Supergirl Alex Gay

Supergirl: Alex Coming Out Leads to a Sisterly Misunderstanding, and Then a Bond as 'Unbreakable' as Ever

Now that Supergirl‘s Alex Danvers (played by Chyler Leigh) has come to a realization about her sexual identity, sparked by new partner-in-crimefighting Maggie Sawyer (Floriana Lima), her journey will not be without one small hiccup.

And coming from, unexpectedly, the person closest to her.

“Alex and Kara (Melissa Benoist) have a little misunderstanding, actually,” showrunner Andrew Kreisberg tells TVLine. “She thinks Kara might not be OK with it.”

Indeed, Alex will sense a “sadness” in her sister after sharing her bit of self-discovery, the EP says — though it’s not born of any disapproval (“Kara doesn’t have an ounce of prejudice in her”), but guilt.

“Kara feels like their entire childhood was relegated to worrying about keeping Kara’s [alien] secret, so she feels awful that, maybe if she hadn’t come along, Alex would have been able to reconcile this aspect of herself sooner,” Kreisberg explains.

But once all is said and done, Alex’s journey will only strengthen the sisters’ connection, to be sure.

“All this does is make them love each other more, which is something that was really important to us,” Kreisberg shares. “As people will find out this season, everybody treats Alex with the love and respect that she deserves.”

As Benoist put it during our recent visit to the CW series’ set, “Now that Alex is kind of going off on her own path and learning something about herself, Kara will be there with an open mind and an open heart.”

After all, “Those two are inseparable. Their bond is unbreakable,” says Benoist. “So whatever happens, Kara’s going to be there — no matter what.”

Supergirl airs Mondays at 8/7c. (With reporting by Andy Swift and Vlada Gelman)

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  1. JM says:

    So Alex is lesbian or bisexual? And is this only a thing because the show is on The CW or because it was always planned for Alex to be bisexual/lesbian?

    • Brian says:

      Alex is a lesbian.

    • Allie says:

      In a previous interview (I think on TVline), one of the writers said it was always the plan. They just didn’t get around to it last season/have enough time to explore it.

    • Rick Katze says:

      Big deal. The sexual preferences of characters is getting to be quite boring. Much more interested in how they perform in the show than their sexual appetite. Also see it as the circle changing from Ozzie and Harriet which was just as boring.

      • Rex the Wonder Dog says:

        Agreed. How about we start making Supergirl the focus of the show instead of all the side characters. It seems the writers are so busy with Superman, J’onn J’onzz, M’ghan, James, Mon-El, and Alex they forgot to include some stories about Supergirl

        • Rex, I think you need to look up the meaning of ‘side character’. Alex is not a side character, she’s the second most important character on the show (and so nearly a second lead), her relationship with Kara is the most important relationship and is the very heart of the show (and in so many ways it’s not only a Supergirl story but also very much a sisters one). Alex getting focus makes absolute sense considering her importance to the show and Kara. Also J’onn, James, etc., they’re supporting characters (Superman was a guest that IMO never outshined Kara, it was still her story). You got it wrong with the definitions though I do wanna see some more Kara focus and development.

          • gonzed says:

            ALex getting focus does make sense your right! But WHO CARES WHAT HER PREFERENCE IS IN BED!!! Stick with the story and cut out the sexuality / Homosexuality. It does not add to the story line.

        • Richard says:

          I agree! I stopped watching a few programs because the irrevalant storylines

      • Johnnie Val says:

        Were you there? Ozzie and Harriet was not boring, Rickey Nelson was a great rock n roller and every week we got to experience teen age life and rock out ,too. Best time in American history.

  2. Phun says:

    OMG! This is so awesome! I can’t wait! DANVERS sisters rock!

    • Great says:

      LOVE IT!! can wait for tomorrow night for new episode.

    • Same here! love that relationship so much and can’t wait to see their emotional scene(s) together :) and how I love Melissa’s words. They’re truly have an unbreakable bond.

      • Johnnie Val says:

        This show is not about Supergirl, it is a CW teenage angst soap opera, with adult situations not appropriate for subteens. …also James Olsen doesn’t represent Jimmy Olsen on any level, the Gaurdian [ created by Jack Kirby ] was never Jimmy Olsen, the whole show is one disappointment to any true comic fan.

  3. Seun Fayiga says:

    Alright. These guys have focused on Alex. So what about Maggie. Whats Maggie’s purpose on the show. She’s a series regular so i want to believe she didn’t just come to be the love interest of Alex or the one who helped Alex discover her identity. Because right now i don’t know how Maggie fits into the bigger picture. Is she going to leave the show once she and Alex break up? She’s the one i’m really curious to find out about.

