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HTGAW who's dead

How to Get Away With Murder Victim Dishes Character's 'Bleak' Ending, Autopsy Makeup, Bond With Annalise

First, the good (but terrible) news: We finally know who’s under the sheet on How to Get Away With Murder.

The bad news? The demise of this series-regular character raises more ugly questions than Annalise Keating pillorying a first-time ADA in open court.

If you missed Season 3, Episode 9 — the aptly titled “Who’s Dead?” — click here for a recap and post-mortem with executive producer Pete Nowalk. But those of you who’ve already witnessed the badly burnt body of Wes Gibbins may need some immediate comfort via a chat with his portrayer, Alfred Enoch.

Below, check out our Q&A with Enoch about Wes’ true intentions in that interrogation room, the tragedy of his brief and tortured life, and the ways we might still get to see him between now and next spring.

TVLINE | Let me start with a really stupid question. Is there any hope whatsoever for Wes? Any chance he’s still alive via trickery or tomfoolery or collusion?
I mean, I can never say anything definitively on our show because whenever I think I have a handle on what’s going on, I turn out to be wrong. But Wes looks pretty dead to me. And I felt pretty dead when I was lying on that autopsy table. [Laughs]

ALFRED ENOCH HTGAWMTVLINE | Assuming Wes is dead, his story is one of such tragedy: He was conceived when his mother was raped by her employer. He watched his mother die after she slit her own throat. He saw his biological father take a bullet to the head just as they were meeting for the first time. His girlfriend was murdered. He murdered Sam. And now he dies before he even graduates law school. As an actor, what’s your feeling seeing Wes get murdered without every really finding happiness?
Yeah. I mean, he never caught a break, did he? I think he did find happiness in a way, but that’s reality, you’re never really out of the woods, are you? In life, and certainly not on this show. He’d put himself on track a bit this season. He was with Laurel, and that was so good for him. He was edging closer to that happy ending he was chasing. But he just gets brought down by something from his past — it’s very bleak that it ends that way. [Laughs]

At first, my reaction was that I was bummed for myself. But the more I thought about it, I was like, “Wes! F—-n’ Wes, man! The poor guy! This is too much!” That’s what started to get me down. Tragedy upon tragedy. When you list it all like you just did, it’s like, “What the hell? Come on!”

TVLINE | HTGAWM creator Pete Nowalk told me he was still grappling with the question of “who’s under the sheet?” going into the planning stages of Episode 7. Tell me how you found out.
I got a message from his assistant asking, “Can you come see Pete?” It felt like I was going to the principal’s office. The cat’s out of the bag! [Laughs]

TVLINE | Episode 7 was where we finally saw Wes on “Fire Night,” though, in the interrogation room, and we were led to believe he’d survived.
I knew the truth by [the time I shot those scenes]. What made me feel like Wes was in the clear, actually, was a conversation with Aja [Namoi King]. She said, “The fact that Annalise gets Oliver to clean the phone [on Fire Night] implies that she’s able to shelve her feelings about it and get down to business. And Aja said, “She wouldn’t have been able to do that if it were Wes.” That kind of made sense to me. But then a couple days prior, I got this strange feeling: “I think it is Wes.” After all the writers have put Wes through, it’s gotta be him! [Laughs]

TVLINE | Was Wes actually going to testify against Annalise, or was he just buying time and/or playing those detectives?
I feel very certain about it. When I saw [Wes was possibly cooperating with detectives], I was like, “Pete, I have a question for you.” The kind of work Wes has done over the seasons to make his relationship with Annalise work — even in this weird state of affairs — he’s come to accept that she’s one of the most important people in his life. As much as she’s done some very questionable things as far as his interests are concerned, and as much as she’s kept things from him, they’ve been bound together. And she’s also shown him fantastic mercy.

TVLINE | Pete Nowalk told me you’re in the remainder of Season 3, albeit in flashbacks. Are there more surprises in store when it comes to Wes Gibbins?
For sure, there will be surprises because there’s a big mystery hanging over him: What happened between the police station and him ending up dead?

TVLINE | Let’s talk about that last image of Wes on the Medical Examiner’s table: Was that CGI or did you have to actually have that horrible burn makeup applied to you?
Ohhhhhh… four hours of makeup! Oh yeah! I’d get on set and people would say, “It’s upsetting to see you like that!” And I’d be like, “Maybe it’s more upsetting to have it put on!” [Laughs] Then when you wrap, everyone gets to go home and you have another hour and a half to remove it! That was upsetting, too! But it was all worth it. It looked pretty great. You’ve got to go out with a bang.

