. 8 years that I follow this TV show and like you even the person I thought i didn’t care about , I actually care lol. It break my heart that it’s the last season and that there is only 11 episodes left … Yes tyler deserve better, his death was soooo fast like he just came and boom dead…. at least the funeral and all of them being reunited for him was emotional.

    For me it was a WONDERFUL episode and we had some iconic moments.I have season 2 vibes and feels with Steroline at the carnival
    Mark of the episode : A+++

    I wished you would have said something about Steroline and the parallel with the 2×02 episode 😊

  10. Camille says:

    Best moment of the episode : Caroline quoting Klaus. My Klaroline feels !

  11. Maurice says:

    I liked the mention of one the best stelena moments

  12. Dominique says:

    what a ridiculous episode. tyler is dead, and it’s still all about stefan’s feeling and how this will affect damon. boohoo, cry me a river. it’s bad enough they killed tyler, but to have his “funeral” episode be wasted on stefan and damon is just awful.
    caroline couldn’t even be bothered to shed a tear.

  13. Helen says:

    Bad episode – poor acting and flat dialogs. The only one who’s upset about Ty is Matt. Caroline kept it cool, like “sh*t happens”. She’s all about supporting her superman.

  14. Tyler is not dead. I’d bet money on it even though I don’t currently have much to spare.

  15. Sharon says:

    Thought Caroline’s reaction was fine. Tyler was fine. He was a dick to her after they split and especially about Klaroline (justification there) they both had long since moved on.

  16. Caitlin says:

    my theory is that Damons true mission with Sibyl is to kill Cade, thereby destroying Hell and freeing her of eternal damnation. With destroying Hell, all of those souls will also be released. That’s where Katherine comes in. She was sucked into “Hell” just like Georgie so the Nina Dobrev return we’ll see will likely be as Katherine. This also means Tyler likely won’t be dead dead by the end of the series because he too would be in Cades Hell right now.

    • JJLantern says:

      I hope your theory is correct and Damon gets to be a hero for killing Cade – he deserves to be one after all this.

      But, as much as I like Katherine I don’t see how all those people who went to the “hell” could come back. If Katherine could come back so could Kai, Silas, Markos, Lilly, etc. I don’t see that happening. Of course I suppose they could make up some lame storyline for how that could happen since making sense seems to be a thing of the past…

    • JJLantern says:

      Caitlin, after seeing episode 6 we know you were on the right track (almost.) Damon and Sybil do have a plan. It might not be to kill Cade but she had a way to free herself from Cade’s power and Damon learned enough to save the twins. (Of course everyone is crediting Stefan with saving the twins and blaming Damon for everything again – ho hum.)

      Now Damon may have offered he and his brother up to Cade in exchange for the twins (and to save Enzo and everyone else) but he clearly has a plan to get he and Stefan out of this eventually. I am happy to say how that will works could be interesting.

      Episode 6 made things much better but the season is still weak mostly because of the stupid effort to blame everything on Damon. If people had given him some credit along the way we could be rooting for him and be much more invested in any twists to the story. As it has been presented it is confusing and tough to be invested because we have no point of view. I hope the future episodes let us root for both Damon and Stefan despite their having to go “dark” for now.

  17. TJ says:

    Bonnie saying “forever” to Enzo made me believe that she will have him change her to a vamp. Her death will bring back Elena and then Bonniw will be reborn.

    This has been my favorite show for years and I find myself mourning the relationships that we’re so special and seem ignored now. Alaric and Damon, Bonnie and Damon – has she forgotten that Damon left Elena in that curse to save Bonnie’s life? I miss Liz and Damon’s friendship. That was the heart of the show. The only heart left is between the brothers.

    What about the inconsiatencies? Rick said Tyler’s parents died a few years ago. That means three. Not true. This is the eighth season and we just had a three year time jump. That’s eleven years. Didn’t Tyler’s dad die in one of the first few seasons? His mom was murdered by Klaus approximately six years ago when you factor in the time jump.

    I love this cast and these characters but morurn a show that is limping to the finish line. I expected more this season and miss the relationships. Scenes that touched me – Alaric’s death and Damon’s empty seat and full glass next to him at the bar, the finale where Bonnie and Damon we’re sucked into the past, the life and death of Liz, Elena’s final scene with Damon feel like they happened on a different show now. Netflix will definitely have me revisiting this show.

  18. Sybil was able to escape due to Damon cracking the glass in an earlier scene.

  19. JJLantern says:

    OMG ! I just realized that I owe the writers, actors, and everyone else an apology because I figured it out! Tyler isn’t dead – you guys that said so were right! This whole thing from the time that Damon met Tyler on the road has been planned by everyone. The reason they’re all acting so bad and weird is because they are acting for the sirens, knowing that they can read their minds and emotions.
    They planned Tyler’s “death” as a way to show that Damon has truly broken ties and they are acting also for Matt’s dad because they realized that if he had this artifact the sirens want then he could be in on something. Damon and Matt are working together which is what I wanted to see.
    All of this is an elaborate ruse to bring down the sirens. That is why there are so many holes in the idea of Damon being in that coffin so easily – because he was going there “willingly.” And why they left the tuning fork unintended and everything else so she would escape believing Damon was on her side! When he said she was weakened by emotions, Damon actually meant the opposite – she is weakened by their lack of emotions and that’s why they’re acting this way! It’s all part of the plan.
    Okay, I apologize. If this is all true then I can love my TVD again! (I am still not overly impressed by the sirens themselves. BUT tying Matt’s dad in is brilliant. It makes Matt super significant after all!)
    I admit there are some holes in my theory too. They obviously didn’t anticipate the twins being kidnapped or suspect the nanny… so giving Sybil the weapon may now seem like a mistake now… But, I still am hoping I am right about the conspiracy.