  4. Jason says:

    Not to be crass but this sounds a lot like unnecessary angst between Kara and Alex because we already know they’re very close. We already know its the center relationship of the show and they support each other through anything so this stumbling block just feels a little contrived becasue we all know Kara would not disapprove of Alex

    • Malcolm Mao says:

      You know that super-hero shows (and comics!) love to torture their characters for our amusement. Many times there’s no real point, other than letting us into what makes a character tick. Unnecessary conflict is something that most writers love to do just to “shake things up”, although I’m mostly with you. These manufactured conflicts are boring and expected.

  5. Luli says:

    So excited for more Kara and Alex!!!!

  6. Raven says:

    I am happy that the show will provide an insight to those who are close to people that are coming to terms with their own sexuality. We need positive role models now more then ever.

    REMINDER..DON’T KILL OFF THE GAY CHARACTERS! This is something that the community can’t handle anymore and with the recent turn of events we need a little happy!

    Everyone seem to have a happily ever after but we have few examples of gays actually having happy fulfilling lives. Trust me with family and friends support life can be amazing but too often shows can’t help but create drama for these characters.

    • Jason says:

      You sound like you have a tumblr

    • Kashia Payne says:

      “Don’t kill off the gay characters”? Seriously? They’re supposed to be just like everyone else, right? So, saying that you should’t kill them off because they’re gay is really counterintuitive. SMH And people claim to be looking for equality.

      • Starbuck84 says:

        You may want to do a bit of research on the topic. LGBTQ and other minority characters still have a much higher mortality rate on shows. And the past year has seen a huge number of deaths among lesbian/female bisexual characters on popular genre shows in particular, including one very controversial death on this very same network. There’s nothing wrong with hoping The CW has learned from past mistakes. At this point the real shocker would be if Alex and Maggie are both able to survive, after all.

    • KCC says:

      I don’t think they kill off gay characters just to kill off gay characters. They kill off supporting characters to further the lead character’s stories. Some supporting characters are gay and some are straight. Either could die if it serves the story (at least it should). It’s kind of a backhanded compliment when a supporting character dies. It’s someone that’s important to the lead and the audience actually cares about or there’s no drama attached to the death.
      The way to ensure gay characters are not killed off is to make more leading characters gay.

    • gonzed says:

      They are almost all great characters! very entertaining! but who cares what there preference is in bed! this topic does not add to the story in any way. Sad that they feel the need to impose this in every freakin show.

  7. dave says:

    Typical that the comic genre are too terrified to show male homosexuality and opt for the safer lesbian angle. They know those teen male lesbian porn fantasies can compensate for the gay angle.

    • ndixit says:

      I think that’s such an incorrect statement given that Arrow has a gay main character in Curtis. Why on earth would anyone think that male homosexuality is more taboo to show than female sexuality?

      • Pedro says:

        Because it’s a fact. You have much more lesbian kisses and sex scenes on TV, because men find them exciting.

      • Starbuck84 says:

        Gotham has an openly and very popoular male gay main character too, The Flash introduced three gay male characters since season 1, Agents of SHIELD had Joey Gutierrez. It’s really not that one-sided.

    • A.C. Black says:

      I’m a heterosexual male, and have no problem with homosexuality of any kind. If I had to choose though, I’d rather see two hot women kissing than two attractive guys. But that’s just my opinion.

    • gonzed says:

      Typical that they have to add homosexuality at all.. Leave it out of the shows, it doesn’t add to the story at all.

  8. If Alex gets with Maggie i hope she uses protection.Maggie has dated a lot of aliens. I’m surprised she hasn’t picked up an alien STD. How would she even start to get medicine is she picked something up. It’s not as if she can go to the pharmacy and get something over the counter for an encounter with a Gil’Dishpan.

  9. Jared says:

    That was a “coming out”? It honestly seemed more like Alex questioning her sexuality.

  10. kelly says:

    Alex and Kara’s bond is my favorite relationship on the show.

  11. Michael Summerset says:

    It seems like they’re throwing in gay characters just for the sake of it. It’s like they’re trying to reach some sort of equity quota.

    Next thing you know people will complain about straight actors getting roles of gay characters.

  12. fiberlicious says:

    Why does Alex’s sexual orientation have to be something to get past/over? Even in trying to be accepting, the show runners and writers treat it as something negative that that sisterly love triumphs over.