What did you think of the HTGAWM fall finale? Can you imagine the show without Wes? Take our poll below, then hit the comments to expand on your opinion!

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  1. Mimi says:

    Wes is under the sheet! Game changer!!

  2. H says:

    It’s hard to keep up. What was on the phone that needed to be wiped clean?

  3. laurelnev says:

    I have said all along that with Ana’s reaction, it HAD to be Wes or Eve! Wes makes the most sense. But did Nate set the fire? Or had he left before the explosion. And is this Frank “fixing things?” By killing another of Ana’s “sons”? And is Nate really playing bothsides? Does HE even know whose side he’s on anymore?

    Great episode! Can’t wait for the back 1/2 of the season!

    • TiggsBC says:

      Viola Davis has said that she didn’t know who was under the sheet when she shot that scene, so she just went for it. She didn’t know it was Wes.

    • gort says:

      “I have said all along that with Ana’s reaction, it HAD to be Wes or Eve! ”

      Even the writers didn’t know who’s under the sheet.

      • GLEN DAY says:

        That doesn’t make sense. The writers have to know who’s under the sheet. They wrote the script.

        • militantgod says:

          They didn’t know who was under the sheet when the wrote and shot that scene. Pete Nowalk (the creator) said they didn’t decide who died until they started writing episode 7.

          • Aline says:

            Seriously? I HATE when they do that!! I don’t get it…they decide to kill a character but they don’t even know which one! It seems sooooo unnecessary to me. If it was important to the story, they would know who to kill. But to decide that later tells me they’re not serious with the killing. It’s just for the buzz.

    • A. Brown says:

      Nah, Bonnie got the lost nut to do that. He’s a sociopath.

  4. Existence says:

    Well, at least he’s in heaven with Rebecca now.

    • Jim says:

      He was totally going to turn on Annalise. Finding out Rebecca was dead, that was it. Nothing else would have ever done it. Except that.

      • JM says:

        I thought he already knew Rebecca was dead? Hence why he shot Annalise last season?

        • Annie Sisk says:

          That’s my understanding, too. I don’t understand this show’s plot twists anymore. It feels like a lot of sound and fury but what the frak does it signify? I can’t tell anymore.

        • Car_ says:

          If I remember correctly, Laurel asked Annalise at the hospital (after Wes shot her) if it was true Rebecca was dead and she told her that it wasn’t true, that she had said that just to upset him and make him shoot her.

        • Jim says:

          No, my understanding is that Annalise told him that to get him to shoot her last season (which she miscalculated on how much it would upset him because he shot her more severely than she wanted), but that then later, she told him it was just something she said because she needed him to do that and she didn’t actually know if anything had happened to Rebecca. So as far as I’m aware, at the start of last night’s episode, the way it stood between them was that Annalise was claiming ignorance of any bad fate having befallen Rebecca and Wes had decided to leave off questioning the truth of that claim. But when the cops told him they found her body, he couldn’t choose to believe her anymore and had to abandon the uncertainty he was clinging to that allowed him to stand by her.

          • A viewer that pays attention says:

            Hello Jim. Thank You for paying attention, just like I do. That is what happened.

          • Tanya says:

            I think Frank did killed Wes. PERHAPS Nate did it, as he saw Wes there and probably knew what was gonna happen – and Nate would be in serious trouble for his part.

            I wanted it to be Wes, I could not stand him because he got into that stupid relationship with Rebecca – and then had to kill Sam. Why anyone would then cover all that up – I never understood why they did that. Why not just call the cops and tell them Sam was trying to kill her – and Wes defended, NOT intending to kill Sam, just knock him off. Well, then there’d be no show DUH.

            I didn’t like Wes at all – I didn’t like how he got involved with “poor Rebecca” – that whole first season thing that happened, all due to Wes. Someone, forgot who, called him on that this season- blamed him for the ENTIRE mess they ended up in.

            Wes turning on Ana? Did he intend to tell the cops he murdered Sam? Ana did not kill Rebecca. Bonnie did.

