SNL Alec Baldwin Donald Trump

SNL: Alec Baldwin Returning to Play Donald Trump This Weekend

We’ll get our first look at Alec Baldwin as President-elect Donald Trump this Saturday night.

Baldwin confirmed to Vanity Fair on Thursday that he’ll be returning to Saturday Night Live this week (NBC, 11:30/10:30c) to do his impression of Trump. “I’m going to do it again this weekend, but not all that often,” he says.

It’ll be Baldwin’s first appearance as Trump since last Tuesday’s presidential election, which saw Trump score a stunning victory over Hillary Clinton. Last week’s SNL opened not with Trump, but with Kate McKinnon as Hillary playing a somber piano rendition of the late Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah.”

Baldwin says he didn’t play Trump last week because he was busy: “I was booked that weekend. Not even other jobs; we have things to do. [Doing SNL] crashes every weekend.” (Baldwin has three young children with wife Hilaria Thomas.) Early reports suggested Baldwin only planned to play Trump through the election, and his absence last week led some to speculate that SNL would have to find another Trump. But he’s back for one more week, at least.

Does Baldwin’s return as Trump make you more likely to watch SNL this week? Cast your vote in the comments.

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  1. Leah says:

    Sad. There is absolutely nothing funny about what Trump and his band of fascist nazis are doing to the country. SNL needs to stop trying to humorize and normalize it.

    • Ted says:

      I disagree. Humor is often a viciously efficient tool in cutting down those in power while highlighting the terrible acts associated with them. Look at how much influence the Daily Show and Colbert Report used to have. Trump was just as bad before he was elected…so should SNL have never done any sketches targeting him? What you’re suggesting essentially undercuts years of political satire, going back to Chaplin in the Great Dictator and much earlier than that.

    • Cee Pax says:

      Trump and his band of… blah! give it a break. The people doing the most damage to America are the violent, unruly bunch of alarmist protestors setting fire to the flag and destroying public property out of rage that they didn’t get their way. Immaturity and bullying seem to be the only core values.

      • Bill says:

        Amazing the kind of blinders the left puts up right?

      • maggie says:

        People are sick of the fact that the person with over 1.5 million votes more didn’t become President. Americans voted for Clinton’s platform, not Trump’s.

        We monitor elections in other countries, telling them “one person-one vote” and “the person with the most votes wins,” but we don’t do that in our own country. Talk to people in other countries, and they’ll tell you that they don’t understand how the person with less votes gets to become President.

        • J says:

          Maggie, look up the Electoral College. It was in place before the election started, so everyone knew the rules. Crying about it now just makes you sounds like one of those “protestors” who didn’t have time to vote, but who now have time to go out and riot each night.

          • Lois says:

            The electoral collage is outdated. It was started because they thought voters were too stupid and uninformed to learn about the candidates and their platforms, and they wanted to be able to overrule the popular vote. Since we send election monitors to other countries to assure that the person who gets the most votes wins, we are major hypocrites to not do the same here.

        • Umad says:

          Over three million votes for Clinton were cast by illegal aliens and are therefore fraudulent. So, no, she didn’t win the popular vote.

    • Diana says:

      What has Trump done to be labeled a ‘facist nazi’? That’s a term the brain-dead left use when they can’t articulate a reasonable argument.

      • anon says:

        Being endorsed by the KKK and not immediately rejecting said endorsement? Heck, If I had been him, I would have dropped my campaign right then and there- that’s not exactly a group you want on your side. There’s also talk of putting Muslims on a registration list, having an anti-Semite as your chief advisor, potentially hiring a white supremacist as your Attorney General and that’s just from the past week.

        • J says:

          Hillary Clinton was endorsed by a member of the kkk and she never rejected it. So I guess she is a racist too.

          • Lois says:

            No, she wasn’t. The KKK guy, Will Quigg, who supposedly endorsed her was just a troll. He claimed he made a financial contribution to Clinton, but her campaign said they never got a donation from him. He couldn’t prove that he gave any money. Quigg kept changing the amount he claimed to have given. Quigg’s tweeted repeated endorsements of Trump, and how Trump was the only hope white people would have to get America back.

            Clinton did issue a statement saying she neither wanted his endorsement or money, and called his agenda hateful.

      • maggie says:

        Advocating registering everyone that belongs to a particular religion; banning people from a particular religion from entering the country; advocating for killing the families of suspected terrorists (a war crime); advocating for looting countries were we send the military, such as taking their oil (a war crime); advocating torture (a war crime); praising the leadership styles of Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong-un, who both have arrested and/or killed political opposition; advocated making it harder for the media to report anything about him that he doesn’t like, regardless of the validity of the report; putting a known anti-Semite, who bragged about running the favorite website of the alt-right (a polite term for White Supremacists and racists), into one of the most important positions in the White House.

        I could go on, but the most important thing to remember is that Trump was endorsed by the KKK and White Supremacist groups, who said he embodied their beliefs.

    • jj says:

      Sad. There is absolutely nothing funny about what SNL and the band of fascist nazis are doing to the country. America needs to stop trying to watch and enjoy it.

  2. Kevin says:

    Wonder if we ever going to see Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump at least until the end of the season. Maybe SNL should booked him as host during this season.

    • Cee Pax says:

      Yeah – good thinking… Alec says SNL interferes with my life and I can’t spend time with my familt, and you think they should book him indefinitely. ???? go figure?

  3. Ann says:

    Why can’t Darrell Hammon do it? He’s there every week as the announcer. It just seems easier, logistically, to have him do it whenever they need it as opposed to hoping Baldwin is available.

  4. Collette says:

    Alec is obnoxious enough when he’s being himself. No point in laying it on thicker.

  5. Alec Baldwins return as Donald Trump – President elect does make me more likely to watch SNL this week

  6. Beatriz says:

    Yes, I love his impression. It’s so funny!

  7. DL says:

    Can we please stop the conservatives vs. liberals insult-a-thon? I’m a Democrat, I voted for HRC, but if we ever hope to mend the divisions in this country, we have to stop attacking conservatives and Trump voters. So many conservatives I’ve spoken to said their vote was in response to all the liberal accusations of bias — a huge backlash against the boy who cried “wolf” (or “racist”) too many times.
    Liberals need to stop engaging in personal attacks, wise up, and get back to talking about issues. Otherwise we can never mend the divide.

    • Lois says:

      I’m a Liberal Democrat, and have no problem with Conservatives. I didn’t vote for Bush, but I still wished him well as President for the sake of the country. My problem is with the specific candidate that the GOP picked this year, Donald Trump. I have Conservative friends who are just as appalled at Trump as I am. One of my Conservative friends gets angry whenever someone calls Trump a Conservative, as she believes he’s a fascist. The people that I know who voted for Trump, both Democrats and Republicans, did so because he was an outsider and they were sick of the usual politicians. One of them just complained to me today that she now feels foolish for voting for him because he’s aligning himself with the entrenched politicians that she was sick of.

  8. Billy Evertz says:

    please get over it SNL, Trump was elected by the American people and I hope he turns out to be the greatest President ever, just like I would have hoped HRC turned out to be the same if she won…grow up SNL you’re not funny anymore. Chevy Chase was funny when he tripped over anything portraying Pres. Ford. Alec Baldwin isn’t funny mocking out our next President, go back to the “scweerty balls schick Alec” that was funny. Lorne you’ve lost a live long viewer until you replace Alec with his brother Steven.

    It’s too bad