The Vampire Diaries Series Finale

The Vampire Diaries Series Finale to Air March 2017 on The CW

It’s official: We have less than four months to spend with Mystic Falls’ finest.

The CW on Wednesday announced that the series finale of The Vampire Diaries will air Friday, March 10 at 8/7c. The following Friday (March 17) will mark the Season 4 premiere of The Originals, which will assume TVD‘s 8 pm time slot.

Now four episodes into its final season, The Vampire Diaries recently revealed that Caroline and Alaric’s nanny Seline — more commonly referred to as “the hot nanny” — is the (even more) sinister sister of siren Sybil. The series also bid farewell to Tyler Lockwood, who met his untimely end at the hands fangs of a spellbound Damon.

Your hopes for The Vampire Diaries‘ last hurrah? For The Originals‘ long-awaited return? Drop ’em in a comment below.

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  1. Andrew says:

    I assumed TVD and The Originals would share a timeslot but I thought (incorrectly it seems) that it would be the other way around with TVD ending during may sweeps. huh. I guess it makes sense if they wanna keep some momentum for The Originals though.

  2. Mery says:

    We need Klaroline to be endgame!

    • R says:

      Yup. That would be great. Klaroline is still the best match.
      I’d also like to see Elena become human and live a normal life where she’s married with kids and away from all of the crazy stuff.
      Damon goes out in a blaze of glory doing one final good thing before his end.
      Stefan hooks back up with Valerie and travels the world incognito.
      Bonnie gets a normal life and a happy relationship that lasts with Enzo.
      Alaric goes back to teaching at a university somewhere in the northeast and has a quiet content life with his girls,
      and finally, Matt gets some good luck, finds some happiness somewhere, somehow and never sees Mystic Falls again.
      But, it’ll probably be a whole lot different and a less satisfying ending because of all the ridiculous Steroline garbage and Matt’s self destructive path, to name a few. Time will tell.

    • Anonymous says:

      Nope we don’t. They were NEVER an important pairing! DEAL WITH IT!

  3. Steven says:

    Why does the season have to be short, though? Doesn’t planned final seasons have full seasons anymore?

    • Andrew says:

      I think in this particular case its a side-effect of the CW having too many shows. Aside from the DC properties, Supernatural, and Jane the Virgin none of their shows have full season orders (and JtV barely qualifies as they only have 20 episodes this year).

    • Laurel says:

      Let’s be real it could’ve ended with even less episodes. In one of the cons someone asked if they were getting a shortened season and Ian said I hope so…I think everyone is ready for this show to end. I just wish it could’ve ended when more people were watching now it’s limping toward the finish line.

      • DeJone says:

        The show went downhill when the Originals left.

        • Lynne says:

          With Julie Plec waiting so long tobring back the Originals she has doomed that show as well. Rumor has it that she wanted out of both shows so it looks like she has accomplished it.

        • Maci says:

          The show entry downhill (more referably for me) when Elena died/ was in the coma and that is why all of this is really happening, who else could the siren girl use to get into damons head?

    • Dmac says:

      The shows ratings are pretty bad, it doesn’t pay for the CW to keep them on for a full season.

      • Louiese says:

        I don’t think that had anything to do with it, considering that the ratings are still higher in the eight season then TO where the last seasons. More then likely the actors wanted to move on and where willing to stay to wrap up the Show. and Story.

    • Jenny says:

      I agree!

  4. SissiA says:

    Any chance to know soon when they should be wrapping the shooting of the final season?

  5. Val M says:

    My hopes are Klaroline endgame and The Originals in series finale maybe as forward

  6. Angie says:

    Just give us Klaroline again 😭

  7. Cheryl says:

    Last season started strong until they got to the slayer, and then I had to give up on that story line. I tried watching this season, but separating everybody and this siren story is so boring. It’s sad too because this use to be my “can’t miss” show. I hope to tune back in for the finale if and only if they bring back Elena.

  8. Lina says:

    Oh man, as a Klaroline fan this makes me excited. The possibilities are endless when it comes to TO and them flashforwarding in the TVD finale like Julie Plec said they were planning on doing.

  9. “It’s official: We have less than four months to spend with Mystic Falls’ finest.”

    I think the word ‘finest’ is a questionable term.

  10. Mary says:

    We love Steroline

  11. Kevin says:

    Nina Dobrev is the heart and soul of TVD since the beginning and smokin’ HOT as well. Don’t know if the series is going to have a happy ending.