            I kinda agree with fans who want there to be one new case per season (or per episode) – but this ain’t Perry Mason :)

            Ana has too many issues – and I don’t like that she dragged those kids into it – and now they are ALL guilty by association.

  5. TvPeong says:

    Still reeling… I don’t like that switch up… I thought every week we were going to see who wasn’t under the sheet. Oh Shonda Rhimes/Pete Nowalk!!!

  6. Shirley Ledbetter says:

    Ah, Wes, not Wes…

  7. Matt C. says:

    The last 20 minutes left me completely breathless. I didn’t think they’d be able to top Sam’s murder reveal…or Annalise’s shooter reveal…but I should have known better! It’s gonna be a LOOOOONG wait for January 19!

    • Red says:

      How could we miss that? It’s always Wes!

      It was Wes who killed Sam, with the trophy, in the hall…
      It was Wes who shot Annalise, with the revolver, in the mansion…
      And now it’s Wes whose under the sheet…

      Dammit man, it’s always Wes!

      I miss Wes… :(

      • A viewer that pays attention says:

        True Dat, True Dat. Looooolllll

      • Sandy says:

        Red, I considered that earlier this season. The answer to S1’s “Who killed Sam?” was Wes. Then the answer to S2’s “Who shot Annalise?” was Wes again. I thought what if the answer to this season’s “Who’s under the sheet?” was once again Wes. I hoped I was wrong and episode 8 gave me false hope. He was my favorite character after Annalise. As annoying as he was during parts of S2, he was still the character I cared for the most. I’m not ok. :(

  8. shea says:

    They have to make him come back to life omgggg I need him to live. Let this just be his way out of turning on Annalise

    • crystal says:

      I agree im like this cant upset

    • Pissed-Off For days!! says:

      I’m furious at HTGAWM, killing off Wes really…this is unforgivable if he is really dead. How is it fair that he was the one who killed Sam, he shot Annalise, he is now the one who is dead..what of the other characters who seem to just be token characters.. And even after doing all those things Wes was the conscience of the show…he was the good one, with a big heart who had everythig taken from him and deserved to have a happy ending. Many of the other characters are narcissists, self serving, unlikable characters who don’t have enough good or likeability in them to carry the show. What is even the point of Connor and Micheala on the show, if not to be snarky and bi*chy at everything and blaming everyone for their flaws. I’m hoping this death is a fake-out but I highly doubt that. This is seriously messed up

      • Trna L Breland says:

        I agree with you 100%. Why Wes…….I pray that they faked his death to get from under the cops radar. I don’t think he was going to turn on Annalise. This is seriously messed up. The show will not be the same.

      • Christa says:

        I completely agree! Wes was my favorite character and in my opinion the most genuine out of all of them! HTGAWM will not be the same without Wes :(

    • Kaye says:

      That’s what I’m hoping Shea. If that’s the case and he’s somehow alive, I believe Nate is helping him.

  9. Thomas says:

    Does anyone else feel a little cheated by the premise that we’d see one person who wasn’t under the sheet every week? That concept was totally undermined by this episode.

    • Dysturbed says:

      I sort of do, but after years of being mislead by previews about character deaths, I’ve learned not to fully buy into hype, despite always being curious about who it will be in each case.

      What I’m referring to is that shows sometimes have commercials, (though it’s generally solely for a single episode whereas this was a “stunt” that lasted for several) and have a voice over say “someone will die” then show a bunch of characters who it could be, only for it to end up not being any of those people. This is along those lines, only more elaborate.

    • Ella says:

      Typical Shonda. Get rid of a good guy and keep the bad (Frank). Can you say Poppa Pope? Don’t ever count on happiness.

  10. Renee says:

    I’m upset that Wes was under the sheet!!!

    • Tanya says:

      Literally, under the sheet. Did the ads say “who is DEAD?” They said “who is under the sheet.” and so – guess from there.

      Any Game of Throne fans? I KNEW – John Snow can NOT be dead. I was right. But even the freaking actor said he was off the show – yeah, but did he say he was off the show forever? He was off the show until next season, bwhahaha

      I don’t like Wes, primarily due to his stupidity 1st season getting involved with Rebecca. Someone called him out on that this season, I forget who – but blamed Wes for ruining things.

