Frequency No Tomorrow Cancelled Renewed

Frequency, No Tomorrow Not Receiving Back Orders at The CW

The CW is officially capping Frequency and No Tomorrow‘s freshman seasons at 13 episodes apiece.

Though neither show has been officially cancelled, the network has decided not to order additional Season 1 episodes, our sister Deadline reports. As recently announced, No Tomorrow will wrap its first season on Tuesday, Jan. 17, while Frequency will close out on Wednesday, Jan. 25.

Silver lining: Both shows will make their first seasons available on Netflix eight days after they conclude. As Deadline notes, the series’ streaming success (or lack thereof) could sway the network’s decision to renew them.

If neither show is renewed for a second season, will you be bummed? Which will you miss more? Drop a comment with your thoughts below.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. bluji says:

    No Tomorrow has been pretty fun so far, and from what I hear, Frequency has been alright as well. Hope they get second seasons. :<

    • Mika says:

      I sampled two episodes of No Tomorrow and then bailed. Although it seemed promising, it wasn’t enough to keep me with so much TV to watch these days. Our DVR lists has limits.

      • Ally Oop says:

        I was still watching both but neither fell in my top 30 on my ever-growing TV watchlist. There’s just too much to watch on TV these days.

        • Tommy Petrovic says:

          Man, I know. I thought I was the only one. I’m 32yo and my list is at 36. That includes roughly 10 (TBA popular shows and Midseason Waits) but yeah, crazy. I wasn’t into the show at first, Peyton List is a strange actor but then again, she worked into the part in a way. I do like Riley Smith, don’t remember anything with him that I can recall, but it is a great show so far – though nothing will beat the film. I mean, I was bummed when I saw the headline, “No more 1st season shows” but then I realized that was 13, I thought that they were gonna stop it now, and not show 10. So while I admit that I was bummed, it is not like a Sherlock bummed or a Doctor Who bummed, or even a Lucifer bummed! Ha. I know these aren’t CW shows, but this isn’t a CW site so whatever. Wow, I wrote a lot. I’ve never watched as much TV as I do now. Crazy. Have a Merry Christmas Ally-Oop!

      • Soly ball says:

        Bring back my show!!!
        Ill admit in the 1st 2 shows I wasnt much into it and then I was hooked. I fell in love with the characters and they were all so relateable. We all have friends like theses characters and it so fun to watch them in their work life. Which we can all find humor and understand the nuances of that crap.
        Not too mention we all be livingna life worth living which is the who premise of the show
        Please bring it back!!!

        • temporal says:

          Yes! I hope they bring it back! The article said that frequency of viewers might sway them to bring it back…so I think I’ll rewatch the existing episodes a bunch in hopes that they do! It has seriously made me make different choices with the thought of having limited time, it is very refreshing to decide to do things that are worthwhile and fulfilling.

      • Paul says:

        My 4 DVRs are consistently hovering at 2 % and I end up having to delete shows I don’t want to. Though, I think these 2 shows are awesome once you kind of get into it.

    • Hallie says:

      I think the likelihood is not good both are doing really bad as well they have the misfortune of being premiered in a season where the CW has more shows then they have airtime so when it comes to renewal they are going to have to cut the shows that have the least amount of fans following and has the lowest ratings. If they premiered when there were not a lot of CW shows then lower rated shows can get away with more but this season CW had more shows then airtime plus had to pick up the CBS supergirl and fit everything in with only 10 hours a week

      • Cammi Hubble says:

        They better renew Frequency! I absolutely am in love with this show!!!

        • xoCxo says:

          So do we!! I really hope they end up renewing frequency!!

        • For3valoyal says:

          I do too! I work overnight and I love watching it ! so much suspense and action never a duel moment !!! Also makes time go by super fast !!

        • Merritt says:

          Yup, Cammi, I sure hope Frequency returns. Fast-paced and intelligent. One of my favorite shows.

          • Paul says:

            Those are two of the best shows on the network, to go along with Riverdale, Flash and Reign. I did not like seeing this news about cancellation. Too bad.