  13. parstl says:

    This was a good show without this LGBT storyline. Feel as if it’s a gimmick and yet they dropped the interracial relationship between Kara and James like a rock. Note that this relationship arc is getting all of the attention to distract from the glaring absence of a major foundation of season one…Cat.

  14. mrblahblahblah says:

    Another show down the tubes because they think they need to add gay characters.

    • gonzed says:

      I agree, the topic is unnecessary and does not add to the story line at all.

      • Alan Hoch says:

        Then I assume you hate romance completely – or human interaction for that matter since short of what’s necessary for beating up the bad guys it “doesn’t add to the story” either. Or, maybe is it just gay relationships that “don’t add” anything?

  15. Jimmie Sartin says:

    Aw come on, we don’t need gay characters in every show on television or movies! It’s getting to the point of being absolutely ridiculous and just plan unnecessary!!!!!!

    • gonzed says:

      I agree completely! The focus of the people writing these shows unfortunately is to create in children the feeling that its cool to be gay. Every single show has this as a topic and that’s not by mistake! beat it into people mind enough and it becomes the norm!

  16. Johnny Styles says:

    I’m very pleased with how Alex’s coming out has been handled. The producers didn’t hit us over the heads with it nor did they make it very matter-of-fact. We’re seeing what a struggle it is for Alex, and that (on a super hero show) feels so very real. There is always a chance that an LGBT storyline can feel forced or shoehorned in, but I don’t get that sense here at all.

    • gonzed says:

      She plays a great role in the show! her character is pretty awesome! Who cares what her preference is in the bed? unnecessary.

      • Johnny Styles says:

        I refer to myself as a social libertarian/fiscal conservative. I’m perfectly okay with LGBT characters in a show as long as they aren’t shoehorned in just to please certain elements of the population. I just don’t get that sense with Alex’s storyline.

  17. John Todd says:

    Why??? Why does every TV show now have to add a gay person into it? It adds nothing to the story in most cases, and is getting very old. It’s actually more of a distraction. You know you can have a TV show without a gay person, and have it still be good, or are they trying to appease all of the “pc” viewers?

    • gonzed says:

      I agree 100% extremely unnecessary.!

      • SKY says:

        Give it a rest with your bigotry this isn’t the 1950s. There are so many shows that have had gay characters for years – The Simpsons, Once Upon a Time and even in the Harry Potter books Dumbledore is gay.

      • tyroshutterbug says:

        because good TV like all good art mirrors life and in In real life there are gay people, shocking I know! I am sure at some point back in the dark ages someone said why must they ruin movies and shows with black people? We evolved past that short sighted bigoted way of thought, hopefully we will again

    • tyroshutterbug says:

      Good tv just like good art mirrors life, In real life there are gay people, shocking I know! I am sure at some point back in the dark ages someone said why must they ruin movies and shows with black people? We evolved past that short sighted bigoted way of thought, hopefully we will again

  18. gonzed says:

    Yet again.. another good show that many many children watch that the world we live in feels the need to infect with unnecessary themes of sexuality / homosexuality. These things DO NOT add to the story in any way! on the contrary it bogs it down.

    • Luis Roman says:

      Remove “sexuality” and all the other adult centered themes from the show and do you know what end up with? “The Adventures of Superman,” which was great in the 1950’s and as a kids TV show when I was growing up, but wouldn’t last half a season on prime time TV.

  19. Ben Sturgill says:

    I stopped watching. This has turned into Super Glee, with one social issue after another.

  20. Hank Ranney says:

    I have two granddaughters who are so transfixed with the show Supergirl at ages 8 and 11 and you have to go and ruin it with crap about gays and lesbians. What idiot thought that up? This is supposed to be an entertainment show, not a sex education documentary show. Everyone I talked to is refusing to let their kids watch it. Nice job, jerks.

  21. Hank Ranney says:

    How can you talk SMART about TV when producers are that STUPID.

  22. James Yaco says:

    This was suppose to be a show for positive role model values or young girls. NO MORE SUPERGIRL FOR ME!

  23. Jk says:

    This is getting old now, and why have a sexual preference anyway why can’t this show stay the way it is without Alex coming out. Their can be more exciting twist to a storyline with supergirl.

  24. Jk says:

    Who cares.This is getting old now, and why have a sexual preference anyway why can’t this show stay the way it is without Alex coming out. Their can be more exciting twist to a storyline with supergirl.