    What do you guys think? Jump on my crazy train?

    • JJLantern says:

      After episode 6 I now know my crazy train never left the station. Fortunately there (finally) is an actual plan. We know part of the plan is Sybil’s to be free of Cade and another plan is for Damon and Stefan to give themselves over to Cade to save the twins. However, I think there is more because I think Damon ultimately has a way for he and his brother to save themselves and probably destroy Cade. (Yep, still hoping for that secret redemption twist.)

      I am sad Tyler is actually dead and even more sad that they just won’t give up the storyline of blaming Damon for everything. It makes no sense. Alaric has no business being mad at Damon. Seline stole the children, not Damon. All he did was find a way to save them!

      Besides, how can anyone think Damon any worse than themselves? Think of what Alaric did when he was turned into a vampire hunter. Everyone has been forced to or chose to do evil and should be giving Damon the benefit of the doubt.

      It also made no sense for Alaric and Caroline to say that the twins would be safer away from vampires, especially Caroline. The girls are Gemini witches and Seline didn’t come after them because of any vampires but because of their own unique powers from Jo. This is a constant and annoying mistake in TVD. It was just as annoying when everyone blamed the Salvatore’s for Elena’s danger. She was a doppleganger and would have been in danger anyway. The truth is without the Salvatores both the twins and Elena would be dead!

      Obviously Julie knows this since she oversaw or wrote it but what I don’t get is why we couldn’t just appreciate both Salvatores instead of constantly dumping on Damon. He saved at least as many people as Stefan and killed less. This whole season would have been much better if everyone had been giving Damon the benefit of the doubt and trying to save him instead of hating him.

      Well, a little late but maybe after episode 6 things have taken a turn for the better on TVD season 8? Let’s hope!

  20. chantall says:

    JJLantern- i hate the Siren storyline i think the sybila actress is a bad actress as for the lady that plays Celine (hot nanny). now she is a good actress i remember her from containment, this season shouldve focused on wrapping up the current characters storyline and not focus so much on the new ones. Tyler has been with us since the very first episode he deserved better , also stefan spent so many years looking out for sara only for her to die now that was cruel sara should’ve had a happy ending along with Tyler maybe they could’ve had some life together and continue the Lockwood/salvatore bloodline all the main charaters storyline should be wrapped up neatly.

    • JJLantern says:

      Chantall, IF Tyler is really dead and we’re supposed to take everything that’s happening at face value I totally agree with everything you said. I guess I am just holding out hope that I can still like TVD and they’re going to fix it.

  21. chantall says:

    i feel like the twins need more screen time i just cant get over all that cuteness, and i have to say kat graham is outstanding in every episode, ever since Nina left the show kat has never dissapointed us, she dominates ever single episode KUDOS to our girl KAT.

  22. Marcel says:

    I love the new horror of this show, “the sirens” but Tyler died in a crappy way. In fact I think Tyler was turned into a hybrid(a few seasons back) by the powerful Klaus so that made him twice as stronger as Damon. I think the writers of this show should be fired, what happened to the captivating drama in season 1 and 2. Where are the witches??

  23. chantall says:

    Marcel- yes Tyler was a hybrid but when the traveller’s stepped into town, tyler died and came back from the other side as a normal person he then activated his normal werewolf side by killing Liv at Jo and Rick’s disaster wedding that’s when he turned he bit kai but kai sucked up all the magic and tyler ran he is a normal wolf again.

  24. Tanya says:

    Those twins could kill the sirens and Cade – they are powerful. Suck the magic out of all 3 of them, both sirens and Cade. Imo, they have to die.

  25. chantall says:

    Tanya-i get what your saying and the twins could do that, problem is their just little girls and don’t understand what exactly they can do and i think caroline would want to shield/protect her girls from something like that- and she probably wouldn’t want to put such a huge responsibilty on them, i mean they are just kids.

  26. Mimi says:

    short question.. wasnt tyler a hybrid from whos blood a vampire would get deadly ill? what happended to that? did they forget entirely about what had happeded with this weird hybrid stuff and the link to ‘the originals’ where theyve put an emphysis on vampires trying to kill hybrids and its perks and that only klauses blood can cure them? im very confused…

    • chantall says:

      here’s the deal tyler died due to the traveller’s spell and some guy name julian taking over his body, tyler came back as a normal boy-then at alaric and jo’s wedding tyler was going to die so liv his girlfriend told him to kill her so that he can activate the wolf curse all over again, and in that night tyler turned into a wolf again, just a wolf not hybrid.