  12. Jenny says:

    That isn’t even a whole season! I love this show its such a shame it is ending and even worse that Nina left. The show hasn’t been the same without her in it. The 3 main characters is what drew me into the show and kept me watching each season. I just hope she at least comes back for some of the last episodes. It would suck if it ends without the story line of them all together!

  13. Shubhampatil says:

    Hope Damon nd Stefan comes on the originals show !!

    • Denise Fernandez says:

      That would be great to see ! I like the vampire dairies, but wen I seen Originals…..I was hooked. It was so awesome so exciting , it kept me wanting more….can’t wait till season 4 of original !

  14. Teresa salcedo says:

    Sad sad sad to see the vampire diaries go. It never gets boring I stoll live it after all these years. I am going to miss it tremendously.
    Can’t you do something to keep it
    I love the characters.thank god u keeping the originals
    Maybe bring characters back there.

  15. Rene says:

    Just make Delena endgame that is all I am asking for :) I’ll even say please…

  16. sandra says:

    God I’m sooo happy it’s coming to an end… i don’t recognize the characters anymore and the storyline is all over the place… Can’t wait for the finale.. GLORY!

  17. zed says:

    I hope Damon goes out in the blaze of Glory saving everyone! That would be great redemption thing! And, truthfully, the whole siren thing is so blah. And if they had only 10 episodes this season- it would be just fine. Everything is so stale now- sorry, but that is my opinion. Kevin Williamson should have returned after season 5 and then maybe things would have been more exciting. Well, I’ve been with the show from day one- and I will see it through.And so the Originals star in March- right- wasn’t they supposed to start airing in January? Ah, well. guess tvd story would maybe be fused with the TO- Alaric crossing over to give Elijah important artefact- wonder how TO is going to end- maybe Klaus will make the big sacrifice for his daughter and Haylijah will go walking into the sunset raising his kid….

  18. Reneer says:

    Firstly, they need to destroy this place called hell hell a chi ll and bring back the only bad ass character they ever had on the her name is Catherine. She and Stefan belongs together. For some odd reason I truly believe that Bonnie and Damon have this weird connection I actually love each other they have a bond that is magical and they should be together. I think if they both allowed each other to realize that they both have been there for each other more than any other people have been there for them they will actually see that their love has been building throughout all the series which is totally how love should be. I also think that Caroline should stay close to Rick and the girls that way she can protect them because she wants to be a mom and raise a family

    • Kate says:

      I am so glad to see someone else for Stefan and Catherine! I feel Stefan is really the only man she has, and will, ever love. I would love them to end up together somehow, I have no doubt that if Damon knows he is going to hell that Catherine in there right now lol. I also definitely agree that there could be something for Damon and Bonnie! So glad I seen your comment lol, made me excited!

      • fiona says:

        ikr!! damon – bonnie, elijah-katherine, stefan-valerie or stefan-catherine, elijah-haley, damon – bonnie (if elena dies), elena-matt (if damon dies), bonnie-enzo if damon and elena pair up together. alaric back to teaching, while raising his girls.

    • Taylor Love says:

      Aw, I’m not crying, you are!! Lol took the words right out my mouth, #bff’s forever #DamDamandBonBon lol #TVD

  19. Kaela says:

    The only reason “Damon” & “Elena” most likely won’t be seen back together in the last season is because Nina and Ian don’t want to have any contact if possible due to their messy break up in real life. It’s a shame even actors let their real life drama get in the way of a perfectly good story line.

  20. Fran van Gelder says:

    Please keep the Vampire Diaries on the air. How many names would the petition take?

    • Lane Wilkins says:

      The only concern I have is the “vampires” are getting older. They no longer have the “teenager” allusions…smile

  21. Vampire Diaries and The Originals are two of my favorite shows I’m so disappointed that Vampire Diaries is ending. Please don’t end the Originals :(

  22. Lane Wilkins says:

    I always wanted the show to end with Elena waking from a dream. Everyone would be alive, and everyone would get the one person he or she was meant to be with. What a great ending. Noone is a vampire or a witch; however, as the show ends forever, a shadowy figure appears standing on the bell tower, looking down at the community. Just my idea of a happy ending

  23. Randy says:

    I think the only way to end it is to have Damon and Elana get back together . After all the time it took for Elana to find out how much Damon really did because he loved her, and how much their love had grown , It would be the best grand finally to end the series .

  24. Make a would be great if it will goes back from where they started in season 1 since the lovebirds stefan and elena will come to an end as they had the premonition to have kids and get married(ridiculous if stefan will turn out his immortal life-but how i wish though)katherine and demon caroline and klaus bonnie and enzo(since jeremy is dead) matt will be mystic falls best sheriff.

