Beauty and the Beast's Romantic Trailer Arrives Just as Once Upon a Time's Beauty and Beast Hit a Sad Nadir

Two very different tales as old as time are on display in the romantic trailer for Disney’s upcoming live-action Beauty and the Beast film and ABC’s Once Upon a Time, where Belle’s “beast” of a husband has just resorted to drastic measures in the name of “love.”

In Beauty and the Beast (hitting theaters March 17, 2017), an independent young woman named Belle (played by English actress Emma Watson) offers her servitude to a prince-turned-beast, in trade for her captured father’s safety.

On Once, an independent young bookworm named Belle (played by Australian actress Emilie de Ravin) offered her servitude to the beastly Rumplestiltskin, in trade for the sorcerer protecting her father’s town from warring ogres.

In the original tale (which was famously brought to vivid realization by the animated 1991 feature), the beast, despite his appearance, eventually earns Belle’s love and thus transforms back into a traditionally handsome prince.once-rumple-belle-dance On Once, Rumple eventually earns Belle’s love… only to have things regularly get rocky once they are reunited in Storybrooke, Maine, after the Dark Curse. Rumple is forever torn between doing right by Belle, who ultimately becomes his wife and carries their child, and his role as the all-powerful Dark One.

So Machiavellian is Rumple that Belle is loathe to let him into their son’s life once born. And to that end, this week she sought to sneak back to the Enchanted Forest. When her escape went not-so-great, Rumple slapped onto his wife’s wrist a cuff/glittery manacle/magical GPS tracker, declaring that he will always be able to find her. “You really are a beast,” Belle in turn observed.

When she then told Rumple, “Next time, I will run so fast and so far that you will never even set eyes on this child,” he reminded her with a hiss, “Rumplestiltskin takes children. Not the other way around.”

Yikes. One might say they are back to “Barely even friends,” as the “Beauty and the Beast” title song goes.

Watch the Beauty and the Beast trailer (again, probably!) below, then tell us if you think Once’s Rumple and Belle have any chance in heck of recapturing that epic style of romance. Should they, even?

UPDATE: Get the latest on Rumbelle from Monday’s Facebook Live video chat.

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  1. KT says:

    I am excited to see the new movie. It’s got a great cast. On the show, Belle has to get away from Rumple. This is just wrong. It’s an abusive relationship and there isn’t any way to “save” him. I don’t find it entertaining. Ugh. Why the show had to use Rumple for so many different roles escapes me.

  2. Val says:

    I cant wait for the movie. Always liked it.
    I never liked Rumple and Belle much together, i was indifferent to it but now its gone beyond a joke and too far. She needs to get away from him. Its total abuse and i dont use that word lightly!

  3. iHeart says:

    yes the timing is kind of ludicrous

  4. Katie says:

    I was never much of a Rumple/Belle fan, but they have definitely killed any potential for that couple! The preview for the next episode is downright disturbing.

    It seems the writers have decided to completely move away from any type of romance on the show anymore. They have all but killed Rumbelle, they did kill Robin, they have Snowing separated by a curse, and have completely sidelined Emma & Hook. I guess they don’t realize that a lot of their long-time viewers actually tuned in specifically for these relationships.

  5. K says:

    The timing emphasizes what utter fools Kitsis and Horowitz are for doing this to Rumbelle–completely rewriting their characters in a vain attempt to make another couple look less abusive. What are the OUAT ratings now, .9? I wonder how low they’ll go before the spring…

    • Amanda says:

      BINGO! You hit the nail on the head. They’re shanking Rumbelle fans to highlight to the the audience that CS is a perfectly healthy relationship… These writers are daft at best, insidious at worst. Especially since they lured Rumbelle fans back earlier this year with promises that Rumple and Belle will be “exciting to watch.” Ugh.

  6. charmedrumbelle says:

    Adam and Eddy continue to prove that they are incapable of writing complex characters and telling good stories. Rumbelle was MAGIC. How do you destroy magic? Have the writing skills of Kitsowitz (read: NONE) and a network stupid enough to put you in charge of a television show for six seasons.

  7. Chad says:

    Once Upon a Time is trash, and I hope Belle escapes, and Rumple doesn’t ever set eyes on her child ever.

  8. It's Delovely says:

    This storyline is a disaster. Rumple and Belle’s hateful behavior towards one another has come out of nowhere. They’ve always had their differences, but they’ve always had love between them, and have never been cruel to one other. Now we have Belle teaming up with Zelena (who was responsible for Neal’s death and tried to kill Belle herself) to take the baby away from Rumple. (I still don’t understand why Belle was suddenly in freak-out mode as soon as she woke from the sleeping curse. She really put THAT much weight in the words of a dream fetus?) And then we get Rumple making out with the Evil Queen out of nowhere, and threatening Belle in return.