  11. Dannie C says:

    It’s always the Brit..
    Well third times the charm;
    1.Wes killed Sam
    2.Wes Shot Annalise
    3. Wes is under the sheet

    I don’t even know how to convey my feelings other than it’s a bummer & like you said wish/hope for another twist with him being alive and they faked his death I.e they injected him stop his heart etc but I guess if he 100% (can never trust this show) I guess we wonder who/how he was killed.

    Thank you for your fantastic work Alfred Enoch.

    • Shawna says:

      I’m thinking Nate killed Wes to protect Annalise

      • Shae says:

        I’m thinking Frank, killed Wes rather to protect Annalise. Nate could’ve set up the burning of the house to erase evidences but since Wes was dead prior to the fire, Frank could’ve done it to protect Annalise too since Wes turned her in.

        • A viewer that pays attention says:

          Are you all forgetting that Wes had just testified about a killer? His half-brother, I guess. I think they killed him,and Frank set the fire, not knowing that Wes was inside. Bonnie told him to fall on the knife to protect them all. Unsure how setting the fire would accomplish that, but we shall find out.

          • Anxiously awaiting Jan 19 says:

            Maybe Bonnie had Frank set the fire to cover up any evidence of Rebecca in the basement that could lead back to Rebecca’s killer aka Bonnie. And now that Wes finally knew Rebecca was dead he went to Ana’s house to question her about it and caught Frank in there and Frank killed him to stop him from snooping around. Idk but I’m mad that poor Wes was the one that was under the sheet. I was thinking maybe Nate, or Eva. But never Wes, he was such a centerpiece for the show.

  12. Sandra says:

    So sad. I was kinda hoping it would be Nate or Frank I wasn´t ready for this.

  13. Jo A Murray says:

    It’s going to be difficult watching how to get away with murder without Wes. To me, he was an intrical character. He’s also quite handsome. I know they killed him off, however I hope they find a way to revive him.

    • herman1959 says:

      This sort of kills (no pun intended) the show for me.

    • Blaqbuttrfly says:

      Agreed….I think killing Wes was a HUGE mistake and the show seems to be loosing its way. It’s starting to remind me of Scandal (which I am not too particular about), Now, I don’t know if I will be dedicated to the show for the next season, although I will continue to watch just because of Viola Davis.

      • Killing Wes , first character we met , one that was so connected with so many plot threads throughout the series meant that writers are brave enough to make bold moves for the sake of improving the show and not just doing fan service and keeping beloved characters around for the fans ( like PLL does orSupernatural with killing Sam,Dean ,Cass and every character who had more than 2 episode arc only to bring them back )

        • BWine says:

          Now, now, now, let’s not drag Supernatural into this. Especially since they had the nerve to kill, and leave dead, one of the shows most beloved characters. I think the writers know most fans are still a little hurt about Bobby’s death which might be the reason other characters we love haven’t bit the bullet permanently.

  14. Samantha slade says:

    I think y’all messed up i think nate or some one else should have died instead my heart hurts for Wes and the others for losing such a great guy who has been through so much! i feel this show just won’t ever be the same without him and this was a huge mistake. Other than that it was awesome! Thank you sincerely, Samantha Slade

    • Michelle says:

      I couldn’t agree more – so sad and disappointed it was Wes under the sheet. Feel like he has so many unfinished stories. The Mahoney storyline was never really wrapped up..

  15. Mariel Moore says:

    Biggest mistake ever!! Should have killed off Frank. I don’t want to watch it anymore. Very stupid and unnecessary. Ratings will definitely decrease. Along with Viola, Alfred made the show.

    • Cheyenne says:

      If it was Frank who killed Wes and Annalise finds out, Frank just might end up dead before the season is over.

      • Ismael says:

        It was Nate that killed him. He was the only one who knew that Wes was with the cops and probably going to talk. We don’t, and now won’t, know what exactly he was going to tell the cops. Nate was also down with some of the stuff that went on so he could have gone to jail too. And since he just got that nice job in the DA’s office (I think it was the DA) he couldn’t take that chance. Now who planted the bomb (or set up the explosive) I’m not sure. Could be that they will say it was a “gas leak” or something.