  25. Bob says:

    Why don’t they ever do storyline about a gay person who realizes they’re straight?

  26. Sue says:

    I don’t understand the hostility, nor the idea that it doesn’t add anything to the show.

    Alex Danvers is one of those characters with real relatable qualities, and that coming from a show that mostly comprises of escapism.

    Call it whatever you will, but this storyline that Alex is finally moving on will allow us to see her as the ‘Protective Sister who knocks down doors for a clandestine organisation’
    Where some may not believe that this direction is for Alex, for me it feels REAL. Real, as in real life situation real. This is something that actually happens, and the struggle that I see from (that picture above) their discussion I see it instantly; great work Chyler and Melissa. Just from that picture alone, you feel the familial struggle between sisters coming to terms with Alex’s realisation.

    I am excited to see Alex get her character growth. While I do know that there could have been other ways to forward her story, the real struggle of this particular issue of reconciling her identity is endearing for sure.

    • Starbuck84 says:

      The hostility is absolutely laughable, to be honest. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, given the current state of the country, but I just can’t take people serious who let their kids watch all sorts of violent crap, but suddenly pull the “but think of the poor children” card when one or two out of a dozen characters on a show turns out to be gay or bisexual. Nevermind the fact that young viewers may be able to relate to a character like Alex Danvers and what she’s going through with her current journey of self-discovery on more than one level. I’m very much looking forward to it.

  27. michaelA says:

    Why does this show need this? Seems like a lot of TV programs are sticking these forced relationships in our faces. I’m sick of them.

  28. Enough. Why does sexual orientation have to come into EVERY show? Enough already.

  29. j.m. says:

    Boring. I want to know when will supergirl will lose the boots !

  30. K says:

    Can’t say I’m surprised at all the bigotry in here. And no not every show has a gay character. According to GLAAD’s report for 2016, out of 895 series regulars on network tv, only 43 were LGBT. But apparently having POC or LGBT characters is having an “agenda.” *eyeroll*

  31. James Perry says:

    I’m sick of all these tv shows 5 now I know of putting gay characters on, this is partly why I voted for Trump so hopefully, he will curb this trend, I don’t hate those people but I don’t want their lifestyle normalized,liberals are perverting our society.

  32. Tom says:

    Why even go there? gays, lesbians, straights, blacks, whites whatever watch it. Why ruin it with controversy? By doing this your not going to gain followers that you already have but lose people. Why take something innocent and fun with a lot of diverse characters and throw controversial subject matter in the mix. If you want the show to last keep it fun.

  33. Bob Wood says:

    I’m tired of all these shows having have Homosexuals, I respect their lifestyles but Hollywood seems to thrive on throwing this in every viewers face with out respect to those of us who do not accept this kind of lifestyle AND NEVER WILL. Suppose we start throwing one Religion in everyone’s face? Not every single show has to have same sex relationships.

  34. Chris says:

    Just part of the agenda. How sad.

  35. Prometheus says:

    Another show ruined so they can push a perverse lifestyle.

  36. Please don’t make Alex a homo we have enough of that all ready

  37. Luis C says:

    I think this shows should focus on been a family show where kids can enjoy a good family time without getting nonsense of sexual preferences. All that just make young kids confused and projects a very bad judgement from the producers. If this continues our family will stop watching these shows.

    • everwaen says:

      Wow, so it’s ok to watch a show where people are killing each other (or constantly trying to) with children, but this is a problem if those people love each other ? o_O Damn, such a sad world we’re living in… Plus I haven’t seen any sexual scene at all in this episode. A woman can love a man but is she loves a woman that’s “nonsense of sexual preferences”, what is indecent here exactly ?

  38. Luthor says:

    Personally I am not interested in gay relationships in the show but I will continue watching it since they have shown gay relationships in arrow, flash and Legends of tomorrow.

  39. everwaen says:

    Wow o_O Some people in here are so dumb it hurts ! Homosexuality is not a gimmick you know, this is not something you add to a show just because it sounded cool and fashion in the writing room !
    Actually they are only “4 %” of gay characters today on TV ! 4 % guys ! So you’re safe don’t worry ! This is not the “invasion” you pretend to witness on your comments…

    You think that gay characters and gay storylines are too numerous and don’t deserve so many screen time right ? The truth is you just don’t want to see those people…
    But hey of course “You’re not against homosexuality” duh, you even “have a friend who’s gay” so no worries ! *sigh*

    I read that some of you consider homosexuality as a fashion device ? I even read that someone said that “soon it’ll becomes the norm” ? Like…really ?