    Rumple and Belle’s story used to be beautiful and hopeful, truly worthy of its “Beauty and the Beast” origins. Now with this out of character writing, OUAT has ruined that story. I feel terrible that Robert Carlyle and Emilie de Ravin have had their characters so destroyed from the memorable ones they created.

  9. Silver says:

    Every choice the writers made this Season with Belle, Rumple and rumbelle is just bizarre and off-putting. From grown up fetus, to Belle hanging with Hook and Zelena of all people to the gross GoldenQueen plot. They have been out to destroy these characters and relationship since S4 but they sure went in overdrive this year with every episode theiy were in being a new low point. It’s a shame because EdR and RC have an amazing and special chemistry together and their first episode Skin Deep still holds up as being the shows best episode. It’s sad that the writers took everything people loved about them and the relationship and stripped it away more and more each year. The fans and actors deserve better after hanging in their for years. Next time you interview Adam and Eddy, please ask them to explain why they thought taking away any hint of joy and hope in a pregnancy storyline, having Belle act like she just plain hates Rumple, Rumple macking another woman and becauming scary and controlling would be ‘fun’ (yes that’s the word they used) to watch for rumbelle fans.

    • Brenna says:

      This! Please interview them and ask why this couple is so disgusting now. They were my OTP on the show and now I fast forward their scenes. It just sickens me at what they have become. They are ruining an iconic Disney couple. But on a lighter note, I can’t wait for the movie!!

  10. Penny says:

    I regret every tweet and message anybody has ever sent Adam and Eddy regarding more Rumbelle in their episodes. We didn’t want this. Not like this. This is downright horrible.

  11. Raven says:

    I’ve always loved Rumple and Belle. They were my main reason for watching the show. They were pure magic with actors with so much chemistry any other showrunners would have seen it as a gift. But this story line has killed my enthusiasm for the entire show. They seem to be systematically destroying everything that made them such a special and amazing couple. At this point I don’t recognize the characters on my screen anymore. They aren’t the same ones I fell in love with.

  12. Lysh says:

    I’m not really a BatB fan, but I’m looking forward to the movie.
    OUAT’s story has diverged so far from the original source, which is not bad. That’s their thing. Rumple isn’t even under a curse from a witch – he just openly wants to be a beast and doesn’t want to be good. Belle deserves freedom.

  13. Dev says:

    As a 36 y/o, it’s kiiiiiind of silly how excited I am for the movie. As for OUAT, I stopped watching that terrible show a couple seasons ago.

  14. JACK says:

    I want Rumbelle back. I want to be happy watching this show again. I want to stop being miserable on Mondays. Rumbelle gave me such joy. What Misery it’s bringing now.

  15. Grey says:

    So excited for the movie. As for the show, I used to be a major Rumbelle shipper. Huge one. Last season started to lessen my interest, however, this season has killed any love I have for the couple. I don’t know what’s happening this season, but I’m not returning after the fall finale to find out. It’s hard to imagine this is the same show it was in season one. The quality has gone down the toilet.

  16. Kelly says:

    Emilie de ravin is phenomenal as Belle. She’s awesome and deserves so much better writing and stories. They have ruined Rumple completely.

    New movie looks great.

  17. I’m so saddened by what has happened to Rumple and Belle on the show. The writers have done everything they possibly can to destroy them. This hasn’t been fun to watch. In fact I haven’t been able to watch the last two episodes. The Rumple and EQ stuff put me off when I was already on the fence about watching after 604. Then the Rumple and Belle implosion continued. They are both written in ways that don’t make sense to me anymore. It isn’t just him. It isn’t just her. It’s both of them now. Just really horrible. Maybe there is a light at the end of the tunnel, but I need to see it now.

  18. I’ve love BATB tales so much, in whatever variation. I distinctly remember sneaking into the theater for the Disney adaption on opening night, and watching it twice in a row. I have super high hopes for this live action adaption next year, it’s definitely something to look forward to.

    Once Upon a Time doesn’t exist past season 3 for me anymore; the show has been off its rails and frankly, BORING for seasons, and literally the only thing that kept me watching was Robert Carlyle, Emilie de Ravin and Lana Parilla, the costumes and the music. The new contrived character traits and perpetually recycled story arcs… the abundant retconning and plot holes made it extremely difficult to watch or follow. Introducing and promptly killing off any new characters that had potential, and completely side-lineing others.

    “But hey, at least Rumbelle is worth watching” was my mantra. They may not have been on screen much, but at least they had a consistency within their characters arcs (which I attribute 15000% to the actors at this point). Both actors have very eloquently elaborated on their characters thoughts and motivations throughout the series and created so much depth to them that they have become roll models for many people who felt that love and acceptance were hopeless and unattainable in their own lives.