        • It’s very well written. I am watching on Netflix right now. I admit, I was just focused on the shows from last season, and didn’t give it a chance. I didn’t even get to know the premise beyond the ham radio past/present thing. I didn’t even know about the cop element. Now, watching it — I’m amazed at the clever way they are telling this story. I’m episode eight. It’s crime-solving relationship-driven awesomeness. I hope they renew it or if they’ve already said no, they reconsider!

      • AndyJ says:

        I caught Frequency flying from London to LA. They had 8 episodes on Air NZ. I did 5 hours straight. Enjoyed the premise, the acting and action was great. I only watch one TV show regularly and would happily add this to my list.

    • Me too. I rather see these two shows than Jane the boring, virgin and crazy ex-girlfriend. Xavier and evie are a good couple and they stay togheter. Frequenoy shoild have a little more drama and it can be another x-files type show. It needs less talking. The first episode was the best one in the series.

      • Tim says:

        No Tomorrow was intriguing from episode to episode throughout the season. It ended on a good note. Hopefully, it will be renewed for a second season. The possibility that it will become a hit are high, in my estimation.

      • Paul says:

        I agree. No Tomorrow and Frequency are two of the best shows on network. I normally do not watch CW, other than to check out Flash and Reign sometimes… But this season, they have Riverdale, No Tomorrow and Frequency which brought new types of viewers like myself that usually watch the other major networks or cable. CW used to have all these silly tween girl shows, but this year they added stuff that’s more appealing to those who’ve graduated college.

    • Chelsea Eastin says:

      I think No Tomorrow would have been even more successful in getting lasting viewers if it had been a half hour program; its so much easier to channel surf & stick with a cute show you find cause you know itll be over at the 30 so youll sit through the commercials live.
      This easy to watch, light-hearted, dont-have-to-think-to-laugh type of show is hard to find so I think it could definitely have been successful for a full 24 episode season[logistically, itd be the same amount of film-time: 12- 1 hours or 24- .5 hours], especially with its genuinely cute & unique premise!
      However, the subject matters the writers chose arent topjcs that need hour-long discussions so the characters seem to run out of things to say halfway through the episode.
      (I saw it on Netflix, by the way, thats why I’m so late to the discussion haha).

      Do you agree?

  2. Patrick says:

    I don’t watch either, but I feel for the fans of each. I’m sorry the ratings weren’t better. Good luck.

  3. Pia says:

    I jumped into Frequency after a few episodes had aired. It’s slow going, but they reward you with information and leave you wanting more. I’ll be sorry to see it ago. No Tomorrow is fun, but I’m not surprised people skipped it.

    • Jim says:

      Both of these shows seemed like they had the same problem: the premise has limited storytelling potential that made it suited for a strong movie but a weak, watered-down series. I know it’s hard to get movies like Frequency made these days (not many mid-budget movies coming out of Hollywood anymore) and No Tomorrow may not have stood out from the pack as a movie either, but television just isn’t the place for every project no matter what.

  4. Too Late Kev says:

    I like both shows. I’d miss Frequency more, unless it manages to wrap up the Nightingale case. For No Tomorrow, I don’t care much about closure — it’s the journey that counts there, and I’ll miss that lighthearted journey.

  5. AB says:

    Well they’re likely cancelled and so is CXG. TVD is also gone.

    On the bright side maybe Legends of Tomorrow and The 100 can finally get 22 episode seasons next year?

    • John036 says:

      I think I read that LoT was too expensive for a full 22 episode season, but they did get 19 episodes this year so I’m more than likely wrong. And I don’t know about anyone else, but I kind of like the shorter seasons for The 100. Keeps things tight, story wise.

      • Christina says:

        I agree about the short seasons dor The 100. I wish all the main networks would figure out that shows do better with shorter runs. The writers can lay out a story & tell it with out waisting episodes on filler, which in turn opens up more slots for other short run season shows that will hopefully will be good for the same above reasons.

      • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

        Quantity =/= quality.