    So you don’t think being gay is something normal ? You find it absolutely normal to witness beautiful love stories between a man and a woman in those shows, but if the story is about 2 women there is a problem ? This is not an important matter ? (Love stories always have been an important matter, on ALL those shows, and especially in super-heroes themed shows)
    So why exactly ? Why is love a problem for you ? I really would like to understand…
    It makes me sad to read 50 of those 75 comments in here,so…I may just leave now.

    (And sorry for my desastrous english, I happen to not only be gay but French as well, so many flaws !)

    • Joseph says:

      I agree with EVERYTHING you say however I don’t think that Supergirl is the platform for showcasing “beautiful love stories.” There are plenty of other shows for that but Supergirl is not one of them. I tune in every week to watch Kara gain a little more insight to her powers and her situation and kick the bad guy’s A$$. I had the same complaints regarding the James/Kara storyline. I’m good with a peck on the lips or a simple I love you from time to time and don’t care one degree if the characters are of the same gender. Do we really need the hot and heavy in a show called Supergirl? Really?

      • everwaen says:

        I get it, I really do. You watch the show for the “main plot”, not for love and all those “crappy relationships” between characters (which is kinda sad since it’s what makes a show “interesting” according to me, but I respect your opinion :) )
        The thing I don’t get here tho is…where are those “hot and heavy scenes” you’re talking about ? o_O So far the most we’ve seen in the show between those 2 girls is actually exactly what you just asked for “a peck on the lips” and nothing more ! It’s not like they’re only talking about it during the whole episodes no ? In the last episode, all their scenes combined didn’t last more than 5mn ! And actually they were talking about becoming friends.
        So when you say ” Do we really need the hot and heavy in a show called Supergirl?” I’m wondering “Are we even watching the same show ?” or just because it’s two girls any contact between them falls automatically under the description “hot and heavy” ?

  40. Donald Hanson says:

    Does every freaking show have to have a gay character now. What the heck!!!!?

  41. TheGuru says:

    I actually had to stop watching this last episode half way though. I don’t CARE what your orientation is, but I’m sick and tired of it being made a focal point in a show I watch for action. Gay characters in a show, fine…no problem. Making it a major issue in the show and a large fraction of the shows time, NOT FINE. And, yes, I would have the same issue if it was a gay character becoming straight and taking up 30% of the shows time talking about it. Leave the sexual orientation and political crap out of our shows please.
    So, yay… yet another show that I will stop watching because of the writers/network pushing political agendas.

  42. Superstar movie watcher says:

    It seems we can’t get a normal enjoyable TV show anymore without an agenda being forced down our faces. I’m sure true lesbian’s don’t look like that anyway. The ones I know are not model like. What’s up with the writers anyway. OK we accept your lifestyle. Why are you trying to take ours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. Joseph says:

    As a father of an 8 year old daughter that loves Supergirl, this show is incredibly difficult to watch with the whole gay theme from Alex going on. I don’t care what anyone’s preference is but I don’t think it belongs in Supergirl. My daughter cringes watching a male kiss a female. My point is that sexually charged scenes have no place in Supergirl. If I want to watch that stuff, there are plenty of shows to watch and none of them are viewable by my 8 year old. Can we just watch supergirl fight the bad guys. That is why I tune in every week. I don’t tune in to watch ANYONE lip locking and sweating and trying to pull out each other’s tonsils.

  44. Pearl says:

    Ok..straight to the point. Why did you guys have to add gay supergirl? My kids are young and used to watch supergirl…is this your effort to force kids into homosexuality? Why? I don’t see the point. Supergirl was doing just fine without any gay attractions. For the sake of children please take off those characters. .there’s enough madness in the world as it is. And if you wish to keep your ratings up, please do not mar the storylines of the other movies. Thank you.

  45. Tim says:

    Since Cat Grant left the show, the show’s writers have taken a spiral downward. About halfway through season 2 and every single episode has an obvious political or social agenda. Where the 1st season was family friendly, many moments of family values and the importance of integrity, the 2nd season is completely the opposite. The bond between the sisters was fantastic in season 1, but the writers decided to dump that relationship in season 2 and build a spotlight for Alex and another woman. Why? It doesn’t even fit. The viewers clearly saw sparks between Alex and Max Lord…what happened? The series is about Supergirl–but as of now the show’s writers appear to be appealing the depravity of our society rather than lifting up an icon such as “Supergirl”, and the values that she represents.