  16. Asia Cogdell says:

    I’m so bummed that it was Wes under the sheet! This finale was a big shock for me

  17. Beanie Ricks says:

    I always felt like you were a son to Annalise, were there any questions as to if Wes was going to turn out as her son? But more importantly, I love Wes part on the show I always believed it was Anna, Wes, and then everyone else as far as main cast. So for Wes to be gone I am stressing out and it is taking an emotional toll on me. Will we be seeing You in something else? Movies, Shows ?!!! It would really give me some type of relief. You are an amazing actor Alfred. Please reply if you can see this. This was not a smart choice to kill you off maybe hurt really bad but kill. They need to soap opera you back in.

  18. DeAnna says:

    Like …. I’m so upset that it was Wes, he’s like the main person out of this show and I hate that he died it makes me really upset. He was one of my favorite characters.

  19. Enrica says:

    Awesome show! AMAZING writers, producers, directors, actors- but Wes -say it isn’t so!!!! Keep up the great work! can’t wait for January !

  20. Suzy says:

    So shocked!! Loved his character. It’s not going to be the same show without him.

    • Frank Oreste says:

      Wes was beloved by all true fans of the show. He was the sensitive one that everyone loved. The 5 will be no more and it will change everything. I don’t understand why it has to be written this way. Wes was a serious player in the show.
      Hope there is a twist but it’ll be short lived. Wes is history.

  21. Josie says:

    Wes worked a nerve for sure. Really awkward visage all the time. Sad he went out like that. Indifferent about the death of the character.

    • Maelle says:

      So why are you commenting or reading this interview if you don’t care about the character?😒

      • Ismael says:

        Maelle: people can have their opinions that’s why we write in these comment sections. Not everyone is going to like every character or certain characters.

  22. kaitlin says:

    I haven’t like Wes since the pilot. His character just never really clicked for me. I’ve always felt like he kind of brought this on everyone, so since they said there would be a major death, I was hoping for Wes. And I figured it would make sense, what with Laurel being pregnant. But I do agree with everyone else that they shouldn’t have said we’d see someone safe each week and then did a double cross with Wes. Anyway, it was so exciting. Glad my boy Conner made it through.

  23. Karin says:

    I’m not happy at all with one of the K5 being dead. I really don’t know if I will tune in to watch the show when it comes back. Wes was my favorite.

  24. Warren says:

    So Bonnie told Frank that the DA was investigating Annalise and that he needed to take care of it. The fact that Wes was already dead before his body was burnt tells me that maybe Frank is the killer. Plus he was outside Annalise’s house watching when he got a call from Bonnie.Thoughts?

    • Cheyenne says:

      I agree. Bonnie is covering her ass. She was the one who killed Rebecca so she told Frank to “take care of it”. And Frank would be glad to kill Wes because he still wants Laurel.

      • Ismael says:

        It’s just too easy to blame Frank. If Frank really wanted Annalisse’s forgiveness why would he kill Wes? And for Laurel? It was Nate. He has more to lose that Frank who’s a loser anyway.

    • Will says:

      First im a grown behind man and I cant stop crying even though I figuted it was Wes…neva believed he was safe.

      That bn said tertible to kill his character…show wont have any legs beyond 2nd half of yr. Was all centralized around Wes & Analise.

      Now…I think Bonnie told Frank to burn the house down…or even kill Wes. Unless the show cops to a mob hit by the Mahoneys.

      If so Laurel finds him dead …Frank blows the house up …not knowing Laurel was there…and Nate…he left.

      Man…i almost hate the show now. Cant be without Wes.

      • Ahmad says:

        I feel you man. I lght weight teared up. Say it aint so!!

      • Euvee says:

        You almost hate the show? I absolutely hate it now. I can’t recall when last I slept upset, had jumbled dreams and woke up upset. In my opinion, it was too early to kill off an intergral member of cast. I know this is Pete Nowalk’s show but being a ‘student’ of Shonda should have taught him that she only kills off integral members of cast when they ask to leave the show or are problematic. I doubt Enoch falls into either category (I may be wrong). Also, I don’t know how his death affects the plot further than the remaining half of this season. It for sure changes the dynamic of the show but not for the better. For starters, Annalise looked too cool, calm and collected after her freakout. She calmly instructed Oliver to wipe her phone and was calm, albeit sad in cell. Bonnie and Frank were also too calm. The only folks seemingly devastated/scared were the Keating 4 (I thought Connor seemed angry) + Ollie + Meggie. The only way this death could be more painful and pointless is if Wes killed himself or accidentally died. What a mess.

        • I think either Wes killed himself or Connor killed him.