        • John036 says:

          Wow I’ve never had a TVLine writer comment on one of my comments. My day just got 100x better

        • Butch says:

          It is interested to me that people comment that 22 episodes result in too many filler episodes and that a 13 episode season will result in only quality episodes. What would these people have thought when networks produced 34 to 39 episodes a season? That 3/4 of them were filler?

          • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

            ‘Twas a different time. And yes, those shows had a lot of filler.

          • lrdslvrhnd says:

            With very few exceptions, shows weren’t serialized then. Every episode was meant to stand on its own; if you missed last week’s, you weren’t lost this week. If Billy got a girlfriend this week, she’ll likely be gone next week. You couldn’t have filler episodes when there was no overall arc *to* fill.
            That’s far from the case now with pretty much any show that isn’t a sitcom. Even procedurals tend to have at least a little bit of an arc nowadays.

        • 2much2watch says:

          The Good Wife, case in point.

        • KarenB says:

          Hey, talk to The CW. If you’re following these posts, you can see a lot of support for continuing these shows. I know other shows viewers were able to continue after they were cancelled. Can’t this happen with these shows?

      • Butch says:

        LOT got 17 episodes actually per TVline. 4 more than the original 13 ordered. I enjoy Frequency and am sorry it is limited to 13 episodes. The time travel shows don’t seem to be doing well this year. Time After Time is still to premiere.

  6. Mariatortilla says:

    I love No Tomorrow. I hope it sticks around because I would love to see how it plays out

    • KT says:

      Me, too! It’s super fun and has a great cast. I hope it gets viewers through Netflix. It’s nice to have an original concept show. I’d be really bummed it it doesn’t come back. I do like Frequency, but it’s kind of slow going. I’m interested to see where it could go on and be different from the movie.

    • Sarah says:

      I also love No Tomorrow, but no one seems to know it exists, so am hopeful that Netflix exposure will help. It lights up my week with it’s quirky characters and visual puns.

      • Kaye E Hughes says:

        Well said. Im watching it on Netflix..No Tomorrow..and i love the lighthearted tone and feelgood storyline. Tired of crime dramas. Hopefully if CW doesn’t renew it maybe Netflix can take it over.

    • Brea says:

      Love No Tomorrow. I went into not sure about it but I just finished season in 3 days.

    • Dianna says:

      By these comments I was wondering if we all we watching the same shows. I absolutely loved No Tomorrow! It was different and funny. There are do many stupid reality shows on that people have forgotten how to get lost into a character. Xavier and Evie had great chemistry and loved the saga. It was like reading a good book you can’t put down as you push the arrow to watch the next episode on Netflix until 1 in the morning.

  7. This sucks! Frequency is my second favorite new broadcast network show.

  8. Watch both – enjoy them. No Tomorrow is cute! Love the “Take life by the horns” message. Initially worried that Frequency would be “one note”, but they switched things up when they introduced a strange FATE dynamic into the saving of potential victims. Made for an interesting twist.

  9. kate says:

    I gave up on Frequency, but I really enjoy No Tomorrow, it just doesn’t fit with my Tuesday night viewing like say that iZombie did. If the Flash still had a happy go lucky attitude, it might work better. Heck, next year if it returns (and honestly, the show has to make some decisions which it is saved from with 13 episodes, ie, is Xavier crazy or is he actually correct and I know there are miles in between and that they also aren’t mutually exclusive) it would be a fun Friday night treat with Crazy Ex Girlfriend (which fingers crossed, but unless there is a big movement in the front office of the CW, it’ll get a third season)

  10. Kevin says:

    No Tomorrow and Frequency have been struggling from the start but it looks like neither one of them could be on the verge of cancellation soon.

  11. Wordsmith says:

    Hopefully this isn’t a sign that CW is abandoning these shows, and more a byproduct of the fact that they have more active shows than they have hours to air them.
    Given that they renewed basically everything last year AND added several newbies, something had to take a back seat to compensate.