    But the things that have happened in these last two seasons have made ‘Rumbelle’ completely unrecognizable, and frankly ABSOLUTELY horrible. On top of the on screen drama, I can honestly say it feels like the fan base is being baited with the promise of hope, and then deliberately dragged through the mud for the rest of the season.

    I personally don’t want to spend years watching two characters I loved and resonated with so much fighting and now ABUSING each other on screen; I actually felt physically sick from what I saw of this past Sundays episode and trailer.

    I wish someone could step in ….on behalf of the fans who absolutely ADORED this show right from the get -go and stuck with them for so very long hoping for some sort of upswing….to let the show runners and writers know how absolutely awful its been. I realize this is a show about more than these two characters, but they deserve so much more than this, and so much more than a 5 minute “fix-it” solution at the end of the season (if that’s even in the cards. At this point in the game, I don’t even see that as a viable or believable choice). We’ve come to love these two characters so very much; and watching them hurt each other is really hurting us.

    • Well said. I feel much the same way. This season has been a crushing blow, not just to Rumple and Belle but to the entire show, past and present. I don’t know what is going to happen in the next couple of episodes to bring about the ‘dawn’ if it even happens, but right now it is looking incredibly bleak. Rumbelle finally got some consistent screen time and it has just destroyed them… plus half of it was Rumple and the EQ making out, and the rest of it was Rumbelle being horrific to each other. They are completely unrecognizable. I have been feeling like that for parts of the rest of the show and some of other characters for a while now, but now with Rumbelle as well, and it’s just heartbreaking. Who are these people? I wish I could hit a reset button.

  19. kate says:

    I love Rumbelle it was one of the main reasons i watch Once Upon A Time but now the writers have rewind it. Not only have they rewind Rumbelle but they have rewind almost every character in this show. It is painful to watch this show. It makes me sad and very angry.

  20. CLKit says:

    Movie looks amazing, I’m excited to see it. OUaT’s version isn’t even Beauty and the Beast anymore. I was originally a huge fan. Had been with the show since s1. I stopped watching ages ago. Its total garbage at this point. I’d no longer count it as a legitimate BatB adaptation.

  21. Tina says:

    Neither Rumple nor Belle have been remotely in-character since midway through season 4. Fans have been vocal about it and yet here we, are, so far away from proper characterisation it hurts.

    To be completely fair, though, this show didn’t JUST ruin Rumbelle. It ruined all major couples. The stunt they pulled with Zelena raping Robin and before that Regina “killing” Marian ruined Outlaw Queen, Emma making Hook a Dark One against his will and later on Hook TRYING TO KILL EMMA’S ENTIRE FAMILY ruined Captain Swan and Snowing… Well, canonically Snow and David are such selfish leaders it baffles the mind.

    This show just doesn’t realise what it’s done to the characters. And even though I don’t doubt Rumbelle will be endgame for me canon Rumbelle will forever be tainted, sour. Those are not my characters and that is not the relationship they had throughout most of the show.

    Kinda sad now OUAT didn’t finish down the middle of season 3.

  22. SLF says:

    I don’t know why this show is on at 8pm and promoted to families. It resembles “American Horror Story” more than anything Disney. My kids stopped watching last season after Emma ripped out the girls heart. I still watch, but barely. This new development with another psycho overkill Dark One chasing down his pregnant wife is where I draw the line for myself. I’m just glad the kids stopped watching last season.

  23. Genegenie says:

    The movie looks good but the OUAT version sounds awful. Rumple and Belle had such great chemistry in seasons 1-3 but from season 4 they destroyed the romance and their characters. I stopped watching last season and from these spoilers I’m glad I did.

  24. Carrie says:

    Since season 4, Rumple has treated Belle poorly, and I really thought then that the show was trying to tell us that ultimately Rumple can’t be redeemed and the relationship would crumble. The couple has only become more unhealthy, and I have to believe that the writer’s plan is to reveal Rumple as the final “big bad” Emma & Co. will face off against. Otherwise, I don’t know what the writers are doing. Rumple can’t and shouldn’t come back from this; he has exhibited some truly disturbing behavior.

  25. Barby says:

    I think over all my disgust goes to Disney and their lack of care about the content this people manages at the show and associates with their characters. Money over the safety of children in a FAMILIAR SHOW, that let me down completely and I’m not going to watch nothing related to Disney until real familiar values are over money on the company. At same time OUAT is not safe for children as they like to call it “Family show”; This show has high levels of violence against women to the point that the main protagonist Hook, the one directed to children like example has hit, shot and bloat about sexually harrass and abuse women…yes children that kind of man are heroes. Sum to, this disaster they did to the beauty and the beast. They need other people in charge because this show in the right hands had a lot of potential for be something relevant.