        • crystal says:

          I feel the same woke up today still pissed however I feel the female hating lawyer killed wes because he snuck out without signing and since nate dumped her she is pissed. Either she accidentally killed him then set the fire so that it would seem as an accidental death or Wes killed himself at the house when he felt betraying annalise and the crew would mean laurels freedom as well and he couldnt bare it or out the gate their adding crazy to an all time high by having a clone of Wes to fake out the DA so Annalisecant be convicted. Remember Wes did not answer the first call from annalise I believed she called back or he called her before he left the precinct and they set up the scheme. Either way as you said unless an actor is becoming an issue and not a good employees you dont just fire ppl off the show. I want to be a writer on the show. …im so serious

        • I 10000% agree. I feel really, viscerally angry that he’s dead. Killing inarguably the second biggest character on the show is a huge betrayal, esp this early– even George O’Malley didn’t die until season premiere of season 6. I’m big mad. Peter Nowalk has lost my respect and trust. I would have been very upset as a fan if Nate had died, but it wouldn’t have been out of line with the show. This is a cheap narrative thrill that does little to serve the show past an exciting twist and end to the season. I have never in my life actively hoped for a soap opera-esque twist before and it’s either fake or a twin or something bizarre. I’ll watch the end of the season to see what happened and make sure he really is dead, but if he is, I think I’m out. We really don’t need to keep killing off these handsome men of color for zero reason.

  25. Kim Heskett says:

    Wes was my fav person. I cried at the finale. I was in a state of shock. HTGAWM won’t be the same w/o WES.

  26. crystal says:

    I was seriously crying . The show is about wes and annalise period and a new case is just added on. I dont feel it was good for shonda to remove wes. Wes did u get pig headed and want more money..? What happened why you? I was literally saying I hate any of the 2 of the black male cast mates to go but at the end I said bye Nate not Wes….Why shonda why? Please tell me when annalise called everyone she was setting up a fake scene and this is a host.

  27. Shelley says:

    Im shocked. He was my favourite character on HTGAWM. Please bring Wes back. I’m so pissed!

  28. Jacqi says:

    OMG!!!!! Not Wes!!!! I seriously hope this is a fake out. But then Nate said he wAs dead before the fire. Ahhh!!!!! Come on January 19th!!!!

  29. Peggy Garriette says:

    Please font kill Wes off. Wed is central to the show. Don’t do that to us. I can think of a plan…😂

  30. K says:

    That was honestly deeply disturbing.

  31. Ms Ruthie says:

    This some cracker lack soda crap. WHAT THE FOOLISHNESS! !!!!!!!! I hope Wes isn’t dead. Even though he was getting on my ever lasting nerves last season, with that doggone Rebecca mess. Wes can’t b dead. He has grown so much. I have a couple questions though, how did nate get out that house? Did he set the fire after frank killed Wes. Or did frank do everything.

  32. Mary Breedlove says:

    I am truly upset at the loss of Wes! I just knew he was gonna be able to find happiness with one of the women he was with. Wes has gotta return some kinda way. I just don’t believe it!!!

  33. Anon says:

    Figured out it would probably be Wes under the sheet before Ep aired. REALLY BUMMED about this!

  34. Fernanda says:

    great mid finale… Wes was too annoying character.. now his character become much important as dead than alive.. just like Sam character

    • agreed! very annoying! Oh and laurel pegged him about only wanting to be with rebecca so he could fix her….which is the basis for why he didn’t want to be with Meggy because there was nothing to fix (except himself and he wanted NO parts of that).
      speaking of Meggy…what a bullsh!t-a$$ scene with her and laurel crying in the hospital bed together. #getreal

    • I agree he was getting annoying, but whether you like him or not, I think it’s inarguable to say he was integral to the show. Sam was more important dead than alive because he wasn’t a main character. Not only is Wes one of the main characters, he’s inarguably the second biggest character on the show. His storylines and backstory are tied to the center and he’s by far the core of the Keating 5, at least narratively if you don’t believe emotionally, and the biggest tie between those 5 and Annalise. This was a huge twist and will make an incredibly suspenseful end of season, but long-term, it’s problematic. The entire show will need to be re-worked and re-centered now that Annalise is the only true main character.

  35. Annette Bradley says:

    Still can’t believe it was Wes… where do we go from here???