  12. Craiger says:

    I hope they are able to will wrap it up with episode 13 with them catching the Nightingale and her father and mother be together in 2016. I also wonder if they wonder if her Mom and Satch will find out he is talking to his daughter in the future? Also Peyton List is great in this. She reminds me of Laruen German on Lucifer.

  13. Temperance says:

    There isn’t anything wrong with a 13 episode season running multiple seasons. Most other countries run 6 or 13 episode seasons as the norm. The 13 ep seasons are great because you can get one done before the holidays and generate excitement for a different set in January so we don’t have that horrible gap. we’re going to be needing some panic distraction this year…. and maybe longer.

    • Anne says:

      Agreed. I almost prefer a shorter, but narratively stronger, season. Unless it’s a straight up crime proceedural with no overarching ‘story’, shows do better too with that structure

  14. Wordsmith says:

    For the record, I think Frequency is handling the mind-bending logic of altering history in a smarter and more interesting way than Timeless, Flash or Legends of Tomorrow. It’s smart, grounded sci-fi.
    And No Tomorrow fills my much-needed “lightness and joy” quota every week. Maybe the show is fated to be ephemeral, but I would really be crushed to see it go.

    • Daisy F. says:

      I couldn’t agree with you more on both counts! I enjoy both shows very much. I watch so many dark, doom and gloom dramas I think No Tomorrow is a refreshing change of pace. There aren’t very many shows that feature a sunny more positive hero/heroine; it reminds me of Parks and Recreation that way. Its a show that I look forward to and watch first on Tuesday nights. I will be very sorry to see it go.

  15. All I hope is for Frequency to have a hald decent ending. I started knowing it was on life support, and it’s not my favorite show, but I’ll still be frustrated if it ends with a forever cliffhanger.

  16. A-C says:

    Both are already available on Netflix in Canada since no network or cable picked them up here. I wonder how they’re doing here since they don’t air on tv, just Netflix. I only watch No Tomorrow, but I’d be really sad to see it go. I love how light and fun it is.

  17. Jennifer says:

    Aw this makes me sad. I have really enjoyed No Tomorrow. The message about living life is fantastic and let’s be honest Joshua Sasse is so easy on the eyes. Loved him in Galavant and he was the reason I watched No Tomorrow

  18. Anne says:

    I’m really enjoying Frequency so I hope it does well on Netflix and the CW renews it.

  19. Sarah says:

    Frequency is one of my favorite new shows. I’d be sad to see it go and miss the twisty time shifting themes in every episode.

  20. Tabatha says:

    I will be bummed if either one of those shows get canceled. It seems like any new show that I like gets cancelled. It makes it discouraging to give new show a chance because of this.

  21. Ann says:

    I really like Frequency. I hope it gets renewed, but I don’t know what they would do for a second season if they wrap up the Nightingale storyline.

  22. Sara says:

    The CW has a crazy amount of shows right now anyway, where would they put the back half? Might as well end them so they can go up on Netflix and gain more viewers.

  23. wrstlgirl says:

    Never watched No Tomorrow but Frequency is okay, not great, but okay. Not surprised it’s probably cancelled.

  24. Larc says:

    I can imagine both viewers of these shows will probably be upset.

  25. PatriciaLee says:

    Frequency is a delight, too bad. But Hope Springs Eternal!

  26. Tom says:

    Does the CW even know how to cancel shows?

  27. says:

    Thanks Patrick for the condolences :). I’m going to need them. Missing frequency already.

  28. Butch says:

    After Frequency and Legends of Tomorrow finish their seasons, The Flash , Arrow, and maybe Supernatural will be the only shows on the CW I will be watching until iZombie returns on April. It going to be a long winter. It’s a shame because I have been watching the CW more than any other network this fall.

  29. Dominique says:

    i’m bummed about frequency. it definitely needed a few episodes to get going, and for the characters to find their footing, but it’s here now, and it’s great. so it’d be a shame for the cw to quit now, so i hope frequency will get picked up.
    i don’t watch no tomorrow so can’t make any comments on that.

  30. Meg says:

    No Tomorrow is pretty fun, so I hope it continues.