  25. Sheri says:

    I have watched TVD for 8 yrs now & want more. I hate to see it end. I am 62 yrs old & love this show!!!

  26. Denise Fernandez says:

    Can’t wait for the Original to start back up….they are my favorite ! I’m hoping that they continue to make more seasons….the cast is just awesome….love the story ❤…..I’m they’re #1 fan…….keep them coming !

    • Denise Fernandez says:

      I also wanna add that the main character in vampire dairies ….Damon & Stephan go to New Orleans & meet up w/the originals. ..think that would be great since there are old friends

  27. Skip says:

    Please don’t end Vampire Dairies! I love Damon and Stefan… I miss Elena but I love those brothers more than I miss her. Their story works without her…

  28. Valentina says:

    Can I be in vampire diaries Please

  29. bobbie says:

    It needs to end with Sam and Dean Winchester coming into town on a case and have one crossover to supernatural.

    • Lynne says:

      In response to Bobbie Hella yeah the Winchester’s would come in there and clean it all up. And we wouldn’t have these whinning characters because they have gotten pretty whiny this season. Yea Dean and Sam would take care of business.

    • Purple says:

      Lol. I love it!!!
      I watch Supernatural, TVD, The Originals and other CW shows. The Winchester boys would look real good sitting at a table with Damon & Stefan. That’s only if the world was ending, otherwise Sam & Dean would be killing those vamps.

  30. Taylor Love says:

    Now what a way to shut down the haters! Salveter brothers are back in a flash, there’s a old “new” sheriff in town and his name is Matt Donovan lol, Enzo and Bonnie’s undying loving Romance, and future Mrs. Salveter Ms. Caroline Forbes honey is giving me that old Caroline we fell in love with.

    I’m so happy with this season 8 TVD I wish it didn’t have to end but at least we’re going to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I wish them all the best as they part ways and continue there journey to the big scree.


  31. Taylor Love says:

    Just saw season 8 TVD recent episode Enzo! Really! Just when I was starting to live for Enzo and Bonnie it’s all gone just like that, #dead #suchhighhopes

  32. K Hargrove says:

    Goodbye boring vampire diaries you really went down hill when Nina dobrev and Michael Trevino left. To all up and coming actors and actresses when you’re in a popular tv show the last thing to do is to have an off screen romance with your co star when things go wrong and it becomes awkward to be on the same set especially when one of two gets married you know someone is going to have to go unless the story line could have been arranged so that the two don’t have to work together at the same time ,but case in point that was not to be with Ian somerhalder and Nina dobrev and so Nina leaves and is out of a job was it worth it.When your young and lucky to work on a popular tv show and be one of the main characters remember this,….. Career First .I have no doubt in my mind that when it came down to Ian somerhalder and Nina dobrev ,Ian thought me first

  33. Taylor Love says:

    A special request JP? If #tvd has to end then at least consider a new beginning…I’m thinking a new tv show all new cast called…wait for it, “The Salveter’s.” Starting from the beginning of the brothers lives before they were vampires and their families blood line and all the secrets and superstition #ijs

  34. Maci says:

    I hope Bonnie is gone in the last few seconds and Elena returns. Still SUPER sad about it ending.

  35. Talika Brown says:

    I don’t understand why TVD has to end….does that mean last season for the originals…why do the good shows have to end 😢

  36. Monique says:

    Vampire Diaries shouldn’t end best show ever

  37. sarah mcloughlin says:

    please do another series of the vampire diaries if u can’t why can’t someone else u can’t bring elegant back then not do another one

  38. Shannon Floyd says:

    I can not believe it is ending!!!! I love this show!!!

  39. Rdomhall says:

    I hope Stephan ends up with eleana a faithful viewer after the premonition of their life together. Or Stephan and Catherine

  40. Sierra says:


  41. alex says:

    the way they ended the show was gorrible they left out so much stuff and how are they gonna end the show with the final word of Catherine now is queen of hell they could have made a complete season on just that they dident need Alana to finish they series off they wer doing just fine without her not to yack on nina tho she was my second fav character but they could have kept going on with it

  42. I have mixed emotions over the last episode. I feel bad that the series has finally ended but at the same time happy of what happened to the life of every characters who played in the show. When Elena got finally reunited with her family as well as Damon being welcomed by Stefan. Awwww. Life may not be perfect but we always have the choice to be at peace and happy.