  36. Jean says:

    I knew that it was either Wes, Bonnie are Nate. Those are the only three people that Annalise would be so upset about if one are them died. I hate it is Wes. That baby Laurel is carrying should be Wes.

  37. Yvon Jo Barquin says:

    Wes and Laurel are my 2 most favorite characters in the show next to Annalise. I can’t imagine myself watching the show ever again without him in it. I’m truly devastated.

  38. Jacki says:

    I can’t imagine the show without Wes. Even though it is an ensemble show, most storylines seemed to revolve around his character. I was excited to see where things were going to go with him and Laurel. How could the writers let them end in a fight? It seems like Frank could have gotten his revenge.

  39. Chloe says:

    Wes had gotten boring so I’m glad it’s him. Frank’s nuts but he’s entertaining so I didn’t want it to be him. And I like Nate so I’m glad he survived.

  40. Diana Davis says:

    Wes No!!!!!

  41. Mara says:

    Why kill of Wes!?!? I was hoping it was Frank or someone else. Wes was a fan favorite. I hope they come up with a look a like body double switch story line. Or maybe that it was all a bad dream Annalise was having. Please, please don’t kill him off.

  42. Mims says:

    I’m still in shock that it was Wes. Had a wild idea that it might be but never thought he would be written out…definitely not this early! #gonnamissWes

  43. Angela says:

    He did look pretty freaky all half burned like that! Four hours of makeup? Dang.
    Wishing it hadn’t been Wes who died-like stated, the poor guy had been through enough already! He deserved a break! But some people just seem meant to live short, tragic lives that burn out ( pun intended) spectacularly, and I guess that’s how Wes was meant to live. Wishing Enoch luck with whatever he chooses to do next, and look forward to the few moments here and there when he will pop up throughout the remainder of the season.

  44. Amazing, amazing episode. Kept me on edge from beginning to end. I can’t believe it’s Wes because whenever I want a character gone, they tend to stick around. I never liked him since the pilot and I wanted him in season 2.
    I always felt he was a toxic character with a lot of darkness inside of him, something most people (except Connor) couldn’t see because Wes has the face of an angel.
    It’ll be great not to see him lurking around the house, wondering if he’s there to shoot Annalise or hold her hair while she pukes, or hear him complain about Rebecca, or worse, share awkward love scenes with Laurel, his supposed love (there’s a storyline that came out of nowhere and never rang true). Love Alfred and he made the character memorable but Wes always gave me the creeps. Had he lived, I believe he would have become a serial killer.

  45. Angela Jones says:

    I’m truly praying that Wes isn’t really dead. I love this show but i just don’t know if it would be as good without Wes.

  46. MJ says:

    so Annalise left the house and the door wasn’t totally shut by her… thats a clue.

    – Nate arrived probably next (because door still not shut)
    – Laurel arrived 10:12 p.m… gets into the house (door was completely shut so) -> explosion

    I think Nate was about to leave the house when Wes arrived and they had a confrontation about Annalise and Nate killed Wes… set a timed explosive device and Laurel happened to arrive there when it went off… by chance

    • MJ says:

      And the anonymous source is Nate… but could also be the female DA snooping around the house and getting suprised by Wes… ending ip killing him… but that’s less likely

  47. Arthur says:

    I’m more shocked that people are upset about Wes’ demise than the death in itself, IMO the character was such a bore and the most uninteresting of the keating five and after all is said and done I’m glad that was Wes and not Connor

    • militantgod says:

      Who is Asher? The most worthless and annoying character on TV. It was the perfect time to oust him.

    • I mean, probably because his backstory was integral and ingrained in the show. Wes and Annalise were by far the biggest characters on that show narratively. And as for boring, I love Asher, he’s funny, but agree he’s adding little. TBH neither was Michaela, she’s just adding to get depth with the appearance of her mother in this last episode.

  48. Kenya Warner says:

    This episode was really amazing, and shocking at the same time. I hope Wes is not really dead because Laurel is pregnant and the baby could be his. Story of my life!

  49. Milo says:

    I maybe just 1 person but I think I’m done with this show…I just can’t with this.

    • Fury says:

      Same , Go to hell Nowak… you killed Dean Thomas! LoL
      Anyway I really liked Wes… sad that they always choose to Kill LGBT OR POC! 😡

  50. Lenora daley says:

    Discussing for the show, not enough good characters to carry it off