  31. Lauren says:

    I kinda like No Tomorrow… the only CW show I watch, actually.

  32. Rachel says:

    I like them both but I will
    miss frequency more. Crossing fingers for a renewal :-)

  33. chadcronin says:

    I watch them both. I think No Tomorrow needs to focus on the couple and doing fun things. The co-worker heavy plots aren’t working. The 2 leads are good, focus on that, the pilot did. I really think Frequency is a great show and I watched the movie right before watching the pilot and think it’s really well adapted. I hope both stick around. Everyone keeps talking about their DVR. I bought a 6 tuner one directly from tivo, so people get out there and buy one if you can’t figure out your viewing schedule. Also The CW has a free app now

  34. Awww. I love No Tomorrow! This makes me sad. :-( It better not end on a cliffhanger.

  35. terry37128 says:

    Two more shows I started against my better judgement, knowing they might be cancelled. Hope they will at least resolve the story lines.

  36. AndyG says:

    I’m such a fan of Frequency! Don’t get me wrong No Tomorrow is fun, but all the past/present dinamic is great in Frequency. Hope Frequency gets to live to see a second season. The CW can’t be based on vampires, superheros, and Supernatural forever. Long life Frequency.

  37. Phun says:

    I wish more people were watching Frequency. I like the show.

  38. lrdslvrhnd says:

    I’m enjoying No Tomorrow; I’m curious what they were going to do in 8 months, 12 days or whatever the countdown was; hopefully, we find out one way or another.

  39. John NYC says:

    I’d miss Frequency. Have appreciated Peyton’s acting for a while now.

    Never caught the other one.

  40. I wonder if CW is ready to take the leap into some programming on Saturdays or Sundays? Would be better than reruns of Mike & Molly & 2 Broke Girls.

  41. Jared says:

    Frequency has been really good. Dark, gritty and a little off brand for The CW. I’ll just enjoy the ride as long as it lasts. I’d watch Riley Smith in anything pretty much.

  42. Sheila says:

    Bummed about No Tomorrow. It’s kinda dopey fun.

  43. Carey says:

    I love Frequency. I never even watched the movie. The show has such incredible layers. It’s sci-fi. It’s a family drama. It’s a different take on the police procedural. And Peyton List, Riley Smith, Mekhi Phifer et al have been phenomenal. They deserve more time & so do the fans.

  44. Gina says:

    If Frequency does end up being cancelled, it’s all my fault. I seem to have terrible luck with shows when I watch them during their debut season. I liked it, and for that I’m sorry.

    • PatriciaLee says:

      I know the feeling. I have a huge list of shows that I would continue as TV movies a la Colombo, when I get that first billion, i.e. Allegiance, Almost Human, Battle Creek, Believe, Benched, Breaking In, Chaos, Common Law , Complications, Cupid, Detroit 1-8-7, Eli Stone, FlashForward, Forever, Houdini & Doyle, Human Target, Ironside, Journeyman, Lie To Me, Life, Life on Mars, Limitless, Marvel’s Agent Carter, Mind Games, My Own Worst Enemy, Perception, Person of Interest, Pushing Daisies, Second Chance, Terra Nova, Terriers, The Cape, The Glades, The Good Guys, The Grinder, The Mentalist, The Neighbors, The Player, The Reaper, The Unusuals, Trophy Wife, Vegas, Vinyl.

  45. datdudemurphy says:

    Bummer…..Frequency was one of my favorite additions this season.

    • PatriciaLee says:

      I’m with you on this. Every episode stunned me when it wound up, being so good and never missing a beat. It reminds me of Benched.

  46. mia says:

    Great! Hopefully this means we can get to the 100 & IZombie & The Originals quicker!

  47. Gabrielle says:

    Hope that was all worth bailing on Galavant Season 3 #superbelieveintadcooper #momentinthesunlostoncw

  48. mpsutts says:

    I really like both of them. No tomorrow really surprised more, would llike to see how they play it.

  49. mpsutts says:

    I really like both of them. No tomorrow really surprised more, would llike to see how they play it.