This Is Us Season 1 Episode 7 Kate Toby

This Is Us' Chrissy Metz Talks Toby Troubles, a 'Tricky' Family Thanksgiving

We hate to break it to you, This Is Us fans, but Tuesday’s episode (NBC, 9/8c) makes it clear that Toby has been spending time with another woman.

Her name? Little Debbie.

The revelation that Kate’s boyfriend and self-described “fat friend” has been deviating from their joint healthy journey stings, portrayer Chrissy Metz tells TVLine, especially because Kate’s own weight loss is proceeding proven slower than desired.

“Kate had an observation in the beginning because, finally, she’d made a decision to put herself first. And here comes this really amazing, wonderful man willing to do all these romantic and wonderful things for her,” Metz says. “But it doesn’t matter how much you love somebody, or how attracted you are to them: If you’re not ready to make honest changes… it doesn’t matter.”

Maybe it’s just our experience with the NBC drama that’s putting us on emotional high alert, but that sounds a little ominous, no? Read on as Metz talks up this week’s hour and gives us a glimpse of how the Pearson family Thanksgiving will play out.

This Is Us - Season 1TVLINE | Tell me more about Kate and Toby this week.
Toby is imperfectly perfect, but going through his own stuff. We saw the backstory that he was married to a really beautiful, successful woman who took from him, and broke his heart, and didn’t care about him. We all have demons that we’re contending with, and those are definitely brought up. It kind of throws Kate for a loop, because she’s overweight. Like, “This is what you said you were going to do for me!”

And when somebody says they’re going to do something and they don’t follow through, whether it’s us as an individual, or a significant other, or family member, it’s heartbreaking. Because you’re like, “But I finally trusted you, and now this?” So, without giving too much away, they aren’t perfect — even if they look like that on paper, or because he brought her to an old folks’ home to be a star, you know? [Laughs] I mean, it’s a beautiful thing, but, you got to follow through!

TVLINE | The synopsis for the Thanksgiving episode, airing next week, says, “Kate makes two drastic life-changing decisions.” That sounds heavy. What can you tell me about that?
I think anytime anybody goes home for the holidays, whether they have a crazy huge family or they don’t have family, the holidays are always tricky. And Kate being away from Kevin, and this going on with Toby, she’s like, “Wait a minute, what’s going on?” For her, it was like, how do I get a tighter grip on what it is that I want to do? And how can I make this happen? What can I do right now, right now? And so, really, I think when you’re desperate, you make rash decisions. We all hope for the best, but you have to make those decisions — whether they’re the right ones or not. You make them because you’re desperate, and I think she’s very, very desperate.

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  1. Kevin says:

    Toby is the one character on This Is Us that made me laugh and his hilarious one liners.

  2. Jennifer says:

    Someone PLEASE explain the appeal of this show. I tried to like it. I really did. I love the cast. Just can’t seem to get it.

    • JA903 says:

      I think the appeal is that it’s so different from the usual TV fare if hospital dramas, crime/lawyer procedurals, superhero dramas, etc. It’s telling a serialized story of a family, in a slow, measured way.

      • Kate says:

        …plus all of these characters are interesting and likeable. There is not one person on this show I’m not interested in (mhhh….maybe the mother…Mandy Moores acting choices are a little questionable sometimes)…

  3. AJ says:

    Love the show except for Toby. It’s like he wandered in from a bad CBS sitcom. I get he is pushing Kate outside of her comfort zone but those scenes have been cringe-worthy not romantic.

    • Agreed! I don’t find his gestures romantic. Honestly, as a twin myself, I find him pushy and rather lacking in his understanding of the connections between twins in general. Why should he be first in her life when they’ve only gone out a couple times?

    • Amber says:

      Yasss. I kinda feel like Toby is being shoved down our throats. Not all of us think he’s this really romantic guy. He comes across as pushy, invasive, and kinda selfish to me. Like he wants Kate all to himself and not even her family matters.

      • Well, exactly. All of his romantic gestures have come across as if he has an agenda. AKA to sleep with Kate. So, I found the nursing home less romantic. It would have been MORE romantic had he not expected a specific result like he was owed. And then his tantrum over her brother just annoyed me. Not romantic at all.

  4. HAP says:

    Best show on network TV hands down.

  5. CAs says:

    I personally like Toby. He is funny. I do think he should be a bit more understanding of Kates bond with Kevin but maybe it is something you don’t understand without being a twin. With that said, how come anytime an overweight person (specifically females) is on TV they focus on the weightloss? Some people don’t diet. Or some do and do it more quietly not make a big deal about it. Idk the shows just make is seem like the only thing overweight people care about is losing the weight. And that just isn’t the case.

    • Gfunk405 says:

      I agree they need to show more of her job etc. There is more to her than the weight loss although it is a giant part of who she is and how she feels about her life.

    • Rain says:

      I agree so much!! This is my main problem with the show. I really love it, but I’m already sick of Kate’s story only about losing weight as if she’s not a real person in any other way. And I love Toby, I’m always surprised to read all the hatred for him on this site. He’s cute and fun and loving – honestly I’d love to meet a real life Toby!!

  6. Tina says:

    Toby is my least favorite character. So, no tissues needed if the relationship goes south.